Why Does Chris Always Wear Those Black Socks? + Sock Giveaway

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I can?t tell you how many comments we’ve gotten about Chris? favorite black socks he wears — pretty much everywhere –and pretty much every day. It’s hilarious! πŸ™‚ While it is true that his black socks are somewhat an adult-version “security blanky” for him and maybe even his new fashion statement/trend, he does have legit reasons for wearing them!

Before we chat about those reasons, let?s talk a little bit about workout socks and get you on your way to choosing your perfect workout ?sole? mate! Today, I’m focusing specifically on?CrossFit and running (walkers?this works for you too!), but this info will be helpful for any type of workout where socks are a must.

Here are the basics:

  • Material: Just as I?d never exercise in 100% cotton clothes, I?d also never wear 100% cotton socks to work out in. Why? Not only does cotton keep moisture in, but it?s also the perfect breeding ground for those nasty blisters! Instead, choose socks made with acrylic, polyester, or CoolMax?, which wick away the moisture and help prevent blisters.
  • Size: Make sure your socks fit snuggly so you?ll have less chance of blisters forming, but not too tight or you?ll be hatin? life and that workout.
  • Cost: Be ready for some possible sticker shock here, but trust me?every penny spent will be worth it when you have happy feet during and after your workouts.
  • Care: Be sure to follow the manufacturer?s care instructions and you?ll extend the life of your investment.
  • Comfort: This one?s kind of a no-brainer, but choose socks that feel good! And here?s a handy tip: If you?re blessed with sweaty feet, carry an extra pair with you while working out so you can make a change when moisture builds up. You?ll avoid blisters. πŸ™‚
  • Fashion: Of course, I have to talk about fashion! Why not look as stylish as possible while you?re burning all those calories?! Many socks are made in really fun colors and designs, so the sky?s the limit here. Have fun!

Now for the specifics (and Chris’ reasons for wearing those high socks!!):


  • High socks: If you?ve ever done CrossFit, you?ll appreciate Chris’ love for high socks :). During WODs (workout of the day), those shins can take a beating, especially if you?re doing box jumps or deadlifts! The most brutal for me?? Rope climbs. Crossfitters out there everywhere know this: NEVER DO A ROPE CLIMB WITHOUT HIGH SOCKS!!! Rope burns are no good. Need more reasons to rock some high socks? Here you go – Many high socks are made with antibacterial fibers to help prevent that smelly feet issue, as well as arch supports to help keep those feet stable during your WODs. Sold!!
  • No-show socks: If you?re just not feeling the high sock trend, no matter how?beneficial they are,?the no-show variety are a great option too! Many of these are also made with antibacterial fibers and arch supports just like their high socked buddies.
  • Compression socks: These babies help to stabilize your muscles so you?ll have more control and increased strength during your WOD. And…they?ll stay in place! No more stopping to pull up those sagging socks. πŸ™‚

Who knew so much went into choosing socks?? And, they come in so many colors and patterns. Here are just a few really fun ones!!!


1. Reebok CrossFit 1,2,3,Go! Socks
2. Reebok CrossFit Go Socks
3. Dahlgreen MultiSport Compression Socks
4. Reebok CrossFit Camo Knee Socks
5. I Know Squat Knee High Socks


While good socks can seem a bit pricey, if you?ve ever dealt with a blister during a run?especially a long run?you will agree that good socks are worth every single pricey penny!?Anything to not have to deal with those pesky blisters and foot pain that you get when you cut the sock budget.

Some things to think about:

  • Arch support keeps the sock comfortably tight around your foot to help prevent blisters during all those miles.
  • Tabs so the heel of your sock doesn?t slip into the shoe, which can be really annoying and cause heel blisters. Ouch!
  • Sole cushioning for added support for every heel strike.
  • Thick vs. thin is a personal preference and for cold or hot weather training.
  • Layered to keep friction down and blisters at bay.
  • For cold weather running try some crew socks for extra warmth.

With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, add some excitement to your run by choosing socks that reflect your personality! Check these out:


1. Infiniti Double Tab Mesh Socks2. Reebok Training Low Cut Socks
3. Thorlo Unisex Thick Cushion Running Crew Sock?4. Drymax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab Socks?5. Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Excited about workout socks? Here?s the chance of a lifetime you don?t want to miss: You can win a (new)?pair of Chris? favorite black socks! Leave a comment below telling me why you think Chris should or should not ditch those black socks. Enter up to 5 times until Friday, May 9th at 11:59pm PST, and three lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced on May 10th.

Get ready. Get set. Go!!!

405 Responses

  1. Chris wears high socks (black) because he has small calves. This technic is used by bodybuilder to create an optical illusion of massive calves. Everyone who train his calves know that it’s a difficult muscle to make grow.

  2. Hi Heidi,
    I know this probably doesnt count but I think Chris should keep the black socks and he can rock those socks really well. I always used to wear black socks for basketball practice. Have
    an awesome Mothers Day! You and Chris should do more contest giveaways for socks I am such a sock fan too tell that to Chris for me!
    Bye for now,

  3. j adore les . Reebok CrossFit 1,2,3,Go! Socks trop belle!
    on a toujours pas les nouveaux episodes de relooking de l extreme obesit? en france ca me manque!!!j adore votre emission!et vos chaussette lol!

