A Bouquet of Roses Inspired by Celery!

Thre is nothing more special that getting a handmade card from one of your children. Our nanny helped Cash make the cutest picture for us for Valentine’s Day featuring a big bouquet of flowers on the front.  It was so adorable. And get this, she used CELERY!

Perfect for not only Valentine’s Day, you could make a card featuring this celery-inspired bouquet of happiness for Mother’s Day, Easter, Grandparent’s Day, a get well card, even a just-to-say-I-love-you card. The possibilities are endless!

Interested in helping your kids make their own? Here’s how:

-1 head of celery
-Sharp knife
Paint Brush


1. Chop the head of celery about a third of the way from the bottom. This will be your rose stamp.#PowellPack #Craft #ValentinesDay #CeleryCraft #CashPowell

2. She used green paint and a brush to make the stem for the flowers.

#PowellPack #Craft #ValentinesDay #CeleryCraft #CashPowell

3. Cash dipped the third of the celery head into the red paint and stamped away. Check out how adorable it turned out! We LOVE it. 🙂#PowellPack #Craft #ValentinesDay #CeleryCraft #CashPowell

4. After all that stamping, Cashy needed a snack. Since the celery (chopped off the top) was already there and ready to go, he put it to good use. He loves celery! 🙂

#PowellPack #Craft #ValentinesDay #CeleryCraft #CashPowell


  1. Diane - February 28, 2014

    I’ve done this one, too, it’s one of my favorites! Such a good job!

  2. Kelly Nelson - February 21, 2014

    Too cute. I have a four year old that would love this!!

  3. Ellen Tiedt - February 15, 2014

    That is beautiful !!!!! Good work Cashy!

  4. Cheryl Mendenhall - February 15, 2014

    When my two kids were Cash’s age, I’d cut a potato in half and cut a simple image into it like a stamp. They’d do the same thing as Cash has done! Very creative!

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