Cash’s Colorful Fall Tree Craft

Since we live in Arizona and aren’t quite lucky enough to see all the leaves on the trees changing colors (but we still love our cacti), we thought Cash might enjoy a little change in scenery by seeing some trees with yellow and orange on them. We combined this idea with his love for finger painting and created an adorable fall tree with his sweet little hand prints. Little explanation is required for this craft because at his age, the purpose for all activities is to have fun, engage his senses, and learn new things and this craft accomplished just that for our little Cash man. 🙂

What you’ll need:

#CashPowell #Painting - Colorful Fall Tree Craft #PowellPack #ToddlerCrafts
Because I know that painting a tree trunk is a bit above a two-year-old’s capacity, I went ahead and painted a tree trunk for Cash to put his cute little hand prints on.

#CashPowell #Painting - Colorful Fall Tree Craft #PowellPack #ToddlerCrafts

And then the fun began! We helped him place his hands on the paper for a few of the prints and then let him do it all by himself for the others. He really seemed to enjoy slapping both of his paint-covered hands on the paper at the same time and splashing paint everywhere. Such a boy. 😉

#CashPowell #Painting - Colorful Fall Tree Craft #PowellPack #ToddlerCrafts

 The finished product! I might be biased, but that is definitely one of the cutest trees I have ever seen! Now go make some fun memories with your little one! 🙂

#CashPowell #Painting - Colorful Fall Tree Craft #PowellPack #ToddlerCrafts

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