I am (still) Perfect…

In speaking to a group of new friends, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on “perfection”. It made me think of this post, one of the earliest posts I ever wrote for my blog, that really hit home with so many people when I shared it. Enjoy!

Thank goodness for makeup artists! - https://heidipowell.net/227
Thank goodness for makeup artists!

I am Perfect.

Perfectly imperfect, that is.

I use the word ?perfect ? a lot, and often times had people remind me that nothing is perfect. I totally disagree. I believe that everyone and every thing is perfect and beautiful in its imperfect state of being. Think about that for one second ? imagine that just maybe your imperfections actually make you perfect. Don?t you just love the freedom that thought gives you? Well, time to realize the reality of the thought and let go of our self-judgments and negative self-talk. It?s time to embrace our imperfections.

Now I?m not saying to throw caution to the wind and go indulge in a gallon of super chunky triple chocolate fudgy goo. I?m saying that it?s okay to mess up, and it?s okay to have faults. For those of you that don?t, I?m sorry. These faults, trials, imperfections and stumbles are our some of our greatest blessings ? they?re our ?springboards? to becoming the strongest person we can possibly be!

#HeidiPowell #ClipExtensions #IAmPerfect #PerfectlyImperfect - https://heidipowell.net/227
Hair piece! A necessary evil for me!

So why do we so often find ourselves “masking up” for the day before we go out in public? Why do we all feel the need to pretend to be something we are not? Why are we so scared of who we really are? Every time we put on that mask we feel beautiful and invincible. We put on a show of perfection for our friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances?everyone. We?re not true to them, but most importantly we are not true to ourselves. We are a fraud.

Ever feel that way? I sure have, and I still find myself there at times. I have to remind myself of a lesson I learned from my late father: true beauty comes from being honest and authentic.

You?re scared. I hear you. It?s not easy to peek out from behind that mask and share our difficulties and challenges with the world. But trust me, it?s worth it! The freedom that comes with being vulnerable, open, and real is unlike anything else. It?s the most liberating thing I?ve ever experienced, and without a doubt it has become one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal.

?Heidi, this is easy for you to say. You don?t have imperfections like I do.? FALSE! The camera is deceiving and shallow.

My perfectly imperfect feet - bunions and all! - https://heidipowell.net/227
My perfectly imperfect feet – bunions and all!

Behold, a Top 10 list of only some of my many imperfections:

  1. I have bunions.
  2. My nostrils flare to the size of a nickel when I laugh (those of you who know me know EXACTLY what I?m talking about!)
  3. My hair might be beautiful?but only because I clip in extensions (and that?s not the only enhanced part of me).
  4. I am a control freak (I?m working on it ? so darn hard though, and not sure I?m making much improvement).
  5. I have food issues too.
  6. One of my eyes is lazy when I smile and I am SO self-conscious about it.
  7. Chris is my soul mate and best friend, and so often we post pictures of us when things are fun and rosy, but we, like every other couple, have challenges and differences that we?re always working on.
  8. I am tempted 99.9% of the time to cheat during my workouts.
  9. No matter how hard I work on my abs, I will always have a belly button that could be mistaken for a nose.
  10. I don?t wake up looking camera-ready. ?Thank goodness for hair and makeup artists!
Waking Up Au Natural! - https://heidipowell.net/227
Waking Up Au Natural!

So many more, but there?s not enough room in this blog.

So, how do you find this place of peace with yourself as you are?

Rule 62 ? DON?T TAKE YOURSELF SO DAMN SERIOUSLY (thanks again, Dad).

Don?t be scared or embarrassed. You?re in a safe place and it?s time for a heart to heart conversation with the most important person in your life – YOU! Dig deep and allow yourself to see those imperfections. Try seeing the beauty in your flaws (yes, that bump on your nose makes you YOU!). Realize the lessons and strength that your imperfections have given you. And most importantly, don?t worry about what other people think. One of my favorite sayings is, ?Those who mind don?t matter and those who matter don?t mind.?

Now go be your perfectly imperfect self ?:-).

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  1. Heidi, I love how REAL you are! If only so many more people would embrace perfectly imperfect ideals! You and Chris are such genuine people and that is such a large reason why people love you guys-myself included! Thanks for being REAL!

  2. You are such an inspiration Heidi! I love look at you and Chris’s advice everyday. You are my true role models! Cant wait for EWL to come back in May! I really hope to meet you both some day!

  3. Heidi, I want to give you the biggest hug ever. After reading this, I feel so much better. And here I was complaining about my imperfect list. I’m still in a funk today but tomorrow is another day. Thank you again. BTW, you look great without makeup.

  4. Heidi, thank you so much for this post. We all have things about us we don’t like, thank you for being open an honest with every one. When I see you I see perfection, I didn’t know about your hair clips or your bunions. :). Its nice to know you are human to.

  5. I needed to hear this as well! Keep up the great work! You and your husband inspired me all the time. I have now lost a total of 80 pounds!!!!

  6. Heidi thank you so much for posting this. It is wonderful for other to see that we are not all perfect in any way. Life is a challenge for everyone.

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