Valentine’s Day Wreath

The Powell Pack loves any reason to celebrate love and happiness, so naturally, we love Valentine’s Day. Marley was itching to do something for Valentine’s Day, so we decided on this adorable fabric Valentine’s Day Wreath for her room. πŸ™‚

-About 5 yds of cotton fabric (we chose 5 different fabrics and ended up using almost a yard of each)
-String or embroidery floss
-Scissors (or if you have access to a Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat that would be a lot faster)
Styrofoam Heart (we got ours from Hobby Lobby)
– Two bobby pins

#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #HeartWreath #HeidiPowell

1. Cut fabric into strips of about 6 inches long, varying in width. We cut between one and two inches in width.

2. Take your string and start tying the fabric strips onto it. There isn’t really a definite pattern to this, just switch up the different fabrics every time. This part is really hard to mess up. πŸ™‚ And just so you know, it does take a bit of time. We used that time for girl talk and watching Marley’s favorite TV shows. πŸ™‚

#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #HeartWreath #HeidiPowell

3. Once you have a long garland of tied fabric (like Marley is modeling for you), wrap it around the Styrofoam heart to see if it covers the entire heart. This was a guessing game for us, and we ended up wrapping it and then adding more fabric a few times. To get the ends to stick to the heart, we used a bobby pin on each end and stuck it in the heart.

#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #HeartWreath #HeidiPowell

#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #HeartWreath #HeidiPowell

4. Marley was a little skeptical at first about how this would turn out, but she LOVES her new Valentine’s Day decoration and is proud of her hard work. She’s just having a hard time figuring out exactly where she wants to display it. πŸ™‚#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #HeartWreath #HeidiPowell

After seeing how cute Marley’s heart wreath was, I just had to make my own. And Marley was totally excited with her mom having matching Valentine’s Day decorations! I used the exact same method and same amount of fabric, just switched up the type of fabric from cotton to tulle, and I love the result πŸ™‚

#PowellPack #ValentinesDay #Craft #KidsCrafts #HeidiPowell


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  1. absolutely love it, extremely adorable. you can apply this method to so many different holidays, even birthdays and weddings. thank you for the great idea powell pack keep them coming

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