EWL Commercial Break Burner!!

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Torn between making time for your favorite show and still having enough time to get a work out in? Just combine the two!! The average 2 hour television program has about 36 minutes of commercials. If you simply jog in place at each commercial break of EWL tonight, you will have burned 327 calories by the end of the show! 327 calories is enough to burn off that cup of ice cream you ate last night! Now, I dare YOU to run during every commercial break with me tonight. Come back tomorrow and claim your bragging rights in the comments if you stepped up and jogged during every single commercial! Good luck!!

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  1. Commercial break challenge, great idea and exercise! I jogged each commercial break and burned 345 calories, which is more than the calories I ate for dinner! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. I am sooo running tonight during the Debates!!!!!! Especialy when Donald Trump starts taking the oxygen out of the air. haha

  3. Never thought about this….great idea! I just ordered a new stepper from Amazon and I think I am going to step during commercial breaks! Thanks for this great idea!

  4. I accept the challenge plus I will do jumping jacks during some commercials. It will not only be your show but all tv shows I watch.

  5. I dragged my mini trampolene out of the closet last night and jogged on it during every commercial except for the first one. Amazing how much longer the commercials seem. LOL

  6. I missed this last night, but I figured this is something I could do with ANY show I watch, right? And…. does jogging on a mini-trampoline count?

  7. I earned my bragging rights last night. So pumped!! Great show as always!! Can’t believe I was jogging in place @ 11 pm east coast time! Ready for the next challenge!!!

  8. I did a run/walk combo on the treadmill for 1st hour of the show. Then some TRX exercises during commercial breaks.

  9. I stepped up got of my booty and did it! My lil pedometer says I managed right at 4500 steps. Found myself pushing every commercial to get in more steps than the last break. Got to get myself back in shape. Thanks Heidi for this challenge it’s what I needed!

  10. That was a fun challenge and worked up a sweat!! Hope to do more every week!! Love watching the show and being able to work out “with” them! Love Heidi and Chris!!

  11. My wife and I did a different exercise each commercial break.
    Air Squats
    Jog in place
    Lateral shuffle
    Walking Lunges
    Kb lateral shoulder raises
    Sit up
    Karaoke shuffle
    Push ups
    Bear crawls
    Duck walks

  12. My TV treadmill trick is brisk walking during the show (so I don’t miss anything) then jogging during commercials! I can only keep going for 3 commercials at a time right now but hope to be able to run the whole commercial break by the end of this EWL season!

  13. I took your advice and I jumped on my treadmill and started my dvr and turned on extreme weightloss!!! I ran and walked for 1hour on the treadmill.. 600 calories and 4 miles. Fast forwarding thru the commercials almost to the end on the show. Yippie!!! Thank you for always being an inspiration.

  14. I ran every commercial break last night, so proud of myself. I normally hate to run but I find the lighter I get the easier it is. I even ran two miles on the treadmill this morning at the gym without stopping. Thanks for the push I needed. You rock.

  15. I would like to do this next week. I just saw this so I did not do it this week. This will be a goal for me.


  16. I forgot to reply last night! With my 15 month old happily trying to run beside me, I ran every commercial break πŸ™‚ normally I do some form (s) of exercise during commercial breaks so this was fun

  17. This was so much fun to do every commercial break I felt so accomplished after. I even got my mom and her boyfriend to do the challenge with me. If a 16 year old can do this so can anyone. <3

  18. I did it! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep going every single break, but when I saw Sara finish her Marathon, I knew I could do it! And, I feel great this morning!

    1. Only not jogging…I’m in a wheelchair, but there are plenty of other exercises I can do.

  19. I am bragging know … loved this challenge!!! Half way thru my 72 yr old dad even started with me!! Thank you Dad for the support!! I plan on using this at least once a week as I do watch one program once a week and that EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS . when the season is done I’ll watch reruns!
    Started Chris’s LC HC plan this week, so far so good!

    Thank you!

  20. Can we do this next week because I just saw this and have missed over half of the commercial time. I’ll do it next week but I wanna be able to brag!!!

  21. Aspiring to be a personal trainer, Challenge accepted! Also going to try to get my mom and her boyfriend to do it as well. 16 years old in good shape going to give it a shot.

  22. I kid you not, as I’m watching in my hotel room right now, I’m timing commercials to write a commercial break workout plan for my blog. Then I saw this!! Oh Heidi, ten steps ahead. #stillgonnawriteit πŸ™‚

  23. I’m usually on my elliptical during the show! πŸ™‚ I am currently on week 9 of the carb cycle schedule in Chris’s book Choose to Lose! I’m loving it and am getting a waist again plus building muscle!

    1. I just started the carb cycling. I wish I could find people to talk to t:hat are doing it since I am doing this alone.

  24. I DVR the shop and watch it on the treadmill (and fast forward commercials:)) but I will take the challenge and jog during commercials of the shows my hubby watches!

  25. I worked out before the show started!!! With DVR’s who watches commercials these days!!!! Not me! Can’t wait for the show to start!

  26. usually i do arm exercises during the commercials and show tonight i will jog on commercials and arm weights during the show. πŸ™‚

  27. Heidi, I don’t understand the 327 calories!! I thought a 150 lbs person burned an average of 100 calories a mile, I can’t imagine that running in place for 18 minutes burns as much. Especially when running 3 miles takes, to most of us, a lot longer than 18 minutes! Can you explain? I will be on the treadmill watching the first hour of EWL tonight! I have been doing that during the last episodes and it is really inspirational, it got me through my long run once -all 8.5 miles of it!

    1. This 327 calorie figure was just an example. The exact number of calories you’ll burn depends on your body weight. Happy jogging! πŸ™‚

  28. I love this! I workout during commercial breaks and my children (11 and 1) join along. My husband sits there…I’m going to share this with him because it backs me up! πŸ™‚

  29. If my eldest requests me at her bedside, I doubt I’ll be able to jog during every commercial break, but I’m willing to try!

  30. It’s a good idea, but how did you come up with 327 calories?? I usually
    figure about 100 calories a mile, and there’s no way I can jog over 3 miles in 18 minutes.

    1. This 327 calorie figure was just an example. The exact number of calories you’ll burn depends on your body weight. Happy jogging! πŸ™‚

  31. Another tip: When you are watching TV and need to use the restroom, always walk/jog to the farthest one from your position. For me, that’s an extra 120 steps round trip!

  32. I’m usually so inspired by the show that I HAVE to do some physical activity during the commercials. And sometimes I do whatever exercise y’all are are doing on the show while you do it.
    Thank you for being such wonderfully loving and encouraging people πŸ™‚

  33. We recently went on a roadtrip across Montana. Hours of driving…literally 3-4 hours at a time. I was getting bummed about not getting a good workout in…until I discovered I could work my abs and core by contracting different muscle groups while just sitting there and driving. LOL

    Workout anytime anywhere. LOL

  34. Can’t wait to do this during tonight’s episode. You and Chris inspire my boyfriend and I so much. We hope to start a training program locally some day.

  35. Ive actually thought about doing something in between, like lunges or something, this is the only time I get during the week it seems to do anything and I just sit there during commercials waiting for the show to return…my only addiction.

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