John Adams

Happy Presidents’ Day!!!!

Considering the holiday we are all celebrating with no school in session, it only makes sense for me to share what we just-so-happen to be working on today: Marley’s school project about John Adams, our nation’s second president. Fitting, huh?

As I sit here pouring all sorts of brain power into this project of hers, I can’t help but flash back 20 years to when my mom used to “help” me with my projects. So funny – I think the parents get more into these than the kids. My mom did, and I seem to be following suit. Why, oh why do we have so much fun with this stuff? Maybe it’s an excuse to prove that we are smarter than a 1st grader? Or maybe it’s to feel young again? I’m not sure, but any parent out there knows…when the grade comes in on these projects, we take it seriously!!! “Is the teacher gonna give me an A or a B??” is how I feel!

In all seriousness, I feel like the effort that moms, dads, nannies, grandparents, or whoever put into their kids school work does help set the standard for our children. When they see us excited about THEIR projects, we can only hope it helps them get excited about it too. Also, when they see us using our brains to be creative, I sure hope it gives them permission to do the same.

So back to our president, John Adams and the fun ideas we came up with that you can borrow to make Presidents’ Day festive…

So far we’ve learned that he was only one of the few men who signed the Declaration of Independence and later became president. In honor of that, we thought it would be cool to give each of her classmates a copy of the Declaration of Independence along with their very own feather pen, similar to the type of pen he would have used to sign it. Only Marley’s pens will be neon and glittery…I’m sure John Adam’s would have used a similar one if they would have been available back then.


Because Marley likes to go all out for her projects, she also wanted to dress-up for her presentation (okay, let’s be honest…Mom and Kamala like to go all out for her projects, so we are coaxing her into dressing up!). We found this awesome wig craft online that we will be making today. I’m thinking she is going to be the cutest little president this country has ever seen, but I might be a little biased. 🙂

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