  4. I get made fun of for wearing the black socks but it’s my color too. I think Chris rocks in them. Let him be true to himself and express his love for the black . I love his spirit .

  5. I think he should keep wearing the socks. I have two boys, 12 and 16 and they will only wear high black socks. The 12 yr old will only wear Reebok and the 16 yr old prefers Nike.

  6. He shouldn’t ever ditch those black socks because I think he’s just too darn cute with them!!! πŸ™‚

  7. glad to hear that Chris is not wearing the cheap black cotton socks that causes blisters.

  8. I normally run in vibrams, but with two half marathons in a week and a little tendinitis on the top of the foot from the first half I wore my lightweight shoes and wore cotton socks I pr’d today but both feet have blisters and a nice little blood ring on the socks.

  9. I love tall black socks! It’s the only thing I’d ever wear with my combat boots πŸ™‚ I found out the hard way by wearing standard issue cotton socks durning a rucsack march, and had to have 21 blisters lanced off both my feet to include losing all of my toenails πŸ™ Not fun. Comfort and safety is by far more important than fashion! Keep Rockin your black socks Chris, and keep your dogs HaPpY!!!

  10. I love the fact that Chris has always worn the colour he’s wanted to wear no matter what fashion or society says. I love individuality in people !!

  11. I think Chris should keep the black socks. Pardon my language but I think it makes him look like the bad ass that he is.

  12. …and I always thought it was just a fashion statement. Guess I better invest in some socks before I start my crossfit training. YIKES!

  13. I think Chris’ socks are awesome! Way to “ROCK YOUR SOCKS!” I think Chris should NOT ditch his black socks, because they are what he likes and are comfortable wearing and who are we to say what he should and shouldn’t wear? Keep on Keepin’ On. πŸ™‚

  14. I am starting the insanity workout series so I wi be looking into some good workout socks. Maybe I’ll follow Chris’s example with the black.

  15. I think with all of their benefits AND if that’s his SOD (sock of the day) choice very day, & maybe his ‘security blanket’… Then go for it Chris!! It’s kind of like his trademark?! Heidi, you and Chris do so much every day for your family and for others… Your personalities and heart are what we all notice first!! XO

  16. He should keep wearing them because of all the good reasons you listed in your blog and because he likes them.

  17. I think Chris should stick with the black socks. They seem to work for him, and must be comfy during those long workouts. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

  18. He should keep them because he’s a crossfit guru and he looks pretty cool in his socks.

  19. Keep them because we all know that… “Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get…”

  20. Hey, Chris can still wear the black ones. He doesn’t have to impress anyone πŸ™‚ I have some low thorlo sock that are great for my running. I have tried others too when doing different exercise. It’s all about what makes my feet comfortable, and helps to prevent the blisters.

  21. Keep them! As long as they work for you and you love them I say keep them for as long as you want πŸ™‚ thanks for all the info.. I need to go out and buy some new socks now!

  22. Def. keep wearing the high socks. I had no idea they were so beneficial. You might be starting a trend!

  23. Keep them! If you are comfortable in your workout and Heidi doesn’t mind, why should anyone else. πŸ™‚

  24. I never thought there was anything wrong with them to begin with and the fact that there are ACTUAL reasons makes it even better!! Stick with em Chris πŸ™‚

  25. I do like the high sock look anyways.cant wait for my legs to get smaller to carry on the trend

  26. Do what feels good to you as long as it’s a positive thing in your and yours life. That’s what I think.

  27. Wearing high socks is a great idea..Great information as always..Keep up the great encouragement you always give us..it is greatly appreciated

  28. Looked up a few photos of him and them great looking socks and I’m sticking to those being “Socks of confidence!” Now I really need some I’m looking to lose about 100+lbs and I’m gonna need all the confidence I can get.. I think both of you are wonderful motivators keep it going.. and Chris don’t let go of them”SOCKS”

  29. People need to leave him alone! Let Chris be in his black or pink socks! They are his choice not anyone else’s!

  30. Ditch’em! It’s just a fad now. Like every trend they come and go, so he should start the next one!

  31. Thank you Heidi for the information! I always wondered why he wore the high socks, I just thought he was making a fashion statement.

  32. The socks have tons of benefits and I think that they look fashionable, definitely keep them!

  33. Why ditch them? He should probably get sponsorship for the trend he’s setting with them though lol

  34. Hello,
    I have pain in my shin from my workouts. I never gave it much thought to wear high socks to help with that. This was a great eye opener. Now toss me some socks! πŸ˜‰

  35. Ok. The reasonable part of me says, “Of course he should keep wearing them. Whatever makes him happy.” BUT. The other side of me slightly cringes and thinks, “He is SO incredibly good looking, and sensitive, and tough, and caring, (apparently I have a celebrity crush)…..and then you get to the socks.” Just saying. πŸ˜‰

  36. Chris should keep his signature black socks because they look great on him and he’s comfortable in them

  37. I have found that the poly socks are awesome when doing a lot of walking. Keeps the feet cool.

  38. I’f women can have their little black dresses, then Chris should be able to keep his little black socks.

  39. Keep rocking those socks Chris. Sounds like they’re not about style, but practicality. Heidi, thank you for the great information. I’ve been using standard crew socks for my workouts (lost 102 pounds, just 20 more to go), but my feet have taken a beating. I’ll be looking for some better socks based on your suggestions right away. Thanks again!

