Reebok Women’s AK Wedge Giveaway!

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Congratulations to our winner, Ashley Pawloski! Check back on the blog on Monday for a few of the many awesome ideas you submitted! πŸ™‚

Alrighty, friends. So many of you have asked where I got my shoes, featured in this pic here. Once again, Reebok?they hit it out of the park with these classic style, fashionable wedge-tennies. I am in love with the Reebok Women’s AK Wedge!

You can sport some too!! Leave a comment on this blog sharing your favorite exercise to do with your kids (or any kids!). I?ll test out these exercises with my own kiddos, pick my fave, and send the winner a pair. Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST Thursday, March 27, 2014, and the lucky winner will be announced on Friday, March 28, 2014.

Comment away!!!

Heidi πŸ™‚

367 Responses

  1. My favorite thing to with the kids is have them teach me gymnastics and dance moves! The girls will do something beautiful and the little boy will just rock it out and at the end we put on a preformance!

  2. I have very fond memories of Kickball. Where I grew up we called it Soccer Baseball?not a bad title for the game because you use your feet to kick the ball and the rules are basically the same as Baseball. The kids love to play Kickball.

  3. Love these. My favorite exercise is to run with my 7 year old. Getting ready to run her first 5k!!!!

  4. Jagger is almost 11 months old and we both enjoy going for a run with our jogging stroller or holding him while we dance.

  5. I love jogging//walking the stroller with my 1 year old and we also attend a baby boot camp class once a week! Love these shoes!!

  6. Our favorite exercise is on the trampoline. We take turns showing a trick and then the other person has to do it. Bum wars are a favorite. Then we add. Bum, knee, back, knee up. My 3 year old and 5 year old love it. Then we each pick a color of Power Ranger and show our ninja moves as we bounce. Try that!

  7. My 3 year old is very active. We enjoy playing soccer in our backyard together. She also participates in gymnastics. I used to participate with her, but now she is in the older class where mommy watches from the sidelines;)

  8. We put our son in the iBert safe-t seat front mounted to our beach cruisers (no gears) and ride up the hills through our neighborhood. Great cardio & leg workout! Even have to get off the bike and walk it uphill it’s so hard. Wind blowing in his face, taking in the great weather. He loves it! We love it! πŸ™‚

  9. When I go Jogging with my one year old daughter ( in the stroller) I switch it up by parking the stroller and jogging backwards(still facing her so I can see her) about 10-15 meters. And then I say “ready go”, or “I coming after you” playfully as she cheers and I sprint towards her. I love this exercise because I don’t have a gym membership and it is hard to do cardio otherwise with an active child and she feels like she is a part of it. I also know she is safe and cant get hurt. After doing that 10 times I am spent, she had a good time playing mini referee and I can take her out of the stroller so she can walk a little or she can just ride back.

  10. I have Popsicle sticks with different exercises written on them. The kids pick the sticks and we do a few sets of them. Their second favorite is the deck of cards workout that we do at the park using playground equipment.

  11. Many of the exercises I do with the kids are on the Wii, like baseball and bowling.

    Another one we do we call “Bear Crawls.” You just try walking with both your hands and feet on the floor/ground for about 5 minutes at a time.

    The other thing we do is jump rope — two of us hold the rope and the third one jumps in it. Just like back in school.

  12. I must say that my favorite form of exercise to do with kids is to set up an obstacle course in the backyard or even at a local park…it can be made as creative as possible and adjusted to any level of difficulty! For example, there could be jump ropes, jumping backs, hurdles, relays (bunny hop races),hula hoops, ball or balloon toss. It keeps things constantly flowing and the kids do not get bored or lose their focus because they are having fun!
    I have to agree that having huge dance parties with kids is a good form of exercise. Personally, I have dance parties with my niece to the dancing episode of the television show Yo Gabba Gabba, as well as the CD Casper BabyPants. We have so much fun and it gets your heart pumping!

  13. My 9yrs old daighter like to encourage me to do some exercise because she said mami you can do it.I help you.i star loose some wheight 6 months ago i lost 30 pounds and she said see we can do togheter.she is my rock

  14. My favorite workout to do with my kids is what I like to call family boot camp. We are lucky to have a park right next to us so in the evenings usually after dinner my husband and I will divide into teams we have 3 kids so it’s usually the 2 youngest on one and oldest on the other with one parent on each team. We then set a vary of different activities and it’s a relay to see which team can finish first. The combo we use most is 4 suicides across the park, wheelbarrow across and back, frog jumps across with 5 push-ups frog jump back, then to finish its a piggy back on mom or dads back to the end! Super fun and the kids love it!

  15. Hop Scotch. You draw numbers in boxes on the ground in chalk, numbers 1 to 10, throw a stone, where it lands, then you hop to that number. Don’t know if you have that game in the US. But we all played it as kids in the UK πŸ™‚ great fun and the kids don’t even know they are exercising!

  16. My godsons favorite game is “Catch Me!” And that is no easy task but he loves it and we both get a workout!!

  17. My 6&4 y.o and I love to speed race and do jumping jacks. Me and my 2month old do squats, he is my weight.

  18. My favorite exercise to do with my kids lately is running. My kids are all older so it is a great way to get out there, get some running in and communicate with them. I love my time with them. πŸ™‚

  19. My oldest son challenges me to all sorts of sit ups, planks, and anything he can think of. We do the challenges together and even though he almost always wins we have a blast and laugh a lot:-)

  20. We love to DANCE!!!! My kids and I just dance together to whatever kind of music and just have fun together!! Anyone can do it, and you definitely enjoy yourselves!

  21. Well, my kids are older, so I’m really enjoying my time with them! I do Crossfit with my oldest son (who is 19). I love that we have that in common. I also have 2 other sons, 18 and 14. (I love boys!). The best exercise we do together is hiking and rock climbing. It’s such a great thing to do as a family! It’s challenging, fun and gets them off their phones! πŸ™‚

  22. I like doing things as a family. We like to bike, swim, play Frisbee, go for walks etc. And if course we always love a good dance party:)

  23. Nothing fancy for us…but we have two favorites. 1. In the summer we love to ride our bikes to the park after dinner as many nights as we can. 2. In the winters here in Wisconsin we like to take the kids sledding. Pulling the kids in the sled up the hill over…and over…and over is HARD work! πŸ™‚

  24. We love to go to the black light bowling (neon lights and glow fun) with our god kids and also the Color runs!!

  25. I love going to south mountain with my kids and when not i incorporate my workouts with them.. push ups with my 18 month old (him laying down while i go up and down he loves it), squats with my three year old (put her on my shoulders) shes light weight so no biggie.. and with my four year old we do zumba since she loves to dance.. and with all of them we play ball so we can run and have fun at a time

  26. I love being active with my daughter and leading her by example! Our fav activity is squats/pushups/burpees/lunges all while holding her on my back/shoulders. We also love walking/hiking outdoors while she is comfortably resting in her ergo baby carrier.

  27. I have a very active three year old boy and a new little puppy so I need to get everyone moving to keep mommy sane! Two things I do almost are having races and stretching. I enjoy running so it’s fun to get my son involved, I don’t always let him win either! We enjoy stretching to get our blood flowing but most days it ends up in tickle fights and wrestling. This gets daddy moving too πŸ™‚

  28. When my kids were little – we use to set up mini-circuits in our back yards- run to a tree- do 10 jumping jacks- run to the swingset try to do the monkey bars- run back to the tree – you get the idea….I also had a buggy from LL Bean that attached to the back of my bike- they loved to do go on trips to the local playground where they would get out and burn off some energy. Now my “baby” is 14 and she takes spin classes with me πŸ™‚

  29. As a divorced mommy of two beautiful boys, I have to crunch any type of physical activity with the boys, but our favorites are soccer & push ups. Even thou my five year old looks extremely comical trying these two, I can see how much fun is added to their regular daily routine. I try to exercise in front of them as much as possible & add some play time with activities that will include excercise & we all win, because I get to burn some calories & they get to waste some of their restless energy πŸ™‚

  30. I love to go to the park for running. Usually my husband, my 3 year old kid and me go o sunset, we enjoy that time of the day. We all three initially start running, but we take the stroller with us in case our kid gets tired, and when we are done, we play with him in a little playgroung there. I love it!!!

  31. My kids love yoga and also do some circuit training. I have 5 kids from 1.5 to 11yrs old. We spread out in the basement and get to it. Lots of laughs and farts from them. haha. We also have superman or wall sit competitions.

  32. I have a 9 month old son. We love to do everything and anything. My son loves going in the bike trailer, in the jogging stroller, and playing at the park. We try to be outside as much as we can when its cool outside. Family quailty time is our favorite we want to promote a healthy lifestyle for him.

  33. This is what my life with me, me hubz and me kidz will look like one day when I am so lucky to teach them the value of exersize.

