Staycation is the New Vacation!

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Spring break is finally here and it?s time to take the perfect vacation! You?re going to love me when I tell you how you can do this while cutting your vacation budget in half, and doubling your quality pool-lounging time with the kiddos :-).

How, you ask? With a staycation! A staycation is a vacation, but instead of traveling far, you stay in your same town! Forget spending a whole day of travel to your destination, and a whole day of travel home. Go local and save that time to be spent with the family! Another perk ? lots of $$$ saved on the airfare and/or gas!

Every year, Chris and I plan at least one staycation for our family to enjoy. We pack the family up, load in the car, and drive no more than 20 miles to the resort with the best deal that time of year. Three days and two nights later, we come home feeling like we just took a tropical vacation: refreshed, bonded as family, and happy we kept it close to home :-).

Try it out this spring break, and you won?t regret it!

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