Black Friday Guide: Healthy + Fit Gifts!

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And the winners of the giveaways are…

Instagram – @supermears – Prize #1

Blog – Carla Holland Prize #2

youtube – Nancy Zibell Prize #3

Congrats!! Can’t wait to get you your gear! Please e-mail [email protected] with your address and information by Friday December 5th! If we do not receive your information by 11:59 pm AZ time on Friday, new winners will be chosen! Thank you!


Gearing up for some Black Friday fun? Before you head out to snag some killer deals this weekend, check out the video below for a sneak peek at Chris’ and my holiday gift guide! We’ve put together the ultimate gift basket for the loved ones in your life who are on their way to a healthier, more fit 2015!

The Transformation Kit Breakdown:

Blender Bottle

Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

Ello 24 oz Tritan Water Bottle

Reebok Speed Rope

Powell Perfect Bode Shake Bag

Reebok Pedometer

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook

Skinny Girl Water Enhancer

Crystal Light On-the-Go with Caffeine

BONUS!! Chris and I are in the mood to spread some holiday cheer, so we’re giving away everything in our transformation gift basket to YOU! It’s a triple threat giveaway: three separate prizes, three separate winners, on three separate social media platforms!

Prize #1 Includes:

Skinny Girl Water Enhancer??Crystal Light On-the-Go with Caffeine?Ello 24 oz Tritan Water Bottle?Crossfit Nano 4.0


Prize #2 Includes:

Blender Bottle??Powell Perfect Bode Shake Bag?and Reemo Spiral Journal


Prize #3 Includes:

iTunes $15 Gift Card, Calorie and Step Pedometer, Adjustable Speed Rope


To enter, head to my YouTube channel, Instagram, as well as leaving a comment in the section below telling me what your 2015 fitness goal is! You can enter one time on each platform now through Tuesday, December 2nd. One winner will be chosen from? Instagram, You Tube and my blog and announced right back here Wednesday morning! You’ll have to check back to find out where each prize is given. So, if you hope to win a specific one, be sure to vote on all three platforms! Good luck!!



726 Responses

  1. My 2015 goal is to continue on my weight loss journey towards my goal. I am down 64lbs and have a ways to go so I want to stay focused and committed as I move forward. I would love to try for the prize with the shake and the notebook. I am looking for a great shake for breakfast and would love to start journaling my journey. Love watching you guys and keeping up with y’all! Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  2. My GOAL is to lose my last 30 lbs so I will get down to 130 lbs. I was 197 lbs when I started my weight loss journey. My Goal is to continue high carb low carb days from the book you have written with your husband and to EXERCISE an Hour every day. This is for me so that I remember my goals so that I stay focused.

    1. I knew if I did not lose the extra weight I had that I would eventually keep eating unhealthily and become obese one day. Eating healthy has made such a huge different in my life. As for excerise I love to Zumba. Me and my family are losing together and I am excited to keep seeing results. Thank you Heidi and Chris for changing my life forever. Best thing to ever happen to me.

  3. My goal for 2015 is to make a promise to myself to make myself a priority. My husband and I will be welcoming our first child in March 2015. We both want to get healthy and lose weight. We have suffered two miscarriages along the way and I have ended up putting a lot of weight on after each loss. It is so important for us to get healthy not only for ourselves but for our baby boy. Here’s to 2015 and making dreams come true!!

  4. I just wan to make a commitment and stick with it. I want to make a change for my health and my children. I want to leave them a legacy, a future, a healthy future. I want to know about healthy habits and get rid off the old habits. I want to be able to go to the gym and complete a WOD without a problem and not to make an excuse why I couldn’t do a workout or why I didn’t go to the gym. I want to be strong and stay strong.

  5. My 2015 goal is for my husband and I to reach our personal fitness goals of losing the extra weight and toning our bodies, becoming healthy in general together with our kids to set them on the right path for their futures. My own little personal goal is to take better care of myself and take the time for mysel that it requires as I’m always putting myself and my needs last .

  6. Our first baby just turned one year old. My 2015 goal is to tone back up and to run a marathon post-baby. I love reading your comments and listening to your advice. Your marriage, parenting, and fitness coaching are truly inspirational. Thank you so much for your uplifting personalities!

  7. Thank you Heidi and Chris, and thank you to everyone putting their goals out there for all of us to see–all of you inspire me! My 2015 goals are to continue the journey back to health and fitness I started 3 months ago, including eating clean and going to the gym regularly. I will increase the number of days I exercise, increase the time and intensity of my workouts and work to build lean muscle. I know that focusing on fitness and health will have the added bonus of helping me lose inches (and probably weight, though I don’t get on a scale).

  8. For 2015, my husband and I are going to REALLY try to get healthy! We have your book, need to read it and get started.

  9. My goal for 2015 is to lose 180 pounds. I want to start clean eating and committing to working out four days a week! Thanks Powell Pack you are such and inspiration.

  10. Hi!! Love you guys! You are truly my inspiration to get healthy and be happier!! I am a mother of 2, and just turned 30. I set a goal to lose 30# by my 30th birthday and I did it! I want to keep going! Being almost 150 pounds over weight is not something I want my kids to think is ok! So my goal for 2015 is to KEEP GOING! Head strong and carryin’ on! I would love to hit my goal and be in “one”derland by this time next year and I know I CAN do it! Thank you guys for always keeping us positive and keeping us inspired! <3

  11. Hello!
    I am about to start my weight-loss journey next week and I can’t wait. I just finished reading Choose more, lose more – for life and I am psyched! It has been a tough two years for me, I am recovering from a severe broken ankle and my dad went through a kidney transplant this year and it really did a number on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to change my life, I have been struggling with my weight since puberty. My goal in 2015 is to change my lifestyle and the way I feel about myself, one challenge at a time. Thank you both for your inspiration and motivation.

  12. My fitness goal for 2015 is tone my body and only consume foods that are healthy. I would like to lose a couple pounds and feel better about myself and how I look.

  13. I am writing to support my wife as she is working so very hard to stay fit during pregnancy by eating healthy foods and handling her first pregnancy! So my goal is to make sure I help her maintain her goals. We stay fit together and support one another! Thank you Powell Pack for encouraging everyone! It would be HUGE for her find out she’s also got Powell Pack support!
    You guys rock.

  14. My goal is to workout 4 times a week during my busy season at work. I work in tax so Jan – April. I don’t have problems the rest of the year!

  15. My goal for the year is to get back into working out I have 90 pounds to lose and I would love to lose them in the next year so I am gonna try and get back in to it… I know that if I just watch my portions and work out like I did before I would lose so I am so game to lose….. I love your show I think u both r wonderful.. That u r willing to help people and I now know that is what I would like to do…. I would like to b a wellness coach and help people lose weight… I would like to thank you for all you do…..

  16. Before I turned 50 years old, I was healthy, slim and very happy. With life changes my body began to put on weight. It was awful to go from a size 8-10 to a 14 in 2 months. And as time went by more weight came on and it was harder to even lose 10 lbs. Now 13 years later I have exceed even my wildest dreams of how large I am. I weigh now as much as a large man. My body is putting on more weight every day. This has to stop, I cannot get up off the floor, my knees hurt, my thighs feel like I have a wad of fabric between them, my blood pressure stays elevated, my body hurts all the time and I’m so unhappy this way. So today December 1, 2014, I am making small changes to get my self ready to make the big changes. My goal is to be able to get up off the floor without holding on to something, my goal is to lose fat so I can wear a size 14 pants by next summer, my goal is to make my body feel better, my goal is to heal my 63 year old self so I can enjoy the rest of my life without being so unhappy.

  17. My 2015 fitness goal is to make physical activity a part of my everyday life. I plan on trying and finding activities that I can do and challenge myself with that keep me motivated. I am going to make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for myself in order to stay focused. I want to continue to incorporate healthy meals and snacks into my life and cut out the emotional and boredom snacking.

  18. I spent 2013 and 2014 working on myself and my weight, and after losing nearly 40 pounds on my own, I want to work on being confident and happy…along with tightening and toning. Never had abs before so I think that’ll be my goal for 2015!

  19. My 2015 fitness goal is to regain a healthy relationship with the gym an exercise. I have struggled with an eating disorder for years, which involved abusing my body and over exercising and under eating. My goal is to get back in the gym and enjoy the experience rather than feel like its something I have to to do.

  20. My fitness goal is to have a healthy relationship with excretes and the gym again without abusing my body. I have suffered from an eating disorder for years and my relationship with the gym has never been healthy.

  21. My 2015 goal is to do a pull-up! a no band, all by myself pull-up!

    I also want to get to my goal weight (10 kilo to go) and that should make it easier!

  22. Hi There,

    I just got your book delivered by the mailman. I’m from Holland, so it would take me some time to finish the book. Tried to look for a Dutch version, but there isn’t one….yes…that’s a hint..;-)

    I don’t know if you’re sending the awsome gifts to the Netherlands. If ‘yes’, then i would like to tell you “I’M IN!!!”. If not…well then i’m wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  23. Couple goals for 2015, I want to complete my first marathon and continue to improve my form/increase weight when doing snatches

  24. My goal is to be able to pass a stress test for my heart and make it so I don’t have to go into the hospital every 3 months for check ups!

  25. My 2015 fitness goal is to lose all my weight. I am 290 and really want to get into shape. I love who I am and I know I can lose it all. Im willing to do anything to lose the weight and be healthy!

  26. My fitness goal is to be healthy and strong. I have never lifted weights before and I am planning on starting. My fitness goal is all about how I am feeling. When I feel good everything else just seems to fall in place.

  27. My fitness goal for 2015 is to be able to run 45 mins without break before the end of the years! (And of course to lose 35kgs… might be linked! ;))

  28. For 2015 my goal is to build more muscle and lift heavy! I love that we are slowly shifting as a society from skinny to fit – this is exactly the example my toddler needs. Girls are strong too!!

  29. My goal is to keep helping my 14 yr old daughter. She has lost about 40 lbs. She started at 223. She will be 15 on December 14th and she loves you and Chris. We watch your show and she really listened to what you guys say. I’m proud of what she has done so far. But I know it’s getting harder for her. She would be really excited if she got an email from you. Could you possibly send her words of encouragement to keep her on the right track? Thanks so much. You guys rock.

  30. My goal is to complete the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge and do the Coast 2 Coast Challenge. I’m down 50 lbs and have 30 to get to my optimal BMI. With my father preparing for his 4th surgery in a year, my health is a major focus in my life.

  31. My goal is simple eat clean, move more. My ultimate goal would be lose 100lbs, which is a lot on one year. My good friend had a charity event to raise money for t18 babies in August. It is a 103 minute trail loop race, I too participate and get done 7 miles done in that time. I want to start crossfit again and teach my kids too make healthier choices.

  32. I have a first time ever goal for fitness and health this year. I have spent my entire life floating and never looking at me and what was needed for my health. Just 5 months ago I was at 317 pounds and today I’m at 264 pounds. I had to take a long hard look at my life and what needed to be done. After struggle and a little and hard feelings with my family I decided I was putting my health first. I did not wait for a date on the calendar or for some one to help me the day just came were it was the right moment. I cant even say what the date was…… but I woke up and decided today is the day I get my life back. I have fallen more then a few times and given in to TV or temptation but only few times since I started and I even skipped Thanks giving dinner this year just to stick to my commitment. I’m not restricting or taking away anything from myself just choosing another path. My big goal this year is to try and figure out how to pay for a gym membership and how to use the machines with out being embarrassed. I don’t have a weight goal because I know this is going to take some time I have a goal of healthy and happy. I have a goal to a 5K in May in Montana with our close friends no time set just to finish. The big thing I’m looking forward to is going on a long bike ride on the trailed in Washington and being able to go all day to stop and swim have lunch and do this all with my family!!!

  33. The first part of my 2015 fitness goal is to exercise and stay healthy during my first pregnancy. The second part will be to lose the baby weight and be a healthy, fit mom/role model for my family.

  34. Just bought Choose More…planning to read it on my vacation and get started when we get home! Hubs is ready to lose some lbs and I’m ready to have a fit, healthy pregnancy! Thanks for all you do!

  35. My fitness goals for 2015 is to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle and loose weight. I’ve started and stopped a many times, but know that I’ll never reach my goals. Not having the energy to go to the park with the kids and play catch, is a place I never want to be at again. I’ve set the goals, become more active than I’ve been in years, and now as we head into 2015 the next goal is commitment. So the current 2-3days for 30-45mins I hope will increase and lead to s more active and thinner me.

  36. My fitness goal for December 2014 and the new year is to finally get in shape. I managed to lose some weight early this year but was sad and shocked when I traveled last week and was barely able to fit the airplane seat beat around me. (Note* I travelled in April and didn’t have any trouble) I’m so ashamed that I let myself fall back into my old ways. Starting today I have changed and will finally be proud of myself when this new healthy lifestyle will because easy for me.

  37. My goal this year is no more excuses. I need to lose about 20 pounds that I gained back after I lost over 70 pounds two years ago. I want to work out 6 days a week and do something for fun on Sunday, Fundays!

  38. I was just blessed a few months ago with my 3rd child, Elizabeth Grace! My body is now ready to workout! I was also blessed today with a gym membership! My goal is to workout 4 times a week as I know working out will help me feel good which in return will help me have energy for my 3 children and my hubby! I also have a goal of running a marathon ….or maybe I should start with a half marathon ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 2015- I want that 250lb back squat and to get my first muscle up! I just joined a new crossfit box that has awesome programming to get me there! =)

  40. My personal fitness goal for 2015 is to instill in my family the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating, by cooking healthier meals, having healthy snack options available at all times, working out together as a family on a daily basis, and by limiting time spent playing video games and watching TV. I have struggled with my weight and health for the past 12 years, and I know the poor lifestyle choices that have lead me to this struggle. I have a goal to work with my family to make changes to our lifestyle that will promote happiness and good health.

