Rad Boy, Rad Shirt!


This shirt! I don’t think a more appropriate one exists for my Cashy boy. RAD, he is indeed. And here is why:

1. Cash makes Daddy proud as our little patriot. He learned the National Anthem AND “God Bless America” by the age of 2! Most adults (myself included) have a hard time with these words!

2. Avocados and egg whites are some of his favorite foods! #luckymom

3. If you spend a day with Cash, he will surely proclaim his love for you at least 15 times. He’ll also tell you a handful of times how “norgeous” (gorgeous) you are. Clearly, Daddy teaches him well.

4. When we stop to talk to anyone at all, Cash is sure to extend his hand for a handshake and say, “Nice to meetchu!” to whomever it is! He’s quite the personable character :).

5. Cash has more rhythm than a 3-year-old should ever have. His hip shaking rivals Shakira, I believe.

6. He is ridiculously smart and annunciates his words clearer than I do!! At the ripe old age of 3, he uses phrases like, “Mmmm, Mmmmmm!!! Delicioso!” and “What…is dat AMAZING smell, Mommy?” or “Let me give you an EPIC kiss!” Ahhh…love him!

7. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around this little man. No joke…just try it. I have YET to meet one person (even the grumpy man in the elevator in Hawaii last December) that Cash CANNOT crack a smile on!!! He could make even Scrooge happy.

8. He is SUCH a sweet brother to his siblings. “Ruby, you’re so cute…you’re my princess,” or “Mars, I love you,” or “Maggots (Matix), you’re da BEST BROTHER EVER!!!”

9. He lives life totally unfiltered. In an instant, and no matter who is watching…he will break into song, dance, or even hop into character and start reciting lines from his favorite shows. If only we were all so free-spirited. I hope this “confidence” never leaves him, no matter what others might say thoughout his life :).

10. Cash’s world is happy, funny and totally RAD. I’m grateful as a mommy that my little man lives in this place 24/7!

I know each and every one of our littles have RAD inside of them. Tell me in the comments below what make yours so RAD…

PS – Cents of Style?…you nailed it with this RAD shirt!?I’m buying 10…so we never run out :).



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  1. He is such a perfect little man, all your kids are! I’d love to meet ya’ll and shake his precious hand one day! Raising your kids right, Powell pack 🙂

  2. Cash is a mini Chris! I love what you wrote about your little boy. I too am blessed with children. Three amazing and very RAD kids Masters 13 and 11 and Miss 9. I currently have a cast on my leg with some pins holding bones together in my foot…. long story.. BUT suffice to say, my three “monkeys” have spent a majority of their summer looking after mum… getting me cups of tea, taking care of so much around here (won’t even get started on how RAD my husband has been during this time – heart of gold – love him)… Miss 9 has become the best salad maker ever and boys will do anything I ask of them without complaining – seriously! The best medicine is all the hugs and kisses and cuddles I always get and of course, I love you mum.. I know they are pushing it though when they tell me how beautiful I look… even when I have not washed my hair in a week and/or have a few dots of pimple cream on my face!!!!! Anyway, love your show – always inspirational!

  3. When my daughter was about 4 I said, “I wonder what the colors are like in your world.” She skipped by and said,”they’re pretty mommy, really pretty.” She is now 23 and the colors are still really pretty.

  4. I love this! My daughter has a super fun personality too that I hope she doesn’t lose! I might have to get her one…especially since I love the 80’s and the word Rad. My husband will just shake his head. 🙂

  5. I just adore this age!! Cash is so handsome. How I would love to meet this little dude! I don’t have any kids of my own yet but have been a nanny to many precious little boys-they hold a special place in my heart!

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