    R ? Rocking rollerblades ? Go out on your blades as a family for a roll instead of a stroll.
    E ? Energising equestrian ? Horses!! Whether they are real or the rocking kind πŸ˜‰
    E ? Eager Egg racing ? You don?t have to boil them before you let the kids have fun!
    B ? Bouncing and ball ?in ? Tennis, Football? Anything with a ball will hold the kids attention.
    O ? Olympic Orienteering ? Hit the hills for a hike with your compass in hand. ?Kids, Lead the way!?
    K ? Kooky Kite flying ? Chasing Kites on a windy, sunny day is pure laughter all the way.



  34. wow!!!! so many great ideas people have posted i thought we had great workouts at our home but no we have so may other fun things to do. I am a mommy of 5 a 2 year old a 3 year old a 5 year old and two 7 year olds. on a usual night we take them out side as the sun sets for free play bike riding foot ball or soccer, or we set up conditioning drills with he ladder and add cones for an obstetrical course the boys are more involved but the girls are not so into it. after that we take a family walk. on the days we have off from work we will go to the mountain and hike we love the out doors problem is we are in Arizona so when the heat hits we dread the outdoors and then i am stuck so the many posts gave me fun ideas of things we can do indoors with the kids πŸ™‚

  35. We play the olympic games. We especially love doing it at the airport when layovers are inevitable. I always keep a bouncy ball handy in my purse. We use different objects from where we are: a water bottle, grocery aisles, chairs, etc. We take turns coming up with the event and keep score. It is a blast and stares are standard, but its fun for the kids and that’s what matters. Our favorite game is with Daddy’s hat and the bouncy ball, try to bounce it into the hat, etc. You get the picture.

  36. Hi!I’m not a new mom but I am the grandma of a 9 month old who I take care of and as you both know that’s a challenge. He’s at the point where he’s walking and I’m constantly having to chase him down and keeping up with him is guide a workout. He is the love of my life and I am very pleased to be able to do this for my daughter and husband. I am the most unselfish person you’d ever meet. I always think of others before myself. Yes, I’m not in the best shape but I know I need to be. I don’t buy me good shoes because I can’t afford them. I’m on a fixed income and I always opt out for the $5 pair which I know they don’t give me the support I need. But thats how life is. I would love to be chosen to win the shoe’s because I really need them. Thank you for your time.

  37. This last weekend we tried this for the first time and had a blast! With a deck of cards, together we do a different workout to each card. Each person takes a turn selecting a card and picking the workout. You do the face value of reps (or seconds); J, Q, K are 15 and Ace’s are 20.

  38. we love to bike. i put my 1 yr old in the chariot behind the bike and my 2 yr old in a child carrier between me and the handle bars πŸ™‚ and my newest baby tucked safely in my belly πŸ™‚ also if you are into biking with your kids attached to your bike we LOVE our double wee-hoo (google it they are awesome)

  39. My favorite exercise with my kids is having a full blown dance off party in our living room.The kids absolutely love it !!

  40. I have two little girls and we do challenges at the park…getting all the way across the monkey bars (which my 5 year old is great at!), who can get the most hoops in basket ball, sprinting races, climbing the rock wall…they seem to take on challenges well πŸ™‚ We do have a lot of indoor Dance parties too! Especially when the weather is not right for a “park day.”

  41. I love doing squats! My daughter, Skylar is only 1, however, when she sees me doing squats she joins right in. She ends up dancing on her own to no music at all, but its adorable!!!

  42. I’ve used my friends kids as a weighted squat and overhead press. Full body move, legs core and arms.

    Squat with the little one, pick them up as you stand and press them overhead (or half overhead if you don’t feel safe). It’s SUCH a killer move and the kids laugh the whole time so it takes your mind off of the burning legs and arms πŸ™‚

  43. Dance party! Put some tunes on and just dance. I try to do Zumba moves with them and they do some. Or yoga! They love doing 3 legged dog!

  44. We love when spring/summer comes…we are always at the park…getting better at baseball…I was happy when I noticed my kids loved baseball…makes it easier for ALL 5 of us to get out and get moving.

  45. When it’s nice, we have the most fun at the playground. I have the most energized and daring 2 and a half year old of all time. So to get him exhausted enough to sleep we play “superhero obstacle course” on the equipment! I basically give him a route through the jungle gym ( up ladders, down slides, weaving through swings, etc.) to save the a person from the Villans. We race to see who can get there first! ( or so that I can stay close and make sure he is being safe πŸ™‚ ) He loves it! And it makes me feel like a kid again!

  46. I have two toddlers and dance parties in our living room has to be our favorite! We also have fun playing Ring around the Rosie’s (over and over again till mommy is dizzy) My personal favorite is putting one of them on my shoulders and doing squats, they have a blast while I get my butt in shape lol

  47. No kids of my own yet (but trying!). I have worked with kids for 13 years in programs designed to get kids off the couch and getting at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a day. My favorite ways to trick them to play and have some fun are the following:

    -never ending simon says: instead of normal Simon says where you sit out when you are done, you run two games at once on opposite sides of a field or gym and when you get out you run to the other side and just jump in on the other game. 100% movement the whole time.

    -Create a pose: great on rainy days I have kids “create” and name their own yoga poses (appropriate names of course). I monitor for safety so no one is injured, but let them come up with new ways to stretch their body…like “banana eating monkey”

  48. Soccer, dance and tumbling pretty much takes up our week πŸ™‚ lots of exercise for my kiddos!!

  49. My husband and I run, one with the dog, the other with the Chariot holding our 3 yrs old son andd my 6 yrs old daughter runs her bicycle along side us, now that’s what I call a productive workout :p

  50. Am.disable but I do exercise the best I can with my daughter to a workout called Zumba with Mandisa she loves dancing to Zumba with Mandisa , she will say let dance she will put on exercise cloths and shoes she trys to match watch am wearing LOL.

  51. We live around a lot of parks and our city is surrounded
    By a river, so in the summer I enjoy taking my two boys for walks
    Near the shoreline and just enjoy the great views

    NB, Canada

  52. I have four boys aged 9, 6 and twins are 11months. We usually have dance parties before breakfast lunch and dinner in the kitchen while we make dinner then a walk to the park after dinner. My boys love dancing!

  53. My little guy is almost one year. I like to do yoga with him. When I’m in down ward dog and he put his head next to mine and smiles, it melts my heart.

  54. My little man and I like to go on night walks when weather allows. He tries to guess at new sounds and search for night animals/bugs. Its silent other than the animals/wind, and us time.

  55. Heidi
    I dont have any of my own kid but only the ones at my school a K-6 and paticularly involve my special ed 1st graders at group indoor/ outdoor activity ” Going on a bear hunt” … song where they row, using upper body motions ,crawl, run in place, using totsl body motions of arms and legs and emphasizing breathing as well, im on a bit heavy size but encourage the kids if i can move my body so can they in positive way and show them I too can start to be fit and we all have fun doing it in getting fit together no matter what our individual abilities are, or capabilities.They always cant wait for recess, me too.

  56. I don’t have kids, but sometimes when I hang out with some or babysit them, I like to do jump rope contests. Whoever can jump over the rope the most times before messing up wins!

  57. My kids and I like to play Red Light, Green Light. When its red we stop and green we go for it πŸ™‚ Trying to reach the person who is the light. We also like to play “Mother May I”. It is all old school games but in today’s world they are forgotten. I have taught some of my students these games and they still like them. (Of course they won’t admit it, but I catch them playing it all the time).

  58. We like to set up obstacle courses in the backyard. Jumping over things, climbing, hurdling… Anything we can think of incorporating with jump ropes, cones and even their swing set. It’s like a mini Spartan Race and we have so much fun! You might even burn extra calories from laughing so hard!

  59. My grandkids and I like to walk the dog down the road, it’s a 1.25 mile round trip, it’s good exercise for this 63-year-old woman, and it’s something I couldn’t do 160 pounds ago!

  60. For my son’s birthday, we had a pirate party for our family & 1 of our activities was a cannonball toss. You had to run to a tub of water (in our case a baby pool) & soak a water ball (or sponge) in the water, then throw it across the yard at one of the other participants to tag them. We had several cannonballs for each person & you could pick up any cannonballs & run to the water station & soak them & toss them back. I’ll never forget how my father-in-law who is usually so reserved, was the first one to grab the balls & run & he laughed so hard. Everyone was nice & wet by the end of the game, but everyone was laughing & having a good time.

  61. My 2yr old(almost 3yr) & I play “pillow mountain” as he calls it πŸ˜‰
    We pile up as many pillows & cushions & blankets we can find onto the floor and then we take a fast running leap into the pile over & over again! He will shout out things like “I landed in the mud, I landed in syrup, Im stuck in peanut butter, I fell in the marshmallows!”
    Then we laugh & giggle our guts out being silly running back and forth like crazy people! He loves it and it gets us moving & grooving , especially during this cold winter we’ve had. πŸ™‚ Have fun Powell Pack!

