Day 8: Thank You, Oh Thank You…For Costco


Costco ? yes?today I am grateful for Costco. ? I never knew what it was about this place that drew people in? almost magically?to spend way too many hours, way too much money, on way too many bars of soap, Sonicare heads, and rolls of toilet paper. ?

Yesterday, I was initiated. And I?m a member for life. Oh my goodness?it took Chris and me 30 minutes to get past the first 2 aisles because we saw a ?need? for just about everything we passed! Scary?but we withheld?for a while at least. ?

The foods there?goodness gracious. Too much for a pregnant woman to handle. We had to pass the baked goods quickly to find some really amazingly priced (and high quality!) lean meats and fresh produce! SO much of it?which is perfect for Thanksgiving. ?

This place. How could I have been missing out on this for so long? I also saw you can buy diapers in bulk for super cheap there! I only had one cart today, so diapers will have to wait until my next visit.

The trick, I see, is to get out of there without breaking your budget on the abundance of great deals you don?t want to pass up!

I. Love. Costco.

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  1. I’m thankful for Costco too! Mainly because I work there and they treat the employees well 🙂 you can’t beat their prices on fresh produce with the amount you get. You should definitely give the Kirkland diapers/wipes a try they work great

  2. Heidi, if you want a GREAT tasting protein shake, they have “Premier Nutrition” shakes there, 30g Protein, 160 cal, 5g cabs, 1g sugar. The chocolate ones are fantastic. Its about 26.00 for 18 of them (they are pre-made) so maybe not as cheap as powder but definitely way better tasting and great for protein replacement. My doctor recommended them to me and after I had tried powder I wasn’t sure but man, they are GOOD!

  3. We love costco..the problem is just go there for what you need or you will come home with everything you dont need lol.

  4. Try the Kirkland brand diapers and wipes! In my experience (three kiddos and one on the way), they are really gentle and don’t excite rashes, they absorb better than ANY diaper I have tried, and I’ve never had one falling apart after a long night!! In my Costco, they are the same price as the Huggies, but I don’t even care, they are better! If you ever eat Steak, which I am sure not often, but Costco has excellent meat! Welcome, make a list and stick to it 🙂

  5. I love costco too! The Kirkland diapers are easily as good if not better than the other brands. The chicken salad is amazing! The whole roasted chicken is the perfect dinner for after shopping (and sampling) for a few hours. There’s also a wild rice with all kinds of goodies that you MUST try! Don’t get the pretzel rolls though….they’re so naughty and so addicting! I bought name brand kids clothes for so cheap I couldn’t believe it and did you know that costco only carries one or two brands of an item and those items are chosen by Costco based on quality, what’s so great about that is you don’t have to guess if the product will hold up or be good enough and you don’t have to do a bunch of homework on that product/brand as they’ve already done that for you. No I don’t work for Costco (Maybe I should, lol) but I share in your enthusiasm
    All the same. Welcome to the club!

  6. Happy to hear you found Costco! My husband and I have a rule,which we 80% stick with, to only go to Costco together, otherwise we would end up with a tent and three Wise Men on our front yard!

  7. My husband says, “If Costco doesn’t have, then we don’t need it!” lol! We are a family of 6 too, and it just makes sense to buy in that amount of bulk. Love, love Costco!

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