Happy National Nutrition Month! + Giveaway

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Congratulations to our Giveaway Winner
Kerry Arguijo

Tomato Basic and Garlic Chicken

March is one of my most favorite months of the year because I get to celebrate two things: the birthdays of some very special people in my life, and one of my passions?nutrition! And since I am so passionate about nutrition, I?ve got some pretty cool stuff planned for this blog this month! It?s all a bit hush-hush, so you?ll have to check back often to see what?s going on, but I will tell you one thing: There will be a weekly giveaway! :-)? You in? Awesome! Let?s go!

Good nutrition is so important! When you fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods, you?ll feel great (both physically and mentally), accomplish more, and have an all-round healthier body. The reverse is also true?if junky, low nutritional value foods are your fuel of choice, you?ll feel lousy, get less done, and have health issues.

In order to be healthy, our bodies need the right combination of what I like to call the Fabulous Four: protein, carbs, healthy fats, and water. Here?s why they?re the foundation of good nutrition:

  • Protein builds and maintains muscle, bone, skin, hair, and pretty much every other body part and tissue in your body. It?s so important for weight loss because muscle burns calories like an inferno, so the more muscle, the more calories burned! Protein also breaks down more slowly than carbs and fat, which burns even more calories and helps you feel fuller longer.
  • Carbs are the preferred fuel source for your muscles and organs. They come in healthy versions (vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes), and not-so-healthy versions (cakes, cookies, soda, doughnuts, candy, and many processed foods). Healthy carbs are also crucial for burning calories, and since they break down more slowly than the not-so-healthy kind, they keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady, and your calorie burning furnace hot so it burns more calories!
  • Healthy fats (unsaturated fats) eaten in moderation help the development and function of your eyes and brain and help prevent heart disease, stroke, depression, and arthritis. They also help keep your energy levels steady and keep you from feeling hungry.
  • Water is an important ingredient in regulating your bodily functions (digestion, circulation, temperature, and many others), as well as keeping muscle fatigue at bay and for healthy skin. And an adequate water intake is imperative for losing weight! We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water (150 lbs = 75 ounces, for example) every single day.

And since I want to help you have the best National Nutrition Month ever, here are some ideas to help you get started with your own celebration:

What are you going to do to celebrate National Nutrition Month? Leave your ideas in the comments below and you could win a signed copy of Chris? book, Choose More, Lose More for Life!

?This giveaway is now over. A winner was chosen randomly and announced on Friday, March 7, 2014.

Let the celebration begin! πŸ™‚

306 Responses

  1. I’m clearing out all the junk food now, and am going to try making a meal plan! Thanks for your inspiration, the last dietbet was great to help keep me losing the pregnancy pounds.

  2. I am always struggling on where to start. I need to lose 25 pounds.I struggle everyday. I am constantly thinking about my weight.I eat healthy.I just don’t know where to start.

  3. I am participating in a DietBet for charity with some of my friends to raise money for community projects and lose 4% of my weight in 4 weeks by transitioning to a more whole foods, paleo like diet.

  4. For national nutrition month I am going to give up soda and make sure to drink all the water I’m supposed to.

  5. For nutrition month, I am going to try one new healthy recipe a week! Can’t wait to try new wholesome dishes! I eat healthy everyday and am in my 3rd month of the turbo cycle but need new meals to mix it up a bit!

  6. I love you guys. I watch Extreme Makeover when I need extra motivation. I’ve struggled for a long time and I’ve finally decided only a few days ago that enough is enough. I’m ready to change. Thanks for playing a part in my motivation. This month is a great month to start due to it being National Nutrition Month!

  7. For National Nutrition Month, I’m working with a student wellness coach to help achieve the best me possible. This includes weight loss. I’m starting carb-cycling as one of my goals. My plan is to do the easy plan and then move into the classic then ultimately move into the turbo plan as my wedding day gets closer. I would love his book to pull all the information together. Thanks for the give away. Both of your websites have been so informational.

  8. I am focusing on eating more veggies!! I struggle with that so I have started juicing this month!

  9. I am going to try your sweet potato brownies for national nutrition month! Ive tried black bean brownies and they were okay. but I need something yuuumy to replace a brownie!!

  10. I am going to try a new fruit!! I love fruits and think it would be fun to try a new one in place of a dessert on a friday night!

  11. I have already started National Nutrition Month by making better choices. Making small changes will get me where I need to go!

  12. For National Nutrition Month I am going to be eating a higher protein and vegetable diet. As well I am doing a workout regimen (more HIIT’s), to try to lose these last few baby weight pounds and I have encouraged 3 other Mommies to do it with me. I have also decided to do one meatless meal a week, in which I am introducing new veggies to my husband that he has never eaten or use to not like,but now he like it (ie cauliflower:)) As well as wearing my baby and going on 40-60 minute walks a day. Yay to Nutrition and Fitness!

  13. I am going to try to cut out as much sugar/snacking foods and wheat as I can and now the the weather is warming up, start walking to work(only about 8 blocks one way) πŸ™‚

  14. i am going to work harder on my meal planning/meal prep. i am also going to focus more on my weekend snacking habits. i’ve been doing better at snacking healthy at work, but totally fall apart on weekends! i also want to pay more attention to how foods affect my body/digestion.

  15. For the month of March I’m VERY excited to pick up Chris’s “Choose More, Lose More For Life” Book and get started on a new carb cycling program!!! I’m in need of a change to jumpstart my weight loss back on track and I’m super excited as to what the future holds πŸ™‚

  16. I started drinking water on January 11 and have not touched a soda or any beverages with caffeine or sugars. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED. I never in my life thought that I could do this but I proved my self wrong. I plan to make a change every month this year, whether it’s nutritional or just other things in my life. I am confident but trying to find a balance in my eating habits. God bless. Keep inspiring the world one person at a time.

  17. Water intake has been a huge goal for me. It can be difficult, but I feel overall so much better!

  18. I am happy to say that my 2 teenagers and myself have joined a gym together! It is going to be awesome to get the whole family involved and working towards a healthier life style.

  19. This month I have decided to precut all my fruits and veggies and precook any veggies that I have planned for up coming meals during the week. This way everything is ready to go and right there so that I can make better choices for snacks and meals.

  20. For national nutrition month, I am going to start planning for my Girl Scout silver award project. My project is called “Take a Step: Making Our Community Happier and Healthier” and is about trying to end obesity in America. Silver award projects are about trying to get to the root cause of issues. In my opinion, the root causes of obesity are lack of knowledge and lack of motivation. Take a Step will be getting towards these root causes because along the way, I will be educating people about nutrition and fitness and providing motivational opportunities for people to get healthy. Throughout my project, I will be organizing events such as 5K’s and 10K’s, biking and other athletic events, nutrition classes, and food sampling. There is no better time to start my project in than now!

  21. To drink more water! I’ve been leaving out glasses filled with water on the counter so the kids and I can remember to drink.

  22. To help get our kids moving, my husband I started putting on some fun music after supper. We all clean up and dance around the house together. It’s fun and we get a lot accomplished too πŸ™‚ A great way to exercise, have family time and celebrate national nutrition month too!