  40. Keep um! My 12 year old wears socks pulled up all the way everyday, Even with his Crocs πŸ™‚ and says he loves his look!

  41. No need to ditch them if they work for him. I’m on my feet all day at work and I wear my compression socks and some really comfy black socks with arch support and extra cushy over them

  42. Absolutely Chris should get rid of those black socks…and give them to me! Shucks- I’ll wear them as a sweat head band. Or perhaps bronze them and put them on the mantle. Or if he’d like to keep them, that’s awesome too. I’ll just wait until Hedi sends me a pair. Love you guys!! Xoxoxo

  43. I love Chris’s socks. He should keep his signature black socks. He helps so many people achieve something they never thought possible. You never know he might start a fashion trend πŸ™‚

  44. Well, I really think Chris should wear those camo socks, don’t you? It’s like they wouldn’t be there. :).

  45. I’ve found the higher socks feel better working out. Funny they have been takes about sooo much.

  46. Of course Chris should keep wearing his black socks! In fact, I think you all should have a family photo with everyone wearing their high, black socks!

  47. I have never tried a box jump or the rope things but one day I hope to….and when I do, I will ensure I wear long socks- neon yellow is more my style but since Chris feels confident and comfortable in his black socks then he should wear them!

  48. Although it is incredible that he could wear Black socks in Arizona heat, he should wear whatever makes him comfy and apparently these do!

  49. If Chris stopped wearing black socks, we could be blinded by the white skin that may never have seen the Arizona sun…better keep me’ on bud. πŸ˜‰

  50. You should NOT ditch those black socks! By wearing what you like, you are being true to yourself. I am pretty sure you would tell your contestants and friends the same thing so be uniquely you!

  51. i say keep the socks, if they are comfortable and are great for working out i say why not. I would love to win a pair of the workout socks and i love watching chris on extreme makeover and have enjoyed your blogs especially the one of you keeping it real about the no makeup and all the other flaws you say you have just like every other woman. it was great to read. thanks

  52. I think Chris should keep wearing his socks however and whatever color he likes, because he is so inspiring, he may never know what little thing (like black socks) might inspire a person to work hard today in order to be a better person tomorrow.
    Chris has inspired me. In 374 days, I have lost 96 pounds and over 72″ from my 5’2″ female frame. Thank you for what inspiration you gave to me along the way just by being you!!

  53. No need to ditch the black socks… can’t believe there are people out there that even see his feet when he has that smile and six pack + gunzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


  55. Chris looks great in high socks!! It just works on him!! I appreciate the lesson in socks while working out, good to know.but back to awesome Chris and those manly, high socks, you go Chris love you man!!

  56. Wearing the socks for exercising and running after all your munchkins is an excellent choice..”BUT”- no socks and sandals for family BBQ’s,,,haha

  57. Keep them, I didn’t even noticed he wears black socks all the time, I’m not looking at what he’s wearing, but at the things I can learn from him. πŸ™‚

  58. I don’t think Chris should change a thing!! He looks great, of course I too have always wondered “why the high black socks”? But because it’s Chris Powell,I simply love him to death- you go boy, wear those high socks you Sexy thang!! Lol

  59. Keep them if you like them!! I surely wouldn’t base my decision to ditch a favorite work out item for no reason! Thank you for sharing the 5 sock options, it’s always great to know where to get some good quality work out items!!

  60. I think Chris should keep his socks! If it’s what he loves and is comfortable in them, then why consider anything else?!? He should keep on being his wonderful self!

  61. The socks are a great idea, but I’d like to see him in another color. However, black matches everything!

  62. I say keep em! If it’s what works for you and make you comfortable who cares what anyone else thinks and what they say!! Keep rockin the black socks Chris.

  63. Keep them, whatever works for someone then it’s definitely. Something to not change πŸ™‚ love Chris and his black socks

  64. I think he has great reason to wear them and they work so why change it?! I say keep them πŸ™‚

  65. Heck, when Chris Powell wakes up every morning asking himself how he can be more compassionate to everyone or love his family more than the day before, he could wear magenta or fuschia colored socks and get away with it. You rock C.P..

  66. As someone else that is a little attached to their socks and refuses to change no matter how much people question it… I say keep, keep, keep!!!

  67. A matching pair would be a great look for me.. Maybe I would run more and join that 5k with my sister… #CONFIDENCE SOCKS!

  68. I never knew all this about socks, so thank you! And Chris would
    Not look like Chris if he didn’t have the black socks on I’m so use to seeing them on him!!

  69. Chris wears them so well and should continue. I call them his confidence socks since that’s a past of his wardrobe that never changes. He is always so confident looking in them I need some to wear when I workout and who know may just become my workout confidence booster.. <3

  70. I think Chris should just go ahead and wear what’s comfortable for him. I know how important it is to have good socks when working out. We love you no matter what color sock you have on.

