My Hair Secret: The How-To


A few months ago in my post, I Am (Still) Perfect…, I shared my best kept hair secret?not all of these blonde locks are mine! I was blessed with many of my dad?s features, one of them being fine, thin, and limp hair. While this hair is super cute on baby Ruby, it doesn?t feel very ?beautiful? on me. So to plump up and volumize my mane, I shamelessly use clip-in hair extensions!!! Who doesn?t love big hair?! Since I?ve outed myself, I?ve received many questions from readers about my extensions – how I wear them, how I conceal them, etc. So today I?m sharing my step-by-step tutorial on how I achieve the wavy, natural hair look with my not-so-natural hair ;).

What you’ll need:

Jilbere Professional Curling Iron
Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions ? I use 2 wefts, trimmed to desired length
Teasing comb (optional)
Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder
Bumble and Bumble Shine On


The How-to:

Step 1: Curl your natural hair according to the look you?re trying to achieve for the day. For me, that?s usually big, loose, curls. NOTE: You don?t have to curl?you can wear straight too. I just feel like loose curls hide the extensions better and give me some added volume.


Step 2: Curl your extensions to match your hair. I find it a lot easier if I have someone (sorry, Chris!) hold my extensions for me as I curl. Clipping them somewhere to hang freely while you curl works too.


Step 3: Part a lower layer of your hair in a U-shape, and clip the upper section of hair to your head. I?ve found that doing it in a U, as opposed to a straight line, helps to conceal those unsightly tracks.


Step 4: This step is optional! Tease the areas of your hair where you will be clipping the extensions, then clip the extensions in. This is easily done with either a teasing comb or a brush. I really only do this if I?m trying to achieve a bigger hair look or need my extensions to stay put for a long period of time. Otherwise, I just snap them into my hair, as is, to keep from any unnecessary damage.


Step 5:?Part a second layer of hair just a half inch or so above the first layer of extensions, and clip the upper layer of the hair to your head. Keeping the extensions near the bottom of your head will ensure your clip-ins won?t make an unwanted appearance. Repeat step 4: Tease (optional) and clip in extensions.


Step 6: After all of your hair wefts are clipped in, let down the remaining hair and curl a few pieces of your natural hair WITH your extensions to keep your hair from looking separate or unnatural.


Step 7: Once all your hair has been blended and curled, continue styling as you normally would. For important events, I usually tease the back a bit and add a little volumizing powder (I love Big Sexy Hair Powder Play) to give it a little extra lift. Once you’re finished, add a bit of Big Sexy Hair Spray, or whatever your fave is, to keep your look holding strong all day. Because I have some post-baby hair wisps in the front, I finish by spraying a little BB Shine into my hand and patting down the flyaways.

Step 8: Enjoy your new head of beautiful, full, voluminous hair!





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21 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing and being transparent. It’s easy to believe that celebrities are perfect and it’s encouraging to know that we ALL have to find a workaround with what We’ve been dealt through the gene lottery.

  2. Wow, I never knew you had hair extensions! You are beautiful inside & out! Locks or no locks, you will always be Heidi, and I love you! You inspire so many women in this world! Thank you, for sharing your secrets! Xo Reiko Xo :))

  3. Thank you Heidi!!! I have baby fine hair also and this information will help me. I Do have a question…where do you get the big wefts like the 2 you use? I got some but they were much smaller and about 7 of them and that’s too complicated for me, so they sit in my drawer.

  4. I too love your hair. I have thick, wavy, curly and frizzy hair. I have to either flat iron and then use hot curlers or pin it up Over heard people making fun of big hair! Since then I have tried to tame my mop. I have learned through many friends that people who criticize the way someone looks are either unhappy with themselves or just jealous. Thanks for letting me know that we all have to work for perfection and its worth it.

  5. Love it! I would have never guessed, but what a great idea for those of us with baby fine hair (sounds much better than thin hair, right?)! I swear, I have 3 hairs to my head and in order to make it look like I have at least 5, I have to gel it, spray it and tease the fire out it! This is perfect!!! Thanks Heidi!

  6. Thanks so much Heidi for demystifying what’s real and natural in your look from what is extra and enhanced. It’s helping me put things into perspective with my body image and setting realistic expectations and standards for myself vs. trying to continuously achieve a standard that can only be met with enhancements that I don’t have. I’m more forgiving of myself and my “flaws”.

    1. Really Deanna Elliott? How rude. She’s being transparent and honest and trying to give beauty advice. Blessed or not, you’re really just being prideful and rude and that inherits no blessings.

  7. Do you just use a few larger hair extension pieces or do you use shorter, smaller ones as well? Also, can you share what brand yours are? Thanks!!

  8. Hi! Thank you for the tutorial. I just bought a set myself and I too have thin, fine hair. When I bought my set, there are two three clip sets, two two clip sets and one four clip. How many clips are in the sets that you are using? And, how close to the temple do I put them? Thank you!

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