  62. I let them train with me when I do crossfit in our back yard.They take very light weights, because they are 10 and 6. Both of them are boys.The do a lot of running between beacons with me.Then I also go with them to all their sport practices and help them with their coaches for moral support.Thanks for asking.

  63. So ready to spring forward in these shoes! As a kindergarten teacher, I really need comfort and a sporty look….so this would be a great win!

  64. Me and my kids do lotsa fun fitness activities from
    Hiking trails , swimming to dancing to Zumba .
    I believe fitness should be fun and parents should always join
    In fun fitness activities with their kids on a daily basis .

  65. My 3 year old nephew LOVES to have piggy back rides. I’ll run all around outside while carrying him on my back. I’ve taught him how to do burpees and pushups too. πŸ™‚ So much fun!

  66. I am a BodyPump instructor, so before every class I like to run through my chorey. I use my twin 11 month old daughters for weight. They’re a great addition to chest press and enjoy when I hold them for squats! They don’t know what I’m doing but always get a giggle!

  67. I love setting up a mini parkour park and ninja training course in the backyard for my two year old. Nothing fancy just a few old couch pillows, swimming rings, yarn traps and a dart shooting range πŸ™‚

  68. I love to dance, therefor, my 14month old loves to dance too! So, to warm up for a work out or to warm up just to get my tush into gear and get things done around the house (& of course have fun with my LO), I turn on “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 (the longest version) or “Shake” by Mercy Me and dance and spin. He giggles and dances, and I work up a sweat!!!! It’s my favorite part of my day!!!

  69. I am all about dance parties with my little guy. Since he is only 5 months this Friday dance parties are the best option!!! He laughs and giggles and I get some cardio with a bunch of squats and tons of upper body work. He’s a big boy so his weight alone is enough to wear my arms out!

  70. I run while my daughter rides her bike along side me. we go roller skating. We swim. We play x box kinect. She sees me doing exercises so she joins in. She did 100 sit ups 2 weeks ago! She’s only 6. And she actually did them correctly except maybe 10. We will run around outside in the yard. Jump on the trampoline. I work afull time job, go to school for nursing, and im a single mom. I always find time to get out and get in some type of exercise with my daughter. Everytime we pass a gym she begs me to go in but she’s not old enough, you have to be 16. Or I would let her try a few things out. Weve always ate healthly and been active!

  71. The activities that make my kids laugh the most are when I jump in the trampoline with them and of course play tag. We do all the other activities such as biking, scooting, throw football, tennis and badminton. Tramp and tag are definitely their favorites.

  72. Jogging around the living room is fun, because my siblings can chase me around and well all get fit and have fun together!

  73. My daughter and I like to dance around the house, and my boys (3) love to play catch in the backyard!

  74. We take a ball and set up laundry baskets in the back yard. We run around trying to hit the baskets. If you miss you have to chase it. Each time the basket is farther away. So it is fun and doesn’t seem like exercise. Can be adapted for younger kids too. And it’s cheap to do

  75. My daughter loves to go to acro yoga class with me! She is a great little flyer.. we have a blast and it makes for great pictures!

  76. My 2 year old and I dance. He grabs my hands when music comes on and we dance around the room. I am enjoying it while it lasts as I know he won’t want to dance as he grows older!

  77. My kids and I like to get a deck of playing cards and make each suite represents a workout move and the number on the card equals the # of reps.

    Example: hearts= jumping jacks
    Spade= squats
    Diamond= lunges
    Clubs= sit-ups

    They get a kick out of calling out the number and the suite. We count aloud together working on our numbers while working on our fitness!

  78. blowing bubbles! keeps them entertained and has them running around popping the bubbles πŸ™‚

  79. My kids are all grown up πŸ™
    We would go on long walks, hiking, following me when I ran on their bikes, and tag!!

  80. Rock, Bridge, Tree! each person is one of these things and a fourth is the person running the course. You jump over the rock, crawl under the bridge, and run a circle around the tree. The the person running becomes the next item in the chain (i.e. if you have 3, then the fourth becomes a rock). All others stay the same thing until they run the course. We run this for 3-4 minutes

    **This is better for older children, but it can be fun with a few alterations for the little ones πŸ™‚

  81. I don’t have kids of my own…but with my nieces when they were smaller, i would sit them on my feet, and do leg lifts…the kids loved it, and I would do it until my legs burned…The kids loved it, and would giggle as they took turns!!

  82. When my boys were younger, I would do the “airplane” or “superman” excercise. I would lie on my back and I would pick them up by placing my feet on their Tummy and they would holds my hands and I’d pick them up and over toward my head. I would do this several times. They loved it!!

  83. There’s several activites that we love! I tula wear my baby during many of these activities. We walk, bike ride, dance ect, but I’m soooo excited that my daughter and son are getting a little older so we can add in some new activites…. for example:rock climbing, canoeing and paddleboarding πŸ™‚ (my personal favorite is rock climbing, but I’ve never been paddleboarding yet)….. enjoy trying out some new activites with your family, going with my family makes the time so much more enjoyable!

  84. Just last week, I finally learned to Longboard. I’m 42 and haven’t even tried skateboarding since I was a teenager. My kids make it look so much fun. I was determined to join in the fun with my kids, so I learned how….even though I’m a little slower than them. I can’t take a chance of injuring myself. Now, every night after
    dinner, my husband, 3 childeren, and I all go for a family skateboard ride around the block a few times. Even my mom likes to come over and follow us on her bike.

  85. Every Saturday morning, I set up an obstacle gymnastics course and help my kids learn flexibility and coordination.

  86. Me and my son like to do simple work outs together but make it more fun with animal noises, sounds silly but that kid can really get into it. Makes it more fun with basic pushups or sit ups, no dull moments. He can’t say excersise he says oopersize. So oopersize is fun he tells everyone to join in.

  87. We love to take the kids on walks, and have dance parties in the kitchen at night. The kids also love to lift weights with my husband and I so we bought them little 1 pound weights to use. The call it “mousercizing” For those that have seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse can relate πŸ™‚

  88. I try to make anything a workout, anything from playing tag or chase in house to jumping at the bubbles outside. But lately while we have been trapped in the house from dreadfully cold winter my favorite is dancing to music. I will hold my 10mth old and get him involved. I always say he is the easiest 20lb weight to use. It can be educational too, ex. Head shoulders knees and toes my 2yr olds fav. Key for us is have fun!

  89. I like to blow bubbles for my 2 and 4 year old.
    They try to pop them with different body parts ( finger, toe, elbow,
    Foot, tongue). Then they get crazy and run back and
    fourth through them! Great energy buster!

  90. Yoga with kids is a blast, but I’m also up for a good day of play on the playground – monkey bars and climbing the slide stairs is a workout!

  91. My 3 teen girls all run WITH me and my 9 year old son started last summer going for a “jog”. We are all very active, hiking, surfing, beach dwellers who play Volleyball. Each of us has a sport or two we are passionate about, from basketball to swimming, the 6 of us live for athletics!!

  92. My girls lie on the floor on their backs and I give them “push up kisses”
    I lie on top of my girls in the plank position, and every time you go down for the push up, give your baby a kiss. This way you get the workout in and they get the mommy love and kisses!

  93. Our kids are like yours, they want to do whatever we are doing. They do Bootcamp with us at our rec center and they do running club on Friday afternoons. Our favorite activity is probably running 5Ks together. Everyone trying for their PR gets everyone excited.

  94. One I did when mine were little is a great workout for your arms and legs.. I lay on my back, my son would stand on my feet and put his hands on my feet then I would straiten my legs and hands at the same time. It looks like a table, slowly go up and down with your arms and legs at the same time. For the wee little one I would lie on my back, bend my knees lay my baby facing me and slowly move my legs up and back down, you can also pretend your legs are a slide and slide your little one down onto your tummy.

  95. We take our two dogs on a walk around our neighborhood every day. I also take her on my runs with me thanks to our BOB stroller!

  96. My 2 year old daughters’ eyes literally light up when my husband and i bring out the kettlebells for a work out. She says “wheres mines kettlebell?” (I share my 10 lb kettlebell with her and oh yes she can lift it to her chest!!) we also love doing squats together!!

  97. Mom to 4 kids ages 10-2. We have 2 to a station. Throwing and catching the baseball, hula hoop contest, jumping rope and blowing bubbles. The last station is mostly for the 2 year old. It’s a great way for us to exercise and have fun playing at the same time.

  98. No kids, but when my nieces were smaller, I would lay on my back, bend my knees to my chest, they would sit on my calfs facing me, I would hold their hands and I would move my legs (from knees down) up and down and they would laugh.

