Extreme Weight Loss: Johnjay and Rich Edition

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These boys, I tell ya’. Put them together and you never know what you’re gonna’ get! They’re up to no good again…just going around making fun of themselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Extreme Weight Loss spoof is hilarious. Thanks for making us all laugh, boys!


14 Responses

  1. Oh I have the real thing. Come on …..ride your bike over to us. Over here in Peoria. I hafe the Dutchman here that for real thinks that way lol

  2. JJ&R are hilarious! My favorite radio show! Add you to the mix, and it’s EPIC! Love the vein GPS!

  3. My son, James, 6-years old, thought that the part about getting your “fit ON or your fit OFF” part was funny. When Chris said, ” what does that even MEAN?” Was when he busted out laughing!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Melissa and James

  4. So funny. Rich works out in my OTF class sometimes… He kicks butt. Chris- We love you and Heidi!

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