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It’s Storytime with EWL’s Bruce Pitcher!

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Bruce Almighty.

Yes, he is deserving of this name, and I have no doubt you’d agree. It isn?t often I meet people like Bruce, people who shine so brightly and intensely that you can?t help but strive to live the best life possible after a moment of being around them. Bruce truly is one of a kind.

From the moment I met Bruce, I knew he was going to change the world. Over the course of the year, I got lucky enough to bond with Bruce in some pretty incredible ways. Chris and I may have been his rock at times?like after a bad weigh in, before his dad?s parole hearing, or when navigating him through his own personal struggles along the journey?but Bruce was our rock many times too. I can guarantee if you ask him about a time he will never forgot from this past year, he will tell you about the time (I?m laughing as I type this) that I went to pick him up from Matix?s football game (he was coaching). Little did Bruce know when he got in that car that he had entered a war zone. Chris and I had just gotten in the most ridiculous fight ever that ended in me kicking him out of the car and Chris running home 3 miles (to prove a point, of course). When Bruce got in the car, I had Chris on the phone via headset trying to make sure he was safe (but to still prove my point, lol).? I was trying to mask the fight that had just gone down with a newly softened tone. But before too long, and after a few words from Chris (that Bruce couldn?t hear), I was in tears and we were both using Bruce as our marital mediator. Oh my gosh? if it weren?t for Bruce knowing when to say the right things?or when not to say anything at all? we wouldn?t have patched it up so quickly.

While it wasn?t so funny then, it?s one of our favorite things to laugh about with Bruce now. Hahah?welcome to the Powell Pack, Bruce!

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Oh boy?to say the least, Bruce knows the ins and outs, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows of the Powell Pack. He loves us unconditionally just like he does everybody else, and I?ve never met a better example of someone who loves unconditionally in his life like Bruce does. This was demonstrated by the heart-wrenching speech he gave his dad during the parole hearing, and I wish each and every one of you could have been there to witness the emotion in the room that day.

There is so much of his story that couldn?t be told in last night?s episode, and so much of his amazingness that you weren’t able to see. You see, Bruce isn?t just a person, he is an experience! And these experiences filled his year with us, and no doubt will continue on with us for life. That being said, this isn?t the last time you?ll hear the name Bruce Almightly from my mouth.

Bruce, we love you like family. You were meant to live the life you are living?the tough times, the good times, the easy times, and the brutal times?and I firmly believe all of this happened for a reason. You are here to inspire, motivate, and bless this world, not only at this time in your young life, but for as long as you live. Chris and I know this.

We love you, Bruce.

Chris and Heidi

You can find more Bruce on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!



If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual abuse, it’s never too late to get help. Contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE or visit to talk with a RAINN staff member. You are not alone!



28 Responses

  1. Hi Heidi!
    You have so many AWESOME blogs! But, I came across this post & I can’t agree more! Bruce is passionate, he’s dedicated, he truly cares, he’s no frills, & he’s transformed! I can see he was lucky to meet you both, & you both are so lucky to have met Bruce! It was meant to be!! πŸ™‚ I want to thank you for all that you’ve passed onto & lite the fire in Bruce, because he’s doing it right! I just slipped off my plan for 5 days , but I’m back on track now thanks to Bruce’s words! That 5 days could have turned into a couple month ice cream bender! I’m truly believing again, & I’m also believing what Bruce, You, & Chris say: “We’re the ones doing the work!” Thank you!
    Best wishes,
    Wendy Rowe Feldman

  2. I don’t usually post comments but I have to regarding this episode on Bruce. He is absolutely the most authentic, spirited, brave, awe-inspiring, motivational person I’ve ever seen. His story is one of courage and fortitude and I’ll never forget it. I could recognize the Bruce was someone special the moment I saw him in his episode. Truly transformational!

    1. Some things, some people just stick in our hearts long after the moment. All of the EWL show transformations are inspiring and fun to watch, but Bruce’s life story and life journey was just so awesome. His giant heart, now filled with joy instead of pain, continues to make me smile. I’ll forever remember his courage and maturity during the moments of that parole hearing scene–unscripted, authentic and raw. Sweetest, most satisfying end to the story is that all of you are still so close, makes it even more authentic!!

      You guys are all supercalifragilistic!

  3. My husband and I have watched the show for a long time. My husband has a military career that involves doing investigations on crimes filled with horrible things. He is a tough guy but he bawled through that entire episode! What an inspiration Bruce is and such a light in this world. While sometimes we think all we see is bad out there, we can be reminded that there is so much good too! Thank you and Chris for bringing out the good in the world and showing it on TV!