  71. Love the black socks!! It’s great to be different;). Can’t wait for the new season of Extreme Weight Loss to start! It’s such an inspiration for someone that has weight issues like myself. Keep up the good work!

  72. Chris should totally rock the socks. Haven’t you heard? The new trend is being yourself! Keep up the great work guys.

  73. The fact that they are a high quality sock and he wears them for good reasons…he should keep them!

  74. The only down side to the black socks are attracting heat in the summer when working out outside, but sweat more lose more weight! Chris should keep the black socks πŸ™‚

  75. i think the black socks look great and i appreciate Chris doing what is best for him,instead of following others and worrying about appearance.i have been overweight and very self councious my whole life. Embarrassed about my weight,how i look, and pitiful workout clothes. Still struggle with it some but realized people at the gym don’t care. they are there to be healthy and so am i,black socks or no socks,gotta keep moving forward

  76. I think Chris should continue wearing the socks specifically because of all the benefits you mentioned! Great post!

  77. Chris should keep his socks …

    Who knows … Maybe his socks will be his version of the one glove that Michael Jackson always wore … And hey … If he likes them … Them that’s all that matters …

    His fans (myself included) will still love him black socks and all πŸ™‚

  78. i think we all have that one thing we love to wear, it makes us who we are. So i would say chris should ditch them

  79. I think Chris should keep his high black socks! It’s what he loves and feels comfortable wearing so it doesn’t matter what anyone else says! Rock those socks Chris!

  80. Don’t ditch them Chris – its you and who you are! rock them, but a pink pair here in there wouldn’t be a bad plan!

  81. I would live a pair of running socks! I got a blister last weekend in my 10K run.

  82. Of course, we fellow crossfitters knew the reason why Chris was rocking those black socks πŸ˜‰

  83. He shouldn’t ditch the socks. They are something that help make him who he is. It’s a signature style that he should not apologize for!

  84. No way! Chris shouldn’t ditch the socks! They are his thing. He prefers to wear them so I think he should keep ’em! Hes his own kinda unique! The socks just add to it! Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  85. I say keep the socks…for rope climbing only!!! Lol Get some short ones for other excersize routines to be more stylish (although he always looks great). πŸ˜‰

  86. Too funny that I found this post because just the other day my husband asked me about Chris’ black socks!! I say he has to KEEP the black socks – its no different than how superman has a cape… Chris has black socks!! Rock those socks Chris. I think the next family photo should be done with everyone rockin’ black socks! πŸ™‚

  87. I think Chris should keep them. This will show that he is committed to just being himself no matter what anyone thinks. I know that when I had lost weight I just wanted to be me and were the close that made me feel like me.

  88. I’ve never learned so much about socks! Thank you for sharing the information. I always thought shoes were the most important part of running/working out. Chris should stick with those socks I think πŸ˜‰ that’s what he likes and works for him! Awesome! I’d LOVE to win a pair and give them a try! πŸ™‚ thanks for the info!you two are inspirational! I love reading your posts and seeing pics you share of that beautiful family you have πŸ™‚ thanks again!!!!

  89. I say keep the Black Socks. It evokes a certain Working Man image and I imagine The Real Heidi Powell deserves a hard working guy like Chris…. Final Verdict: Thumbs Up to High Black Socks!

  90. I wear compression socks… and would love to receive a free pair!! I already know that they are costly and sure would love to win a pair.. Let Chris wear what he is comfortable wearing!!!

  91. Chris works out a lot, so these socks might help combat the smell of worn socks at least a little!

  92. Chris should keep wearing those high black socks to avoid any shin scrapes from deadlifts and cleans!

  93. Keep the black socks! You’ve given lots of great information and reasoning. Never have tried it but may now with all your advice I will! Tks!

  94. I rather get looks from people wearing those socks than have blisters. Chris would agree!

  95. Those are awesome socks!
    Keep ’em!! That’s part of
    What makes Chris – Chris Powell!

  96. Those socks are way better than regular cotton socks to wear while working out. It’s a no-brainer that Chris wear those!

  97. CP should definitely keep wearing the high black socks. Those socks are just as much a part of him as his army shorts!

  98. He should continue to wear the because back is classic and never goes out of style.

  99. The socks are awesome, I wouldn’t change a thing. Who cares what other people think as long as he loves them πŸ˜‰

  100. I say keep them– without a doubt. What I love about Chris and EWL is that he/it isn’t really about weight and appearance. The real message and goal is to know and love yourself, inside and out, with honesty and integrity. The transformation takes place in a person’s character. His socks work for him and he loves them. To ditch them to be fashionable would be disingenuous to his character.

  101. He should continue to wear this socks because it’s his style and i like it!! Every time i see a new episode, i tell to my girlfriend how cool he is with the socks!!!

  102. They are part of his personallity and I never though they help with workouts, I definitely would like to try some, but for hot weather.

  103. I think he should wear whatever makes him feel great. If black socks make up his superhero workout wear, then he should keep rockin’ them.

