What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas!

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What happened in Vegas sure as heck didn’t stay in Vegas last weekend! Nope – we sent some Bod-e Challenge Transformation Superstars on their dream vacation!!!

With over 10,000 Vemma affiliates in attendance, Chris and I had the honor of revealing our challenge winners. I gotta tell ya – it wasn’t easy to choose the winners this year with over 6,000 participants (and SO many incredible transformations!).

For a dose of Monday Inspiration, I thought I’d share these jaw-dropping before’s and after’s with you. Check out these dramatic changes that happened in just 12 weeks.


Women’s Category – Lascia Bridges
Lost 46lbs and 21% body fat


Men’s Category – Edward Heaton
Lost 55lbs and 21% body fat


Couple’s Category – Erin and Brad Odegard
Erin: Lost 40lbs and 23% body fat
Brad: Lost 69lbs and 26% body fat
Together they lost a total of 109 lbs

Congratulations to all of our Vemma Bode 12-Week Challenge Winners!!!! You made us all proud. Now get outta town and enjoy that vacay!!

5 Responses

  1. I learned my lesson. I lost 20 pounds with bode, and then switched to other vemma products, because I liked their taste better. Now most of the 20 pounds are back. All the other vemma products keep me healthy, but bode truly is the one for weight loss. I am ordering today.

  2. Congratulations everyone….it was great meeting everyone, we had a blast!! It’s amazing how easy this challenge is!! 12 weeks changed our lives forever!! Thank you Heidi and chris….loved meeting you both too!, amazing program!!

  3. I have legs very similiar to Lascia’s. I run 6 times a week on my treadmill and do upper and lower body exercises and the only body part that will not transform are my legs…HELP!

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