I Am Thankful


Today, and always, I am so incredibly thankful for these 5 sweet spirits. The happiness, laughter, pride, and joy that they bring to my life is unlike anything I?ve ever experienced, or even thought I could experience. I love each of them more than anything in this world, and am grateful for every waking moment I have with them. How did I get so lucky??

My best friend. He deserves a special shout out. I could not possibly be MORE grateful for this man. Chris is NOT just my husband?he is the soul that I share EVERYTHING with: good, bad, and ugly. He loves me unconditionally?with ALL of my baggage, weaknesses, struggles, temptations, and sometimes all-too-brutal honesty. It?s not often that you can share your deepest darkest fears and mess-ups in life with someone, and have him love you deeper. I. Love. Chris. So thankful.

My extended family?all of them?I am so thankful for you all. Hands down, I have the most bad-ass brothers that walk the earth?and the sister-in-laws they gave me are just as bad-ass. I?m grateful for my parents?one spending today with me in the flesh, the other in spirit. They brought me into this beautiful world and provided me with every opportunity I could need to grow, learn, and become whoever I wanted to be. Even further extended family and friends….we have so many wonderful examples in our lives that bless us and help us grow on a daily basis.

Matix and Marley?s dad. This world would be so much tougher for me if I didn?t have his love in support in all that we do. I?ve seen some nightmarish divorces?and I am grateful for my sake and my kids’ that ours is not one of these. I am forever grateful for his efforts he continually puts in, and the efforts he pours into helping to raise our babies.

My health. Thankful beyond words. I know my health won?t always be what it is today?but while I have it, I will cherish it and take good care of it.

I am thankful for all of you. Without your support, we couldn?t do what we do. You change lives, even though you may not realize it.

Speaking of support?our supporting staff (aka Team Powell) is my daily backbone. There are so many that make this engine run. I love each and every one of them, and know that without them, this just doesn?t work.

For life, I am most thankful. Each and every day truly is a gift?good days and challenging days.

Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for my challenges. These bumps in the road, thorns in my side, and adversity I am faced with have, and will continue to, make me a stronger, more compassionate, unconditionally-loving human being.

I am thankful.


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  1. Hi Heidi!
    I love following your blog! I just found out Im pregnant and lift 4-5 days per week and my doc says I can continue using whey protein powder, but Im not sure what brand would be best. Any good ones you’d recommend?
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Heidi and Chris are pretty partial to their Vemma Powell Perfect Protein Powder. You can contact Bob Brenner, one of their amazing season 3 transformations, and he’d be happy to help you! [email protected]. And congratulations!

  2. I have struggled for a long time to lose weight. I am only 4 Ft 10 inches tall so my weight shows even more. I started crab cycling last June, lost about 25 pounds. I have had a hard time the last few months with some health issues and I stopped losing. I am struggling to get back on track. I want to lose 60-80 pounds in 2015 and would love any help or words of encouragement that you could give. THANKS!!!

  3. my goals for the coming year:

    1. To lose about 75 lbs to become healthier
    2. To overhaul my diet (its hard right now because I am supporting everyone in my household) its cheaper to eat not so healthy.
    3.move more even though I have bad knees and one needs to be replaced.
    4. Help my husband and maybe be a good example so it will be an encouragement to him(he is diabetic (blood sugar out of control), heart disease and multiple other health problems. He is unable to work.

    So that is it in a nut shell!

  4. my 2015 goal is to finish what I started, so far 66lbs down another 20 to go, to keep my sister motivated who’s in the UK, so far she has lost 130lbs, about 100 to go and to help my fiends who keep saying “tracie you look great, I really must do something” thank you Heidi & chris for changing my sisters and my life’s x

  5. My goal is to set attainable goals…I am now 51 and it’s now or never to get healthy and to stay healthy. I need to lose 40 lbs. and get back on a realistic exercise program. My goals include doing least 1/2 dozen 5k’s in 2015 and taking off the excess weight and keeping it off.

  6. You and your husband are my idols. I look up to you guys alot. And one of things I would like for you guys to help me on is to lose weight. I need your help, I am a 17 year old girl weighing 260lbs please help me! Y’all are my only hope to live healthy and happy

    1. Hi Elizabeth: It is so difficult to be a teen these days! You are constantly bombarded with images and advice on how and what you should do and be and look like, and most are very unrealistic. Heidi has addressed the teens and body image issue in this amazing post on this blog: https://heidipowell.net/7201/teens-and-healthy-body-image-its-not-just-about-the-pounds/. In this post, she offers lots of helpful suggestions for both teens and those with teens in their lives, and I hope you can find some ideas that will help you develop healthy habits that will benefit you your entire life! And please discuss your health-related concerns with a parent or someone close to you – a support system can be such an awesome resource as you’re working to achieve your health and fitness goals. Here’s another thing that might help you on your journey to get and stay healthy. One awesome tool Chris and Heidi use with every client is to make and keep a small, simple promise to yourself every day. This is truly a key to achieving any goal! Learn about the process here: https://heidipowell.net/8679/it-really-is-all-about-promises-2/. What will your first promise be today? Make and keep that one, then make and keep one tomorrow, and so on. It works! We wish you the best – you can do this! 🙂

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