  104. Chris should wear whatever he wants! They are his feet and whatever he is comfortable with is his choice.

  105. Don’t ditch! They obviously work great for him and with that much sock knowledge in the family he has to know what he’s doing!

  106. Maybe he can alternate those black socks with white ones. Bacteria and, most of all, fungi (yeah, athlete’s foot, yuck) lovers grow in the dark. Your feet will become a petri dish if you always use those black socks!!!

    BTW, great article!

  107. I have no issues with Chris’s black socks. I think they are both a fashion statement and now after reading the blog realize that he has a great reason to wear them (with crossfit and rope climbs. Been a fan since he started with workout tips on Ch.3.

  108. I love his socks I would not change anything about Chris! The socks should stay!!! Black goes with everything!

  109. To each their own….I have low-cut Thorlo running socks but I really need to find some with tabs to keep from rubbing and slipping! I think Chris should keep them if they are what is right for him! πŸ™‚

  110. Black is slimming, always in fashion and goes with everything. Chris’ socks are like my black purse – I never change styles or color. I would gladly sport those socks at my morning bootcamp!

  111. Ohmigoodness…. Chris is an attractive man – but those black socks are awful! The logic around High socks makes sense for CrossFit. But pulease choose another color. If the problem is that white socks show dirt…. maybe gray? Or blue? Anything but black. πŸ™‚

  112. Chris always stresses that people should do what’s best for them. If the black socks help him put his best foot forward (pun fully intended), we should encourage him to continue to wear them. Fitness isn’t about fashion, it’s about function; lucky for Chris he’s got both going on.

  113. Back in black! If the sock fits…where it? Seriously though if you like ’em then keep wearing ’em, life’s too short to not rock the socks you like πŸ˜€

  114. Keep the black socks! I wear black socks everyday also and every time I workout! Also, with the burgundy carpet that was in my house when I bought it black lint doesn’t show as bad as white sock lint!!!

  115. I use to think they were a dumb trend till I ran in a pair and I am sold. Sadly I use the same pair over and over. He should definitely keep them!

  116. Keep the black socks. Chris is one of my favorite human beings. He treats everyone with so much love and respect and concern for their health. This man can wear anything he wants, in my opinion. And they look great!

  117. Once you go black you won’t go back! Lol but seriously keep the socks because they look good. And if I look good you play good and if you play good, you look good!

  118. I never really thought about Chris’ socks until this article. I say keep rockin’ what’s workin’!

  119. I think he should keep them, but can he wear some color every now and then? πŸ™‚ Whatever his style, it’s all about comfort!

  120. 90 years from now people will be like “there is this crazy fitness dude named Chris. He is the guy with the socks”!

  121. Chris, keep wearing your black high socks! I wear them all Winter, Spring, Fall. I succumb to public pressure once I move to shorts and wear low ones, but I broke my ankle badly 7 years ago and have a plate and 12 screws in there. I had a lot of trouble with socks till I went to high, polyester socks. I get compression socks too that feel fantastic! Haven’t had blisters and my ankle feels pretty good! So rock those socks! And thanks for all you do!

  122. Chris you wouldn’t be you without them! They look like an extention to your sneakers. Keep the high black socks!!!!!

  123. Chris shouldn’t ditch the black socks because they are becoming his trademark. They are so HIM!

  124. He should keep them. He rocks them like no one else can! Love Chris, his is an inspiration to me.

  125. Chris should not ditch the black socks because I think he’s the only one to make black high socks look cool! Living in AZ, the heat is too much for me to entertain the idea of high socks, so I’ll let Chris wear them for me!! Besides he rocks that look and I hate it when guys wear high socks!

  126. First thing he likes them it’s in his routine why change it. It’s like me telling you to wear all cotton socks you know the reason you don’t so you don’t. They benefit him emotional and physical he is comfortable don’t take that away. So what it’s not a fashion statement to him they are just fine. Don’t fix what is not broken that’s it in a nut shell.

  127. I would love to win these to try them out! Black socks make him look like a basketball player πŸ™‚

  128. Lone black socks – they match my shoes and usually my pants! White socks are a pain to get clean too

  129. I think Chris Powell is an amazing person that helps explain a lot about work out tips as well as you Heidi Powell. I think Chris Powell should keep those black high socks cause to me they would stay in place and plus no foot pain or problems with your workout of the days. I am a runner on the treadmill and outside too. I have the cotton socks that I wear for my workouts. I would love to have a pair that I don’t have to stop to pull them up cause they sag. Plus I haven’t gotten any blisters yet but I’d rather prevent that from happening. Plus I get the moisture issue too. Sometimes my feet do hurt as well too that’s usually after I am done with my trainer. If I were to meet you and your husband Chris and if I would see those socks right in front of me then I would say I would like to own a pair like that too. I think his socks rule. That’s the reason why I think he should keep them. Thanks

  130. Awesome tips!! The pro knows best. Who cares about other people’s comments on them. :)) if they help, then i’m willing to try em too.

  131. Good Information, To choose socks is more practical than any other. If Chris use black, there is a reason, but to shake things a little, he can try to mix things a little, probably with Gray, or Dark gray so Chris can stay still on his comfort zone.

