EWL Commercial Break Burner!!



Torn between making time for your favorite show and still having enough time to get a work out in? Just combine the two!! The average 2 hour television program has about 36 minutes of commercials. If you simply jog in place at each commercial break of EWL tonight, you will have burned 327 calories by the end of the show! 327 calories is enough to burn off that cup of ice cream you ate last night! Now, I dare YOU to run during every commercial break with me tonight. Come back tomorrow and claim your bragging rights in the comments if you stepped up and jogged during every single commercial! Good luck!!

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  1. I’m usually so inspired by the show that I HAVE to do some physical activity during the commercials. And sometimes I do whatever exercise y’all are are doing on the show while you do it.
    Thank you for being such wonderfully loving and encouraging people 🙂

  2. We recently went on a roadtrip across Montana. Hours of driving…literally 3-4 hours at a time. I was getting bummed about not getting a good workout in…until I discovered I could work my abs and core by contracting different muscle groups while just sitting there and driving. LOL

    Workout anytime anywhere. LOL

  3. Can’t wait to do this during tonight’s episode. You and Chris inspire my boyfriend and I so much. We hope to start a training program locally some day.

  4. Ive actually thought about doing something in between, like lunges or something, this is the only time I get during the week it seems to do anything and I just sit there during commercials waiting for the show to return…my only addiction.

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