Day 8: Thank You, Oh Thank You…For Costco

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Costco ? yes?today I am grateful for Costco. ? I never knew what it was about this place that drew people in? almost magically?to spend way too many hours, way too much money, on way too many bars of soap, Sonicare heads, and rolls of toilet paper. ?

Yesterday, I was initiated. And I?m a member for life. Oh my goodness?it took Chris and me 30 minutes to get past the first 2 aisles because we saw a ?need? for just about everything we passed! Scary?but we withheld?for a while at least. ?

The foods there?goodness gracious. Too much for a pregnant woman to handle. We had to pass the baked goods quickly to find some really amazingly priced (and high quality!) lean meats and fresh produce! SO much of it?which is perfect for Thanksgiving. ?

This place. How could I have been missing out on this for so long? I also saw you can buy diapers in bulk for super cheap there! I only had one cart today, so diapers will have to wait until my next visit.

The trick, I see, is to get out of there without breaking your budget on the abundance of great deals you don?t want to pass up!

I. Love. Costco.

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  1. So true! I asked my sis what her fav store was and she said Costco. Since then I joined and I see why. They should rename their website They are killin’ it. My church, Costco, Choose More, Lose More for Life book, and gym… and I’m all set every week now. Lovin’ it!

  2. That was one of the reason that we joined Costco. when we needed baby diapers and could buy them in bulk. I love Costco as well but have a hard time keeping with my budget also.

  3. Clark Howard says you shouldn’t get a cart in Costco because it encourages you to spend more, Only buy what you can carry. Good luck with that, I nearly need to buy a second car when I leave there I’ve bought so much lol. I am a member of Costco and Sam’s Club so it is double the temptation.

  4. Congratulations on your bulk shopping experience. You might never change your habits with the size of your family. In the South we have Sam’s Club and Costco. Sam’s is closer to me so I go there…. same concept… I’m still watching and waiting for the new one to come on down! Keep up your great work! πŸ™‚

  5. I agree with the trick you mentioned, knowing what you need in bulk ( if anything ) and what you don’t need in bulk. For instance, even at a great price, we never need several things of soap such sitting around, we are more than happy picking that up once a month and possibly paying an extra $60 cents. But like you say the produce and fruit AMAZING and not only because of cost but because they are fresh and last. I haven’t checked out the diapers yet but with little man coming on the 19th I do plan to.

  6. Just an FYI about the “Premier Protein Shakes” mentioned below from Costco. This contains sucralose which is also known as Splenda – an artificial sweetener. Really wish they carried better alternatives with Stevia or just unsweetened. =(

  7. If you purchase a lot from Costco, then sign up for their American Express Credit Card. You receive 3% back on gas purchases, plus a percentage back for most other purchases outside of Costco. I didn’t want to do it, but with monthly trips there for ground turkey, chicken breasts, veggies and fruit, it has paid for itself very quickly. And who doesn’t like cash back?

  8. I too, am thankful for Costco. πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I joined last month, but I’ve been going for years with my parents. There was definitely something amazing about going on my first solo trip to Costco. I was able to buy ground turkey, peppers and chicken breasts in bulk! Also – Costco sells a nice large size of the Himalayan Pink salt that you recommended. A little more $ up front, but less $ in the long run! You definitely have to go with a list and not buy off the list!!

  9. You guys need to sell your Bode Shakes there so that I can easily get them :-). We too love Costco! I have a 5 month old and we get the formula there – saves us a TON of money! Love the Kirkland wipes – truly the best. And they have organic fruits/veggies/dairy and some meats. Welcome to the Cult that is Costco!

  10. You can’t beat the Kirkland Wipes. They are thick and non irritating to baby’s delicate skin. Also work great to clean up around the toilet after little boys who can’t seem to actually make it in the toilet. :0) Happy shopping!

  11. Pull ups are cheaper at Costco, but I have found diapers to cheaper at Target. πŸ™‚
    During the summer there peaches are the best from anywhere. Just the right amount of sweet to curb those cravings.

  12. Don’t hesitate on the Kirkland brand items. We haven’t found anything inferior yet. The produce and meat are my favorites. We go through a lot of bottled water and their brand is good. I love that I can get large quantities of Stevia, Agave Nectar and other things that are so extremely expensive at regular grocers for reasonable rates.

    I also have found the clothes really good.

    Have fun!

  13. Agree!!! COSTCO has been one of our saviors for organic foods as well. I’m not sure how much the Scottsdale location has, but the best Costco (in regards to organics) is San Tan Costco in Gilbert. We get organic… ground beef, chicken breast, chicken thighs, spinach, carrots, mixed greens, bananas, many frozen fruits, many frozen veggies, gluten-free seed bread and more. It’s really shocking and has made eating healthy affordable on our budget.

  14. Plus Costco sends out coupons monthly and you can also use manufacturers coupons there as well. I don’t believe Sam’s Club does that.