  132. I didn’t know that these helped so much with sweaty feet etc. I ALWAYS just kept from buying them because of the price. Now i need to stock up for hubby!! πŸ™‚ keep then chris!

  133. Rock em out Chris!!

    Im a diabetic who has 2 foot sugeries due to blisters that went bad…. i am very careful about my shoes but really never thought about my socks…, thank you so much for the secret to happy tootsies how to…… CHRIS SEND ME SOME SOCKS! Love you and Hedi thank you for keeping me going on my weight loss journey!

    Rachel Kimble

  134. I’m a runner and crossfitter and agree 100% that Chris should keep his socks……as a running coach the first thing I speak to my students about even before starting with any running program is the important of sock/shoes….As a crossfitter I learned the hard way about wearing long sock……my shin can attest to that during our WOD (deadlifts) and my calf coming down from a rope……now it’s a given on crossfit day……I would rather people laugh or comment then me have to go thru another painful shower from rope burn…..Chris Keep doing what you are doing…….

  135. He knows his feet and what is comfortable to him, keep ’em! Maybe just dont wear them to the grocery store or out for dinner!! j/k πŸ™‚

  136. He?d better not ditch those black socks (as long as he washes them often enough, of course ;)).

    However, it would be an interesting expierence to see Chris in the pink pair.

  137. I can’t believe I’m only just recently getting into good socks for exercise. I’ve been a dancer all my life, so the right shoes were always important, but I never considered what went inside the shoe besides toe tape (for pointe).

  138. No way should Chris ditch those black socks! I have learned this year with my son in school now that it is much easier to keep black socks clean. So for those sandy beach workouts, or playground workouts, black is the way to go!

  139. Keep the socks! It’s his personality and no one should be embarrassed by what makes them who they are! This is a small thing but it is part of who he is.

  140. KEEP THE SOCKS! Do what works for you! Thanks for the tips, I’m going sock shopping this weekend for me and my daughter. My good socks seem to disappear.

  141. Rock the socks! I played college ball and we wore shorts at practice with our baseball socks rolled down half way. Ive rocked the high socks ever since!

  142. Keep them! He’s not only talking the talk, he’s walking the walk and leading by example πŸ™‚

  143. Chris, I’m a CrossFitter as well and have been asked many times why I wear the black socks. Functional AND awesome looking…FACT. Keep it up Chris.

  144. I’ve done this for years and totally agree, who cares what the fashion wanna be’s have to say. I love my socks and I’m not trading them because of someone else’s opinion. So Chris what ever floats your boat, πŸ™‚ (I like to throw in a little color sometimes to switch things up) πŸ™‚

  145. “Once you go black you never go back” When I work out my whole body is to the point of being numb except for my feet… I need to see
    what these socks are about!

  146. I think Chris should definitely NOT ditch his black socks. They make him feel good and they serve a purpose, so who cares what other people think! Do what’s right for you!!

  147. Reason to ditch them: The gross, disgusting, black toe jam you get from the sock fibers! Ick!

  148. Question- is there a reason he like his socks to be a certain length? When I wear my everyday colored/patterned socks, I have a max where they can come up on my leg.

  149. Keep the socks! Black goes with almost every outfit you wear! Plus when they get dirty you can’t see the dirt! It’s a guy thing!

  150. Keep the black socks! I think he may start a new trend. I might have to go out and buy me some new black workout socks so I can say, I’m just like Chris Powell.

  151. Keep the socks! You like them and obviously have good reasons so who cares what anybody else thinks.

  152. Although, I wear bright colors, I tend to wear black or white running socks. I save my colored/patterned socks for everyday wear.

  153. At first I thought he looked funny wearing wthose black socks. But now that I do crossfit I totally understand why he wears them! Deadlifts are brutal especially if you are doing them with you shins exposed!
    He should be the face of high socks!

  154. I love Chris’ socks. To me, it reminds me of vintage/old school. It is as if the socks are his trademark. We all have them. I use to always wear a zip up while working out until just last month. I challenge him to wear some bright colors for special occasions or causes πŸ™‚

  155. He’d better not ditch those black socks (as long as he washes them often enough, of course ;)).

    However, it would be an interesting expierence to see Chris in the pink pair.

  156. Don’t ditch the socks! They’re a Chris Powell statement! It’s my CP motivation to run when I feel lazy and embarrassed on my “fat days”. If he can rock black socks like a boss, I can run even on my “fat days”. Thanks CP!

  157. I think he should keep them if he likes them, it’s not for us to decide what he does! I pay more attention to what he is doing and teaching all of us! I admire him for going above and beyond to help people be one healthier and changing lives for the better!

  158. I do CrossFit and know the importance of the high socks! Don’t ditch them, Chris!!

  159. Chris should wear the black socks, especially during crossfit, to protect his legs from rope burns while climbing the rope.

  160. Chris should wear them. I am a home hospice nurse so I am in and out of my car daily. So wearing socks like Chris helps with better circulation and helps keep the lower extremities from swelling. Don’t stop wearing them Chris!!!!

  161. I think those black socks belong with a pair of dress pants. I just don’t like the look. I also only like short socks for workouts.

  162. I think Chris should keep them! This is the tiny touch who makes him special, as much as he can be for the people he helped to save their lives.