  41. My 2015 goal is to jump back on the path of living a clean and fit life. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in March and have been having a hard time getting into the gym. I am just so drained by the time I get off of work to get to the gym so I’ve been trying to work out in the morning before work (4am!). My husband is not home often because of his job so working full time and being a full time mommy can be exhausting. However, I am committed to do what I can to get healthy again by going to the gym at least 5 days a week as well as eating clean. I would love to win any of these wonderful prizes. Thank you so much!

  42. My goal for next year started months ago. I am working to workout more, eat better and reach my 150 lb goal. Over a year ago I weighed 260 lbs and now I am at 194 lbs. I continue to seek people who are healthy and positive role models. Any of these packages would be amazing!

  43. My 2015 goal is to be a healthier me. That includes more exercise and losing weight. Made lots of life changes this last year and now it is time to make a healthy change for myself. I can’t wait!

  44. This year I plan on getting back on the healthy eating train. I need to begin with more fruits and veggies. I also need to do a better job of eating a good breakfast.

  45. My goals for 2015 are to be more consistent with my workouts, choose healthier options in food and how I spend free time, and I really want to do my first half-marathon next year as well as a Tough Mudder. I love CrossFit and HIIT!!! I have never had an issue with exercise and my weight, but my bad (sugar) habits effect my husband more than me. In previous years I have set goals that I don’t follow through with. For 2014, my goal was to be a better wife, student, friend, daughter, and sibling…along with eating healthy and working out of course. But my main focus was life and happiness while holding myself accountable when I fell short of those goals. If I had to evaluate how I did this year with all the ups and downs that life threw at me in 2014 I would say I met my goals, but still have room for growth in other areas. 2014 was definitely a good year for me…bring it on 2015!!!!!

  46. My goal is to lose that last 15 pounds. I’ve already lost 130 and am so close to my goal! I’m going to continue with my diet an exercise regime and try to kick it up a notch

  47. My goal for 2015 is to lose the 45 pounds that I gained since meeting my husband! Four in a half years ago I meet my husband and I felt so comfortable around him I just did not care anymore and now 45 lbs heavier I am disappointed in myself that I cannot stick with working out and eating healthy. By the time my five year anniversary in May 2015 I want to have lost all the weight I gained. I do not want to just do it for my husband but also for myself so we can start a family, which means the world to me. I just want to be that energetic woman I use to be before I met my husband!

  48. I have lost 35lbs and my goal for 2015 is to lose the last 20 and run a mini marathon in April. I do workout but these last 20 are so hard I would love to hear how to lose those last 20.

    1. Congrats on those 35 pounds gone – that’s awesome! For those last 20, check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to finish your own transformation! Learn all about it here: You can do this!

  49. My personal goal for 2015 is to lose 40 pounds. More importantly my goal is to get my whole family out hiking and playing. While also balancing healthy food choices.

  50. Heidi and Chris,
    My 2015 goal is to eat better (less fast food) and exercise more. I need to lose over a hundred pounds, and I watch your show for inspiration. I can’t wait for next season!

  51. My goal for 2015 is to become healthier in all aspects of my life. I need to lose close to 200 lbs.. So to start on that.. I need to move more instead of just sitting around and eating crap… I love you guys!!! I wish I could be one of your clients.. This would be the next best thing!!! Lots of love to you and your wonderful family!!!

  52. My goal for 2015 is to start living with integrity. I try always to be honest with others, and would NEVER break a promise to someone else. But I consistently make promises to myself that I have no problem breaking. In 2013 I made a promise to make exercise a consistent and permanent part of my life, and have been successful. Now it’s time to make a promise about my eating habits and keep that longer than one day. So for 2015 I will work on lifestyle changes that I can stick with for the rest of my life.

  53. my goal right now is to hopefully heal from a running injury and get back out there running to keep in shape. I am on crutches for 7 weeks right now with a stress fracture of the hip, torn labrum, degeneration and bone marrow edema so no fun times right now but making the best I can for myself. I started my healthier me in the summer by following the high carb low carb after buying both books and the workout DVD and have done awesome. I had an 80-100lb weight loss goal and have lost almost half of that since July but it has slowed down a bit since being in the crutches. I Do still watch what I eat and get my exercise on my crutches. I have gained some back but I am optimistic and determined to get back on track. My goal is to hopefully get back out there running doing 5ks and doing the dvd workout and training for a 10k. My one ultimate goal is to help my mother loose the weight she wants as well and be an inspiration to her and show her the healthy ways and the rewards that come with it.

  54. Thanks Heidi and Chris!! You are both such an inspiration.
    My goal for 2015 is to lose 60 – 80 pounds and exercise more consistently.

  55. My goal for 2015 is to lose the 15lbs I gained last year. In 2013, I lost 40lbs, then gained some back last year. So my goal is to lose it!

  56. my 2015 fitness goal is to get stronger than ever before. I have 2 kids, and Im fitter now than before I had them when I was in my 20’s.

  57. Hello, I have tried to do a different approach I have been volunteering to help the homeless and being less self centered has helped both me and my husband so give of yourself and see others. Peoples problems and your seem to vanish and aren’t as important .My pants are getting too loose gonna have to get me a belt Blessings to you all.

  58. Goals are to reduce stress and to get a diagnosis on my year long injury that has me modifying my workouts after almost a year. Low impact and weights are my focus but want to improve on my weights.

  59. My goal for 2015 is to run in a half marathon. I started run/walking last April and have done some 5k’s and I think Im ready to step it up a notch. I wish I had a running buddy but I dont. I try to stay connected to some running groups online to keep me motivated. Heidi is a great motivation too and your show is awesome! I keep telling myself if these people that you work with can do it, so can I. !!!! Would love a gift from you to keep my mojo going to get myself trained for my 2015 marathon!

  60. My 2015 goal is to be better than I am today. That’s it- eat better be healthier, be more active and be more fit. I’m striving to be better today than I was yesterday. Hopefully at the end of the year I’ll be MUCH better than today by focusing on the goal to only be better than yesterday.

  61. My 2015 goal is to be a better example and more active with my 3 children and husband. To stop being ashamed and be an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle while I lose 85 pounds so I can help others! I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!

  62. I am fast approaching my 32nd birthday and really want to get healthy. I lost 107lbs. 2 1/2 years ago and have recently gained 45 of them back. I lost my mother and my sister in 5 months this year and it was just to much for me to handle. But I know through exercising and eating right I can be back at my healthy weight. I love your gift basket and think it’s really neat that you all want to share. Thanks for your transparency and accountability to yourselves. Your love for people and your family has motivated me to red educate my life to being healthy and strong.

  63. My 2015 is to eat healthier and to be ok with the idea of “being imprefect is okay” perfectly imperfect right ? . I want to be nicer with myself and i want ot be finally me without putting so much pressure on me. With love xo.

  64. My goals for 2015 include: continuing to lead my family to better nutrition and physical fitness, because I love them and myself enough to always try to make each day better!

  65. I dropped 58 pounds in 2013 and have maintained my weight loss by following a healthy lifestyle. Part of my healthy lifestyle is to learn and try new things. So my fitness goals for 2015 are to:
    1) give snowshoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding a try
    2) start creating the healthy habit of practicing mediation

  66. My 2015 fitness goals : 1. To loose 27 pounds. 2. To be on my way to healtier eating ( both my familly and I). 3. To learn and apply all I can ragarding my eating habits and my hypothyroid issues. 4. To tone up my belly after my last pregnancy. Thanks for everything you are a source of inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. my 2015 weight loss goal is to lose a minimum of 100 pounds. i currently weigh 315. i was doing great in 2012 and by jan 5th of 2013 i had lost 35 pounds in just 3 months. but after losing my mom suddenly jan 15 2013, and then suddenly lost my father in law feb 1 2013, i lost the will to care about my weight. but i know its time to get back on track.

  68. My 2015 goal is to lose 15 lbs. I had list 25 lbs 4 years ago and had done pretty good in maintaining my new weight. For the first time I my life, I hit healthy. I are right & worked out 6-7 days/week. Then I hurt my back, bulged disc, and gad to have surgery. Since then, I’ve put 15 lbs back on, seem to have forgotten how to eat healthy & have been fearful of hurting myself and have gotten lazy again. I need to correct this before I get back to where u was, and worse, go beyond that. Heart disease & diabetes run in my family. I know better. I just need to figure out how to get back to that place.

  69. My 2015 goal is to lose 100 lbs with healthy eating and exercise and prove to the dr/surgeon that I can do it with out bariatric surgery.

  70. my goal is to do my first half marathon DNS to fit into size 10 jeans. Thanks for all you guys do. You are so positive and such an inspiration!

  71. I bought Chris’s book on carb cycling, and I’m ready to put it to use. My goals for 2015 are to become stronger, gain muscle and lose body fat %. I have along way to go but I am soooooo ready for this journey. I am ready to get in the best shape of my life and start living life to its fullest:)Thank you!

  72. Hi Heidi,
    My fitness goal is to start running again! I ran my first half marathon in October and really haven’t ran since then, and I was running multiple times a week. I am trying to it in me to start again. I know I can because I love running but I need a little boost, especially during the holidays. THANK YOU!

  73. My goal for this year is to lose approximately 20 lbs. I want to focus a lot on toning and getting rid of excess weight while using various training methods! I would also like to run my first half-marathon!

  74. My 2015 fitness goal is to reduce my BMI and eat healthy. I struggle with my diet because of food allergies and my weight has gone up since being on antidepressants and birth control. I’m not going to make excuses I’m going to put one foot in front of the other in 2015!

  75. My fitness goal for 2015 is to become more mentally and physically fit. I know I am having a hard time finding a job due to my weight. I know I can do it and I WILL! I loved seeing the two of you at the BEST meeting. You are both awesome!

  76. My 2015 goal is to register for and finish the Nike womens San Fran half marathon, to show my daughters that anythings possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. My goal(s) for 2015 are:

    To get my family to eat healthier. I am a Les Mills Body Combat instructor for my second job, so we have very busy week nights with my jobs and the 3 kid’s activities. Fast food is a very common thing on week nights. EEK!

    I am not a runner…… But I really want to do the gladiator and warrior dashes and NOT have to walk any of it.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  78. My 2015 fitness goal is to become fit at 40. After 6 children, 21 years of being married to a wonderful man, It is time to focus on me ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to start my transformation with one of these awesome prizes!!! Merry CHRISTmas

  79. Hi, you both are such an inspiration! My goal is to reach out and help motivate my beautiful 12 year old son become more healthy by exercise, better eating habits, and hopefully help him find in himself the amazing boy that we all see.

  80. My goal is to lose 20 pounds. I have gained a lot of weight after my son passed away. I want to get back to what I was at before he was sick. I would also like to get back into running and run a 5k without stopping.

  81. I am working towards being fit by 40; 11/11/15. Since August I have lost 25lbs. Slow and steady, but have a long way to go. Currently, I’m 310lbs. I want to be here for myself and my family. At 300+ I have to change something NOW! I love all the tips and motivtion both you and Chris provide. Thank you for making me realize I can do this!!

  82. For the past 10 years I have focused more on being a mother of 2 girls, ages 10 and 5. I had my first daughter at a very young age and focused on just being a mom. I lost the baby weight because I was still in high school and had access to the gym and had to participate in weight training if I wanted to pass the class. In high school we don’t realize we have a personal trainer and take that for granted. Now that’s what I miss about high school. Lol. Then 5 years later I had my second daughter and haven’t been able to lose that baby weight. I became a stay at home mom for 2 years and added to the weight. I was just told by my doctor that I have developed polycystic ovarian syndrome due to my weight gain. I need to lose some weight to be healthy for not only myself but for my girls. I am a mother but I need to remember that I’m also a woman. I need to get healthy to feel good about myself and to be an even better mother.

  83. My goal for 2015 is to lose more weight and to get into better shape. I am not sure what 2015 has in store for me. Right now I am in a wheelchair and I am learning how to gain my independence back! I know losing more weight will only help with being in a wheelchair!

  84. My goal is to lose 60 lbs and to run a half marathon! You two are such an inspiration! I really want to finish what I started and lose this weight! I have come so far but I still have so far! I want this so bad! Thanks for all you to help each of us to be the best we can be!!!

  85. My husband and I are working together to form mor healthy habits and lose some weight! We are hoping to lead by example for both of our extended families.

  86. My goal for the next year is simy going to be to focus on my health and try new things. It’s time to start making progress and stop making excuses!

  87. i have a few fitness goals for 2015:
    1. I’m down 90 lbs in my journey and am looking forward to a healthy BMI this year.
    2. I want to become a Weight Watchers leader so I can share my journey and impact others’ lives.
    3. I will run my first full marathon in 2015!

  88. in 2015, I’m looking to get off the oxygen and to have my meds reduced. I am only 91 lbs away from my goal and need to get healthy and stay healthy …. i have an enlarged heart and l don’t wish to have a heart attack

  89. My goal in 2015 is to work on making time for my own health and wellness. I am a student, a full time employee, a wife and a mother. I am busy but I need to make sure that I am taking care of myself. I have had lifelong food issues. I went on my first diet when I was in the third grade and there have been many since. I eventually had weight loss surgery two years ago which has given me a great tool for helping with my lifelong battle. However, I have not necessarily made any more time for myself or dealt with the issues that cause me to eat. Those are the issues I want to continue to work on in 2015 while also trying to get increased activity.