  99. My kids are grown, but they loved good old fashioned mother may I.. They would start at the same distance and I would take turns telling them what to do like take 5 jumps, steps, cartwheels, etc and if they remembered to say mother may I before they did them they would advance. The first one that reached me won and then they would tell us what to do it was so much fun πŸ™‚

  100. I timk my favorite exercise with my children was to learn the love of walking. One of the favorites was to walk to a bridge with a creek or stream and play poo sticks… The kids would throw a sick on one side and run to other side to see who won ( from Winnie the Poo). Then whe older… Find a new trail then find a nice rock or tree to climb and eat peanut butter on crackers… Or hike to a lake to skip stones… Just make walking something that just comes natural!

  101. My favorite exercise I do with my kids, is “Dance Party!!” But… I make it more challenging for myself and hold my 2.5yr old while cutting a rug! I incorporate squats, shoulder presses (lifting her in the air), jumps, spins!! My 6yr old keeps my cardio level up while I have to immitate her moves. It’s so much gun for all of us, and after about 4 or 5 songs we are all a sweat mess!!

  102. Well I don’t have my own kids, but I do have a kitten who acts like a kid. My fav way to get some good cardio with him is to play a game of “fetch” but we both run for the ball, then I throw it again and we both run again to go get it, and so on…. good exercise especially if you do a squat to pickup the ball!

  103. I strap the bug in the Ergo along with 5 lb ankle weights. After putting a resistance band around my calves, I squat sideways the length of the room and back. Then, I walk the same distance in backward lunges and forward lunges. Baby boy just chills the whole time πŸ™‚

  104. All time favorite exercise with the kiddos is climbing rope!!!!! We have 6 kiddos and all of them love it, our little monkey (6 yrs old) can almost beat us up it!!!!!! On the floor I also like to do superhero rides , while lying on my back and put the kids on my feet and dip them up and down, awesome leg workout!!!!!!

  105. I just love doing sit-ups with my granddaughter lying on my stomach! I saw her last at 8 months (Mommy & Daddy are in the Coast Guard and live in TX…I am in TN). We get to see her again for her 1 yr birthday and I can’t wait to hear that sit-up giggle again.

  106. Hula-hooping and seeing who can keep the hula hoop going the longest. Also playing limbo…which is great because the kids will most likely beat mommy. Good self-esteem builder.

  107. Since I am a first grade teacher I use they have a tab under songs for fitness. we will do this almost everyday to get our wiggles out in to get the blood flowing:) check it out your kids would love it!

  108. My kids are older now but we started skiing as a family when they were 3 and 5! It’s tons of fun and gets us outside during the winter. 12 years later we still ski together πŸ™‚

  109. Activity flashcards. Write activities on flashcards like crab walk, jumping jacks, toe touch. Take turns drawing cards and completing the activity. Also super hero in training exercises. Complete drills such as running in and out of cones and relate it to training to be a super hero.

  110. My kiddos ( ages 8 and 5) love a deck of cards workout. Each suit being a different exercise i.e. hearts are burpees ( because really aren’t burpees loved by all?!) Royals are an automatic 10 count. We leave the jester cards in the deck for a 1min rest.
    Exercise that are a staple and great for kids are; push ups, squats, lunges, sit ups, leg lifts…the possibilities are endless! Hope the Powell pack enjoys as much as we do πŸ™‚

  111. My favorite exercise with my 5 year old daughter is belly dance! I took her to a live performance, and she LOVED it so much she asked to drop ballet and start belly dance lessons. You get an all around workout: cardio and muscle toning! πŸ™‚

  112. My daughter loves to come to my crossfit gym and try out moves i do. Going on walks to the park, or riding her strider !

  113. I watch kids! we run throw balls, and chase them! Love doing the Hula Hoops! Jump over little obstacles!

  114. Right now with my two month old (as of today!!) I put her in her ergo baby sport carrier and go on the elliptical. Man it is killer on the quads!! Gotta lose the baby weight! πŸ™‚

  115. Going to the play ground, she gets to run around and play while I get a good workout in. Swings make an excellent TRX, the slide for incline sit ups, the monkey bars for pull ups, not mention squats, burpees. My daughter likes to come join in too, and is my little cheerleader.

  116. So many fun childhood games and activities involve exercise. We play tag in the backyard, bike around the nieghborhood and have silly dance competitions. In the summer, we love swimming, playing in the sprinklers and having water balloon fights or tossing wet sponges at each other!

  117. Our family loves doing jumping jacks and push ups. When my 2 year old gets tired she hops on my back and enjoys the push up ride. Nothing motivates you like a2 year old telling you to keep going!!

  118. My kids love to ride bikes especially my 5 yr old boy. So we race. I jog while he rides. Needles to say he always wins.

  119. I like to take my 3-year-old nephew to the park and go on EVERYTHING with him & try to keep up!

  120. Just recently we played hide and go seek outside in the fenced back yard when it was dark out. Everyone got flashlights. Of course this is only for a little older kids and we laid some ground rules (no leaving the fenced yard etc) but it was so much fun and we worked up a little sweat too!

  121. I have 3 kids 10,8,and 2 I sit down every night watch extreme weight loss over and over and they all sit watch it . The next day if it’s a weekend I say ok let’s do extreme weight loss and all 3 gets excited I tell them ok count for me and they count the smallest repeats everything happily wen it’s for sit ups when i get on that treadmill I say ok let’s count all and they count when I’m doing aerobics they do it with me I just b excited and they get excited .I believe if ur kids c u in a positive way about something they do it too. Now I dnt have to say let’s exercise they tell me momie let’s exercise . Even if I dnt get the sneakers I want to say thank you Chris and Heidi for inspiring me because of u I’m half way to where I wanna b .

  122. Hi Heidi! Our favorite game is Leap Frog: Lifts, Lunges or Squats,(you can use any exercise that the kids want)
    We have 3 kids and we play the standard game of Leap frog, the leaper jumps over each “frog” at the end of the line, the last frog gets to tell the leaper what exercise they have to do. If they don’t finish it, they are eliminated, if they finish they become the next frog. Then the back frog goes and so on and so on. The one who stays in the longest wins!

  123. Good ol fashion tag! They don’t grasp they are exercising and it seriously is fun. Throw in some nerf guns for a battle fight and we all leave the grass happier!

  124. We love playing music and having a dance party! We also do a lot of biking in the warmer months.

  125. I started running 5k’s last year. I would pick fundraising races and ones that also offered fun runs for the kids! My twin 5 year old girls LOVED being able to participate in these events with me! I am so happy that my love for fitness and running has inspired them! I hope these healthy habits stick with them!

  126. Hi Heidi! My youngest is Trey, he is four and I wanted to start jogging again. His older brother has a 50 motorcycle he’s out grown, so I put training wheels on it and off we go! He loves it and thinks he is so big now! It’s a win win! πŸ™‚

  127. I love to going to where you can bounce with my kids in those huge inflatable houses! We are laughing while burning calories

  128. My twins and I love to play balloon volleyball in the house using our feet only. Blow up a balloon (won’t break a thing in the house) and do the crab walk to kick the balloon across the middle of the living room. Don’t let it touch the carpet or the other team gets a point!

  129. Dance, dance, dance! This winter (here in the upper Midwest) has been especially cold so we’ve been stuck indoors more than any of us would like. To keep us moving, my kids love to crank up the radio to their new favorite song of the week and dance. Fortunately for my husband and I, our 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son are still a little too young to be embarrassed by our dance moves!!!

  130. I put on the old exercise videos and we do the moves together. I also like kids yoga moves to help the kids with balance and how their bodies work.Can’t wait until the snow melts and we can go back to family walks.

  131. I love running with my kids. My son is old enough to keep up most if the time and my daughter rides her bike beside me while I run. I really enjoy these moments

  132. We have a Creek that runs through our property and on nice days we go on “Creek walks”. The first one we did was 11 years ago and last Sunday even though they are older, it was still so much fun.

  133. A scooter ride to our favorite park that has a pond and little creek were we become explores!! The kids love it and we always find interesting stuff!

  134. When my son was little I would dance him around in my arms to a variety of music. Then when he was older and toddling around we would do fun dances like the washing machine, the hustle and some Latin dancing. It was a fun way to get him involved in exercise while integrating culture/music and building self confidence. He’s deployed overseas now and the first video he sent me was one of him dancing πŸ˜‰

  135. My Favorite exercises to do with my kids is to dance we dance around our house and also to my dance exercise videos. Also we like to go to the park when it is warm but here in Wisconsin it hasn’t been very nice for months so the dancing is what we do until then. πŸ™‚

  136. I love going to the beach and running around and playing in the sand with my four year old. I also have a 1 month old newborn and I lift her up and down and rock her and use her weight on my arms

  137. I take my three year old daughter to the park. We race back and forth to the equipment, do pull ups and hanging leg raises on the monkey bars, bear crawl and do pushups in the grass, and we do step-ups with leg raises on the slide stairs…all while playing! Then I do walking lunges and squats back to the car with her on my shoulders for added resistance. It’s always a win-win. I get a great strength workout in, and she gets tuckered out and ready for nap time!