  163. If Chris thinks those black socks are lucky, then they are lucky and we all should respect that.

  164. He should keep the black socks! Black captures more heat, triggering more heat in the body and burning an extra calorie or two! (I’m kidding around, but he might as well keep them!)

  165. I think Chris should continue wearing those black socks! Those are just one, tiny thing that reflects his individuality.

  166. I love the tall sock look, keep up the good work Chris,
    in your tall black socks, your changing lives everywhere!!!

  167. With all those health benefits of those particular socks – WHY would anyone NOT like them? – I’m just getting into the running thing and don’t have the proper socks to wear – I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! You guys rock individually and as a couple πŸ™‚

  168. I think Chris shouldn’t ditch the black socks. … at least he’s not wearing sock garters!!!!! If they work for him during workouts, then that’s great. … but while not working out, he should go with some classic no-show socks!

  169. this are the best sock!! I need some in my life!!! He should KEEP them!! they go with who he is the person we all know and come to love! Rock those socks!!! make them proud!

  170. I never have paid attention to his socks. I pay more attention to the information he has. What does it matter what socks he wears???/ Everyone has a preference to the length, and colors. Personally I match my sock to what ever I am wearing. Keep up the good work Chris, you do great things to help people and I love your show!!!!!

  171. I never paid any attention to them until this blog. But seems to me he could wear whatever he wants. But he would look super cute, with a super cute pair of bright colored socks. πŸ™‚

  172. I think Chris should keep wearing them! It’s all about comfort! Chris will look good wearing anything. Who is looking at his socks, anyway?!

  173. Chris should keep on rockin! Not everything is a fashion statement, but I can admit he pulls them off. Plus after following you guys for a while, I know your ALWAYS on the move. They probably help him tremendously.

  174. Chris should NOT ditch those socks. They are his trademark! Everyone who is familiar with Chris knows that he always has his black socks (and I notice, what appear to be, camo shorts).
    And, he should keep them for no other reason than that’s what HE wants to wear. What a great lesson for our kids!

  175. LOVE to Crossfit!!! I agree with your reasons there!!! HOWEVER can’t you wear “normal” length socks when you are NOT working out?!?!?! Just saying, it is so sexy to look at strong calves. Not black caves! Have a GREAT weekend!


  176. I don’t think he should ditch the black ones, but turn it up a notch every now and then with some of the other great styles available.

    Live on the edge Chris!!

  177. Keep rockin’ those socks, Chris! They look great and serve a great function!!! πŸ™‚

  178. I think Chris should keep them! I see may runners and cross fitters wearing them now. I think he looks good no matter how high his socks are!! Maybe some other colors would be good too? lol πŸ™‚

  179. I always thought Chirs’ socks were just a silly anti-fashion guy thing, but now after reading this, I totally want a pair of great work out socks! I’m always pulling my socks up while walking or working out and never even thought that there were socks specifically designed to help! Keep the socks dude, and then send me a pair or two!

  180. HE Should wear them!. Its not Chris without them, and when your not feeling like yourself, your day isn’t so great!. Ha

  181. I think Chris should keep wearing them. When. You find something that works, keep it up!!
    Thanks for all you do.

  182. Chris should NOT ditch those black socks! Only real warriors know how important good socks are AND can pull them off, no matter how crazy they look! My Crossfit hubby often wears hot pink knee socks to the box just because of how they fit & protect his legs (they were originally from a breast cancer awareness run)!

  183. Chris should keep his black socks. It really doesn’t matter if anyone likes or dislikes his black socks all that matters is what Chris likes to wear and if it is black socks then I say wear them!!

  184. Chris you need to keep the black socks !! They are a pure staple in your workout gear !!

  185. Black socks are the way to go! White socks are prohibited in my house. Seriously? They stay white for about 1.4 seconds. My kid would run outside wearing only socks, and she’d come in with green grass stained or brown dirt stained sock bottoms!! I HATE cotton socks because they lose their shape at the toe and get all baggy and gross looking! Kudos Chris! High five on your sock choice!! ?

  186. Chris should definitely NOT ditch the black socks. Being a Dad, he’s making the whole ‘Dad wearing black socks’ thing look cool! And it’s now his trademark.

  187. I think Chris and all of us should wear what, makes us happy, and therefore, keep them socks Chris!

  188. I think he should keep the socks, since having the proper ones is so important. Besides, the only thing with fashion is you just have to confidently rock whatever you decide to put on, inevitably some will love it and some will hate so you may as well wear whatever you like

  189. I think Chris looks good in them, and I’d love to see my hubby look just as good as him while he is working out. Pick me and I’ll give them to my husband for Father’s Day!!! πŸ˜‰

  190. Honestly.. I never paid attention to his socks. I am always listening keenly to what he is teaching on his show to grab tips to apply to my own life transformation. Being on such a tight budget and doing this whole healthy lifestyle change naturally, anything I can learn from him is new and exciting to me. Now that I look at the socks.. it is just Chris and I like them! So be it! If I get some new socks out of this for my upcoming 5k’s that will excite me. If not, I will wear what I have and make do!!