  90. my 2015 goal is to get into shape so my daughter is proud of me at her wedding. I’ve been struggling to take off 40 pounds, finding it so difficult the older I get. You two inspire me, so I hope I can look to you as I struggle to make my way.

  91. My goal for 2015 is to get as healthy as my husband is… He was diagnosed with MS in 2013 and since then he has completely changed everything around. Eats clean and exercises 7 days a week.

  92. My goal for 2015 is to finally lose this 60 pounds that I gained after I quit smoking. Now I’m fighting high blood pressure and COPD, so losing this weight, should help- not to mention, I turned 60 this year and it seems to really slow down the loss. I still say someone should do a reality show that works with seniors and weight loss. We’re not dead, yet!!!! Thanks, Donna

  93. My goal for 2015 is to finally stick to the carb cycle plan and workout 5-6 days a week. This coming year I have so many great things to look forward to including getting my nursing degree. All of these things will get me ready to be Fit and Fabulous at 40 in the beginning of 2016!
    PS..You have a beautiful family and thank you for sharing sweet Ruby and funny Cash on Instagram!

  94. My goal is to be able to wear a bikini by summer…something I’ve never been able to do during my adult life ๐Ÿ™
    I’ll be 33 in June, so I hope to reach my goal by then, we’ll see!

  95. My 2015 goal is to lose 70 #, so that i can be a healthier mom. I want to set an example for my kids that hard work pays off.

  96. My husband is in the military and is gone a lot. Currently, he is on an assignment that is no contact. This is going to extend into next year. Thus, my goals are totally related to him! I started running on 1 OCTOBER every day that he is gone. So far I have run over 200 miles. My 2015 fitness is goal is to continue my running streak every day he is gone. Its when I feel most connected to him. My other goals are more specific and inspired by your Heidi! I want to be able to front squat with better form and more weight. Finally, my goals are to get my sports nutritionist degree, and (hopefully!), get pregnant with our second baby once my hubby is back for good! By running everyday and doing some lifting, my goal is to be super fit going into this pregnancy.

  97. My goal is to not focus as much on the number on the scale but how I feel and my stamina/strength. I’ve done a good job at getting at a good number on the scale but now I want to feel strong in my body so I want to focus on weights (kinda scared but I know I can do it) and feeling fit!

  98. Love you both and your show is so inspirational!! I have lost 67 pounds this year and would love to lose the last 15-20 pounds which is the hardest!!

  99. My son is getting married 6/27/2015, my overall goal is to look good for the wedding pictures. I need to lose 150 lbs total. My first goal is 30 lbs. When I reach that I get to book a cruise. My 2nd goal is to reach 60 lbs lost before I get my mothers dress. Anything to help me reach my goals would be very much appreciated!

  100. My 2015 fitness goal is to make ME a priority. This past year I have been focused on helping my son and his new family, who are living under my roof. It hasn’t been easy; I’ve been an emotional wreck. I know things will improve if I take care of myself first. Thank you!

  101. My fitness gold is to get back to where I was before 2-28-13. That’s when all my anaphylaxis episodes started some from meds, others from stress. I so enjoy all the advice the both of you have to give. I would love to win one of these prizes. My moto is although I keep getting knocked down, I have to keep getting back up. Even if it means starting from the beginning again!!!!

  102. My 2015 fitness goal this year is to reach 240 lbs…..which is my college weight. Since then I have put on 60+ lbs and I would love to start my new year with awesome fitness tools. I love the way you guys encourage people to be their best mentally and physically!

  103. Dealing with Pcos, I truly want my body to belong to me and not to a diagnosis. I want for 2015 to have me back.

  104. My fitness goal for 2015 is to drop inches AND lbs. My first CrossFit comp is in April so I will be working extra hard and focused to shed 40 pounds of fat plus a good amount of inches (10-15 inches at the minimum). My intention is to focus on eating a clean diet and use the carb cycling to stay focused with what my body needs.
    Excited to start since carb cycling will be a new thing for me!

  105. Hi! My fitness goal for 2015 is to participate in SWIM ACROSS THE LAKE (in kelowna British Columbia Canada). With a newborn a four year old and a husband in school – finding fitness into my day is tricky! But I need to et back to a decent weight and I’ve decide to do so by signing up for this challenge!

  106. My 2015 Goal is is to get myself and my husband in a healthy and leaner lifestyle. We have made a good start this year and need to keep it up and keep it going in 2015.

  107. My 2015 goal is to lose weight, a bit cliche, however this year I finally have my asthma in a managable state and I’m ready to lose the pounds. I started my journey last month and I’m excited to keep going.

  108. Thank you Chris and Heidi! You are so motivational and just cool! My goal is to become healthier and happier this year- I completely changed my mindset in the last year regarding fitness and I love the direction my body (and therefore my heart and mind) are going. I want to discover more things my body can do that I didn’t realize. I’m almost to a regular pull up, and I will get to a handstand pushup. And a two hour half marathon. All while focusing on feeding myself and my children in a healthy, wholesome way. Thank you for all you do for the wellness of the world. You’re amazing, Powell Pack!

  109. My 2015 Fitness goal is to oh geez this makes me nervous…train for a MARATHON… okay I said it,,,, yep a marathon! Also,, to continue with my lifestyle change and keep it real!

  110. Great fun little video, Chris and Heidi! My goal is to continue to strengthen this year and discover new things my body can do. I love your encouragement and love of fitness- thank you for everything you do to make the world a healthier place!

  111. My 2015 fitness goal is to continue on my journey to get healthy & fit. I’m down about 90 lbs & have about 100 or so lbs to go until I reach my goal. Winning this would be awesome.

  112. My goal is to get healthy. I’m back up to 180 lbs and want to see a health weight again. My goal isn’t just for myself, but also my daughter and her cousin. Her cousin is overweight, she weighs what I did at age 25 and she is only 12. I want to help teach them what self care is and be a good female role model for both. My daughter and I always watch your show and it helps encourage us! Thank you for all that you do!

  113. My 2015 new years resalution is to lose 140lbs and find the healthy women inside of myself and try to not be afraid of exercise and try to better control my panic attacks and anxiety. I lost all my 20s to being over weight I refuse to lose all my 30s. You guys are amazing luv u both and the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. My goal for 2015 is to start enforcing the healthy habits I have wanted to enforce for a while, make that promise to myself to follow through, and lose 35 lbs. I want to achieve these goals before my husband and I start trying to have kids. I also want to achieve this goal soon because I have been studying personal training and my test is at the end of January. Most of all, I want to achieve this goal so that I can love my body again and have the self-esteem I had when I played sports…before the bad boyfriend that tore down my confidence by calling me fat after he helped me gain weight with his lazy and unhealthy habits.

  115. I been trapped in my own body since I was a child. Unable to have children because of my obesity.
    3 years ago I lost 200 pounds just by eating healthy and exercising. Then life made a turn for the worst for me and I gained most of the weight that I had lost back.
    My goal is to claim my body back and make 2015 a successful year where I can feel happy once again.
    I have always felt like a broken butterfly and I know I can gain my wings back if i work hard enough at it.

  116. My fitness goal for 2015: In May, I turn 40 & I want to be healthier & be well on my way to dropping my extra pounds. I’m 130 pounds overweight & that is even more evident on my 5 foot 2 inch frame. About 3 weeks ago, I started walking at home with exercise videos & I am doing it every day. At this point, I’m only able to walk about 12 to 15 minutes at a time (at the pace of my videos), but each day I’m stronger & able to do more. I have lost 10 pounds (and nothing I’ve ever done has ever helped me lose more than a few pounds.) I am determined to get healthy & eventually to get down to around 130 pounds.

  117. I would love to win one of the prizes! I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic in 2011. Since then my weight has been a yoyo and currently am the highest weight I’ve ever been. My goal in 2015 is to get back on track and be better than ever!!!

  118. My fitness goal for 2015 is to take better care of myself inside and out. I want to try to stick to a vegan diet, exercise regularly, and be more spiritual. I want to be happy with who I am and share my happiness with others. I’d love to win but even if I don’t I hope I find some inspiration so I can stick to my plans. Peace!

  119. Honestly, I just want to win in life! I feel like such a yucky person and can’t figure out how to get and stay motivated. Love watching your show, though. Seeing people hit their goals is so uplifting!

  120. I plan to reframe my work out routine to include healthier eating and exercise three times per week. I plan to continue to follow a 1400 calorie diet as I plan to continue to lose 2 pounds per week.

  121. My 2015 goal is to work work on flexibility and stretching. I plan on adding Pilates or yoga to my workout schedule. Happy Holidays to your family!!!!

  122. I would love to win one of the special baskets! My goal for 2015 is to win back my life! I am setting goals to eat more nutritious and more often correctly and get not only more exercise-cardio in but get myself back in to a weight training regiment that will make me feel great! Being a teacher, I want to be a healthy role model to my students! I know I can do this!

  123. To start moving more and do a 5K walk/run in 2015. I am 100 pounds overweight and am ready to start making positive lifestyle changes.

  124. Hello Heidi,
    Thank you for this opportunity, mine is simple. I’ve committed to walking running a daily 5k for charity. These gifts would be a tremendous gift in helping me reach this goal


  125. In 2015, I am making my goal to exercise at least 4 times a week and eat better. I ultimately want to lose weight but always sets my goal to large that I get frustrated and stop. I need to focus on the health part first. I always feel amazing when I do but then let stress push me into old habits. Thanks for all you do!

  126. My goals fo 2015 is to lose weight and get in shape. I’m also registered to do a half marathon walk in June. So I need to train for that.

  127. Get healthy so I can look amazing in my wedding dress in October of next year and get my soon to be hubby on the bandwagon as well!

  128. My 2015 goal is to lose weight and gain muscle as well as reclaim my self esteem and self confidence. I’m increasing protein, limiting carbs and drinking more water. Thanks, Chris and Heidi for your motivational blog, Facebook posts, and best of all, the television show!

    “The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love.”

  129. my goal is to finally lose weight. I have never been able to lose weight healthily. I have battled an eating disorder and don’t binge and purge but now just binge and gain weight. I currently weigh 149 and now have a thyroid issue. I want to in 2015 be able to eat right and lose weight. I work out 6 days a week but never lose a pound. So hopefully I will win a prize that will help kick start my weight loss goal of 35-40 pounds

  130. I have left a five year relationship this year for better. I made many goals, have a roof for myself and my son, find a job after being laid off (right before I had to leave my home), work on myself (emotionally and physically). I left my old life in May and have not looked back. I have lost 16 pounds since May, it has not been fast but I have continued to lose weight, I have not gained weight. I found an entry job and have since been promoted to a better position. I am paying off bills I have accumulated when I was out of work and from my previous relationship. I am in a much better place than I was just six months ago. I am so excited to see what my future holds.

  131. My 2015 goals are to finally over come my repetition of sabotaging my health and become the fit person I’ve always been jealous of for my 10 year class reunion so I can feel proud instead of being too scared to go!

  132. my goal isn’t to live in September weight but just to start working out again. I want to work out 5 times a week, I’ve desired it needs to be in the morning because by evening I’m to tired to do anything. I know I’ll lose weight from working out but it’s about being healthy. I also want to eat better and drink plenty of water.

  133. My goal is to lose 100 pound. I am currently 249lbs and 5 foot 6inches. I think you and Chris are such an inspiration.

  134. As always you guys are awesome! It would be great to have any of this stuff for my 100 pound journey! Thanks for being so wonderful Heidi!

  135. My goal is to lose 75 lbs. and to get my family healthy. My husband is recovering from a brain aneurysm. We always say that we’re going to live a healthy lifestyle but it doesn’t last. I decided while he was in the hospital that we need to change.

  136. My fitness goal is to not give up like I have so many times before. To stay consistent and build strength until I see results abd to keep going after so I’m never again where I once was.

  137. I’m turning 49 next year and I am working on just being motivated to get out and move. I also need to work on my food intake. Thank you for being so inspiring and just so real.

  138. My goals for 2015 is to lose 200 pounds, eat as clean as I can,to do some form of exercise at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes, to get my diabetes under control! I need all the help I can get!

  139. I love watch EWL with you and Chris. It inspired me to undergo my own transformation–down 90 lbs in 7 months! Thank you for all you do to educate and inspire us.

  140. I am struggling to get on track to fitness. My goal for this time in my life is to get more active, so that I can keep up with my 4 grandchildren ages 6 to 4 months. I retired early to help take care of my parents who are in their 90’s and help my daughter with her 4 children. I need to get myself going so that I have more energy and feel better. You know the old catch 22, I am too tired to exercise but if I exercise I would not be so tired. How to get started is my problem. My schedule now is crazy with traveling over 30 miles to each site, opposite directions, and finding time for myself.
    I have enjoyed watching the TV show where people are helped to get in shape, of course I really do not have a number to meet just overall fitness. If you have suggestions to get me started that would be so appreciated.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  141. this could only help me on my journey to loose 100 lbs and become a more healthier me! Love you guys and all you do…

  142. Running my first marathon in 2015 AND 4 or 5 half marathons. Also hoping to drop down to my goal weight finally (only 30 pounds to lose)!

  143. I know you may hear this all the time but i have been living in a black shadow for over 21 yrs of all the evil that has hurt me and i am finally ready to step out of that black shadow and make a new life not for just myself but for my husband and future family so anything would help me right now on this weight loss journey right now my goal is to lose a pound a day that would be an accomplishment for me so winning one of these would be a great gift for me and a good way to start my journey and start the new year off right thank you God Bless and Happy Holidays!

