Women Who Move the Valley

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Heidi Powell

Trainer and Transformation Specialist on ?Extreme Weight Loss?

?In the last year, you may have seen Heidi Powell on the television show ?Extreme Weight Loss? with her husband and host, Chris Powell. What many people don?t know is that Heidi has been helping people improve their lives long before she was ever featured on the show. At first glance, you may think Heidi?s passion is health and fitness, which is a big part of her life, but her true passion is people. On a daily basis, Heidi goes above and beyond for each person she helps transform. Many times Heidi is introduced to people at a dark time in their lives when they are trying to fight for their health. She not only helps them fight to get their life and bodies back, but she also rolls up her sleeves and fights in the trenches with them. Each person is met with such compassion and positivity; you can?t help but believe anything is possible. It is impossible to walk away from working with Heidi unchanged for the better. The incredible part is that this dedicated wife and mother leaves behind her a trail of inspiration that has created a ripple effect across the globe. So many of the people she has helped are helping others, teaching them what they have learned from her. Heidi is one of those rare, amazing women who leaves each person and place better than when she found it.? ?Jacqui McCoy, former ?Extreme Weight Loss? participant

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