  23. For National Nutrition Month, I am going to start planning and prepping my food ahead of time. Life with 4 young kids can get pretty crazy and having HEALTHY, already prepped food in the house will help save time and keep us from grabbing junk!

  24. For National nutrition month, I will try to do more new recipes, more Gluten-Free ,more Raw recipes and more vegan recipes.It will help my weight loss( I have only 18 pounds to loose…but they are there)and for the health of my childrens ( 20,16,13 ) that will be fantastic.

  25. To celebrate National Nutrition Month, I am going to introduce my family to some new healthy recipes. It is time for us ALL to get healthier and to treat our bodies better. I have to admit that I was not very good at this as my kids were growing up, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to improve it now! I would love to learn more about carb cycling, so winning his book would be awesome! Thanks for giving us the chance.

  26. I am just getting started this month on a BIG weight loss battle/journey and could use all the help I can get. One nutrition goal is to preplan my meals for the upcoming week. With a busy life, this will hopefully keep me on track.

  27. This our second month doing work challenges. Instead of sitting around for an hour at lunch we do challenges. 1st month was plank-we made it to the goal of a 5 minute plank! TOUGH! This month is push ups- harder then I orginally thought πŸ™‚

  28. A couple months ago, I started a workout group. I find or write my own workouts for the group to do. I also send out a weekly inspiration email with work outs, recipes and more πŸ™‚

  29. I’ve started a 31 day challenge for March: eat in moderation-focus on what I’m putting in my mouth. Fitness: active for at least 25 min a day. Get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night. So far so good!

  30. I am going to start doing meal planning. Trying to save up to purchase your book so I can read what the carb cycling is and how it will fit in. Unfortunately our library has had it checked out for the last couple of months

  31. I’d love to win Chris’ book so I can try carb cycling. As a single mother to six children staying healthy and having plenty of energy is a must! I’ve been working out every morning to start my day. This week I’ll add more veggies to my plate and drink half my weight in water. I’m leaving myself positive affirmation notes everywhere. And my kiddos have joined me in my evening workouts and it is such fun! Thanks for doing all that you do and being such an inspiration to us all!

  32. My biggest thing is water. I don’t drink enough, and I totally know it. Add that to the super cold (read: dry) weather we have, as well as the fact that I’m 10 weeks pregnant, I think this year’s Lent will be focused not on giving anything up, but on consciously adding more water to my day so I can be the best person I can be.

  33. I am continuing following the Chris Powell Challenge. I have shed 48 pounds & now excersice daily:) This month I am trying a new healthy food each week!

  34. I have been trying for several months to drop the last 20 lbs in my journey. As a college student losing weight has been extremely difficult. Roomates living off of pizza and ramen, a skinny boyfriend (now fiance) who is able to eat whatever he wants and never gain an ounce and a family who loves buttery, fried southern food…But now I have gotten my fiance on board with smarter eating, water drinking and he even goes to the gym with me sometimes so it is getting easier to be healthy. But those 20 lbs still won’t budge…well they wouldn’t…but then I started TURBO CARB CYCLING, drinking Bode shakes for breakfast and Bode BURN in the afternoon. It’s been two weeks and I’ve dropped almost 5 lbs, I can literally feel the fat coming off (even though it’s just 5 lbs I feel and look much more toned) and my exercise regime hasn’t changed; still 5 days a week, mixing up light and heavy cardio and strength training.

  35. The first thing I am going to do is start making sure the calories I am taking in are healthy calories!

  36. Meal planning is my biggest struggle. I love to eat healthy. But as a busy mom of four I don’t always make the best decisions and a lot of the time I let fatigue bring us to a fast food restaurant πŸ™

  37. For the past 4 years I have been trying to eat healthy and exercise regular. However in the past year I have had 2 surgeries (one being for a hernia) I have had to take it easy on the exercise. I ended up gaining 30 pounds. I wasn’t eating very clean either. I have been back on track and have lost 10 of the 30 pounds I have gained. This month I want to start a journey to transform my body. Yes, I have lost weight and built some muscle but I never could see “real” transformation. I know if won’t be easy. I am almost 47 and have Hashimotos disease. But I know I can do it. I have Chris first book and would love to have a copy of the second one.

  38. I have been on turbo carb cycling since January 1st…down 20 lbs!!!!! This month I’m starting boot camp classes to try to push myself further!!!

  39. I would love to learn about healthy meal planning. Especially about meals that would be enticing to a husband that your trying to get to give up Lil Debbie Snacks !!! We are incorporating a new way of eating in this household and am proud to say my husband has been reaching for the fruit ! We are trying to choose food wisely.

  40. I am walking everyday, and drinking alot more water. I got a Vitamix and am drinking more fruit and veggies smoothies and juices. I don’t buy processed foods.

  41. Thank you for this information. I want to become a personal trainer and any information on nutrition helps my goal. Nutrition is what makes results!!

  42. To celebrate National Nutrition Month I’m going to continue to feed my 11 year old 1 new fruit or vegetable every week. We’ve been doing this for a couple of months now and have found produce that once was considered “gross” is now delicious! Turns out she LOVES brussel sprouts!! It’s a win for all of us!

  43. It has been about 2 months since I stopped drinking Soda(pop). I drink water, water, water. The first few days were rough but now I don’t even want to drink anything but water. Once I concurred that I have been trying to increase my vegetables. My goal for this month is to continue with my healthy eating and start carb cycling again. I’m going to try weekly meal planning to help me stay on track.

  44. I just delivered Twins2 weeks ago, as a surrogate for friends. Mom of 8 year old active twins and need to find more was to incorporate more veggies and remake our family favorite dishes healthier.

  45. I so need this! I need to get started and I really want to try vemma too but I just don’t have the extra income to invest in that with supporting a family of four.

    So far to celebrate, I am drinking more water, trying to plan my healthy lunches and walking on my lunch break at work — it’s a start.

  46. I am already a pescatarian. But, I am going to make an even bigger commitment to understanding more about actual nutrition in foods to make sure I am getting a healthful mix each day!

  47. I am teaching my special needs preschool students how to pick healthy foods! I eat healthy lunches and talk about good food choices! No fast food for this teacher, no frozen over processed food! Fresh healthy portions of lean protein and steamed veggies! I even offer some for them to try!

  48. I am starting my journey at 291lbs I can use all the help I can get so I am seeing a nutritionist today.

  49. My name is Lori and I am a 22 year old female that has been struggling with weight issues my entire life. In June 2013 I decided I needed a change and to begin a healthier lifestyle. I joined weight watchers and it helps me with measuring out foods and eating healthier. I have lost a total of 81 pounds so far and I am beginning to feel amazing! Now I am beginning to go to the gym more frequently and hopefully soon I can say that I love my body! This month my goal is to continue to eat healthy and make smart choices and to go to the gym as much as I can between work and being a full time college student to earn my masters degree!

  50. I am struggling eating right. I had lost weight and felt great then went through financial struggles and ended up eating cheap unhealthy food and gained all the weight back. It’s been hard, because my husband is not easy to cook for. He doesn’t like much that’s healthy and so now that finances are improved he eats a lot of junk. It’s hard for me not to eat it. My goal is to not eat it this month and also to drink more water. I did cut out all soda so that has helped. Struggling but am determined to get back to were I want to be.