  191. These black socks of him remind me of my husband socks when it’s summer. No matter the socks. Only the man who is in matter.

  192. I don’t think Chris should ditch the socks because he likes them,they serve his purpose and most of all: this article influenced me to want to try them. Thanks!

  193. Chis is a manly man and can carry off ANY style choice he chooses. I say he keeps his black socks! πŸ™‚

  194. If it works for chris he should keep it the same! Nothing wrong with a lucky pair of socks!

  195. Hey if I had legs like Chris I wear black socks too. Even black socks don’t make him a bad Lookin guy.
    Keep wearing the black socks. And thanks for keeping us motivated

  196. I LOVE Chris’s socks…I don’t know how to describe his “look” but it reminds me of boys playing baseball in the streets way back in the day with their knickers and knee highs…LOL!!! So its the man’s version of being a kid!?! If they were white high socks it would just look W.E.I.R.D…as would ankle socks. Besides I can’t tell you enough how many times I have scrapped my shins from the barbell doing DL’s, Cleans, etc….WEAR YO SOCKS MAN!!!

  197. My shins take a horrible beating every time I deadlift, clean, or snatch. It seems like I have permanent sores that break open every time I even brush up against a barbell! I say KEEP the black socks, they’re definately a necessisity for CrossFit, especially the rope climbs!

  198. Keep the black socks it goes with the black shirt he came up with that says “Got Carbs””, plus a good pair of black socks should be in every ones dresser.

  199. I think Chris is tooooo cute in his black socks! So much better than white tube socks with red stripes! Plus, it gives us a glimpse of how he’ll look in 40-50 years with his Bermuda shorts and sandals on with his black socks! Lol

  200. I think chris should keep his black socks because 1. Black goes with anything 2. Supports his muscles in those sexy legs 3. He likes them and is comfortable in them so why change something you love?

  201. First, sorry if my english is bad, but…
    Chris should not wear them! Like the rest of the clothes he wears. With a body like that, he should never wear clothes. Let’s be honest, girls (and boys). πŸ˜‰

    Haha, seriously I think Chris should keep them. I love his black socks and they are “perfectly imperfect”.

  202. I don’t want to live in a world where Chris Powell doesn’t wear black socks! LOL

  203. I think Chris should NOT get rid of his black socks, however, I feel that even though he knows all the benefits of all the other socks, to try out a pair of the other ones that you have mentioned here, and keep track of which ones (besides his black ones that he always wears) he will wear during his WOD’s that do not include box jumps or dead drops or rope climbs…..

    This might help him realize that he truly does benefit (or not benefit) from wearing or not wearing the black socks all 365 days of the year…..

  204. I love working out, and I also wear those tall black socks πŸ™‚ if you are going to workout, you need to be totally comfortable or you are not going to want to keep up the high intensity! I think that if you are comfortable then it shouldn’t matter what you wear. πŸ™‚ More power to you Chris! Rock those tall black socks!

  205. Definitely a Chris “trademark.” If they help him do what he wants to get done, I say who cares how they look!

  206. Keep the black socks, black wont show how dirty they are(not sure if that a good thing or a bad thing)

  207. I think Chris should keep them! It’s like his signature saying who he is and I love it! He shouldn’t change who he is! I would love some too personally! πŸ™‚

  208. Well, if they help you not get injured/hurt, then he better keep wearing them! I think I better get me a pair so I can see what you guys are talking about.

  209. This was one of the first things I noticed about Chris lol. It’s kind of like his trademark!! My roommate actually wears tall black socks and mentioned one day, “Hey look CP isn’t the only one who wears black socks!” lol Miss you two!

  210. I think you and Chris are inspirational. I have recently about 4 weeks got off my butt and started taking control of my life I didn’t meet the guidelines for his show because I only have to lose 90 pounds and I am already down 35.

  211. Keep the socks! If it ain’t broke and they are working for you then keep them! I think your feet are very important and should be taken well care of. Take it from someone who’s father lost both if his!
    If your feet hurts then your heart hurts.

  212. I say keep the socks! Function beats fashion every time, and now that they’re his trademark look they’ve become fashion too πŸ™‚

  213. My husband & I both love wearing black socks & now our kids are wanting them too so we say that Chris should keep his high black socks they make him unique!

  214. He wears them and its his signature look, and he looks great. Keep it up and keep makking people happy and healthy

  215. They look like the socks my granddad wore with his sandals……. πŸ˜‰
    BUT – as a runner, I appreciate the need for the right socks. So rock the black socks, Chris!

  216. I think Chris should stick with his black socks. He shows that he is not in the market to advertise the clothes and just look stylish, he is on a fitness mission. Go Chris and Heidi!

  217. My husband loves the black socks too! So I say keep them…but if they have holes (men have problems with throwing away hole-y socks) then chuck em and get new ones!

  218. Rope climbs and box jumps are two big reasons Chris should keep his socks! and if something makes someone feel good/secure then they should never give it up! πŸ™‚

  219. I think Chris should keep the black socks! Besides going with almost anything, they get the job done! πŸ™‚

  220. I say he wears what he wants to! Ain’t nobody got time to be thinking about what socks someone is wearing!

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