One Million Lives

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I think I am more excited about this post than I have been of any in quite awhile. To be honest (and maybe TMI), things have been a little rocky over here for the Powell Pack. We have let the busyness of life get in the way of so much?most importantly our relationship. And we both notice it. I came across this gem of a video from two years ago at the perfect time. It reminds me of all the amazingness my husband is. It reminds me of his vision, his passion, his love, his compassion, and his contagious attitude. It reminds me why I am so lucky to call him mine.

This video was a surprise from me to Chris at a party we threw in 2012. Little did Chris know, I had a tattoo artist there ready to help him cross off some of his Roman numerals. Watch the video to see what I am talking about?

To date, Chris has crossed off only through 100,000. While I personally feel he has made a much bigger impact than this, I must know in the comments below who feels Chris deserves to cross off the 1,000,000, signifying One Million Lives positively impacted. Chris refuses to cross of the million until he has proof?let?s prove it to him!

297 Responses

  1. I’m going to admit something that probably isn’t the nicest thing…I used to watch EWL and other weight-loss shows to motivate me never to ‘let myself go.’ I was never really considered overweight, but I struggled with body image issues and always thought that I was fatter than I was. I became obsessed with restricting calories and exercising, but always beat myself up if I skipped a workout or ate too much of an off-limits food. I was unhealthy, even if medically I still weighed in as normal. During my workouts on the treadmill, I would watch EWL and tell myself that if I stopped my behavior or got off-track, that I would turn out like your clients. However, something about the show always made me second-guess my thought process, and eventually helped to turn myself around for the better. On the show, Chris is always talking about an internal transformation, and how you need to learn to love yourself on the inside and accept yourself for who you are if you had ever wanted to change for the better. Chris made me realize that I needed to open up to my real struggles with my identity and body image issues if I am to ever be happy with myself. Well, I’m glad to say this, but after a long journey of self-reflection, I truly do believe that I have transformed; I’m a nicer, more understanding individual to others (and most importantly, myself), and through Chris and Heidis’ books I’ve come to understand the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. I now watch the show and cheer on the successes of your clients and empathize with their struggles. I eat right, I exercise right, and I feel so much better for doing so. I’ve gained 20 pounds, but I look so much healthier (and am still a normal weight!) after losing the negativity in my life. And I most definitely couldn’t have done it without the Powells. Thank you!

  2. Add one more to the count. Chris – and the people he has helped – have been my #1 teachers when it comes to the possibility of breaking through old patterns and pain and committing to living a life of love and health.

  3. I served 20 years in the US Army, and I suffer from many emotional and physical pains. When I retired in 2012 I was stuck being almost 40 pounds overweight. That might not seem like a lot to some people, but I’m not that tall, and extra weight, is still extra weight. I have watched BL since its first season, but it wasn’t until I started watching EWL that my mind was affected. Sure I love the physical changes, but its the emotional changes that have inspired me the most. Watching Chris, and now Heidi, really empathize with each person pulls at my own discomforts. I have since lost 10 pounds, and I feel like a better person. I still have my fears that can overwhelm me at times, but I know now that those feelings won’t last. Thank you Chris and Heidi, for encouraging us to cleanse our lives from the inside out!

    1. This is amazing – thank you so much for posting your story! And congrats on those 10 lbs gone – you got this!

  4. I’ve been struggling to lose about 40 lbs for several years now. A combination of depression and physical health problems often convinces me I can’t work out because either I feel like my body can’t handle it, or I’d rather lie in bed and cry for two hours instead. I watched a few episodes of Extreme Makeover today and then walked four miles because, if those people who weigh more than double what I weigh can make it through those extreme workouts, I think it’s safe to say mine can handle walking for an hour despite how crappy I feel. I imagined how pathetic Chris would think I was that I’ve given up so many times because I let my body, which fights the changes I need to make, win over and over again. I’m going to continue trying to do that, and hopefully it’ll allow me to get rid of these 40 lbs and achieve the body and life I’ve seen as basically unattainable for years. I know it’s not much, but I hope it counts toward your one million. Thanks, Chris and Heidi!