  51. Love the diet, Choose to lose. Now need the up to date book. After 16 days on the plan I feel amazing. I feel healthier and cleaner from the inside out. Loving the results, so my plan for National Nutrition Month is to stay on the plan and feel better every day for the rest of my life πŸ™‚

  52. I will stay focused and commited to my goals and my new healthy way to live. I also registered myself to my first 5k in Montreal πŸ™‚

  53. Heidi you and Chris are so inspirational, thank you! This month I would like to become more familiar with the carb cycling life style!

  54. Dear Heidi, not this month only, we celebrate every month (!) together with my lovely daughter who is sweet 16, we continue to try every receipe you post on your blog! Thanks to the internet we can all the way from the Netherlands! Our love to you and your Powellpack!

  55. Together with my lovely daughter (who is sweet 16!) we try almost every new receipe we read on your blog! Thanks to the internet we can, all the way from the Netherlands! Our best wishes to you and the rest of the Powellpack!

  56. I am in a support group on fb that is working out everyday in March. Everyone is very supportive and motivating!!! I’m learning how to cook more nutritious meals for me and my family. Meal prep are my words for the month….Let’s do this!!!

  57. I’ve started your Carb Cycling program and I’m feeling so great! My sister’s wedding is coming up soon so I want to look good in my bridesmaid dress. I am so excited!

  58. For national nutrition month I will continue practicing carb cycling, continue working out every day, eat avocados more often on my low carb days (because I need to start liking them!), the sweet potato brownies sound amazing so I will definitely be trying those!! And last but not least continue supporting my friend who is trying to start carb cycling like me! πŸ™‚ I recommend it to almost everyone.

  59. Recently I have started making little muffin sized quiches for breakfast for the week. Some eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese and then I am good to go. A healthy breakfast option that I can easy take on the go.

  60. Well i’m on day eight of the cycling program and working out 45min a day. So excited and anxcious for the next day; looking forward to accomplish my goals.(loosing those extra pounds) I’m so motivated have my week meals plan and done my shopping; i keep reminding my self to push forward; won’t to get to my finish line unless it gets done. πŸ™‚

  61. For National Nutrition Month I am going to increase my water intake and I would love to try carb cycling!

  62. To celebrate National Nutrition Month I will continue to eat clean. We try to eat Paleo in our house. My main goal is to not be weak & give in to my will power; saying no to dirty foods, especially chocolate & desserts etc! I like to try out news Paleo receipes and get inspiration from your ideas too. I want my kids to grow up knowing what good healthy food is, and that it’s not acceptable to eat rubbish regularly. Our bodies are not trash cans! Hopefully this will help me reach my main goal to lose weight! Keep up the good work Heidi & Chris!

  63. I’ve been on a journey to get in better shape and lose weight but I end up getting bored tracking my calories in an app. I’d love to read this book to get a different look on how to lose weight and eat healthy.

  64. I have struggled with my diet, since I grew up in a family who had issues with food. Members of my family suffering from binge eating disorders, and another with anorexia nervosa made it difficult for me to perceive what a healthy diet was.

    I plan on taking nutrition courses throughout my time at university so I can ensure that I am educated on a realistic diet. I have already started focusing on eating more balanced meals with increased proteins to treat my anemia, and cut out the junk food!

    Huge fan of the Powell Pack, hope everything is well!

  65. To start off National Nutrition month I am going to start meal planning! My husband and I work opposite shifts and have a 5 year old daughter. Most days he doesn’t know what happens during the day and I have no idea what happens at night, as far as meals. I would like to try meal planning to budget and include new meals into our normal routine!

  66. I am going to give Carb Cycling a go! I have been a very avid fab of Chris and Heidi Powell from the primere of their amazing transformation show. I am a 28 year old Mother of two boys. I first fell in love with clean eating and fitness, when my husband and I for stationed overseas in UK. I became pregnant with my second child, and my body went completely our of whack. Losing finger nails, horrible weight gain and skin issues, I felt horrible about myself. I have never been overweight, but the baby weight didn’t seem to want to budge. Possibly due to my new diagnosis of hypothyroidism.
    So I made a vow to myself, to be happy and healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. Here I am 4 years later, running half marathons, any local 5 or 10ks here on beautiful Oahu. I am a proud size 4, 5’8″ woman with finally just reached my goal at the bod pod of 20% body fat. I feel so strong and confident, and encourage other military mothers to try to change their life and be confident and healthy as well! I also just did the Warrior Dash two weeks ago. I have been enrolled in school for Medical Assisting, but have made the decision to purse my true passion, nutrition. I thank you both for being such a wonderful family, couple, and truly wanting to change your clients to become strong in very possible way. Not just to lose weight and thrown back into to world.

  67. I have cleaned out my pantry and fridge and only stocking organic, hormone free, and unprocessed foods….here’s to a healthier, longer, beautiful life for myself and my family!

  68. I picked a good month to start my changes not even knowing it was nutrition month…. I am going to start setting one health food goal a week, meal planning is next… I will be sure to follow your blog for some good tips!

  69. For me food has always been about distraction and numbing, never nutrition. So this month I am going to focus on my mindset and really be mindful of what I put in my mouth. I want to cultivate a view of food that is focused on being healthy and educated.

  70. My goal is to lower my body fat % to 10 (then bulk up). I’ve already lost ~25 lbs since Christmas, and it’s only more from here (started at 257, down to 230, but some of that is water weight obviously).

    What I’m doing:

    Calorie daily budget is 2000-2500 cals, depending on how active I am that day.

    Eating 90% clean unrefined foods:
    Lean meats and proteins, fruits, vegetables, protein powders post workout, fish oil, etc.

    Working 3x per wk with my Personal Trainer, outside cardio 1-3x per week on top of that, depending on my needs.

    Overall goal for March:
    Get to 220, 10 lbs fat loss.

  71. I’m going to try and be more creative when cooking. Trying new healthier versions of some of my favorite recipes!

  72. Log my calories every day and my activities as well. Hoping my wrist heals so I can join crossfit with my boyfriend.

  73. I just purchased a bathroom scale and a scale for food portions to use. But the biggest thing I have done to help me loose weight and be healthier by going to the fitness center and start doing water aerobics. My arthritis does not allow me to do regular exercises so I am having to do alternative exercises.

  74. For the first half of last year, I was doing so well and was in a great nutrition/fitness routine. I was finally losing weight, but more importantly, I was feeling healthier and happier. I’m not sure where it went off track, but I was not in a good place by the end of the year. After a couple months of being sad and feeling devastated, I have finally figured out what I need to do. I need to take back control of my life, weight, and health. So this month, I am going to start eating healthy and exercising again! I have to help myself. I’ll start by looking through some of your recipes!

  75. Everyday I love to learn more on nutrition. This past year, cooking healthy meals for my family has become such a passion for me. At this point, very interesting enough that it is National Nutrition month, I’ll be taking correspondence studies specializing in Natural Holistic Nutrition! πŸ™‚

  76. What I am going to improve on its my water intake. I do not drink nearly as much as I am suppose to. I am going to try carb cycling, everything else had failed so far and people seem to be having great results.

