Happy Birthday, Chris!!

Happy 36th birthday to the most amazing man alive?my one and only, and my best friend 🙂

Chris, for your birthday this year, we thought there would be nothing better than to let you know just a few of the many reasons we are so grateful for you in our lives.

Our kiddos took this task pretty seriously…Matix and Marley were so cute and wanted to write down what they were going to say to make sure they didn’t forget anything important :). Ruby had PLENTY to say about you, and Cash? Well, he’s two and a half, and said whatever came to his hilarious little head. 🙂

Without further ado… out of the mouths of your babes…

Now, from me? Too much to possibly write here, so I’ll keep this short and tell you the rest in person…

I love you so, so much, Babe. We may have the occasional spat (let’s be honest, they’re almost all my fault!), but no matter how many we have, these statements will always hold true:

YOU are my best friend,
YOU are the one I laugh with about the silliest things,
YOU make me a better person, just by being around you,
YOU are my mentor,
YOU are my partner in crime,
YOU are my rock,
YOU are my everything.

Working, living, and raising a family together 24/7 can carry some challenges?but I’ll tell ya?I wouldn’t have it any other way. The benefits of having you to experience every aspect of this life with me far outweigh those challenges. This life is so much better with you in it (not just for me, but for those reading this too). Thank you for being the love of my life. Thanks for standing by my side as we accomplish our dreams and help others accomplish theirs. I am a better person because of you.


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  1. You guys are the cutest couple EVER! I hope one day I can be as lucky as you Heidi! Enjoy the celebration of Chris birthday! Xoxo

  2. That is Amazing. My husband and I have our ups and downs but we work through them and are still as strong as ever. I can just imagine with all you 2 do for others and having 4 kids how trying it may be but you both are an inspiration! Happy Birthday Chris and hope it is a wonderful one!

  3. This is very touching you are the most amazing example of what family and partnership is all about. Cheers to you both and may God continue to bless you on your future endeavor’s

  4. Too cute! Wishing Chris a very happy birthday!!! Big thanks to him and you for all your awesome inspiration!

  5. That is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and read…Happy Birthday Chris…here’s to many many more I pray!!!

  6. Chris Powell is an amazing person that changes lives of complete strangers not just through his show, but in the example of the good human being he is in everything that he does. I’m sure that having been in Arizona, you may have heard of Jeremy Scott Fitness, another huge influence in my life. It’s people like you and Jeremy who pretty much love what you do and have a passion to share it with others that help people like me who may not have the confidence or self belief to make a change, find the strength to want to change more than stay fat. In seven weeks I have lost 2 pounds per week consistently. I plan to keep the weight off and live a happy and long life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a true inspiration.

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