  138. I currently don’t have any kids but my I do babysit and 3 year old and 6 month old. I love being active with those little kiddos so we play simon says with fun little exercises like jumping jacks and push ups! The 3 yr old laughs during the whole time while!

  139. we bought a second hand twin stroller and we go inline skating with our 2 boys (age 1 & 4)… they love the wind in their hair and even do naps in the stroller while we exercise… we love it!!!

  140. My family and I live a pretty healthy and ACTIVE lifestyle!! My 4 year old son knows that I have type 1 diabetes and have had it for 21 years! With that being said, he always says that we all have the sugar and we have to exercise to make it go away!! We make everyday chores fun by turning on music and dancing, we hike every Sunday and our award for hiking is to see the beautiful waterfall at the top!, we play outside all day everyday!! My son helps us cook healthy and fun meals!! I hope all of our fun active ideas are wearing off on him and he will continue to live a healthy worry life with no signs of diabetes;)

  141. I watched my children doing a tae kwon do class for a year before deciding that I fancied giving the class a go myself. I now enjoy going to four tae kwon do classes a week with them and we love doing this together

  142. Good old fashioned Duck Duck Goose and tag are always a blast with active kiddos in the family! One of my favorites has always been Red Rover πŸ™‚ My family recently tried a friendly game of ski tag for the grownups on vacation!! :-/

  143. About to take our 3 kiddos for a bike ride… My favorite! It gets them moving and we all have fun!

  144. My favorite is running while chasing and racing our remote control cars, we get a little competitive with the cars and the run flies by!

  145. Ride our bikes to the park then play around and do some pull-ups etc on the monkey bars. We also do Crossfit at home with our 5 year old

  146. Im single and would love to have a big family someday!! But first what i have to do – I need to believe myself a bit more and loose some little weight what maybe will help me find a boyfriend.I loved any kinds if outdoor sports-walking ,hiking ,bit of running. I defo. have to start it up again!!

  147. My favourite exercise with my kids is hiking!! Its fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Best part is they don’t think of it as exercise πŸ™‚ Dancing around the house doing silly moves together is a close second!

  148. Hi Heidi,

    Since I’m a fellow Phoenician, my favorite workout with my daughter is using the Ergo carrier and hiking up So. Mountain. It is the perfect exercise. Not too hard, not too easy.

    Your shoes are SO cute! Fingers crossed!


  149. Before my 3 year old son uses the petty, he has us run laps around the house to see who will make it there first. If he wins & I lose he chants, “I’m the winner, you’re the loser.” Of course though, he wins almost every time πŸ™‚

  150. I love to dance with my niece just crank up a good song and have a blast!! It good way to get cardio in while having fun. She also does yoga with me it’s so cute and so much fun !!!!

  151. My 7kids range in age from 17-6 and we are always moving as a the winter months I hit up the weight room with my teenage boyes. Or if it is all of us lining up in the family room seeing who can”outplank”the other racing sprints down he sidewalk or mile racing to 7 year old did 3 last year with us.

  152. My daughter (4) and I turn on the music and dance! We dance while we cook, (carefully, of course), while we clean, and just to have fun. My daughter will pull out her pink fairy costume, (which she calls her Tinkerbell outfit), and we just go for it. I’d have to say her style is more ballet and mine is spastic, but it’s fun and it gets us moving. We also go to the park so she can ride her bike, play basketball, and play on the playground, all while I get my workouts (Les Mills Combat & Insanity) done! Best of both worlds, especially now that it’s warming up!

  153. My 5 & 7 year olds are the best coaches. They ride their bikes next to me while I go for my jogs and train for the 10km and half Marathon I’ve got coming up. My daughter is just getting into skipping so it’s been fun trying to show off my skills and remember all of the songs I used to sing when I was little!

  154. Our favorite way to exercise with the kids is playing tennis! We have 4 kids. 18, 15, 7 & 5. The first 2 were growing so fast that 10 years after our first was born I convinced my husband we needed more πŸ™‚ Some may think tennis is a leisurely sport but you really work up a sweat if you make it a challenge to go for every ball! Even our youngest kids can hit the ball over and have so much fun trying πŸ™‚

  155. My favorite exercise with my hubby & our 3 boys is to go walking around our farm “property” the boys grab sticks ( for protection) and everyone has a great time we walk 1-2 miles : ) they don’t even realize they are exercising !!

  156. My favorite exercise with my “girls”, Hannah, a St. Bernard and Schatzie, a German Shepherd, is power walking! I always say that I have four children, just that two of them happen to be furry!

  157. I have a few things that we like to do. When it’s winter we love to be outside sledding or throwing snowballs at each other. When it’s fall we love to throw leaves at each other and run around acting silly. In the spring and summer we love going on walks in the country or we love jumping from round bale to round bale.

  158. I have a 9 yr old grand daughter and a 3 yr old grandson. We love dancing around the house and doing just dance 2014 for the Wii. We are about to try some zumba.

  159. My favorite thing to do with my grand daughter is walk the dog. When I get tired the dog pulls me and when she gets tired (she is 9 yrs old) the dog pulls both of us. LOL….He loves it. I have him on a leash that goes around his chest. He gets really excited when he sees it and just wants to go! It’s one way of making sure we get our exercise done!!

  160. I only have fur babies but we love to run/walk and play ball in the back yard. We also love to swim in the pool, this is great for the boys who have some hip issues.

  161. Its been freezing cold here in Boston so to keep us moving we love to dance ! We use our playstation, and put on just dance. The kids think they are just “playing a video game” but we are really moving and breaking a sweat ! Its great for the whole family and keeps us moving together.

  162. YouTube just dance videos or Zumba with my four and a half year old. Its pretty funny we have some of the songs and dances memorized so if the song comes on we bust out dancing together no matter where we are. It’s a great bonding activity.

  163. Scissor kicks ! Hold baby up , lift head off the ground and scissor kick with feet pointed then flexed . Don’t let feet touch the floor ! I do 6 sets of 40 seconds work 10 second rest !
    Also love squats with a side leg lift , it seems to make my baby super smiley and heck yeah for inner thighs πŸ™‚

  164. My daughter and I like to turn on her iPod and dance around the living room to One Direction! We also take turns on the recumbent bike and treadmill and watch her favorite shows. Have fun!!

  165. Recently I completed T25 and have moved onto Turbo Fire & Hip Hop Abs. My guys are always great cheer leaders, but I love it when they join me.
    We love to be active! We run, ride bikes, and have nightly dance parties while I cook dinner. My boys love to laugh at silly mommy Hammer time. Have you tried that lately? Not so easy.

  166. My grand kids are teenagers. We love to paddle board, zip line and go white water rafting. Hiking is fun too!

  167. My kids Kaylen10 and Raymond 5 both take Karate, they love doing burpees and planks! When I participated in The Max fitness program they used to watch me and when we got home we would try and improve our plank time. I recently had to quit the program for financial reasons but I bought your husband’s book Choose to Lose to try and continue weight loss efforts. You and your family inspire so many people, keep up the amazing work!

  168. Play your kids’ favorite song, after a few moments of furious dancing, hit pause and yell “freeze!”. Hold for a few moments then hit play again. πŸ™‚

  169. I think a good way to get your kids moving and excited about exercise is to have a weekly family exercise night; just like family game night. That can include whatever the kids want to do, but to include 2-3 hrs. Start with a hike through the woods with challenges along the way, then a bike ride to the park and have dinner @ the park and ride home the bike. Each week can be different and the kids get to decide or take turns being the leader.

  170. My three girls ages 7 and 4 (twins) and my son 17 months and I love to dance around the house. We also love to go for walks at my father in laws 80 acre vegetable farm with our two dogs. They have a sand pit they like to jump off of. I also love to take them to the park.

  171. If I need a work out I bring my kids to the local school. They can play on the playground while I run the track. Also I will push my son (3) in the jogging stroller for a run and let him yell out what direction we should go. If he says left I turn left, if he yells right I turn right, it’s also a good way to switch up my running route πŸ˜‰
    We are big on having dance parties to get us all moving. And if I need to do sit ups my son sits on my feet and I high five him or tickle him on the way up

  172. We go on walks and find things that tie into what they learned at school. Or take out all the balls from the garage and a bat or mitt and create our own games in the yard, making each other laugh and giggle the whole time!

  173. I have been reading reviews on these shoes and lot of people have said how comfortable they are (and stylish). I am on my feet all day and hope that I can win a pair of these to be more comfortable. by the way I love Alicia Keys and you too Heidi.