  77. To celebrate Nutrition Month I’m going to cut out processed foods and try new veggies. I’m going to find healthy recipes that look appealing and have great flavor. Making small changes to get to my ultimate goal. Thank you so much for sharing so much helpful information.

  78. About 9 months ago I started CrossFit and my diet has been mostly Paleo for months. I just completed a weight loss challenge at my gym and after a few weeks in ketosis my ND recommended carb cycling. So I’d love to learn more…

    This month i plan to continue on that path. I listen to a lot of nutrition and wellness podcasts when I walk our dog. I eat whole foods and exercise. We are considering having another baby and I want this to be my healthiest pregnancy yet!

  79. Going to start my food journal to help track my calorie intake. I was doing really good and lost 50lbs. I stopped doing it for awhile and now have been stuck. I still need to lose about 50 pounds more. While keeping track of what I eat I’m going to be adding more fruits and veggies. Along with getting to the gym more often instead of finding excuses on not to go.

  80. I try to eat healthy but one of my weakness are tortilla chips; crunchy and salty goodness!! They are too easy to go to for a snack so I am taking the whole month off, no tortilla chips, and am going to substitute carrot and celery sticks instead. πŸ™‚

  81. To be honest, I’m struggling with carb cycling. I find I really need to prepare ahead of time, so I have snacks with me. It’s also hard when my husband & family won’t try new things & eat what I’m having. Oh, we’ll! If they don’t eat what I make, I guess they will go hungry or make it for their selves

  82. I have been on the Ryan Sawlsville 21 day challenge for 3 weeks now and I will just say this much…Carb Cycling for Life : ) started out 249.2..3 weeks later 233lbs and target weight 220lbs. Healthy living never felt so good. : ) I know only 30 lbs but it was my goal, and now my goal is to help anyone I can that will let me help them achieve there weight loss goals.

  83. I am learning with my daughters about clean eating. We are trying to cool everything and not buy processed foods.

  84. I have been doing great over the last 10 months, I’ve lost over 80 lbs. However in the last month or so it has gotten harder. I currently use an herbal program with two shakes and two protein snacks and a dinner with 4 oz meat and veggies everyday. I exercise 4-6 x a week. I am thinking or using your carb cycling to break through this slow period on my jorney. I think it will be different since I currently avoid most all carbs. The book would help me in underatanding! πŸ™‚

  85. I am focusing on giving up sugar, grains and dairy products. I never feel good after eating them so it’s time to rid of them and focus only on the foods that make me feel healthier like lean meats, veggies and fruit. Along with adding strength training to my cardio my focus for this month is the beginning of a healthier and better version of me.

  86. I’m going to start getting my family and co workers on this plan with me !!!!
    I’ve changed my life around with eating clean now for three months and exercising !! Seeing amazing results … The only down fall is the cost of healthy eating habits, putting holes in my walet and pockets hehe…. But feeling great and looking great so money well spent to live a healthy and happy life <3 <3

  87. My best fried is moving back to town and we will be starting the carb cycling next Monday! Super excited!

  88. After having 4 kids, realizing I’m overweight and it’s not going anywhere until I make changes, and being diagnosed with high cholesterol I made up my mind. I bought Chris’s book Choose to lose 7 day carb cycle. There isn’t anything I won’t eat, it was more about meal preparation, portion sizes, and healthy choices. I have changed the way not only I eat but, my entire family, including my husband. I now need to focus on water consumption and adding more meal ideas to my lifestyle. Thanks to you and Chris, I’m learning more and I’m excited to be on the journey towards a healthy life. Thank you Heidi and Chris for the guidance πŸ™‚

  89. Within the last couple of days, hubby and I made a food plan. I tried blackberries for the first time too. I would love to try a healthy dinner party!!

  90. I am going to make sure I get enough sleep. My husband works night shift so he leaves for work at 10:30, I then seem to have a problem getting to bed until after 12. I wake for work at 5:30 so it is def not enough sleep. I am going to start reading or watching tv before my husband leaves so I can get to bed as soon he is off to work.

  91. I would like to learn more about nutrition in the month of March. I have lost 120 lbs in the past three years but still have about 17 lbs to get to my goal. I’ve been at a plateau for about a year and feel that if I learn more about nutrition and fueling my body maybe I can finally get past this plateau and meet my goal!!

  92. My husband and I own a small farmers market in our community. My goal for national nutrition month is to educate our customers with nutritional tips and information for better health through emails. As a personal goal I will increase my water intake and try one new healthy recipe per week!

  93. I’m new to the site, and I’d never heard about carb cycling before!! After I read this and your other post about it, I can’t wait to try it! Even if I don’t get picked I’m definitely buying the book on March 5th! I really need a diet that works and is easy to follow! Whoop! I’m excited! πŸ™‚

  94. This month I am going to be 100% committed to my meal plans. I will plan them shop accordingly so that it really isn’t an option to fail.

  95. Hopefully in March I can balance my diet a lot more with school. It can take over sometimes and totally forget to eat healthy, or eat for that matter! want to restock with nutritious goodies to keep me set!

  96. I am going to try to add more veggies to my eating. Try some yummy healthy desserts from your blog.

  97. I am researching and learning more about foods that are good for me and not so good. I think if more people researched their food sources it would make their decision to eat more nutritious foods easier. I am switching my family over to more organic and natural foods. Also educating my family on healthy eating and living. Chris and Heidi you are both an inspiration to me!

  98. Winning this book would be amazing, I read Chris’s first one and I know this one will definetly impress! For national nutrition month, I want to identify things that I’m lacking in my diet, and try to find foods more rich in those specific nutrients, and try to incorporate them into my diet!

  99. Definitely more water, I will try the sweet potato brownies, eat more fruit and eliminate the not so healthy sweets. I love fish but get tired of the same recipe so I will try a new recipe. I need to keep up with my cardio and use my KettleBells more.
    I’ve always struggle with food, but I know I can learn to substitute the bad for the better. This is my plan for National Nutrition Month. Thank you for the opportunity and Best of luck to all.

  100. As the weather warms up I am going to start family walks in the evenings. I have 3 children and I want it to be second nature for them to be active.

  101. I will be attending the open casting for extreme weight loss so I can learn from the best. Something that has helped me is slowly letting go of foods. This year is no pork, and I have been doing great, last year was soda, and I haven’t drank a sip of soda nor do I miss it. Some will say I am not trying hard enough but this is what helps me, and I’ve accomplished my goals on those. I’ve even quit smoking..been smoke free for 4 years. I am proud. There should be a book that will make someone slowly stop eating the most unhealthy things. Quitting soda I am sure has helped me a lot. Sometimes just telling someone ” no sweets” can become overn whelming. It be easier to just commit to never buying your favorite candy..once you go months with no candy bar..u see that you don’t miss it..and it feels good!!.

  102. I’ve gotten sick a lot this year due to stress+not taking good care of myself as much, definetly want to change that and try new healthy snacks to grab instead of the junky stuff!