  4. The most inspiring weight loss success story! I know Bruce will keep the weight off and leave all the awful thoughts behind him. I am certain that if I stay focused like Bruce and work hard,I can be successful too! Heidi and Chris, your loving, but firm approach gets results. You both are exactly what I need!

  5. He was a true inspiration I have a lot of things in common with him and he inspired me to be strong and change my life.

  6. Bruce’s episode was just absolutely awesome!!!! What a great person he is! You can feel his enthusiasm for life, through the television!!!
    Also, Heidi, I just love how “real” you are! You & Chris are adorable, and obviously very successful. Reading your little stories in this blog, reminds me , your such a real down to earth person , and just an everyday couple that also argues like any other couple! Xox thanks for that.

  7. This is my favorite episode ever! Bruce was absolutley amazing. I would love to know how Bruce kicked his pop habit. I think that the show is incredible, and its all I can talk about the next day at work. Thank you so much for the inspiration, I appreciate it!

    1. Hi Jill: One of the most important tools Chris and Heidi use with every single client is to have them make and keep a promise to themselves every single day. It’s a huge key to achieving any transformation! Learn about the process here:

  8. Everyone has a story behind why they have gained weight…what pushes them to lose weight…why they are who they are. Listening to Bruce’s story was so inspirational. Even being 200 pounds overweight…to have the insight and outlook on life that he had AT 29 YEARS OLD completely floored me. It was amazing to see his emotional transformation throughout his journey. He is definitely one that will continue to make a difference in the lives of his players. Keep rockin’ Bruce!! And to Heidi & Chris…you 2 are beyond amazing, as well. I love seeing how you work with the individuals and help them break down their barriers for them to realize what the root cause is of their obesity. As an ex-personal trainer…in that profession, you are as much a therapist as you are a “body transformationist”. : )

  9. I want to thank you not just for how both of you transform lives, but your honesty. It is not often that people even acknowledge fighting with their spouse or not looking beautiful the moment you wake up. I love that you acknowledge these things. That is rare, and it is one of the reasons I love the show. Both you and Chris seem to be genuine and sincere, and not actually compromising yourselves for the show. Thank you

  10. I love the show. I am currently working on losing weight too, and get highly motivated by watching the episodes as the come available on youtube while working out….I am in South Africa and this is the only way to watch.
    Every time I want to stop running, I push myself by saying that if they can , so can I…
    Thank you to You and Chris for motivating the world to get fit πŸ™‚

  11. Bruce is very inspiring and this episode is the best one yet! It’s also inspiring to see Chris and Heidi change peoples lives. You are both so genuine and I admire you both for your hard work and dedication. I love your show and look forward to it every week.

  12. I watch EWL every week and the transformations always touch and inspire me, however Bruce’s story touched me more than the others have. I’m on my own weight-loss journey I’m down 84 lbs over the last year and have about another 130 to get to my goal weight. Seeing all he has been through and his amazingly positive attitude even when it looked like life was at it hardest has motivated me that no matter what you push through and just keep going cause the end is worth it ! Congrats Bruce! All your hard work has paid off!

  13. Bruce is an incredible human being. We watched him go from a broken boy to a strong man. Standing up in court & speaking his truth, set his soul free. I’m so proud of him. He’s courageous beyond words. He will take the world by storm & change lives!! GO BRUCE!!

  14. It was great to see you both pick a person who not only needed your help, but was truly deserving of it and pushed himself every step of the way! Bruce is the man he is in spite of the abuse he endured; that makes him even more special. I can truly understand and was moved my his journey. Congrats Bruce; only amazing things are ahead for you.

  15. Bruce inspired and amazed me. I also tweeted last night to say, as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, he has done unbelievably well in using this platform to create awareness. Thanks to you and Chris as well for helping so many. Bless the Powell Pacl !

  16. You would not even know he is the same person from then and now. He looks amazing totally amazing. I am Do so happy for him. He is by far my favorite from all of the transformations. He never gave up and continued the hard work throughout the year Love him.

  17. I was in tears the whole episode. Bruce is so amazing and brave. Being someone who has been in the same kind of situation, it made me so proud to watch him be brave and stand up for himself.

  18. Bruce is infectious! I love him and I don’t even know him. Truly inspiring man. He looks pretty hot too!

  19. I love love love how your family embraces the people on the show. You don’t just have a show, you have a life and you can see that by the amazing results you get. I’m so thankful that Bruce was chosen and given another chance at a happy life! Plus he’s gorgeous πŸ˜‰
    Thank you and Chris for your huge hearts and willingness to pour in to people! Best “transformation” to date most definitely!

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