  144. i want to clean up my eating and get back to an exercise routine. This time next year, I want to have finished running my first 5k!

  145. Hi Heidi! I started carb cycling this year and felt great! After some great success, I did start feeling overwhelmed with the constant food prep and decided to “take a break. ” The extended break has got to end! So, I started preparing to make cycling easier for me….I bought an awesome high performance blender for juicing and smoothies, and have exercise program in mind. I am ready to get started again for 2015!

  146. I love you and Chris! You both have inspired me to get healthy. I have been working on it since June and have lost 38 lbs. my goal for 2015 is to lose 20 more lbs and live my life in a much healthier way. Thank you both for all you do.

  147. My goals are to lose the 40 pounds I gained back after losing 60 2 years ago. Only this time instead of just the weight, I want to be toned and fit and start running. I’d really love to run 5k’s , 10k’s etc. Just so hard to do all this by myself without the support of bf.

  148. My 2015 fitness goals is to continue with boot camp I joined in July. It taught me I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. I had to commute & get up very early but I needed to challenge myself & change my diet. I just had surgery so although I can’t do boot camp right now I’ve learned about making healthier choices. My Dr. Encourages me to walk and to get some exercise. After my recovery & healing I plan on getting back to working out. I would love to win the gift basket because I am all about getting excited about working out & taking care of myself!

  149. Heidi & Chris,

    My 2015 fitness goals are to be the best I can be. 2014 was a tough year physically so I commit to myself for 2015 that I will:
    1. Control what enters my body food wise….eating a carb cycling meal plan
    2. Get moving…start slowly by doing something physical every day and slowly building
    3. I used to row in high school and university and by the summer I want to be on the water again
    4. Build my muscle

  150. I love watching yall and reading what you write yall are an inspiration to me and everyone else. I was inspired 2 yes ago to get healthy and I am still on that road but I’m also helping others go down the right road to a healthier them. I would love to be picked as a winner!!!!!

  151. Love the blog. I’ve lost over 100 lbs since March of 2013 by tweaking my diet, doing cardio and working out with a trainer at the gym. This past November I ran my first half marathon at Disneyland- after being out 8 weeks due to a hip flexor strain. I still have about 30 lbs to go and some serious strength training to do but I’m pushing forward. My goals for 2015 are to run 3 half marathons- 1 near home, 1 at Disneyland the other at Disney World and to build some serious lean muscle mass! Happy Holidays Everyone!

  152. I started out as a 289 pound couch potato in September 2014 and set a goal to ride my bike in the Whichata Falls, TX Hotter’N Hell 100… a mile for every pound I lose by August 2015. I havr rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and qualify for a double knee replacement, but I am being successful so far and will ride in 4 organized rides before the Hotter’N Hell. I have one organized ride down so far.

  153. The truly need to believe in myself. Tell myself everyday that I do deserve to be healthy and lose weight. I am going to lose 15 lbs each month for the next 6/7 mths.

  154. My goal for 2015 is to continue on my wellnes/weightloss journey. I am down 73lbs but still have well over 100lbs to go. In 2015 I hope to be more focused and really get this weight off. But I know my wellness journey isn’t just about my weight its about finally breaking free and living the life I really want to live. I am very excited about what lies ahead for myself and my family. Thank you Chris and Heidi for providing the extra education and motivation to keep me going. Love you both and all you do.

  155. My goal is to keep staying fit! My daughter started a family fitness group last year. We all post our results and keep each other motivated. My husband and I work out every morning at 5:30am and for inspiration we watch Chris’s TV show Extreme Weight Loss. When we feel we can’t run that extra mile or do that next sit up, we look at how Chris motivates people and we keep going. Normally we start fitness programs in the New Year but this year we will just be continuing what has become a daily routine.

  156. I would just like to kick this depression long enough to start. I need to lose 150 pounds. And I can use all the help I can get.

  157. My goal is to lose weight to not only be healthier but to be happy again and do things for ME!
    I work in a hospital that specializes in spinal cord injuries and TBIs. I am constantly giving to these patients and not doing enough for myself. I am also a massage therapist , but never put time away to get a massage myself. It’s MY year lose weight and be happy!
    PS I love you guys. Soo much!

  158. I’d love to win one of these packages. I am trying really hard to eat more healthy in order to shed some pounds. I’ve lost about 15 pounds and need to lose about 40 more. Thanks for all your positive posts! I love watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Edition!

  159. Hi Heidi and thank you for the opportunity! I’m currently overweight and 12 weeks pregnant. My immediate goals are to continue to have a healthy pregnancy; then in June, once baby’s here, getting back to losing weight and continuing to work on my fitness goals.

  160. In the last three months I have lost 30 pounds!! In 2015 my goal is to lose another 25 pounds and then get firm and for and toned. Heidi and Chris have helped inspire me and I want to say thanks for helping be part of my motivation!!

  161. My 2015 goal is to love myself again! Not to mention shedding the extra weight I have gained in the past few years (80 ibs) I want a picture of me to be taken and not cringe after I see it.

  162. I promissed myself I could apply to join the army (my dream) when I’ll be able to run a half marathon in less than 2h and when I’ll be confident enough to walk in the street looking in people eyes and not at my feet . So my fitness goal is to run the half marathon in June. I just started running 3 weeks ago and ran my first 4 miles race today.

  163. i would of course like to lose weight but overall get healthier. Stop making excuses to go to gym. With two daughters with type 1 I need to also try to focus on myself -though that is Sooo hard.

  164. My goal for 2015 is to cure or manage my stomach/intestinal issues, stay active, eat healthy. Since I work on the road every day I want to start packing my lunch which will take much more planning than ever before. Doing something 21 times makes it a habit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am ready!

  165. Would love to be able to continue my journey to better health. Was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2012 and lost 140 lbs!! Need to lose another 30lbs and having the right tools will get me closer to better health!!

  166. My goal for 2015 is to get to know my self. To put aside the past. And get a new future.
    A healthy body and soul.

  167. Heidi & Chris,

    Just a few months ago I started eating balanced meals every 3 hours and it is so hard to adjust to! I was doing really well, weight was coming off and I was feeling so positive. I just fell of the wagon with work being more busy & stressful, plus holidays and traveling.

    It helps to hear your tips on what you do when traveling (protein powder + jump ropes on the go). There really is no excuse. I just need to be more disciplined.

    I turn 30, March 2015. I want to make my thirties the healthiest decade so far. I want it to launch me into a healthier, happier me later in life. I want to reach my goals and inspire my family & friends along the way. My goal is to go from 30+% bf to 13%!

    I truly do want this, but there are days when I can’t find within myself the drive that I have on some days. It’s like it magically disappears. It really does help reading your posts & watching your videos. I am grateful for the Powell Pack and all you’re doing to change the shape of America.

    Thank you lovelies & Merry Christmas <3

  168. I would like to get another 59lbs off – I have so far lost 50lbs but have recently gone a little sideways from the plan but am back on it.
    Onwards and downwards

    I would love to take part in a run disney event when I can afford it (have to come from England)

    Kim x

  169. Hi there,

    my goal for 2015 is running with de RoPaRun, that is de longest non-stop relay race in europe from Paris (france) to Rotterdam (holland) The run is 500 km long starting on saturday and finishing on monday. The money wich we collect is for people who has cancer. For things they need when they are ill, such things like a wig or a home where they can spend there latest days when that is not possible at home and much more.

    Grtz Gertin (Holland)
    ps. sorry for my bad english -:)

  170. My 2015 goal is to make a life change. To reach my goal weight 145.. ive tried in the past but eating right is a struggle. .so my goal is to make everyday changes to make it a life changing adventure.

  171. Fitness goals 2015
    Complete a full marathon and perfect a pull up and a front squat.
    These are 3 I’ve struggled with for what seems like forever!

  172. for 2015, I’m starting my journey to a healthier me and my husband is also joining in. We both have quite a bit of weight to loose. We are taking it on step at a time. We have done all the wrong things and have realized that we have to change our lifestyle and eating habits.
    I absolutely adore you guys and look to you guys for inspiration. I love that you are all about your family and it shows. The basket idea is an awesome gift for anyone ready to take the next step.

  173. I’m a runner. I’m attempting my first half marathon in May 2015 and recently was told that I have a blood clot in my leg and can’t do any activity at all. This is years of hard work after a knee injury that almost led me to wearing a brace my whole life (I want going to let that happen). I need a healthier me so that i don’t have to go through these medical mishaps that keep me from being me. I’m overweight and I’m not the best athlete, but I don’t want to let anything stand in my way.

  174. My goal for 2015 is to reverse my diabetes And hopefully lose 100 pounds. I want to dance freely and feel confident again and hopefully get into acting and for that i need my health and HUGE amounts of self esteem!!! Please pick me, for the basket AND maybe your show???

  175. Hi Heidi , my goal for 2015 is to become more confident with myself and finally reach my fitness goal ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to be one of your winners! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. my fitness goals for 2015 include losing at least 15 pounds, eating a cleaner diet, and getting back in shape. After a rotator cuff surgery in one shoulder and torn biceps in the other shoulder, it has been very difficult to get back into the swing of things. I am also finding out that the older I get the harder it is to lose weight, but I am up for the challenge and hard work it is going to take to get back my hot bod of yesteryears!

  177. My goal is to be as beautiful on the outside as I feel inside.. After yrs of fighting I am beating my depression so would now like to concentrate on myself. I’m alone in doing this and recently found your blog and have seen some wonderful ideas for food swaps I can’t wait to start my journey and enjoy and appreciate the help I will get from your blog xxx

  178. Hi Heidi. My goal is to deal with stress differently and get moving more! I would love to win some of these items to help me.

  179. My first goal is to lose 20 lbs by eating healthy while I recover from ACL replacement surgery.
    My second goal is to run a half marathon 1 year after my surgery.


  180. To put it simply I sm goung to make 20 lbs my bitch this year & would appreciate some goodies to put me on the right track! Love you guys

  181. I am 46 been doing Crossfit for a little over a year . I love it ! I only go three days a week due to financial reason but I have seen so many results! I just participated in a 5k on Thanksgiving and was able to actually run/jog close to 3/4 of it (I’m still sore) but what a great feeling. Looking forward to participating in the tough mudder this year and want to try hiking . I have to work more on my diet to get leaner too!

  182. My 2015 fitness goal is to get leaner and more healthy. I want to get my emotional health in check as well as burning fat and gaining muscle!

  183. Over the course of the last 4 years or so, I lost 100 pounds all on my own with basic diet and exercise rules. I am so close to my ultimate weight loss goal of 120 pounds, but more importantly, I’ve created a new life for myself: one that is healthy and happy.

  184. I am 16 years old and I’m not necessarily overweight but I’ve never felt truly comfortable with the way I look. So, my goal is to become healthier. Everyday I’ve been doing the boot camp DVD.

  185. My goal is to lose 80 to 100 pounds. I have a five year old daughter that is pushing me to strive for a healthier life style just don’t know where to start.

  186. my fitness goals is to be healthy and be able to run in 5k races. My dad recently has quadruple bypass and getting healthy so my kids never have to see me like I saw him is the biggest goal of all.

  187. My 2014 goal was to hit 365 miles on my feet and I blew that goal away. For 2015, my goal is to double that and hit 730 miles on my feet.

  188. My goal is to feel good in my own skin! And also to instill good habits for my children! I don’t have a story of losing hundreds of pounds or anything, I just haven’t felt confident since giving birth to my third baby. I wanna feel and look good again. I wanna play with my kids and not be out of breath in five minutes, I wanna hike, bicycle, and run with them. I wanna see then make good choices on their own too! I wanna see them grow up healthy!!!!! My husband and I have been eating right and exercising for two months and plan to make it a permanent lifestyle change!!!!

  189. I want to find a healthier balance between work, school, and fitness. I also want to help others as a fitness instructor at my gym reach their goals.

  190. HI! My fitness goal is to lose all my baby weight( about 30 #) and fit into my size 2 and 4 jeans again. My 2 boys are almost 3 and 4 1/2 and full of energy! I have a twin sister that does not have kids and she is still a size 4 and I hope to look like identical twins again. I don’t like the way my size 8 pants hug my middle section and since I had gestations diabetes with both boys my tummy was the size of twins both times! The boys were both 8.9# each and I struggle with separated ab muscles and am not sure what exercises work to flatten them. I have tried sit ups and crunches but they both made my abs feel like they were being pulled apart and were extremely painful for almost a week. I am working on cutting out most of the white flour and sugar from my diet and eating more protein to help burn the tummy fat and build muscle. I have also found that apple cider vinegar taken 3+ times a day helps speed up my metabolism. I would appreciate and help eating healthier and working out more and these prizes would be amazing! Thanks!!!

  191. I have had such a journey in the last 5 years. I had twins and was on bed rest and gained about 100 pounds. After delivering them I went on a strict calorie counting and workout program. I lost all if the weight plus even more from where I started. I got pregnant again just a few months ago and just began eating what I wanted and scared to workout because of my very tough pregnancy with my twins. I jut miscarried and had to have a d and c surgery. Completely devistated I ate more bad food. I just gained like 10 pounds and am disappointed with myself. I am still under my very first pre-pregnancy weight but just feel defeated. My goal is to get pregnant again and continue my clean healthy eating and working out.

  192. My fitness goals for 2015 are: to regain my strength and flexibility from my younger years, and join the Back Handspring Club! Even in my cheerleading years, that goal was beyond my reach due to fear. It kept me from making the squad and changed the course of my life (I went into the arts instead of pursuing my fitness goals). 2015 is THE year I get my groove back, I can feel it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  193. I recently conquered my first goal of quitting smoking. Now I want to lose around 30 lbs to get to my normal weight and be more active with my son.