  103. I am going to eat breakfast. I have a really hard time wanting to eat in the morning because I get up really early and don’t have an appitite. However I am going to take a breakfast with me and eat once I am at work (7am) so that way I will be starting the day out with a good healthy foundation.

  104. I had lost about 20 lbs and gained muscle… I was on a road I was extremely happy to be on- eating healthy, working out, and drinking lots of water! I went on vacation last year and I even worked out of the cruise ship and kept active on the islands! Well on the very last day I did not- bc of the travel and getting to see a few more sites before we left Hawaii. I stopped working out and eating right when I got back and gained what I lost + a few more pounds… My birthday gift to myself is to start back up!!! My bday is MARCH 8 and this week I have started lifting weight again and will incorporate HIIT training. In addition, I’ve started drinking more water and hope to start meal prepping. I’m also practicing gratitude; applying it all aspects of my life. I’m feeling much better, especially since being laid off and I think this is an excellent time to incorporate a full on lifestyle modification!!

  105. I am working on eating less carbs and getting back to my exercise that I haven’t kept up with lately!

  106. I want to try out some new veggies/fruits this month, something more exotic! I look forward to reading Chris’s new book if I win it too πŸ™‚

  107. I am going to continue to eat properly and fuel my body with what it really wants and needs.

  108. I am going to drink more water and be more active! Just became a brand partner with Vemma and I’m doing the Bode challenge! I would love to win this book!

  109. Would live it I am down 7 pounds watching what I eat and exercising but need alittle more information on my diet

  110. I am going to focus on planning ahead. In order to stay on track I really need to plan ahead and have healthy foods prepped for snacking and for easy dinners on those busy nights.

  111. National Nutrition Month huh? I think I’m finally going to stick to that Blogilates Beginners Pilates calender she has on her site, follow the videos, and try recipe ideas from you guys!

  112. For National Nutrition Month I have chosen to do something drastic, something that will completely, inevitably, and undeniably change my life forever. I’ve started my own Chris & Heidi Powell “Extreme Weight Loss” TRANSFORMATION!!!! I started my journey in 2006 at 613 pounds when I had gastric bypass. Since then I’ve fought my way down to 398, had drastic health issues cause me to lose ground and gain back almost all my weight going back up to 580 pounds by December 2010. I have battled my way back down to 478.0 pounds as of today with nothing but diet (which hasn’t been a strict one by any means) since I’m dealing with a heart condition and such severe arthritic pain in both knees, back, and neck which makes almost all exercise I used to do impossible.

    Today though I joined the choose2lose website, started working with the carb cycling program, and am working with the local YMCA to use the pool to exercise in the pool. I don’t have a trainer so I’m trying to do what I can on my own, although I will possibly be going to a physical therapy soon for my knees and back if medicare and Medicaid approve it. Either way I’m focused and dedicated to get to my goal which is set at 100 pounds off in 3 months. It is a hefty goal, but I’m confident I can achieve it…..NEVER QUIT…..NEVER GIVE IN!!!!!

  113. I will continue to try a new veggie each week. Had beets and beet greens for the first time. And I learned a lot about them nutritionally from all the research I had to do to figure out why and how to prepare them. Both are so yummy…. I love turbo cycling.

  114. I am going to eat out less, and cook from scratch, using lots of veggies. I will save some money, and lose some weight in the process!

  115. Re-read this book request at the library but would love to have autograph copy to read when I need inspiration

  116. Leading by example.Being that 1yr ago I was 40% body fat and now at 15. My goal is to eat a different vegetable every day. Also inspire at least one person every day to start living healthy. I’m in the fitness industry. I love being able to help people realize there dream of living healthy because I did the same

  117. My friend Sandy and I started a Biggest Loser contest at work. I started this competition after losing my childhood friend at the age of 35. He died in his sleep of a massive heart attack. Sandy is 33 and is 5’6″ and weigh’s 337 lbs. I was so scared for her that I took her under my wing and started to inspire her to “get healthy”. She has lost over 20 lbs in 8 weeks and I am so proud of her. I am joining this contest to try and win this gift for her. It would mean so much to both of us. Thank you for all your inspiration and motivation you give us.

  118. Hello! Not only is it National Nutrition Month, but it is also National Athletic Trainer’s Month! Both go hand in hand very well! So please hug your athletic trainer today! I am going to try a new recipe each week. It’s challenging to keep food exciting and this is my biggest challenge. I am the “chef” in our family and mainly cook all our meals from scratch! I have used some of your recipes in the past with great success! Thank you! Erin Bartley

  119. I am starting march with giving up wine for Lent ! I feel like i eat fairly healthy- yet always battle with weight and bodyfat issues – ive had 5 babies – now have diasis recti so cant get my belly flat anymore – im 45 years old and everyone keeps telling me im too old now – i guess at this point in my life – i just want to prove them wrong one more time – maybe the end to wine is a good start / i workout 5-6 days per week – yet hust cant get my BMI to a good range anymore

  120. Meal planning! I always have good intentions but when is time to make meals I always take the easy way out. I also need to incorporate more veggies in my families eating habits!

  121. For National Nutrition month I’m going to be learning to curb my cravings with healthy alternatives. Its been the biggest battle for me and its time to get a handle on it. Being a stay at home mom, its easy to grab the junk or swing by a drive thru on the way to baseball practice. I’ve come so accustomed the quick and easy that i actually crave it now. So I am giving it my all to overcome this and be a healthy example for my kids. (:

  122. I actually started a health/fitness blog because I got really really sick last year and had to stop training for the half marathon I wanted to run. I started the blog to motivate myself to eat healthy and get active again! (:

  123. I plan to start trying different recipes. I love to cook. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives daily. I work in renal dietetics with dialysis patients, and this month I will work to incorporate fun nutrition games and food ideas to refresh the ideas that are often forgotten, that eating healthy can be fun, easy and delicious. They love when I do extra and provide new recipes to spark some creativity.

  124. I have been at a stand still in my weight loss goals an its driving me crazy wanting to eat everything in site but I know better than to do this I think about how far I have come an know I don’t ever want to go back an the recipe I have tried have been a wonderful god send to me keep it up I would love a signed copy of your book it would be wonderful

  125. I have a hard time staying on track. I do better when I plan out my meals & have meal plan ideas. How do you get over the being bored and eating the same things all the time.

  126. I’m going to celebrate by cutting out one serving of refined sugar or carbs each day in March, replacing it with a serving of raw fruits & veggies.

  127. For the past 4 months I have been trying hard to be better at eating healthy and exercising. I would like to try to make some different healthy treats (my go to is a gluten free banana berry walnut muffin). I also just joined the health and wellness committee at work so I hope to inspire my co-workers to get active and healthy too. Our break room is full of soda, chips and candy. Would love to find some new healthy snacks for options in there.

  128. I am going to quit giving up on myself. I always work out really hard for two weeks and eat really healthy and then I get lazy. I started with an alarm reminder to help me eat small meals through the day. I have started getting my family involved in my workouts too. Hopefully they can help keep me on track.