  174. Well since my daughter is disabled, there is few exercises she can do, but walking on the treadmill gets her excited. Last Summer I was able to purchase a trailor trike that I can pull behind my bike. It has a 5 point harness, foot plates with straps and an umbrella to shield her from the sun. This was a big ordeal because for so many years we couldn’t do any outdoor activities.

  175. I love using my two year old as added weight. I do squats with her on my shoulders and push ups with her on my back. My kids love squats. I have a fourteen year old, seven year old and my two year old and we live competing and doing squats…of course they always beat me.

  176. My nephew and I play Simon but with athletic movements. I run to a rock, then he runs to that rock and does 10 jumping jacks. I do 10 jumping jacks, then jump rope for 30 seconds. He does 10 jumping jacks, jumps rope for 30 seconds, then 5 pushups. We both keep adding things on until one of us forgets. It gets silly and fun towards the end. Doesn’t even feel like a workout!

  177. Weove creating forst all over the house and having to crawl/skip/hop/jump to each room and get through the fort! The kids love it and we are all exhausted after 5 rooms!!!

  178. My favorite workout is running up and down the hallway of our apartment while kicking the soccer ball!

  179. My family, kids and all, love to go geocaching. We get outdoors, have some pretty cool hikes to some of the locations, and we learn about nature and other interesting places and landmarks. A lot of the geocaches are placed in locations of interest, or in a place that whoever placed the cache there wants someone else to see and enjoy. To learn more, visit and check some of these places out. Geocaches are hidden all over the world so you can do this activity anywhere. It doesn’t cost anything more than what it takes to travel to the location and some of the caches have trinkets in them that you can exchange, or travel coins that you can track to see where they go. I have 5 kids, 3 still at home that are aged 18, 15 and 10. These 3 kiddos and I also did a Zombie Run 5K last October together. It was our first one and we were all able to finish. We are planning to do another one in July 2014.

  180. My daughter loves playing at the park. She is three. We go and run around and make hurdles to jump over with balls or sticks. She gets so excited do jump the hurdles that she even sets them up for herself in her room.

  181. Kids love to mimik everything parents, grandma , grandma or even aunties like me do. With my lovely niece, I usually do yoga poses and she loves doing them with me!

  182. Honestly, I love just playing with them everyday a little wrestling and running around and the trampoline! I’m telling you we do this everyday and I’m always sweating.:)

  183. I’m a daycare teacher, and so far my favorite thing to do with the kids is puddle jumping, and seeing who can make the biggest splash. With the snow still here we’ve also been doing a lot of sledding.

  184. My family excercises and has fun by Hiking , Wii dance games,biking, Zumba, and extra family practices from multiple sports my children play like basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball. This has helped me lose 98 .5 lbs.

  185. I have been watching dancersize videos with my THREE toddlers… They have lots of videos on YouTube πŸ™‚ My kids are loving it!… and I love including them in my workout.. I can’t take them with me on my jogs because I don’t have a triple stroller lol….

  186. My kids and I love playing tag…not sure if they really get the game rules ( they are 5 and 3 years of age) but we sure have fun just running around!! They also love getting to go swimming..we don’t get to do it often but we still have a ton of fun when we do and lots of crying when we have to leave!!!!!!

  187. We create obsticle courses and play tag through them! Around items, jumping on and over things, crawling through things, whatever is around you, no special props needed!

  188. I love the treadmill I’m 46 and just bought it a few months ago right now I’m up to 4 miles a day I walk but I really want to try running.I need to lose about 15 .

  189. We love taking the dog on a walk/run while our daughter rides her bike and we push the stroller. She fills up her gas tank at each mailbox so she doesn’t get too far ahead and leads us in stretches on the grass out front before and after! (She’s 6).

  190. I love riding on razor scooters with my kids and sled riding! My husband got me my own razor scooter for Christmas so I wouldn’t have to use one of theirs all the time!

  191. We recently moved to Colorado and my 6 year old daughter has fallen in love with hiking. There are tons of beautiful trails in the area and my 2 year old even enjoys it. My husband and I love the outdoor family time and the exercise is pretty great too.

  192. I’m an elementary ed special ed teacher, and I do exercises with my kiddo’s to help wake them up (and get more energy) in the day– we do wall pushups, windmills, jumping jacks, toe touches, hands touching raised opposite knee (crossing mid-line). We also use a floor scooter and they get on their stomach’s and go across the room. I don’t have a therapy ball (which is basically an exercise ball) now, but when I did, they got on their stomach’s and had to push off with their arms.

  193. We like to run up hills and then roll back down them! It’s a great core workout too because you’re LAUGHING the whole way down πŸ™‚

  194. When we aren’t doing separate workouts at the Y(me doing my thing on the treadmill, bike, and weights and her in her favorite kid fit class), we love to go on walks/jogs with our dog! Everybody, even little Coco, gets a good workout!

  195. My boys are 7 and 9 and love to be outside. We go on family hikes and play at the park. We even play dodge ball in our back yard.

  196. We bike with our kids. Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza, the park, and many others are within a three mile radius of our home so instead of driving we bike to these locations. On any given day we can put in over ten miles on bike by going to one location and then another. We also swim, run, and hike as a family.

  197. Dance, dance dance. We used to take time every night (my boys are grown but I still can use the shoes) to dance to either something on the TV or on the radio. It would be their choice and I would choose the ‘winner’ of the dance off.

    We also loved to have ‘the strongest’ competitions to see who could push mom the furthest across the floor (or over a line).

    Have fun!!!

  198. My kids and I like to do Turbo-Fire by Beachbody! It’s like a dancing and kickboxing routine! We love it! Fun and energetic and lots of jumping around!!!

  199. Every week I love to take my 2 year to mommy tot gymnastics. It’s great watching my daughter burn off the cabin fever from this winter. We also take swim classes together since she was 4 months old. I can’t wait for my son who is 3 months old to be able to take sw classes with me too.

  200. This time of year I love to take the kites out, take lunch to the top of a mountain, hit the beach, we’ll even grab some bags and pick up trash in the neighborhood, (making this a contest is always fun too).

  201. I love to dance around the living room with my 2 boys. My oldest (4) also enjoys squats and jumping jacks. He also told me he other night while I was doing zumba he loves my moves lol. My other is only 18 months so in addition to dancing we do some late night swaying.

  202. my kids have fur, we enjoy walking and chasing squirrels at the park and at home when I put my mat down they take over. we all lay down on the floor and stretch. We have a good time :o) when I use my kettebells my little one (Chihuahua) seems to always stand near them. She likes to watch. Thank you.

  203. I have FOUR kiddos! Yes you read that right, FOUR πŸ™‚ age 11, 8, 6 and 2 I like to lay down on my back and lift them up on the bottom of my feet and balance them, lift them up and down and crunch up and down. It’s much harder with the older, heavier ones! We call this the superman! We also go for family jogs and jump on our trampoline!

  204. My favorite is sprints and burpees. My son (2 years old) makes burpees way more fun and exciting to do so I dont dread them so much. Although his burpees are more like up downs haha.

  205. Walking in the park with our dog. Swimming, tennis and yoga. I also give my 9.5 and 11 year old daughters martial arts lessons.

  206. My daughter and i love being silly acting out even at home if its raining love playing the xbox Kinect playing dora dance move

  207. I take my kids to the track with friends. We do laps around the track and when they get bored they play on the near by playground. Sleigh riding on big hills in the winter is always a good workout too. If I am doing a workout video the kids will do them with me!

  208. My favorite exercise to do with my daughter is to go on a run. She is only 18 months old right now, so that works best for us. πŸ™‚ I’m also currently 5 months pregnant with our second, so it’s a great way to get me up and moving for the day and keep my daughter happy and outside (which is her favorite!)!

  209. I love to pick them up and spin them around. Then do some squats with them right before I throw them up in the air! πŸ™‚

  210. We are starting to train for a 5k with the kids tonight! We go climb the rock wall at the Y every Thursday and do a lot of YourShape Fitness on the XBox Kinect.

  211. My Grandson and I watch the workout channel and we do all the kids workouts together he loves working out with his Nana but our favorite exercise is walking we love to walk and talk

  212. I have a couple that I do with my girls, one is hip thrusts with my 4-year old on my lap and she is a solid girl so not an easy task, the other one involves one of them holding my feet down to do sit ups πŸ™‚ Thanks so much and have an awesome day!

  213. I have to 2 daughters (9 and 2) we love to take their bikes on wooded trails, while I Jalk ( Jog and walk. we also have a 10 in and 20,24,30 (crossfit box) in our living room. they jump on the box throughout the day

  214. I love to hit up the playground with my kids and do the monkey bars along with some pull ups, jumping jacks, and make an interval obstacle race. Then we race them around the tracks. We have family races.

