1. sherri shadix-griffith - February 26, 2015

    Good morning Heidi,
    Just wanted to ask where you usually purchase your workout clothes? and your gorgeous dresses?? I have been going through Chemo/Radiation for the past 6 weeks and soon I need to get back into the working out ,Not only for my body but also my piece of mind. AND NEW CUTE CLOTHES IS ALWAYS A PLUS RIGHT??? Have been doing yoga, meditation and free weights through this but no cardio due to heart palpatations. I have followed you blog and you and your family pics are always making me smile ..I hope to hear from you .. I am also petitie so finding workout clothes are next to impossible at times .. Take care and hope you and your family are doing well..


    • Team Powell - February 26, 2015

      Congratulations on finishing your chemo soon – we hope everything is going well! Heidi loves Reebok’s clothes, and you can find all her favorites here: Reebok.com/Heidi.Powell. And you can find the links to some of her dresses on this blog. I’m so sorry, but I don’t have a list to share with you.

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