  129. For National Nutrition Month, I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new recipes with items that I wouldn’t normally use. On the 1st, I made spaghetti with spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti noodle. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste and the fact that I didn’t miss the noodles. I am planning on making eggplant lasagna, zucchini boats, black bean brownies, and sweet mashed potatoes all within this next week. All of these items are way out of my cooking habits. I can’t wait to try new recipes with healthier foods.

  130. For National Nutrition Month I am going to try for the first time to eat healthy balanced meals and snacks. I’ve always had a weight problem. Tried every diet out there, maybe it’s time to begin eating healthy. I want my husband and I to live longer and be good examples for our grandchildren. Thanks for your blog. Peggy

  131. Just trying to get back on the “health” wagon. Starting with fruits, veggies and water. Trying to cut down the sugars!!

  132. I bought a chipmaker to make kale chips, zucchini chips etc… No frying. Low calorie snacks for when you want that crunch.

  133. I follow a very strict nutrition plan from a nutrition specialist but could use the book for when I am on my own!!

  134. I’m going to celebrate by busting my butt in crossfit everyday. Eating good nutritious foods and watching my PRs go up. I’m gonna watch how I feel and fuel myself to be my best athlete eating more when I need to but staying with whole foods.

  135. I committed 2 years ago, April 11, 2012 to put my exercise and diet at the top of my priority list and I have been consistently doing! I am reading “Choose to Lose” to re-energize my nutrition and exercise for 2014!

  136. For national nutrition month I want to learn how to fuel my body. Im over trying to lose weight by starving myself. I have a gluten and dairy allergy that I have to keep in mind everytime I eat. I get frustrated with myself and give up. I am not going to let this stop me anymore. I want to be happy and healthy!

  137. I like the idea of meal planning for myself., I seem to be able to get healthy meals for my son but I don’t follow through and adjust them for my needs so end up snacking. I’d love to try to rev up my metabolism. Thanks, love following both of you.

  138. i have been watching what im eating im going to be doing the three day walk for breast cancer im planing on joining a gym this week this year 2014 is going to be a good year for me im planing on getting my own dog this year

  139. I’m going to start meal planning and trying to incorporate new veggies (I’m super picky) into my meals. I’ve hit a plateau and need to blast through it.

  140. I’m going to celebrate National Nutrition Month by eating better than all the yesterday’s in the month.

  141. I’m taking a leap of faith that I truly need to eat more and aiming for 1200 calories a day on low carb days and 1500 on high carb days. Scared to death of weight gain buthavi ng faith.

  142. For March I would love to get your book to try the carb cycling. I know nothing about it, but I need to get this weight off me. All I do is keep gaining, no matter what I do. Love you both.

  143. I have been a crazy nursing student with very little time for much of anything besides studying! However, after 2 long years of study, study, study … I’m graduating in 17 days! I’ve put myself on the back burner without even realizing it! So my plan this month is to start meal planning more effectively. I am suffering from anemia right now so my focus is to incorporate more iron rich health foods into my diet daily. <3

  144. I am going to start keeping a food journal. I have done it in the past and it really is the key to success for me. I’m also going to insure that I’m getting in plenty of water. High protein, low carb. Your family is an inspiration. I am trying to get healthy and I really hope to meet someone who wants to make that an important part of our family. Being healthy together as a family is right up there with faith and love.

  145. I have been doing research and carb cycling is going to be my choice for my transformation. I’m ready for a life change. And I need to to do this to be healthy for the rest of my life. Thank you!!!

  146. I recently started a fitness blog after losing 100lbs this past year so I am going to try some new recipes so I can post on my blog and pay it forward and help others. I am also focusing on building lean muscle mass so come summer, I look good in a bikini.

  147. I have 2 young sons and our overall health is my main priority. I have recently started making changes in our food choices, buying more organic, cutting out processed foods, making more fresh dishes, eliminating foods with dyes, buying more fresh foods, but I know I still have a lot to learn. I would LOVE to win a copy of Chris’ book to further my knowledge so that I can show my sons a healthier lifestyle.

  148. I’m going to start my national nutrition month off with one new healthy habit a week. I do an awesome job hitting the gym once a day going hard for a hour mostly weight training. I’m starting to realize all that hard work and its being sabotaged with my bad eating habits. I eat 5 meals a day but get hardly no color in my meals. I eat allot of processed carbs. And I’m a sweets addict. This week I’m going to add at least one veggie to those meals.

  149. Joined a couch to 5k club! Started the classic carb cycle, tried the turbo once too. Our whole family is making healthy changes and we just joined the YMCA! πŸ™‚

  150. I am using Bod.e products and exercising regularly! I am eating healthy foods and using Chris’ carb cycling routine.

  151. I’m training for a half marathon in the spring, and a full for the fall. My biggest fault is nutrition… I know I need to eat healthier, and after starting my training, this is my month to do it!

  152. I am going to do my best to drink the total amount of water needed daily. I am also going to increase my intake of fruits and veggies.

  153. For national nutrition month, I am going to set my alarm to have my meals every 3 hours. I already drink more than 100 oz of water during weekdays so I am going to try the same on the weekends.

  154. I am on day 2 of the turbo carb cycle. I’m a bit overwhelmed and scared to make a mistake! But I am going to keep my promise to myself to stick with it!

  155. Garlic Parmesan Chicken for dinner!!! LOVE IT!!! My husband said he could eat it everyday. This is great for BOTH of us, him needing to get healthy and lose about 25 pounds and me needing to lose well ALOT. Tomorrow we are going to try the Gluten-Free Pasta Perfection. I have always been one not to try different recipes and to stick with what I know and what my husband and I like and what we think tastes good and not come out of my comfort zone. SO glad I did. Thank you for giving us options that taste good. Looking forward to trying MANY more new things.

  156. My husband is going back to cooking healthily and we’re still trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat anymore; as I’ve gotten older, we’ve discovered that I don’t tolerate dairy or wheat anymore, so trying some gluten-free eating, and some paleo.

  157. I plan to eliminate red meat. Having a kidney transplant puts your diet in a different perspective. Red meat works the kidneys. I need to keep my new one working simply. Easily processed food from now on for me.

  158. Just finished reading Choose to Lose and will start carb cycling this month! Excited to start feeling the effects of healthy eating on by body!

  159. First thing I want to do is add more fresh veggies to my diet and find new ways to cook them so I don’t get bored with my “diet”.

  160. I am adding new exercises to the fitness classes I teach, and I’m going to challenge my participants to drink all their water, and if they have pets yo get creative to and create fun exercise they can do together

  161. I run a weight loss group on FaceBook so I am always trying to help people with nutrition and lose weight. I post all sorts of recipes from low carb to WW and gluten free and for diabetics. I will have to now introduce a new program to them….I myself follow low carb.

    Thank you

  162. for this month is also lent ‘m not going to give something up since i am giveing up my weight already (down 54 lbs since sept) so i am going to try and motivate just one person on my face book and want them to motivate one person and so on and so on

  163. Hi, I’m turning 35 tomorrow…yikes! I have 3 beautiful girls and a husband I adore. But I feel run down, tired all the time. I’m hoping I can find help thru proper diet and exercise.