  215. My favorite thing to do. I lay on my back with my legs needn’t on 90 degree angle. I will place either my 10 month old or 3.5 year old on my legs. I will then hold onto their hands while laying on their bellies. I push my feet to the ground and do crunches with bringing my legs to me while doing a crunch. Repeat in sets of 10 5 times.

  216. Well I like to wrestle them, but to be fair my nephew totally starts it. Also, it normally ends with me lifting him up, but it’s a great upper body workout at the end of it.

  217. My kids are grown and out of the house, but when they were young I would love to take them to the park and let them play and just be kids. I have great memories of doing that when I was a kid and it seems like today, kids are too busy to be kids!

  218. My favorite thing to do with my kiddos (ages 1,2 &4) is going to the trampoline park and jump with them! We did it just this morning…

  219. My favorite thing to do with my son is go on family runs. He is 7 so he loves to play follow the leader while we run. He will do something crazy and then daddy and I have to copy. We take turns being the leader and before you know it, our training miles are done!!

  220. Best exercise with kids: it’s a tiring one πŸ™‚ take them outside for a walk /short jog. Tell them they get to pick the exercises and how many times to do it (we keep it at about 10-15) everyone has to participate. we help them out with different ideas. Lunges, squats, jumping jacks etc. it’s fun and usually me/dad are the ones saying “let’s take a break” :))

  221. When I take my kids to the park we turn it into not only a fun adventure but a workout. Doing pull ups, push ups, running and so many other things. It’s amazing how many workouts you can do while playing on the playground.

  222. Well we like to call our selves the Garrard mob squad…when out on our random errands I’ll say just dance and we stop what we are doing and dance for 30 seconds. My kiddos are 9,6,3 so fun.

  223. Hey Heidi (btw, my WIFE will wear the shoes, not me haha). My wife and I train together. We always invite our kids (12, 9, and 6) to train with us (we have a garage gym). What we do is to have our kids perform the exercises we are doing, but modified). For example, instead of bench press – pushups; instead of 30″ box jumps – 20″ box jumps; instead of back squats – overhead squats with PVC. Also, we always end with some type of loaded carry or throw. They love it. Last time we did med ball throws. We try to make good memories and lasting habits. Thanks!

  224. I posted on your other blog. Lol my favorite workout is turning the zumba station on Pandora and dancing around with my 4.5 month old while he giggles and smiles at me the entire time! It makes my day πŸ™‚ #makingmemories #workingoutisgoodforthesoul -Anna & Damon Harward – SLC, Ut.

  225. My favorite exercise to do with my kids is to walk, run at the beach and to do Tai Chi. I love to spend as much time as I can with my kiddos.

  226. I lay flat on my back and pull my knees back to my chest. My son will lay down on my legs, with his body facing mine and I will lift him up with my legs. I’ve been doing them for sometime now with him, it makes a fun game to entertain both of us. I do it with all of my kiddos, and it has even helped teach our 2 year old daughter how to count. She learned from hearing me count reps! I definitely feel the burn in my thighs and we also bond in the meantime!

  227. I haven’t got kids of my own yet. However, my awesome nieces and nephew have glow stick dance parties in the living room. They turn up the tunes, turn down the lights, bust out the glow sticks and jewelry and go to town! Anyone can join and have fun!

  228. My little sister and my favorite exercise activity is to go rollerblading. We often times have a destination to go to so whether it is the park, the beach, the local coffee shop, or the store we rollerblade there to make the time more fun!

  229. I don’t have any kids myself, but I do have a five year old nephew. One of my favorite things to do with him is go to a park. At the park, there are all kinds of things to do for exercise that we can do together. Some examples are that we can swing, climb up and go down slides, and run around in the open area. There is also a path that goes through some woods in the park, and he really enjoys walking through the woods…just like I did when I was a kid:)

  230. Love you Heidi and Chris!! You two help keep me motivated. Since I can’t seem to get my daughter (7) to join me for my morning work out, I make sure that we dance a little everyday. She loves to dance and I usually turn up the music and start dancing with out warning. Sure enough she joins in every time. My little guy (16 months) has also started bouncing right along with us. I didn’t have a healthy example growing up, but I know I can be a healthy example for them and make it FUN!

  231. My three yr. old granddaughter and I live in the hollow of West Virginia. We enjoy taking hikes while we carry bags to pick up cans people often throw beside our one lane road. She enjoys cleaning up our country roads while I tell her about my childhood living in the same community. She loves looking at the flowers, birds and bugs as we get our exercise . I enjoy the bond we have formed as I talk to her about the tradition my grandma , mom, her mom and my other daughter and now her have enjoyed for over 50 years. It’s a real joy to wake along holding hands and just making small talk that I hope she remembers as I did with my Grandma.

  232. My kids love to get me in the basement which is a workout room and teach me what they did in the weight training classes. It keeps them in shape and also works on me as well. We also like spending time practicing their softball, baseball and discus throwing.

  233. We dance to music we play dj and put on CD or my hubby has old records. It’s fun:-) we love to dance and make up fun silly dances!

  234. I won’t be a mom for three more weeks, but can I consider doing Crossfit at 9 months pregnant (from “working out with my kid?” πŸ™‚ On that note, when she’s old enough to want to exercise with me, I noticed this website I’m a slave to has a link to, and I sort of love that idea, especially since they get to do exercises like “bear crawls” and “one-legged hops.”

  235. I love going on a hike. It’s fun to get some fresh air and be out in nature. You can vary the distance depending on the age of the kids.

  236. My favorite exercises with the kids has always been ball games, from playing catch to monkey in the middle;)

  237. Here in San Angelo, TX., we have a 4 mile trail that runs along the river. My son’s and I (10 and 2) love to head there on a beautiful day and get in at least 2 miles if not more. Depending on how the little one is doing πŸ™‚ They love and so do I. Love that my 10 yr old likes to work out like me πŸ™‚

  238. I teach first grade so I am constantly looking for movement activities to do with my students. My all time favorite, even from my childhood, is the human knot! Kiddos and adults have to work together to get untangled. It’s great for those students who need a little encouragement to be involved but it also gets kiddos up and moving and WORKING TOGETHER to solve a problem.

  239. Dancing! My 3 year old daughter wants to be a ballerina so I try to show her moves from when I took 12 years of ballet growing up. It’s always so much fun!

  240. My favorite exercise to do with my kids is called “crazy hill repeats.” I love it because I can do it with all 4 of my kids, who range in age from 4 to 11. (And I could even do it with one in the Ergo!) Basically, you find a hill, and run up it (“Attack the hill!”) and then do a crazy walk/jog back down the hill (make up your own moves, pretend to be an animal, invent a silly walk, etc.) Then, you run back up the hill again. Whoever can run up the hill the most times wins! It’s not time-based, so it works for all ages. The little kids get an equal shot, since it’s not timed–it’s just who can run up and back down the most times. Often times, my little kids win! They have amazing stamina. And as long as any of the kids are still going, I keep going, because it’s a great workout. The steeper the hill, the harder it is! (But please be safe and don’t choose anything treacherous.)

  241. My son is 2 we do a lot of biking on trails with him in the bike seat. To keep him active we run/walk outside. He loves to run!

  242. My boys are older now but I love when they walk my dogs with me, or go for a bike ride. That’s the best for me. Our kids never get too old.

  243. Definitely obstacles courses! We also like to play follow-the-leader, which can be pretty intense with 3 little boys, LOL!

  244. The best thing ever when my kids were younger – DIY OBSTACLE COURSE!
    Kids are so creative to make the stations – a sprinker under the mini trampoline –
    Jump rope – yoga ball races – then the slipnslide –
    They create and demo how to do each thing – very fun
    and exercise both mind and body!

  245. My kids are teenagers, so we can do lots of things together. We like to take walks, kayak on Lake Powell and the Colorado River, swim, hike, climb, wade through mucky, muddy slot canyons filled with tumbleweeds (I recommend this one for you and your kids–great adventure), and even lift weights.

  246. My favorite exercise to do with my kids is bike riding!. Going out for an all day biking adventure is wonderful πŸ™‚

  247. Squats! Our 11 month old LOVES when I hold her with one hand on her bottom and one around her waist; and she looking out. Every time I squat she goes lower and she laughs. Hearing baby laughs while getting in some exercise is the best motivation!

  248. Hi!
    I am a fitness instructor teach 5-8 times a week. I often practice my choreography in the house and my kids are my participants. Then they like to be the teacher and I follow their moves. It gets very creative and often ends in a dance party!

    Fun time for everyone!

  249. I teach a Fit Kids class at my gym (5-9 yr olds), and their favorite thing to do are the obstacle courses I make. I alternate what I use but anything from weaving in and out of cones, crawling through an expandable tunnel, crab walking across the room, hopping or climbing over different heights of aerobic steps, “balancing” on tape on the floor, etc. The activities and combinations are endless, it’s very active, and takes little to no equipment!