  194. For the past 15 years, I have been taking care of everyone but myself. In 2015, I plan on getting back into running, taking better care of myself, and losing weight for good! You and your husband inspire me! Thank you!!

  195. My goal for this year is to be more active. To be able to run at least 2 miles without stopping. Also to learn to cook and eat in a more healthy way.

  196. My 2015 goal is to get toned and lose my last 30lbs to my goal weight of 175. I feel so much better after losing 80lbs. I can run and play with my 3 kids and I don’t get winded anymore or sit on the couch all day because I’m was so tired and my body hurt. I can’t wait to be at my goal!

  197. Several things!!

    1. Less sugar for our entire family.
    2. Lose 60 pounds.
    3. Start running again, and eventually train for a 1/2 marathon.

    In January I’m starting with a Whole 30 month to kick off 1. and 2. ๐Ÿ™‚


  198. My 2015 fitness goal is to lose weight, get in shape and be healthier and me and my sister are kicking off the new year with our first 5k run on January 1st!

  199. I have lost 47lbs in the last 4 months, I’d like to get my family eating clean and upping their daily activity so we can all get on the path to wellness but my personal goal is to lose 100 more lbs and be a healthy mommy!

  200. In 2015 I want to get healthy and more active. I’ve never been a runner but always wanted to be, so I want to start training to be able to run a 5K. I would also love to learn yoga and find some fun ways to work out.

  201. My goal for 2015 is to lose 90 lbs and get back ty o being abe to tide bikes and roller blade with my son. I’ve been heavy all his life and he deserves to be able to do fun things that the other kids experience with their mom.

  202. Since I had my son 7 years ago, I have been neglectful of myself and my health and am the heaviest I’ve ever been, at least 75 pounds overweight. This week, my son said to me “Mommy, I get really nervous talking to people. You are the only I can talk to – you are my best friend”. I felt like I got hit it in the head with a cast-iron frying pan. I thought about not being here for my son because of obesity related illnesses. I have to get my act together for the one little person who counts on me so very much. I am on day two of clean eating and promise myself and my son that 2015 will bring the healthiest me I have ever known!

  203. My goal is to change the unhealthy eating habits of myself and my family. We all try to stay pretty active, but our eating is atrocious! Hopefully, I can help direct our appetites towards some better options :).

  204. My 2015 health goal is to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 80 lbs and have another 80 to go. Healthy eating and exercise is truly the best way to loose!

  205. I love the motivation from both you and Chris. Thanks Heidi! My goal for 2015 is to lose 40 lbs by eating right every 2-3 hours, working out with cardio & weights and staying prepared so I can experience success. This will be the year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. My 2015 goals are all about my new family! I will become a stepmom in April 2015 and as I’m at month 4 in my 12 month transformation I will be adding to my goal of getting healthier by being a good example for my 3 step kids. They love healthy food when it’s provided so I will make it a goal to have it available to them in our house ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. My fitness goal two years ago was to start crossfitting. Last year’s was to run my first 10K and get my first band assisted pullup. This year: first real pull-up, first real toes to bar, and a sub-4min Grace time.

  208. My fitness goal for 2015, is to train to run a marathon in Oct. 2015. Hoping that the results from running and carb cycling program will also lead to a 50 lb weight loss as well!! It is something I have struggled with for 5 years now, and hoping this is my “key” to losing it!!

  209. December 1 marks my 5 year anniversary since my last cigarette. In those 5 years, I’ve gradually improved my health and overall wellness. 2015 will bring new challenges and I look forward to setting new goals as current ones are achieved!

  210. Just watching you talk about the items in the basket with us gets me more motivated!!! I lost 40 pounds in 3&1/2 months!!! Went on a family vacation and got out of my daily routine some. Still continue to maintain my weight and still eating pretty healthy. I still want to lose 40 more pounds, and continue to tone up!!! The items in this basket would be perfect tools to help me get there.

    1. Awesome goal- I’m with you! Almost to pull-ups but I’m letting the handstand part intimidate me. I will be thinking of you. We can both do it!!

  211. My 2015 goal is to give myself the “me” time that I desperately need as a mom to work on myself (physically and mentally).

  212. My goal for 2014 is to not to lose weight, but rather to gain fitness. I am in my mid twenties, with the guy of my dreams, and I know I will want to start a family in the near-ish future. I want to be strong not only for myself, but for my family. I want the energy I used to have when I was younger before school and studying trapped me in a chair for hours on end. I want to begin the home run stretch of my life (marriage, kids, career) the strongest, healthiest, and happiest I can be!

  213. My fitness goal for 2015 is to figure out how to get a fitness routine back in to my day. I just delivered identical triplet boys and have a five yo son so I’m busy and need help with creating a fitness regime that fits into my busy day. Thanks and happy holidays.

  214. Debby Fougere

    My goal for 2015 to drink water and do full push up, lose 20lbs and help people lose weight get healthy.

    thanks Chris Heidi.

  215. I would love to win!!! My goal for 2015 is to lose 110 lbs and be the best wife to my hubby I can be, as well as a great example to our 3 children. I have written you in the past but I would love to be chosen for your show!

  216. I really want to change my life for my children, fitter, healthier and happier thanks guys for being such an inspiration

  217. I am 22 weeks pregnant and my 2015 goal is to stay in great shape throughout my pregnancy and bring our son into a happy healthy family!!

  218. For 2015, I want to continue to eat healthy and exercise at least 5x a week. I’ve lost 25 pounds since July and can’t wait to lose another 25 and weigh less than my super-fit hubby! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  219. Hi Heidi and Chris,

    thank you for such an inspirational prize give away! My goal for 2015 is to get creative with my fitness and to get strong. I used to love running but need to build muscle and get fit once again. I also need to motivate my partner who needs to transform as at the moment he smokes 20 a day and needs to lose 35 pounds. Thanks for providing me with a platform to write this, I feel more committed writing it out loud!

  220. On January 1st I will be doing the whole30, I have Chris’s book and plan to jump right into that after the 30, as I have gotten older the weight has just packed on so I want to loose 25-30 lbs, tone up my body learn how to say no to junk and not find exscuses to work out daily if even for just 15 minutes. and when this all starts sinking in I want to pass it on and help others to become more healthy because its not really about weight loss its about becoming a better healthier happy and fit you. and when I turn 50 in a few years I will be fit and fabulous!!

  221. I’d love to loose about 30 lbs this year. I’ve been up and down a lot the last two years and while I’m working out and getting heather I haven’t rebalanced the food in take.

  222. My fitness goal for 2015 is to stop hating my body and living in a land of absolutes. I have been fighting an eating disorder (anorexia with bulimic tendencies, and orthorexia) for years and am working towards a balanced approach to health and fitness. Lifting has helped me let go of weighing myself and feel “strong” again, however, this process is long. Every day is a battle and every day there are choices to make. Towards health, or towards sickness.

    My goal: to take one step towards freedom and happiness in health.

  223. I wanna loose weight get on track and get healthy as can be for a health issue not related to weight but if it does come to having surgery the healthy I am the better!!

  224. my 2015 goals are:
    To lose at least 50 pounds.
    To complete a half marathon in November.
    To become the fittest and healthiest person that I can be.

    Thank you

  225. Fitness goals for 2015: Lose another 30# (have lost 35# in 2014) and run a 5k in 33 minutes or less. My first 5k was in May, finished in 44:11, ran a 5k yesterday in 36:42! Would love to win the iTunes gift card, as I have had some major financial setbacks over the past 3 months so I can’t really justify spending money on music downloads, but I really want to add the song “happy” to my running playlist!!

  226. I’m planning on reaching my goal in 2015 because my health depends on it. Started over too many times and 6 wks ago started carb cycling with bod-e and this is the best decision in my life. Was skeptical and now a true believer. It works. I’m losing steadily every wk Just stick with it and for Thanksgiving for the first time in my 52 yrs I gave up my traditional Thanksgivng meal and ate a nice big green salad. I’m dedicated. Going into wk 7 totally on track. Love it!!! Happy healthy eating everybody!!!

  227. I will be losing 20 lbs and have a regular workout routine in place. I will also be doing a half marathon at the end of the summer!

  228. Hi Heidi! I just want to say that I absolutely love you and Chris and am so inspired by you both. I check your Facebook page and blog daily for recipes and fitness tips ๐Ÿ™‚ My fitness goals for 2015 are: to continue to become stronger (I have a bad back injury), lose about 50lbs to decrease my pain, and be more active with my 2 year old son. My back pain has held me back so much in the past couple of years. I am no longer allowing the back pain to hold me hostage. Every day I either go to the pool or the gym and push through. I’m determined to lose this weight so I can get back to my old self. I’m not giving up on being able to have another child and run a 5 KM. I know these goals aren’t in my near future but I’m setting small realistic goals so I can later accomplish my big goals! ๐Ÿ™‚ Again thank you again for being so positive and relatable with all of your Facebook and blog posts. It definitely makes this journey a lot easier having someone to look up to ๐Ÿ™‚

  229. My fitness goals for 2015 are to keep hydrated, stay fit and loose 12-18 pounds to get to my weight loss goal.

  230. I have a goal to lose about 30 more lbs and work on my abs showing! I also want to run another 1/2 marathon. And train for more tris.

  231. I have recently lost 60lbs and going into the new year, my goal is to maintain at my goal weight. Maintaining can be just as hard as losing the weight, but 2015 will by year to keep we’re im at and stay moving and even add some different workouts to my routine.

  232. My goals are to continue to stay on the right path. In the last few months I have lost 26 pounds and 12 inches. I am still 70 pounds overweight and have to just take one day at a time. I am walking, but not much else because I can not afford a gym membership. I have a 6 year old and want to be able to coach his soccer team next year instead of just sitting on the sidelines. You and Chris are an incredible inspiration daily. I read your blog and posts, and they encourage me daily. I am thankful for you and your family. I want to be confident in my own body. My goal is to be able to ride the El Tour De Tucson. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  233. In February I’m having my first baby! Since bowie will be here I need to make sure im a good role model for her! So my 2015 fitness goal is to lose my baby weight and get fit to be the great example she needs in her life!

  234. My goal for 2015 is to keep active, hopefully she’d some weight and keep my rheumatoid arthritis from taking control. I hope to do 3 to 4 5K runs this coming year and be a better role model for my kids.

  235. My younger sister is getting married in October 2015 and I am her maid of honor. I will be down 2 dress sizes by then…just not sure how to get there…

  236. My goal for 2015 is to lose 40-50 lbs. I know I can do it with the help of you and Chris!!! You guys are totally amazing and inspiring!! I hope to someday meet you both …for I will have to thank when I reach my goal!! Thank you so much for doing what you do!!

  237. My goal is to STOP making excuses, do some type of workout/physical activity daily, stay committed to eating clean, and complete a half marathon.

  238. My goal for 2015 is to eat to perform better in the gym and to encourage my children to try new things! I want my children to be as excited to challenge themselves as I am! ๐Ÿ˜€

  239. This is great of you guys. There are so many people who benefit by your books, blogs ad videos, myself included. Started carb cycling two weeks ago and down 9 lbs. thank you for all the encouragement and advice!!

  240. My 2015 goal is to master balance within my life when it comes to working our and eating. To learn to love my imperfections and take time to appreciate how far I have come in my fitness path. Going to be my best year yet, I can feel it. I have been avid the last four years and have come so far, can’t wait to see what a whole year brings about with changes in my body. LOVE YOU POWELL PACK!!

  241. For 2015 I will continue my journey to become healthy and strong by losing 50 lbs. My son is getting married in the summer of 2016 and I REFUSE to be immortalized in his wedding photos in thr shape I am in now. My 16 year old daughter and I are also going to participate in a obstacle course like race next year and I’m not yet strong enough to pull myself over the wall. I’m looking forward to be strong again. Strength is beautiful!

  242. My 2015 Goal is to be a healthier and stronger Lynne!! I am not waiting until 2015 to begin this transformation, I am starting it now!! I have and am reading both books (Choose to Lose and Choose More Lose More for Life) and so my journey begins…

  243. My goal for 2015 is to continue & improve upon what I am doing now. This year I have dropped 2 pants size and lost 15 pounds. I have 4 more to sizes to lose to hit my goal. I have a long way to go but I know I can do it. I need to workout more and continue to eat smaller portions. Following you two has helped me so much!

  244. My goal is to lose weight and exercise more. You guys are amazing and so inspirational . Your family is truly special

  245. I would love to be a great example to my family and start a lifestyle of healthy. We have began to walk together and we are eating healthy as well. I would like to continue to change our lifestyle and become a better mother for my child.

  246. The past 1.5 years, I’ve focused on myself and getting fit. Just starting to run small races. My goal for 2015 is to run 2 10ks!

  247. I plan to run a race/races and join a local crossfit gym in AZ! Maybe you could give me some tips for beginners. All the best to the powell pack!

  248. I plan on actually running my first 5k. My babies are still young. Now is the time to set a good example. Show my girls how to be healthy, strong and confident!

  249. first off….you guys rock!
    My 2015 goal is getting my thyroid meds balanced so I may have more energy to drop the pounds I’ve gained so I may feel fit at 50!

  250. I plan to do a sport/workout once a week (I have a very physical job) and eat healthier, and lose 10-20 lbs!!!! Thank you so much!!! Love you two!!!!