  164. I Have already and look forward to continuing to make better choices with food. I REAlized today that I don’t starve when I choose the right foods and ONLY the right foods and for my journey to health, that means so much. I’m seeing lots of colors in my food choices and am excited to incorporate them regularly.

  165. Some friends & I have decided to do a ‘Nutritious & Delicious’ potluck once a week. We pick out healthy recipes (other than salad) and bring them over in pre-portioned containers. Super excited to enjoy time with friends AND yummy food!

  166. I am going to aim for the water for the first week. The second week I aim to fuel, healthily for my fourth half marathon. The third week I plan to fuel to recover and stay on track with exercising! The last week I plan to stick to the turbo carb cycling!

  167. I love your show and think your amazing! And am always telling everyone to look you up for help to lose weight! And tell them that I started loseing weight after looking up carb cycling but don’t think I’m doing it right! But I’ve lost 50lbs.. In less than 4 months! But I’m so scared I’m going to hit a Plato! So I would love this book! My babies want me to lose weight so u will be around as long as possible for them! Who could say no to that!

  168. I have started to make healthy smoothies for myself and my whole family! We are experimenting every day with different greens and we are loving it every day!!

  169. Friday is my birthday. This would be great for me to try and get my dedication back. I have lost my motivation and let others’ opinions of what I do effect my decisions. I need all the help I can get right now.

  170. I’m going to give up sweets for Lent and hopefully start garb cycling soon! I’m a little intimidated by it.

  171. I made it a goal this year to try at least one new food each month or revisit one I think I don’t like. It’s been going well so far! Tried red quinoa and a blend of ancient grains, both of which I liked. Also tried spaghetti squash, another new favourite. Revisited raw onion, still don’t like them. Also revisted brussel sprouts, which I’m now going to add to my list of regular veggies!

    And that’s just one thing I’m doing this year!

  172. I JUST finished the Dietbet you hosted and lost 11.8 lbs!!! I did it with the principles of Choose More Lose More. I plan on doing the next one that comes up in a week..and kicking it up a notch using Turbo Carb cycling. Since I have told MANY people about the book, and I already have it. I would love to give it away to a sweet friend to help them in their journey!!! πŸ™‚

  173. For National Nutrition Month I am going to eat clean, which is completely new to me. In addition, I also plan to try a new recipe from your blog every week! That way I know it will be healthy and yummy. I also intend to encourage my children, ages 11, 6, and 3, to eat healthier and try new fruits and vegetables every week as well.

  174. Im gonna stop saying I will start tomorrow! I was a parent at the age of 15 and since then I have heard myself say tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! Im now 36 205lbs, wife and mother of four. My tomorrow is TODAY!!

  175. I’m a stay at home mommy with 2 kiddos (a 1 and a 3 year old) that have so much energy! This month I’d like to work out consistently and include my kudos in my work out and healthy eating!

  176. For national nutrition month I am going to continue to drink my water daily and eat right teaching my 6 kids that eating healthy can be tasty and fun or create new things

  177. I’m going to eat mindfully, not in front of the TV. Take the time to prepare real food. I’m also going to drink more water! πŸ™‚

  178. March is always very hard for me to stay on track because of numerous birthday celebrations in my family. So this year I told everyone that I would host the parties. So I get to control the menu and hopefully start healthier traditions. I’m still trying to convince them to have a bike ride party (we all ride our bikes 20 miles to the beach, have the party and ride back). Its not flying with most of them. πŸ˜‰ but we will see!

  179. Although I already eat very healthy and clean, I need to up my daily water intake. I really like your recommended intake “formula” πŸ™‚

  180. I’m going to try quinoa instead of rice, and some homemade granola bars for my kids’ after school snack!

  181. I am working with a group of elementary students to explore healthy eating options. We are having a smoothie recipe contest, making our own veggie burgers, and finding healthy and tasty snacks.

  182. I think you and chris are awesome!
    I have made a goal to eat healthy and teach my kids to start eating healthy.
    I know i can do it with you and chris great suggestions

    Thanks for all the help.

    on my way to a new me!!

  183. For National Nutrition Month I am going to make sure that I am drinking the right amount of water each day. I am SO bad at this. I follow my carb cycle schedule and love it but I never can get myself to drink a healthy amount of water. I wrote myself a note on my desk calendar to drink 65 ounces of water each day. I am going to succeed! πŸ™‚

  184. For national Nutrition Month I am beginning a new project to help doctors educate themselves in basic nutrition principles. I am 24 years old and I have a degree in nutritional sciences. My experiences in the health field have truly exposed that lack of nutrition education for almost all other health professionals. Doctors only get about 6-24hrs of nutrition education in all 4 years of med school!! How crazy is that?! Preventative medicine is on the forefront of healthcare today SO I will begin posting easy to understand videos with the hope that doctors and other health care professionals will stumble upon them. πŸ™‚ Just want to make a difference.

  185. During National Nutrition Month, I am going to be better about meal planning and explore the salad line more than I have. I will also be encouraging my friends to join with me in having only one cheat meal/day a week. GO NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH! This is perfect timing, I need a kick in the butt to do better with my nutrition.

  186. As opposed to going out to eat with friends, I will be hiking, running, or walking to catch up instead!

  187. I am going to read up about carb-cycling. I had never heard about it until today and I am on my own fitness/nutrition path and trying to learn all I can. Learning about new things like this helps keep me motivated and interested!

  188. I am going to eat mainly skinless, boneless chicken breast, and lean ground beef made through my new wave oven. And also eat as much as I can of fresh fruits and veggies, since I love them. I hope everyone has a great and healthy month, and even after. Oh, and also I’m going to try to drink my body weight in ounces of water this month, and that is saying a lot because I don’t like water. But I’ve got to start somewhere.

  189. For National Nutrition Month, I am going to try a new vegetable or fruit ever week. I love to explore new foods and flavors, so I look forward to it.

  190. For Nutrition Month I am going to be doing a lot more focus on what I am eating each day. I am already fairly motivated but because I am going away in May on a cruise I want to get myself to be my healthiest self.

  191. For National Nutrition Month I am gong to start prepping all of my meals on Sundays for the week. You guys have said if you have something ready you can just warm up verses looking through the fridge when you are hungry you will select better options. This seems like it will work for my lifestyle. I really am going to try to drink more water. With Chris water checks all the time, I should be able to stay on track with drinking more. Last thing for now is I need to GET MOVING!!! Even some exercise per day is better than none. I am hoping with these changes to start that it will give me more energy to keep going. PLUS I need to try some new things, new recipes and even thinking about trying some beginner line dancing this week!!! (cant believe I just said that) πŸ˜‰

  192. I have hit the dreaded wall of weight loss. I am down 39 pounds with 10 more to go to hit my goal. I know I will! I have only lost 3 in the past month:( but I did my monthly measurements this morning and am down 8 inches since last month!! I just stated carb cycling. Hoping it will push me through this wall. I am also in the process of getting my personal training certificate. I want to help prove other moms that it is possible to be a fit healthy role model for generations to come!

  193. I plan on cutting out bad carbs, and processed foods and begin to eat healthier and lose this baby weight once and for all before my little man’s first bday coming up in May.