  250. I don’t have any kids but I am a teacher. I have to teach my own gym class and plus working in a school for students with severe behaviours, I have been known to chase down an upset student down the hall, lol.

  251. I’m a little pre-emptive with “favorite exercise to do with kids,” as I’m still working on my first, but I’m super excited to take the little nugget on walks around town. I’m planning on getting a jogger as the only stroller, so that I can use it always. Our town is small enough, too, that I can walk anywhere and still be only 2-3 miles from home. This fall, and definitely next summer, we will be walking/running everywhere.

  252. I love going to the park with my daughter, 3.5 years old. One of her favorite activities to do there is “run the bases” on the baseball field. We always see who can reach home plate first… she always does of course. ;o)

  253. My youngest daughter is 13 months old and when she wakes up we do squats together while she is still in the crib I will do my squat and then wait for her and we will look at each other between the rails of the crib she then will go up and I will follow suite she thinks of it as a game and I always do silly faces and it makes it fun

  254. My son is almost 2 and LOVES to dance! We have dance parties all the time and on top of burning extra calories by dancing, I burn even more smiling and laughing the whole time!!

  255. I like to sit on the edge of a chair or couch with my 2 year old sitting on my lower legs together and leg extensions! It really gives me the burn!

  256. I work at a health club and I love playing any sort of tag games with them. My favorite is Ships Across the Ocean because it is essentially sprints and you have to keep going so you don’t lose to a five year old ;).

  257. My son is 9 months old. I work my arms/chest by doing push ups with him laying under me and giving him kisses or raspberries at the bottom. He also loves it when I run up and down the stairs (when its bad weather and I can’t get my cardio in any other way). I sit him at the bottom, he watches curiously as I go up and then giggles like crazy when I go down. It never gets old πŸ™‚

  258. I love to do jumping jacks with my son because he look so cute tring to do it correctly and I love to hula hoop with my daughter because it is something she enjoys and it’s good bonding time

  259. My kids and I go on “runs” I love hearing them say, “Mom lets go for a run!” I run with our GSD while my kids ride their bikes or scooters. At each turn or cross-section one of us pick a way to go. Then its the next persons turn and so on. Its a great way to see the neighborhood, get some exercise and never take the same route twice!

  260. Playground exercise! Monkey bars, slides, running from swings to other equipment. Perfect exercise for a 3 year old….and even a little for her aunt πŸ™‚

  261. My favorite workouts with my son include but not limited to…walking our puggle, playing soccer, hicking, and having him show me all his karate moves. We like to practice on eachother.

  262. 1. Plank.. 1 kid climbs on and over back while the other army crawls under tummy. The goal is not to touch my tummy ( my son tries to push me up with his head)!
    2.squat then stand throwing a laughing kid.. catch and repeat!!

  263. I often weight train with my 4 year old. I bought her some 2lb weights and she’ll do whatever I do. Bicep curls, flies, Tricep dips, air squats and even Burpees. It’s pretty cute. When she was younger I’d baby wear her in my Ergo and take long walks outside or dance around the house. Gotta be creative.

  264. My son is a little older than your kids (he’s 20) but we love running in our neighborhood to this big hill where we do a bunch of hill climbs… he gives me a huge head start and still manages to run right past me! I enjoy every minute with him- makes exercising so much more fun!

  265. My favorite (and sometimes least favorite!) exercise to do with my toddler is SQUATS! I squat and lift her as I rise – and sometimes give her a little “toss” at the top for some extra giggles. We also make sure we do silly dances while cleaning up to squeeze in a little extra exercise!

  266. My daughter, Piper, is 9 months old. I really ‘use’ her on arm and legs. Holding her mid torso,l lift above my head, while in squat position, as many reps as I can stand without feeling like I’m going to drop her ;). Then I put her on the floor between my legs, face up, and do squats above her… she totally thinks we are just playing and I’m BURNING! Love it!

  267. I am a teacher. That being said I love to get my kids active before and during teaching. Brain breaks are key for a ready to learn brain. Plus they get your heart pumping. I also love it because I get in a brain break for myself so I know I am doing the best teaching that I can! The website I posted above is one of my favorites but there are tons of ideas out there! Learning readiness!

  268. In our house we love to turn up the radio and dance! It is great exercise while having a blast with the kids and we get to see how the individually move and what music motivates them! πŸ™‚

  269. My 18 month old son, Oliver, and I love to walk about a half mile to the park and play then head back. It’s great for both of us, but even more, he’s a water baby and we love to swim.

  270. Favorite of kids is to have “races”. We line up and i hold the hands of one of them and pick them up so their feet are skimming the ground and we “race” back and forth in the living room or backyard. I do this with each kid 2 or three times.

  271. I don’t have kids yet, but I like to pick up my goddaughter on Saturdays and go in the woods to discover treasures or go to the aquarium. We also love the park because there is a big blue slide that makes her go ?faster than a plane? she likes to say.

  272. I’ve got 3 athletic kids and it’s so importand to our family to live a healthy lifestyle with the whole Smith team. We’ve been traveling this month so our favorite workout this time has to be using the Tabata app and doing a variety of exercises with it. Depending on what we’ve got for equipment we would alternate treadmill sprints on an incline, stair jump ups, push ups(this is the funniest one with my 5yr old), burpees, lunges w/ whatever weight I could find for me, and triceps presses on the coffee table. It’s always fun to expose them to the exercises- even if the form isn’t quite there yet.
    It’s a way of life for us and we love it. Txs Heidi for all your great ideas and encouragement.
    Tasha Smith

  273. I don’t have kids but I have plenty of nieces and nephews with a TON of energy! With mountains all around, little hikes are definitely my favorite. It gets us in nature, they get to pick up flowers and rocks along the way, we race up hills, run down others, scream and shout like children (myself included) when we see an animal scamper across the road (who knew a chipmunk could bring so much joy?!), and it’s all just a grand adventure. They’ve turned into quite the little monkeys loving to climb over/under/around/on top of everything and these little hikes get us all outdoors and pretty much just loving life! And as the adult, you get plenty of exercise yourself as many times you end up with one of the kiddos on your back/shoulders. That or they all cling on to you trying to slow you down as you race up the mountain. MAN! The mountains are calling my name!

  274. We like to jump rope. We each have our own, but we also like to do the old school playground stuff where 2 of us swing the rope and the other one jumps. It’s fun to bring out those old jump rope songs. LOL I’m hoping I can teach them double dutch. πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  275. I used to Enjoy Dancing with my Nieces when they were Little.
    I also added Jump Ropes & hula hoops in the the Dance.

  276. I love to hold my 6 month old while I’m running up the stairs. I also do squats and lunges while holding her. She is a great sport she encourages me to want to work out with her I also sit her on my legs while I do sit ups

  277. My daughters and I have been jogging….and I love shooting hoops with my son. We also love bike riding as a family….I love being active with them!

  278. Awesome love the shoes. My little diva daughter and I do suicide races. Builds a little healthy competition and sure to get the blood flowing.

  279. I have always said singing a song and cross cross jumping rope is the best exercise for everyone and fun… Group effort

  280. Our favorite exercise done together is a game of horse or pig (…or some really loooonnng word,d depending on how long he wants to stay out!–it’s a great spelling exercise too-two for one!) What makes our game unique is we find the craziest and hardest spots and most athletically challenging ways shoot to try to trip the other from making a basket! FUN TIMES!!

  281. My Favorite exercise has to be flag football with my kids. I have 2 older boys and I was always the football mom on the side lines. When I had my little girl I realized we can rock this football thing too. So now we play flag football. Not only together but competitively on our own teams!!!! Mom’s can be cool too!!!!

  282. Hi Heidi! I love doing fun runs w 6 year old πŸ™‚ also biking. He has done one 5k and will be doing another in June, the Mud Run! We can’t wait. Btw, you’re such an inspiration, especially to us mamas! you and the Mr keep keepin on! Xo

  283. My kids are furry and they like to go for walks and play hide n seek. Funny enough, my human nephews like the same thing!

  284. My six year old autistic daughter has a hard time concentrating on ANYTHING, except exercise. We run 5ks together, Zumba, and her favorite is yoga with exercises such as burpees and squats thrown in. (I’ve never seen ANYONE love burpees as much as she does.)

  285. I like to get a great game of hide and seek going with my friend’s kids. I haven’t made it to Mommyland yet, but one day I will. If I am feeling really good I can get in some ab work, select your favorites and work with your surroundings, or squats while “hiding” and/or seeking depending on how the game goes. I think it keeps it fun for the kids and I get a slip in a bit of exercise.

  286. When my children were little our favorite activity was to hike, especially where water is involved. Not only did they workout but they learned about nature and most times, as a parent, I was able to enjoy the true nature of my children. As my children have grown the hikes have turned into special moments that we don’t always get because of our busy schedules. It’s still a time to listen to their thoughts and dreams, while working out the energy.

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