  251. My 2015 goal is to make my health a priority and finally let the fit girl out of this shell I’m carrying around.

  252. My 2015 goal is to at least reduce my evening snaking to once every 3 days since I snak on sweets almost everyday about an hours and a half before I go to bed. I am 5 feet 3 and weigh in at 132 lbs. I am not thin but not big either. I have been going from 125-135 lbs for the past 5 years. I feel I have 5-10 lbs to loose. So this should help since I love sweets, it should help me cut back. I managed to do it at one point for 3 months, but this time it is for good!!!

  253. MY fitness goal for 2015 is to get to my healthy body fat percentage and weight! I am about 10 pounds away from where my bmi needs to be. I am also going to get my personal training certification through ISSA. You are my fitness role model Heidi! I have four kids also!

  254. As a crossfit coach I’m pretty consistent in my daily workouts and push myself really hard, however I’m really lacking in nutrition. My goal for 2015 is to finally figure out how to sustain a healthy diet for me as well as my family.

  255. The next year goal was started today actually when finishing shift and going out of place where i am working i noticed that my bike was gone. Someone stole it!
    The greates thing about this is that i was creating my challenge plan how many times where and how to exercise. And here you go. First jogging session was done by trying to get back home ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m feeling delightful by having a time to work out, learning more about healthy lifestyle, studying related thing and definately continueing it !
    So goal is do not stop what i started today. Use all free time to get the most of everything. To get nice shape for my body and to help other to do the same…
    P. S. Extreme Weight Loss became one of the biggest inspirations to move forward. Thanks for that!

  256. My goal for 2015 is to lose at least another 25 pounds and walk or run my first 5k. I have been walking since August almost everyday, until the weather changed. I feel so much better, healthier since following your plan. It changed my life.

  257. In 2015, I am going to push myself to get lean and fit, something I have never been. I’m 21 and have never had the experience of being proud of what my body looks like. There isn’t exactly a specific weight that I want to be at but I know that it’s lower than where I’m at now. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds in the last couple months and I have hit a rough patch with my motivation. But I just invested in a new pair of running shoes that have me excited to run again! By next summer, I would love to have the first summer I’ve felt comfortable in a bathing suit, and a summer that I don’t feel ashamed of pictures.

  258. My goal for 2015 is to take off that last little bit of weight & stay as strong as possible – over the last 5 years, I have lost 215 pounds and got a hip replaced at age 37. I am so excited to finish commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

  259. My 2015 goal is to kick start my good eating and workout habits again. I am a 8 year breast cancer survivor and had lost my way with a healthy lifestyle. I got myself back on track for 2 1/2 years and now I can see myself slipping back into bad habits again. I also just want to say I think the way you help people not only with losing weight but regaining their life back is amazing!

  260. 2015 – workout 70 minutes 6 days a week, eat 5-6 meals a day with right balance of carbs and protein, and two healthy fats. Gratitude Daily. Lost 38 need another 38!

  261. My 2015 goal is to continue consistency in the gym with my husband- making it 4+ mornings before work, and also discovering more clean eating recipes to work into our diet plans. I would also love to do some type of marathon!!

  262. I have many health problems and I want to start feeling better. I want to be an example for my two daughters who are struggling with health problems. As a family I want to improve our health and outlook on life. I need this change for me.

  263. My goal for 2015…is taking care of me. In 2014 I took care of my dad who passed away in May and I lost myself in sadness. After a few months, I come back on my feet, bought a rebounder that I love and start to follow a better diet… I’d like to loose 25 lbs and have better blood pressure. Thank you for helping me to do that… you are my inspiration to continue my healthy lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

  264. My goal for 2015 is to not have to have a high tibial osteotomy on my left knee…Apparently if you loose 10 pounds you take 70 pounds of pressure off your knees…I`ve lost 13 since Oct 3rd but have lost inches as well…more inches then weight! Using your shakes and love them..go to aqua-arobics 6 days a week and only because there is none on saturdays. I go to see my surgeon on Dec I`m hoping he will give me a few more months to continue with the carb cycling, shakes and exericse to loose more to avoid the surgery! trying to get enough cash together to get Chris`s book so hopefully I`ll be able to in January ! 2015 is going to be hopfully my year to get healthy and get this weight off once and for all!! Thanks for this opportunity to share and possibly win some helpful aids to assist in the journey ๐Ÿ™‚

  265. After having my third child in 2011 i weighed 170 and have gotten it down to 130. My fitness goal for 2015 is to up my exercise. I am signing up for a 1/2 marathon in April 2015 and would really like to build up some muscle. Thank you both so much for everything you do and I wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

  266. My 2015 fitness goal is to get healthy and stay healthy so that we can have another baby and I will not be miserable the entire pregnancy and then have MORE weight on top of the baby weight after two boys under two years old! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 23 more lbs to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. My 2015 goal is to get into the 100’s and reach a healthy weight and maintain it. I joined the Be Your Best program and am learning so much just through volunteering and giving back to the community along with reading the books. I am ready for this new chapter in my life where I am in control of my weight once and for all.

  268. My 2015 fitness goal is to build upper body strength, complete burpees and mountain climbers without hating them so much. I also want to jog/run a 10k and lose around 30 pounds in 2015.

  269. My 2015 goal is to accept the body I live in. Along with that I want to love it and treat it better. I want to accept my age, embrace my strengths and my weaknesses. I want to be healthy and feel better. I plan to walk more, run more, bike more – live more and see it reflected in my physical form.
    Thank you for the encouragement and ideas!

  270. My goal for 2015 is to actually start working out more often. I have been a bit lazy in the few years that have passed since graduating high school, and the closest I have come to a workout each day is taking trips up and down the stairs at work. My work does involve a bit of lifting here and there, but the max weight I have lifted there is around 20 lbs. I took a fitness class in college, and while I vowed to keep up the workouts, work and other commitments got in the way. I have not been good at finding an equal balance that includes exercise and eating healthy. I was active in sports in high school (Badminton was my most active sport), and I feel like once I graduated, I sort of fell off of the exercising wagon. Any of these prizes would help me to get back on track and to lose the weight I want to lose, and keep it off!

  271. My 2015 fitness goal is to participate in a bodybuiding/figure contest. I had a goal of this when I was 18 and my dad put a fast stop to it (he was horrified by the idea of me not only posing in a bikini in front of a crowd, but also having muscles in general). Two kids and two decades later, I want to pick up where I left off (I was in incredible physical shape back then). I’m almost 40 years old so it feels a little unobtainable (and perhaps even silly for someone my age to be doing this NOW), but it’s a dream left undone and gosh darn it, I want to make it happen no matter how old I am!

  272. My 2015 goal will be just like my 2014 goal: I will treat myself well, eat healthfully, exercise regularly and, in the process, lose weight. I’m already down 54 pounds this year, and I still have 1 month left

  273. My 2015 goal is to get healthy for my 2 beautiful kids. I want to be healthy and happy ,to be able to keep up with my energetic 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son would be great. Motivation is key and these two are mine for the rest of the year and beyond!

  274. My goal for 2015 is to stay healthy, keep working out and train and complete a 5k charity run! I also want to develop my abs to look amazing and of course then feel great! Thank you Heidi and Chris for your inspiration! You have such a beautiful family!

  275. Love you two and all you stand for! You are an inspiration! My goal for 2015 is to lose 50 more pounds – already lost 20 on your card cycling program! I want to be able to actually run a full 5k the whole way without stopping to walk some of it!

  276. My fitness goal for 2015 is to finally break this 2 year plateau curse ive been struggling with and finally push below 300 pounds. Ive struggled with my weight my entire life. the last 8 years have been hell but the last 3 years ive slowly regained control. After getting up to 590 pounds and being hammered with severely failing health, I gave in and opted to go with gastric bypass. Since then, ive dropped to 380, but im struggling to push lower. I still have all kinds of issues I am trying to work around but I am not giving up. I certainly have my moments of weakness where i feel like giving up, but after letting the emotions and rage go for a bit, i reign it all back in and get back on the horse and try again.

  277. My fitness goals for 2015: run another half marathon, maybe try a full marathon and be active at least 4 days a week.

  278. My goal is to have my walk increased to a jog, lose 20 lbs in the next 2 months, need my asthma medicine less to not at all, improve my nutritional intake. I am learning more about nutrition on my own. I have 1 child at home, 3 nephews I took in this month when their mom died and a husband disabled. I need to keep myself healthy

  279. My 2015 goal is to lose 50 pounds to be at a healthy weight … staying active by exercising everyday and watching what I eat. Since May 2014 I have quit smoking and still smoke free and have also lost 25 pounds

  280. My goal for 2015 is to lose 70 lbs . I have been doing crossfit since August and have lost 9% body fat since I started. I now am getting a little better at it and I want to continue getting healthy and strong! My Christmas list has nano 4.0 on it so hopefully I won’t have to buy them myself! Lol

  281. My goal is to be more accountable. To myself and my family. To follow through on my goals so that I can be there and keep up with my kids.

  282. My 2015 goal will be just like my 2014 goal: I will treat myself well, eat healthfully, exercise regularly and, in the process, lose weight. I’m already down 54 pounds this year, and I still have 1 month left

  283. My fitness goal is to continue on the journey i have started. I have managed to keep a moderate intensity workout despite how i have felt this holiday.

  284. My first goal is to run a half marathon in june and participate in my first spartan race in July. Oh and to lose my baby weight after giving birth this past August.

  285. My 2015 goal is to just get healthier. I have decided that if I just strive to be healthier and happier, the weight loss will follow right along.

  286. My 2015 fitness goal is to finally take the step into becoming a Personal Trainer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to be able to help save/change lives as fitness has become such a huge part of my life. I’m a married mom to 3 boys, a full time business owner so my life is super chaotic but hey, what’s one more thing added when it’s something you totally believe in? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  287. My 2015 fitness goal is to get the body of an athlete. I am tall and have always been bigger than a twig but a weight or a number are no long my goal but a healthy body, a body I can be proud of.

  288. 2015 goal have my baby boy and get back into a routine with my husband daughter and baby boy. Eatting healthy, training and being the best mommy and example to my children!

  289. My 2015 fitness goals are to be able to do 5 strict consecutive pull-ups, 5 consecutive handstand push-ups (strict/Kipping), an independent rope climb and back squat 200 pounds. I want to continue progressing with what I have started this year: working out, promoting wellness to others, eating well and hopefully compete in a crossfit competition. I dedicated this year to becoming healthier all around after my mom died in 2013 from breast cancer. While she was sick I gained weight and loss all sense of healthiness. Now I am down 30 pounds, emotionally feel better, consuming a paleo diet and doing crossfit 3-4 times a week. I want to live long and prevent my chances of cancer in honor of my mother.

  290. my fitness goal in 2015 is to get back into a routine for myself. I really focused on helping others reach their goals in 2014 through Barre classes and supplemental help, but 2015 I will focus on adding variety back into my own workouts. Thanks for the opportunity to share!!

  291. Over the past four months I made a committment to taking care of myself for the first time in years. As a social worker and overall people pleaser there is very little time that I make me a priority. I was doing really well eating healthy and working out with a trainer with the money I earned picking up weekend shifts at work. And then my world came collapsing down. My grandmom become critically ill and needed emergency surgery resulting in a 21 day hospital stay. During this time I slept at the hospital and spent every waking moment in the hospital with her monitoring her progress, talking to doctors, and making decisions. I missed a lot of work and most of all completely got off track with my healthy routine. I ate most meals in the hospital and my only workout was walks to get coffee. My grandmom is now out of the hospital and while I am her primary caregiver medically at home I am now making me a priority again. My goals for 2015 is to get back with the trainer 3 times a week, regular gym 2-3 times a week, lose 70 pounds, and run my first 5k by April. I have come to realize through all of this that my health is incredibly important and until I am healthy I am limiting my happiness. I need to lose weight to feel confident but I also need to lose weight to take care of my grandmom and to take care of me.

  292. My 2015 goal is stick with Crossfit. I started June of this year and have been going 3-4 times a week. I haven’t stuck with a workout plan this long before. I have had 3 major foot surgeries, the last one having my ankle fused in 2013, so I kind of gave up on exercise because I couldn’t run and I was so out of shape and weak. Well, discovering that I can lift weights and do WODs, I have found myself again. You both are so inspirational and have helped keep me motivated, especially the handstand pushups Heidi. Wow.

  293. My 2015 fitness goal is to start losing again. I need to start logging on myfitnesspal again. And I have a goal for walking twice a week and bumping that up after a reasonable time. I also will have the goal to feel better about myself which will help me want to be fitter.

  294. In 2015 I will continue my journey to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy and going to the gym until I’m at a healthy weight.

  295. So goals for 2015, do NOT repeat the mistakes from this year!

    Ok so my real goals for 2015:
    – Eat clean (but have fun)
    – Continue rocking the box
    – Lose what I can but no less than 60lbs
    – Enjoy my family time
    – Compete in a few Crossfit competitions
    – Get Chris and Heidi to do a Burpee challenge cause I know I can win! (haha jk)

    Ok so my last goal is the biggest and something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Let go of my past and move forward. I know I can’t change the past or undo the damage done to me but I can move forward and I need to break up with my past.

  296. Happy Thanksgiving! I would love to win a prize to help get me back on my feet post surgery. No running or heavy lifting for me for the next 10-12 weeks, no walking for 4. ๐Ÿ™ I feel like I will be starting from scratch.

  297. My 2015 goal is to lose this freshman 15…that turned into 50! I’m 22 years old, and would love to get back to the shape I was in as a cross country runner in high school, and as a fourth degree black belt, I’d like to get back into the dojo! I’d also like to be capable of doing any type of fitness I want including crossfit, dancing, hiking, running half marathons, and everything else!