  194. My goal for Nutrition Month is to try a new healthy meal wach week. I need to try new foods and meals more often… especially for me kids sake. πŸ™‚

  195. I am determined to bust through this nasty plateau I have been on for months. It is so frustrating when you watch everything you eat and exercise 6 days a week and the scale won’t budge. I love what you and Chris do to keep us motivated.

  196. Hi Heidi! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for those great ideas!
    I am definitely going to try out those recipes too. I will share this with my family and friends!! I didn’t even know it was National Nutrition Month so I’m gonna make it the best so far! I’m so excited for this! I will prepare my meals in advance and also I’m gonna host a healthy dinner party! Also going to try out the carb cycle!!
    Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  197. I am trying to eat clean and healthy. I have recommitted to exercise. using recipes from your blog and from Chris’ previous book have helped. me make healthy meals for my family.

  198. This month I’m not giving up on my transformation. Going to try to get cardio in the mornings and evening to get to goal.

  199. To kick of National Nutrition Month, I have started the 12-week Bod-e Challenge! So far, I love it!!!

  200. On st. Patricks day we celebrate with finger foods starting with healthy green appetizers. I have the kids involved by creating wonderful dishes using healthy foods. We have a lot of fun and we feel great when we eat healthy. Kids will eat healthy when their involved with picking and preparing healthy choices.

  201. One of my favorite and encouraging ways to have a healthy lifestyle is to have walking dates with my friends. We can chat just as well when we walk as when we sit down for dinner! Love March and nutrition!

  202. I have been working on cleaning up my family’s diet and cutting out the junk, this started more with just my food, and now has become a family thing…I still have a ton of weight to lose after back to back pregnancies, but I already can see a difference in my energy level and this would be a great guide to use and to help wi my Lent challenge of no cheat meals.

  203. With a beach vacation in two months as extra motivation, I am trying to make healthier food choices everyday. I am also trying to help my whole family eat healthier by making healthier meals. I am trying to cut out all pre-processed food and go for more natural ingredients.

  204. This Nutrition Month, I’m posting all the nutritious foods more. There nutritious foods some people doesn’t know exist or healthy foods that people forget sometimes that they should be really buying. I love staying healthy and FIT. Being a busy mum is not an excuse. I believe learning is non stop and reading with books is always good. Posting healthy foods reminds people there are many foods that are very nutritious and that should be eaten and should be often in the kitchens. When we got nutritious foods in the kitchen, it also mean good nutrition for the whole family. Your blog is very informative and very inspiring and yes I’m doing those and not only that, I also share it to the world so them to could enjoy a healthy body. Setting an example is an awesome way. It also opens up the eyes of people that “Healthy is Happy”.

  205. I joined a gym last month and love it! Now this month I get a month’s worth of fitness info from one of the best! My birthday is March 8, and a signed book would be an awesome gift! I can’t wait to become a better me!

  206. I am trying to continue my transformation. Already lost 24 pounds. I’m continuing my health journey. I plan to buy a boxing bag, also.

  207. I just started carb cycling! First week done, starting my second week!!!! Down 4 pounds in a week and I feel great!!! I have the ereader version of choose more, lose more and I would love a signed hard copy from you guys as I’m always refering to the book to re read the parts I need to get the info to help me out!!! It’s not just a book you read one time and put it away!!!! It’s a book you keep really close by and re read certain parts everyday!!! You make me believe that I can actually do it!!! You and Chris are so genetous to share your knowledge with all of us πŸ™‚

  208. I teach silver sneakers so monthly we play bunco and the theme will be to dress like your favorite fruit or vegetable and creat a healthy dish to share using that fruit or vegetable.

  209. Well March 10th is my birthday so what better time to try to fix my nutrition. I already eat lots of fruit and veggies so maybe drinking more water. By the way Happy Belated Birthday Chris.

  210. As a RD to be, National Nutrition Month is one of my favorite times of the year! To honor the month of my soon-to-be profession, I plan to try a new fruit and vegetable along with a new recipe each week.

  211. Meal Prep. Meals are often rushed for me. So I’m going to take my love of organization to prepare balanced meals in advanced. So meal time because fun (and HEALTHY) again!

  212. I recently purchased a juicer, so I am going to start using scraps from kale chips, romaine salads and spinach side dishes with apples, ginger, plums, pineapple and other yummy fruits and veggies to increase my vitamin intake and eliminate waste! πŸ™‚

  213. I am going to add more “colour” to our plates – adding new fruits/veggies to our meals πŸ™‚

  214. I wish schools really focused on teaching good nutrition. I spent much of my teen years starving myself and working out. I did horrible things to my metabolism and now, in my late 20’s, it’s been incredibly difficult to get it going. I wish kids knew how nutrition really worked and healthy ways to get the look they want.

  215. I study dietetics at South Dakota State University and have a huge passion for nutrition and wellness! I love trying new healthy foods and passing my passions too others!

  216. For national Nutrition Month, I am going to start meal planning. That has been the hardest for me. I am a Nurse, starting to become a fitness instructor, mother of 3 (8,7,5). I do not like cooking, thankfully my hubby does! However, it is almost mean to have him cook everyday. I like to come up with the ideas, but I am very spontaneous. I like to eat what I feel at the moment. So planning a week in advance, although great as time management and cost savings, I never stuck to the plan. Hopefully this month, while hubby is out of country for work, I can development this new habit!

  217. Today is my first day on the classic Carb Cycling program. I’ve already made out my meal plan for the week and completed my grocery shopping for the first half of the week. Today was also my first day back at working out after dealing with a pulled quad and broken wrist.I’m beyond excited to see my progress going forward. πŸ™‚

  218. I’ve always been the type of person who goes hours and hours without eating and then just eats the wrong things. I also loved to snack. It’s been two weeks since I’ve started the carb cycling program and one of the things that’s helps SO MUCH is making kale chips. They 100% satisfy the chip/snack urge. So I’m going to make a big batch and store it in individual baggies and start to plan out my meals for the week on paper and not just in my head. Thanks for all the tips.
    ps: I wish you guys would come out with a carb cycle cook book since the nutrition side is the most challenging for me.

  219. I plan to go to my cardio boxing class more and to watch my unhealthy carb intake. Although I don’t like desserts, I do love breads and chips! This doesn’t seem impossible to accomplish!

  220. I am really trying to cut out all the processed stuff and be at least 85% Vegan with my food choices. I am hoping I can help my husband eat a little better in my journey.

  221. A rule in our house is you always have to try a bite. If you don’t like it, you can make a peanut butter sandwich. We have to all eat a fruit and veggie before a small snack before bedtime.

  222. I am going to try a new fruit or veggie or one I haven’t ate in a long time, try a new recipe each week, add more fruits and veggies, practice portion control, have healthy snacks available too.

  223. I have struggled with finding the right “plan” for my body. As many of you know working, kids and activities can cause a rift in your healthy regimen. I try to plan ahead and keep quick an easy yet healthy meals readily available. I am that mom that won’t let my kids buy junk or eat fast food so I am always up for great recipes. Always looking forward to your post and am forever greatfull!

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