  15. Everything is amazing there. Except the families you see feeding their kids hot dogs/soda, giant slices of cheese pizza, and yogurts bigger than the children. All for convenience and budget.

  16. This may sound shocking but the Kirkland brand diapers are THE BEST!!!! I was very sceptical of trying them but they are WAY better then huggies or any other brand we have tried. They are even better then the target brand and I love target.

  17. Amen sister! I live so close that I’m there at least once a week. My mom, sisters, and I go just for fun or to support whoever is needing to go that day lol. It’s my favorite store! I love everything! My mom and I both used to work there as well. It’s great and I hope I get to run into you there someday! πŸ˜‰

  18. Yes, Sam’s Club is equally as good. I prefer the meat quality from Sam’s Club better. Especially when I lived in Arizona. In California, Costco carries all natural, lean meats and Foster Farm’s chicken. When I lived in Arizona a few years ago, we didn’t have these at Costco, I had to go to Sam’s Club or Fry’s. Apparently, Foster Farm’s chicken is not such a big deal out of state, but here in California, its all I buy.

  19. I wish we had a costco or Sam’s Club. We are three hours from the closest large store. I’d be thrilled for a Whole Foods or Sprouts or Trader Joe’s, too. But alas, this town has yet to bring in anything but Walmart πŸ™

  20. When you get a chance to explore(2 hours maybe lol)
    , you’ll also find other super healthy things to buy in bulk like Chia seeds, ground flax meal etc! They are really trying to cater to whole foods eating families!

  21. Next you have to try Sams Club!! Love love love Sams Club! Their baby wipes are amazing and each pack has a pop top on them… My absolute favorite!!!

  22. Surprised you held out this long! πŸ™‚ Welcome to the club! We shop mainly at Costco – great prices, great quality –and yes, diapers! Being a mom of 10 month old twins, we frequent Costco often! πŸ™‚

  23. We love Costco too! I’m a single mom, and I try to make one Costco trip per month. We stock up on frozen fruit for smoothies, get a HUGE bag of broccoli, giganto package of asparagus, a few bags of bananas (I peel the, cut them into chunks, put them in freezer bags, and freeze them for smoothies!), toilet paper, “free and clear” laundry soap, and so on. Some things like the laundry soap last us for several months.

    The combination of financial savings (I’m careful to make sure I’m only buying things that are truly great per ounce/piece prices) combined with time savings (one trip to Costco vs weekly or twice weekly grocery store trips…hello!), allows me more time to devote to my son and keeping us both healthy.

  24. Costco IS the BEST!! I had the same experience…wasn’t sure what the hype was, but now I’m addicted! I go there on a weekly basis! Chicken, nuts, toys…you name it!! Quality is amazing too πŸ™‚

  25. I’m thankful for Costco too! Mainly because I work there and they treat the employees well πŸ™‚ you can’t beat their prices on fresh produce with the amount you get. You should definitely give the Kirkland diapers/wipes a try they work great

  26. Heidi, if you want a GREAT tasting protein shake, they have “Premier Nutrition” shakes there, 30g Protein, 160 cal, 5g cabs, 1g sugar. The chocolate ones are fantastic. Its about 26.00 for 18 of them (they are pre-made) so maybe not as cheap as powder but definitely way better tasting and great for protein replacement. My doctor recommended them to me and after I had tried powder I wasn’t sure but man, they are GOOD!

  27. We love costco..the problem is just go there for what you need or you will come home with everything you dont need lol.

  28. Try the Kirkland brand diapers and wipes! In my experience (three kiddos and one on the way), they are really gentle and don’t excite rashes, they absorb better than ANY diaper I have tried, and I’ve never had one falling apart after a long night!! In my Costco, they are the same price as the Huggies, but I don’t even care, they are better! If you ever eat Steak, which I am sure not often, but Costco has excellent meat! Welcome, make a list and stick to it πŸ™‚

  29. I love costco too! The Kirkland diapers are easily as good if not better than the other brands. The chicken salad is amazing! The whole roasted chicken is the perfect dinner for after shopping (and sampling) for a few hours. There’s also a wild rice with all kinds of goodies that you MUST try! Don’t get the pretzel rolls though….they’re so naughty and so addicting! I bought name brand kids clothes for so cheap I couldn’t believe it and did you know that costco only carries one or two brands of an item and those items are chosen by Costco based on quality, what’s so great about that is you don’t have to guess if the product will hold up or be good enough and you don’t have to do a bunch of homework on that product/brand as they’ve already done that for you. No I don’t work for Costco (Maybe I should, lol) but I share in your enthusiasm
    All the same. Welcome to the club!

  30. Happy to hear you found Costco! My husband and I have a rule,which we 80% stick with, to only go to Costco together, otherwise we would end up with a tent and three Wise Men on our front yard!

  31. My husband says, “If Costco doesn’t have, then we don’t need it!” lol! We are a family of 6 too, and it just makes sense to buy in that amount of bulk. Love, love Costco!

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