  298. My goal this year is to start taking care of myself. I have 4 kids and small business and all the other things that take time. This year I want to start putting some time on the calendar for me. Whether it’s going for a walk or getting in a great workout or even both

  299. In 2015, we will welcome our second baby and my goal is to be a mom who has energy to play with her kids! I’ve never struggled with weight, but I’m also far from fit. My energy levels are non-existent and my goal is to keep up with my kids and also work out with my husband (who is super into fitness and would die if I won those Reebok shoes!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  300. My 2015 goal is to lose at least 70 lbs, start eating healthy eliminating sugars and bread, to attend hot yoga more and walk

  301. My goal is to continue with my journey that I started a couple years ago. I got sidetracked with my husband’s health issues and lost my momentum but realize I need to get back on track for myself. I am goimfg to be checking out an intro to cross fit funamentals next week and a! Nervous that I won’t be able to do it at my age (50). I need tocomplete this journey of loosing the re!maining 75 lbs to avoid health issues that plaque my family. Love watching your show and reading your blogs!

  302. My 2015 fitness goal in general is to get stronger! I want to finally be able to do a pull up and handstand push up. Your blog/videos/show all help and encourage me so much!

  303. My fitness goal for 2015 is to finish this pregnancy healthy and strong. I hope to be holding a new baby by late January or early February. After that my goal includes taking off any extra weight that I gained during the pregnancy, which hopefully isn’t much, and stay on a great path to make great milk for baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

  304. My goal is to take all I have learned from your show, Carl, ant Fresh Start and apply it everyday to my life. I want to lose 150lbs. Next year and despite my knee issues get as healthy as I can in 2015.

  305. Recently my husband and I joined CrossFit together. We absolutley love it! We barley see each other due to our crazy work schedules, but now we get an amazing work out in in under an hour a day, that we get to do together, followed by a trip to Starbucks to catch up for 5min, then off to work we go. My fitness Goal for 2015 is to to keep improving at Crossfit together, getting stronger together, pushing ourselves furthur and running The Disneyland Half Marathon together next September for my 30th birthday. Not only can I not wait to bust out that 13.1 miles in our absolute favorite place in the world, Disney but I get to run it with my prince charming who I may not get to see all that often but who is always encouraging me to be the best I can be and who has been by my side in life and at the gym. I have a whole new respect for Fitness this year because it has given us the opportunity to be closer in a new way.

  306. My 2015 goal is to get serious about getting fit. To buckle down to eat right and get the exercise I need to be strong and fit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  307. My fitness goals for 2015 are to get stronger, leaner and more fit. I’m not looking to “lose weight,” I want to become stronger and more fit and losing weight will be a side effect. I want to complete a 5K and maybe even a 10K and I want to hike every mountain within an hour’s drive from my house! I want to be fit enought to get back into biking and back into swimming. 2015 will be my year!

  308. I’m focusing on losing 60 pounds with clean eating and exercise adding in strength training. I have PCOS so I have to work extra hard for weight to come off!..:( I will put my best into it and here’s looking to a healthier and happy future! Thank you Heidi and Chris for all the posts and ideas you have for weight loss!! On my Christmas list is Vemma Bode’ Shake! ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. My 2015 goal is to get back my diet/nutrition and exercise back on track. In 2004, I lost 50 lbs and kept it off for 6 years. In 2010, I dropped 25 more for a total of 75lbs. I was the smallest I had been since 8th/9th grade. (I’ve always been overweight.) But, in 2012 I started slowly gaining and now I am 40lbs heavier. I have started going to the gym again and started eating healthier and tracking what I eat. I have already lost 6lbs during the month of November. So, my 2015 goal is to eat healthy and addmore activity to my daily routine in order to lose the 40lbs gained and hopefully lose about 15 more to reach my goal weight. I would love to win one of your baskets as motivation and an incentive :).

  310. I went to the gym for two years and lost 80 pounds. My job was off shored and now I am not making as much money. I am going back to school though to better my family. But without the gym for a year I have regained the weight. I am hoping that some plans go through in 2015 so I can go back to the gym and start losing weight again. I am going to lose weight, reduce my medical ailments, and see my kids grow into the awesome adults I know they are! Living on a prayer and hope as I am about to hit rock bottom again!

  311. My fitness goal is to work on my health through working out and eating healthy. My husband and I want to both be healthy before I get pregnant so we can be good role models for our future children.

  312. My 2015 fitness goal is to stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy (with twins!) and in the later part of the year make a quick, strong and healthy recovery for myself and my two wonderful babies!

  313. I have always enjoyed being a fit individual but was a typical treadmill girl and really only focused on running! I was obsessed with burning calories and ran off most of my caloric intake for the day. After a knee injury caused by overuse I’ve had to explore different ways to keep myself fit. I now focus on strength training and am beginning to learn Olympic lifts. I feel so much better than I did when I was strictly running. I am now learning the importance of feeding my muscles so I can perform better and build a stronger healthier body! My goal for this year is to perfect my deadlift form and work hard to get better at cleans!

  314. My 2015 is to drop 100 pounds. To get healthy is ALL aspect of my life. Mentally, physically,Emotionally. This is MY year. Time to focus on me for once in my life because I am worth it. I want to become a healthier daughter, wife, sister and friend. I will be 40 next year and for 11 years my husband and I have been trying to have children, I NEED to get in shape so I can finally have my ultimate dream. To become a mom. Time is running out for us, I NEED to do this. Thank you guys. You both are amazing people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  315. My 2015 goal is to increase my quad strength to help decrease my patellar tendonitis so I finally be able to run for the first time in over ten years pain free

  316. after losing 95lbs I just recently found out I have to have shoulder surgery. Over the last two months I have been so depressed not being able to work out I out on about 17lbs. So for me, my fitness goal is to get back on track and get back to healthy again.

  317. To feel BEAUTIFUL in my wedding dress in May and to feel CONFIDENT in my bikini as a new Mrs. on my honeymoon!

  318. My goal for 2015 is to lose 35- 40 pounds. I am 22 years old. I would to be in the best shape of life. I want to be able to running longer and be fit. Also learn how to eat clean– which is really hard on a college budget. I would love to win but I know that I won’t. I would love your you to help me lose weight!!!

  319. I love following your and Chris’s posts. They always encourage me to do more. I have already lost around 30 pounds and have been the lightest weight I have ever been in my life. I have kept it off for about 5 years. Would love to lose 20-30 more pounds, especially since I am a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding next year.

  320. To drop 150 in 2015 to be there for my 3 and half year, and be a healthy Grandma to my grandson or granddaughter when my Daughter has a baby and teach her daughter or son to eat healthy and have a healthy balance life .

  321. My goal for 2015 is to keep my body in better shape an begin to get my community in shape as well. I want to start with family and friends into an easy healthy transition. Take what I know and teach everyone around me without it being too intimidating. It won’t stick if you start off too intense. Hope to win!!

  322. My fitness goals for 2015 are to lose 30 pounds. To exercise at least 4 hours a week. I would also like to do a half marathon. I just did my first 15k 2 weeks ago.

  323. It’s a long journey I’m planning for 2015 , I need to lose at least 3 stone it’s gonna be hard, I’m type 2 diabetes and my willpower is currently at zero at the moment , I watch you and chris’s shows and your inspirational to us all , so 2015 a new year and a new start .
    Best wishes from the uk

  324. My 2015 goal is to lose an additional 25 lbs! Carb cycling has changed my life and I’m so thankful for both of you and how you have helped me to change my life for the better! Gotta keep it going!!

  325. I will turn 50 in 2015. I have always been in good shape, but this last year, there has been more stressful life situations that have contributed to me finding myself not liking what I see in the mirror. My goals are to get back into good shape, eat a more healthier diet and find positive ways to deal with stress.

  326. My 2015 goal is to get into college, eat more fruits and veggies and tone up my post partum body! I spent 2014 getting rid of the baby weight and now im left with loose skin ๐Ÿ™ .. and also to do more than one push up Lol wish me luck ! <3 & hope you guys have a great christmas and a happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. I am having back surgery in December….. So my fitness goal for 2015 is to have a strong core and to do all the right exercises to get strong without re injuring my back

  328. My goal is to keep moving. I have had two foot surgeries in the last two years and put on some weight but most importantly fell out of shape and felt intimidated from getting started again. However, I got myself started lost most of the weight and more importantly am on the road to getting back into shape. So my goal is to keep it going and to be in great shape before our family trip in July 2015! Also, keeping my family moving and helping each other to eat healthier and exercising more.

  329. My 2015 goals are to lose weight, run a 5K and add a little weight lifting to my workout to start toning. I have a friend a long distance friend of mine that is going to help be my accountability buddy and we are going to motivate each other so that we can better ourselves.

  330. My goal is to not give up and continue making a life long change towards healthy eating and exercise. I always seem to stop monitoring (trying), to lose weight once I’ve lost about 5 pounds. I am hoping to change my mind set and continue trying to lose instead of stopping the weight loss.

  331. He doesn’t know it yet but it is truly my goal to introduce my husband to healthy eating and exercise. It will be a tough goal!! We have a son getting married in October and I want us all to look our best. ….him included. Thanks for all your help and guidance! !

  332. in 2015 I’d like to lose the five pounds that have crept on since I got my 40s and are really stubborn to get rid of. I’d like to master the unassisted pull-up and get back together with my ex, the burpee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  333. After moving to Wisconsin I didn’t realize what a 6 month winter does to your body! I want to continue to get healthier by working out and eating clean all winter! I want uk look good naked after the snow pants and parka come off. My goals are lose 10 pounds, gain muscle and be a little bit easier on myself if I slip up. Happy holiday’s!!

  334. My 2015 goals are to lose the remaining 30 pounds of the 80 I set out to lose. It’s been a slow process but I’m not giving up. Any of the gifts would help. Also I’m thinking of doing a half marathon next year.

  335. My 2015 goal was made along with my husband. We are vowing to try and hit the goal that we were not able to make this year due to injuries sustained in a car accident. I want to lose 35 pounds and my husband’s goal is to be 135 pounds leaner. We follow you and Chris religiously and have the motivation but still struggle to find the proper was to attain our goals. Thank you for always giving people like us hope that it can be done

  336. My Goal is to stop dieting and just get healthy! To transform my life for ever. I would love to drop 70lbs by the holiday season next year! Just be a better halethier me!

  337. My goals for 2015 is to not only loose another 30+ pounds but also to get my family onto my health kick. My energy and mental health has such great improvemt…I want my family to feel as great as I do. I also want you be taken completely off my blood pressure medicine.

  338. My 2015 fitness goals are to run a 5k with my daughter. I don’t expect to keep up with her – she runs varsity cross country for school – but I would love to see her waiting for me at the finish line!

  339. My 2015 fitness goal is to lose baby weight from 3 children (about 60lbs) while helping others along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  340. i have already started my journey and am down 20 lbs so far. But my goals are to loss another 20 lbs so I can be healthier before my husband and I start the in vitro process to grow our family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. My goal?

    Drop another nine pounds (for a total of 32 pounds).

    Run my next (third) half marathon in Galveston, TX in February in FEWER than 180 minutes.

    Weight lift three times a week for thirty minutes, enough to maintain some muscle but not so much as to wear me out for running.

    Feel AWESOME in a bathing suit!

    Feel AWESOME altogether!

    Oh, and religously watch Extreme Weight Loss… honest to God, I watch episodes online during long runs on the treadmill… running right alongside your clients, and I whisper, “Yes, you can! I can, too!”

  342. My fitness goal for 2015 is to finally blast away the last pounds of fat hanging on my body! It’s such a small goal at this point, compared to when I first started, but they’re the hardest ones to lose!

  343. My 2015 fitness goal is to keep myself active daily and to inspire others to move more, especially my husband and family!!

  344. Thanks for sharing…. And giving away some of your faves!!

    I have recently lost 25 pounds, and my goal for 2015 is to reach 100! I’m on such a high…. Feeling stronger and more confident than ever! Xoxo

  345. My goal this coming year is to maintain a healthy eating habit for my husband & myself(since I do all of the cooking he eats what I eat) — I am going to loose 75 more lbs ( I have lost 35 lbs this year & kept them off) and to train to run a 1/2 marathon with my hubby despite some medical conditions I have by the end of the year

  346. My 2015 fitness goal is to lose the rest of my pregnancy weight and to be more healthy as a family as we continue our healthy new habits!

  347. My goal is to lose the 20 pounds I’ve regained in the last year. And to do it in a self-loving, positive way, and keep those pounds off for good this time.

  348. Oh my gosh, you two are so adorable!
    My goal for 2015 is to continue to increase my level of fitness and to get rid of the last 22 pounds that really, really like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. My 2015 goal is to eat healthier and to loose the weight I need and want to loose. I am 17 and I am ready to change my life style. You and Chris inspire me so much at what you do, you two are truly amazing! Thank you for reading this

  350. Fitness goals are to lose 50 pounds, get healthier for my only daughter to be a good example for her. Clean eating!!!!!!

  351. My goals are to lose the last 60lbs (after 100lb loss) also I want to jog a whole 5K and do a trail or obstacle 5k. I wrote you on Facebook and wasn’t supposed to walk after a motorcycle wreck so jogging is a big deal….the year after a tough mudder!

  352. I’ve already lost about 35 lbs (about 50 to go) the slow and steady way in the last 6 months, and I’m not going to stop! I have some incentive to keep up my pace and not stop as my cousin and I have signed up to do a Color Vibe run in April. No slowing down now! We are both in our upper 40s, so we need to keep plugging along to stay healthy!

  353. My goal for 2015 is to get back on track and continue my goal from this year. I feel off the wagon after losing 30lbs (due to health stuff) and need help getting back on and losing the other 75lbs that I need gone. Please help!

  354. My fitness goal for 2015 is to run a half marathon. It’s something I have talked about but always found an excuse not to do. This is my putting out in the universe to make it happen.

  355. Heidi and Chris, I would really love to win your fitness gift! My goal in the coming year is to regain my life. I have lost myself, desperate to make a change! I am almost double my ideal weight and really feeling it in my body now! I watch your show and see all the wonderful success stories. I wish I could be on that show. I feel unable to make the changes on my own. Feeling desperate!

  356. My health goal this year is to quit drinking all soda, no eating out & go to the gym or do some form of exercise every single day!

  357. For 2015 I will be completing my transformation that I began june 6 2014, 6 months ago. I, completely on my own and with the positive help from my amazing husband encouraging me all along the way, no pills or special gimmicks, have lost 60 pounds so far! I am so excited I can’t add.y believe it. For the year 2015, I already have my surgery date with a cosmetic surgeon to do skin removal, repair all the stomach muscles that have been cut due to multiple abdominal surgeries, and ( don’t judge please,) add ” up top,” this surgery has been a dream for twenty years but I could never lose the weight. I am finally doing it! I would optimally like to lose about 30 more pounds before my surgery day. I exercise for between hour and a half and 2 hours most days, and cook awesome healthy meals, no cutting out any food groups and no prepackaged meals or special shakes. I don’t feel like I am ona diet, it’s a life change. I can’t even explain how, for the first time in my 47 years, am finally proud of myself. I love your show and you and Chris are an inspiration.

  358. To hit my goal weight of 145 lb – 150 lb in 2015. My husband and I have a deal that when I hit my goal he will take me to Hawaii…really would like to hit that this year.

  359. My goal is to lose weight, get healthy and be a role model to my children. Right now I’m approximately 100 lbs overweight, which is terrible in of itself but myself and my 2 children have a condition called x linked hypophosphatemia. This condition does not allow our bodies to absorb vitamin D, calcium or phosphorus as a normal person would which causes our bones to be very soft and bow. I have had 5 straightening operations on my legs as a child and as you can imagine the added weight is extremely painful. I want to change my life and be a positive role model for my children so they never have to face the pain and difficulties that I do.

  360. My fitness goal in 2015 is to truly love myself. I eat clean, I train hard, I help others. I’m told I’m an inspiration and a great motivator. When I look in the mirror- every insecurity, every ounce of flaw.. It all just zooms in somehow. I suffered from eating disorders for a long time and I remember being 80 pounds and still grabbing “fat” that i needed to lose. It’s a scary place. When everyone around you swears you radiate beauty and all you see is a mess in the mirror. You hear “don’t worry about how others think of you” well this is one instance where I wish I could believe what I hear from others. So my goal is to love myself for the bad ass mom, wife, trainer, daughter, woman that I am.

  361. I want to break the habits of eating horribly and nourish my body with healthy foods and actually give my body what it deserves, not what it craves. I cannot wait to start my journey. God is good all the time.

  362. My goal is to live healthy. To set an example for my daughter and be the mom she can be proud of… And be the me I can be proud of. It’s time…

  363. My goals for 2015 are as follows:: by 2016 I want to be down 100 lbs.My plan is to ride my bike back and forth to work 18 miles around trip instead of drive.. I going to run a 5k in feb.called color vibe.. but most of al I want to be healthy and feel great in the skin im in.. I want this year to be my year and I want to saythis time next year that I did it and im not looking back..

  364. My fitness goal for 2015 is to drop all the pregnancy I’ve been keeping around. My other goal is to eat REAL food and less processed “food.” I have two weddings to attend and really want to feel confident!

  365. In 2015 my goal is to tone, I have lost about 40 lbs and need to tone my arm, legs, and abs. And still work towards losing another 40 lbs.

  366. My 2015 goal is to be a fitmom role model to my sister and sister in laws. Show them that being in good shape is part of being the best mom you can be. I would love to run a 5 and 10k also

  367. My husband had a mild heart attack this past summer, so “our” goal is to eat healthier & find exercises we can enjoy together. My additional goal is to lose 50+ pounds. Love your your show & blog! Keep the inspiration coming

  368. My 2015 fitness goal is to reclaim my health after spiraling out of control. I need to lose weight, lower my cholesterol and blood pressure.

  369. My 2015 goals are to lose weight (60 lbs), get healthier, and be a better role model to my son. The older my son gets the more I’ve noticed that my habits are his habits. That has resulted in us both being overweight. I can no longer do this to myself or to him. 2015 is the year of change! We are going to do this together! It’s not easy to do since I work full-time, am a full-time student, and my husband (also my son’s daddy) is in the Air National Guard and travels the majority of the time. I am determined to do this though. With my son being a teenager now (13), he’s wanting to do better – so what better incentive than that! Plus winning one of these prizes wouldn’t hurt either! ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. I love to exercise but what i love the most is running . I started running about 6 years ago and when I started I never thought running a marathon. Well so far I have done 3 and the last one was NY city few weeks ago. My time was pretty good 4:08 min. For 2015 I want to would be able to crush my time and do. Sub 4 and why not a Boston Q. next year I sing up to run Paris and Chicago. Hoping to do 3:45. Another goal is do more weight training and get more muscles. Thanks !

  371. Hi! I’m going to start a new page in my life soon and would love some things to help me through my new journey. Wishing every one the best of luck in their health journey.

  372. My 2015 goal would to be hit my transformation goal before my husband gets back from deployment. Also to live a more healthy and active lifestyle not only to benefit myself but my children also.

  373. My 2015 goal is to finally get back to my pre-baby shape now that my youngest is 1 &1/2. I’ve been helping my older brother lose weight, because he’s always been overweight. Since I’ve been helping him, I’ve been falling behind because he can’t physically do certain exercises that I would like him to. He’s lost 50lbs so far, but has plateaud because he has gone back to some of his old eating habits. So, I would like us to both have a successful year!

  374. My fitness goals for 2015 are:
    1. Get healthy!
    2. Lose 40# and tone up
    3. Complete my first half-marathon (walking and jogging)
    4. Thoroughly enjoy my second half-century!

    I have spent most of my life overweight, with very low self-esteem. It’s high time I focused on ME! I am worth it!

  375. Kids know what they learn not only from their parents but their extended family as well…every time I see more statistics on childhood obesity… I wonder how much worse can it get as this issue can affect their future….I cannot be a role model for my 5 year-old triplet niece and nephews and their 7 year-old sister unless I myself also set an example…so the year 2015 is it for me… more excuses …I want to be the “fun” aunt… the one they can do things with ….the one that isn’t worrying about a weight limit or will I fit….I want to be a healthy role model….a true example of healthy living…I want to be the “me” I imagine myself to be…and not the “me” I am now…..a new start.. a new beginning…and a new lifestyle…..and all the joy that comes with feeling fit……………..

  376. My goal is to run a 5k. Between working full time, school full two, and two small kids I seem to lose my free time quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

  377. My 2015 fitness goal is to devote time for myself to finally shed the excess 25 pounds from my college days. My eating habits are healthy so I have been able to maintain my current weight. Now I need to focus on exercising to tone up! Love your blog and the show!

  378. 2015 goals – string more than 5 pull-ups, run a race averaging less than 9 min mile, work out more at home when I can’t get to the gym.

  379. My 2015 fitness goal is to exercise everyday and make healthy habits. I would love to work off the rest of my weight. I think you and your husband are wonderful and inspiring people. Thank you for always motivating and encouraging!

  380. My 2015 fitness goal is to get rid of the baby weight once and for all! I plan on committing to a 100% gluten free diet and setting aside 3-4 days a week that I can do a mix of high intensity cardio & weight lifting! My kids need a healthy mama. More than that, they’re deserving of one. I commit to caring a little more about me, so I can care for them a lot better!

  381. After watching this last season of Extreme Makeover I was inspired to register for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon in June 2014. I have weight to lose about 30-40lbs and have been mostly unsuccessful in my attempts for 5 years to make nutrition my priority. I am hoping that this commitment of training for event, along with my 2.5 years of CrossFit combined with serious nutritional help will help make me the leaner, healthy athlete I have been longing to be

  382. My goal for 2015 is to recover (completely) from knee surgery and to start running for the first time, ever! I want to learn how to love myself, instead of waiting for other people to love me. I want to lose the extra pounds, but I really want to gain knowledge, and self-love, more than anything else.

  383. My goal for 2015 is to stop making excuses. I’ll eat right, workout regularly, lose a little weight then just stop. “Life got in the way” seems to be my biggest excuse. I’m done with that. 2015 will be my year. To kick it off I ran yesterday for the first time in months and got in a 5k before celebrating the holiday. It wasn’t pretty and it hurt but damn it, I did it.

  384. My 2015 goal is to complete my transformation! I started in 2010, hit a wall in 2012, but maintained some. This year was rough, but it is time to commit to myself and start making those promises! Thank you!

  385. My fitness goal for 2015 is to get back on the band wagon and stay on. I did so well and lost a lot of weight, then 3 different personal trainers i had left my gym and I injured my foot, had to stop teaching Zumba, everything fell and I gave up. I reached out to other people and wasn’t getting any help. I just gave up and stopped caring for myself. I ate whatever I wanted and stopped working out and gained weight back. I hate that this happened and can only blame myself. Life happens, but it is up to me personally to decide to give up or power through. I took the easy way out and now I am back at square one. I have just changed gyms (way too much drama at my old one), have a plan, and ready to get back to it. Trying to find a couple people to keep me accountable and partner with me. Im excited! My motivation was gone and I am ready to be back at it! Thanks for all you and Chris do. You guys are simply amazing and have truly been blessed with an amazing gift and I love how you guys are giving back in such a huge way. Thank you for that!

  386. My 2015 fitness goal…. I am going to start off by hopefully getting your newest book for Christmas and learning from it. (If I do not get it for Christmas, I will be buying it the next day!). I have been stuck in a consistent spot for the past few years and just need to tighten up and lose about 10 lbs (which has been a struggle for me) and I plan on accomplishing this in the early new year and keeping a consistent body weight instead of going up and down. I also love when I am eating healthy as I feel soooo good and don’t crave/even want any sweets (well okay I do still want them the odd time!) and am not only looking to continue this but to build a consistency for the rest of my life (instead of yo yo ing). Some physical goals would be: accomplishing some races (one being the Spartan race – signed up today!), doing a pull up and then increasing that number by the end of the year, a walking handstand and possibly even a handstand push up and to do a bridge. Besides becoming leaner, I also want to work on my flexibility. I have a few ideas on how I am going to accomplish these goals and one is to make fitness fun! I have recently started taking a gymnastics class, which was a dream of mine, and I have been loving every minute of it. I am also planning on taking my dog outside for more runs as it is not only good for me but great for him as well. Getting fit to me is not just how I look on the outside but how I feel on the inside physically and mentally. I want to feel good about myself a strong majority of the time and to do this I am not only going to start in the New Year but I am actually going to make a change today! Love you two and your family, you are all such an inspiration and I look forward to seeing what you are all up to next! ๐Ÿ™‚

  387. My goal is not only to lose weight (50lbs) but it is to actually become fit. I would like to be able to enter fun events like half marathons and Spartan races without the fear of keeling over during the race haha! I want to really be in good shape for once in my life. It’s not about being skinny. It’s about feeling good/looking good.

  388. My goal for 2015 is to continue my weight loss journey. I have 200 lbs to lose and as daunting as it sounds I know that small changes equal big steps

  389. My 2015 goals will start this Monday. I’m ready to make a change for good and stop yo-yo dieting. I’d like to lose 30 lbs and get to 25% body fat. That’s the first goal. Then I’d like to get to 18% body fat. My CrossFit goals, though, are to be able to do unbroken double-unders, use a 24″ box with ease for jumps, get my 500m row under 1:55, and run a mile in under 12 minutes. I know I can do it – I’ve just got to focus. Thanks to you both, I feel motivated when I watch your videos or shows!

  390. My 2015 goal was to run the LA Marathon in March, but unfortunately I broke my ankle earlier this year and my recovery has been tougher than I expected. I’m finally back up and running (well beginning on the running part). My new goal for 2015 is to lose some of this weight I put on, start my marathon training and complete a half marathon in preparation for the 2016 LA Marathon that I will be completing.

  391. Plan to continue my weight loss journey and get to my goal of 100 lbs lost by this time next year. Hoping to have another baby in 2016 and need to prepare my body to conceive. Losing weight will definitely help! Want to be an example to my toddler and family

  392. My 2015 fitness goal is to participate in two or more group exercise activities that I can enjoy with friends (or make new ones!) – perhaps spin class and golf? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Holidays from snowy Chicago!

  393. My 2015 goal is to get my skin removal surgery. My original goal was to get the surgery this month, but I didn’t lose all the weight needed. My goal is to lose the last 20 lbs so I can get my surgery by June 2015!

  394. My goal in 2015 is to take off the baby weight ! (Due in 2 weeks!) And be able to run faster … just keep up with my son by the time he can walk!

    1. I really need to get healthy and fit for my health thats not good .and im getting worse. I can do a diet and stay on it for like a week.but go threw a horrible depression. Because of my health .having good days and mostly bad days so I give up.i really need to change my way of thinking. And focuse on being healthy to live longer…=>
      You gize are really a good insertion. =>

  395. My goal is to lose 100 pounds I’m tired of being the fat girl. I want to change my lifestyle. I’m tired of peop