  5. Heidi,
    You can add two more to the count. My husband and I had a very different weight journey from one another. My husband was always battling his weight from a very young age. He was not taught healthy habits and often over ate to the point of discomfort. I was also not taught clean eating by any means but I was always very active and very slim. When we got together my husband had just lost a lot of weight. But moving in with me and my hamburger helper cooking, and then sympathy eating with me through 3 pregnancies and my husband found himself heavier than ever before. We don’t actually know what he weighed but our digital scale went up to 350 lbs and it couldn’t weigh him. At this point when he would go to sleep and sleep on his side he would actually cut off his own circulation to his arm and this would wake him because it hurt. I was 28 and we had three small children and I was certain I would be a widdow by the time I was 30. My figure wasn’t perfect but I was still a healthy weight. We started watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss and eventually after a few episodes my husband bought Chris’ book and started following his diet. This meant I had to change how I cooked for oyr family and be a part of his journey. A few times my husband actually posted questions on Chris’ Facebook page and got answers. It made his day and he was glad to know the Chris you see on tv is real and not just a show. We’ve had to mix it up along the way to get past plateaus but my husband is now down over 110 lbs and looks AWESOME. We do programs from now and fitness and clean eating is just a part of our daily lives. It has brought us closer together and I don’t worry about being a young widdow anymore. Thank you for busying your lives to give to other people. I don’t know what number that makes us, but I’m sure with all the untold stories it’s well past one million.

  6. Chris,

    Count me in as one of the MILLIONS that have felt the positive impact of your life as a transformation specialist and a decent human being. I have always struggled with my weight. As a former chef, food has had a huge influence on my body and mind. When the scale read 298 lbs (last January 2014) I knew I had to do something about it. I took the first 6 months of the year to prepare my mind and set up tools so that I could keep the promises I was making to myself. I read articles and watched your videos about transformation. I made a mind map with all the tiny choices I would make to take a step toward health. A friend bought me a Fitbit to record my steps. I carefully laid out my goals. And when all these preparations were ready, I began.

    I have lost 58 lbs since then. I walk everyday. Three days a week I swim and bike. I feel wonderful! Also amazing is the reaction of my family and friends: they are losing weight too and have adopted my phrase – “I am taking a step toward health!”

    Every day isn’t perfect. I have days when I struggle. Those days I always turn toward your books, your videos and your webpage. It seems that watching your enthusiasm motivates me to continue my journey.

    It won’t happen in one year for me, but I know I am making a life change; healthy habits that will stick.

    Thank you, Chris for your gift to me.


  7. There’s no other program that motivates me more while I’m working out on my treadmill than Chris’ show – he has certainly positively impacted my life and led me to amazing changes!!!

  8. I say cross off 1 million! As an active duty Servicemember for over 22 yrs, I can honestly say you and your wife motivate me DAILY to push past my comfort zone. I use your book and TV Show to prove to my Soldiers that they can do so much more than they think they can. You BOTH are Awesome!

  9. Since June I have managed to lose 45.5 lbs, and I need to lose another 142.5 lbs to reach my goal. I recently hit a plateau though, so when looking on the web to see how I could handle this I accidentally came across videos on Youtube of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. I had never heard of the show! How I had never heard of it I’ll never know, considering my husband had actually worked on a home for Extreme Makeover Home Edition….so you’d think I’d have known of the Weight Loss Edition, but sadly, I did not. Well, I started watching the videos and Chris’ attitude inspired the hell out of me!!!! Just watching him made me realize that I could do this too!!! So, I ordered his book, Choose More, Lose More for Life and I am reading it right now. I know this will help me through my plateau and help me lose weight much better and much easier than what I have been currently doing, and I am VERY happy about that!!! I also watch the videos EVERY DAY to keep me inspired and get me motivated!! It helps soooooooo much!!! I’ve never been so motivated by anything before, it’s AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait to dive into the carb-cycling program, along with the exercise programs that he has laid out in the book! Yup, best thing I could have ever done was find out about you and Chris! Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚

  10. Chris has inspired me immensely. I am a police officer in Massachusetts. Its easy to get discouraged when you see so much negativity from day to day. Its easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy habits to self-medicate from a tough day. I started watching Chris’ show and became so inspired to turn my life around. Although I’ve always had a passion for helping people, I’ve noticed in the past year or so that I had become negative myself. The negativity had overwhelmed me. Although I have always been a skeptic, I became mistrustful and cold to others. After watching Chris (and you Heidi) I had a renewed vigor. I started to believe that there really are people out there who genuinely care for the well being of strangers. People who are willing to put their time and effort to pick someone up when they’re down. I started going back to the gym. I started lifting weights again. I got stronger everyday. As I got stronger, I wanted others to be stronger, to be healthy. My attitude on the job had changed. I became more patient, more understanding, more empathetic. I honestly caught myself, once or twice, thinking…”What would Chris say?” when dealing with a challenge. On days when I don’t want to work out, I pretend that Chris is parked down the street with video surveillance to see if I’m honoring my commitment! I want to thank you and Chris. Thank you for giving me back my passion. My passion for health, my passion for fitness and most importantly my passion to help others. It has made me a better cop and a better person. You are both amazing people and I can’t wait to see how many more lives you can change. You can add me to the list. I will carrying this inspiration with me for the rest of my life.

  11. Hey there guys,
    You can add me to your tally. Your show impacted my mind and your book totally got me 30lb down. 20 lb to go. Feeling good about the new year.

  12. Heidi and Chris Powell…I know my partner and I both really want to get healthy. We struggle because it seems everything revolves around money. Together I want to lose 200 pounds! I love watching Extreme weight loss but Im not so sure we would want something so…..public? Yet I know we would love to chalk 2 more off that 1,000,000!!! Can you help us?

    1. Hi Ruth: Help is on the way! Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn all about it here: You both can do this!

  13. You’ve touched my life. I’ve lost 57 lbs so far and I have about 70 lbs to go! πŸ™‚
    You’re a wonderful, loving human being.

  14. Coming across the show for the first time, I knew I had to make changes in the way I ate, exercised and how I saw myself. I finally came across Chris’s book back in June in 2013, I have realized that it super easy to make changes. Yes, I may “fall” and with that I can always get back on track and remember that I have not failed, that it is just one bump in the road.

    I know Chris can’t be every where even though he really wants to, but just replying to comments on facebook, or liking comments on Facebook, or re-tweeting something… emphasizes that we are all on the right track somewhere along the route, and to know that I have lost 65 pounds in a year and a half even with having PCOS, he has always inspired me to keep going, even when all I want to do is to eat that chocolate bar, or that bag of chips……Yes, I still treat myself to the “bad” stuff but like you guys have said everything in moderation is always a good thing so you don’t feel deprived.

    Thank you Chris, for showing me that I am worth it, and that I can make changes and get healthier even when I didn’t know how too!!!

  15. Chris is SO much more than weight loss and mental transformation overhauls, neither of which I have begun or achieved. On rare occasions we are graced with an extraordinarily special being on this earth in the human form whose impact and mere presence cannot be described in words, quantified in numbers, or measured by specific accomplishments.. Chris could have numerals tattooed all the way down to his little toe, and it would encompass his impact, and more so, would be reflective of the rarity HE is….one in whatever that number was. If we could clone Chris Powell, this world would be a much brighter, better place for all.

    You are both extraordinary individually, but what you are together as partners, teammates, a family, and an incredible extended family model, is immeasurable. As blessed as we are that you share and give so much, I hope you are able to balance your passions and obsessions with your personal life, relationship, and happiness. It would be heartbreaking to think of y’all losing that at the expense of living in the public eye and forum, because what you have together as partners and a family unit is rare, precious, and priceless.

    You are loved, admired, and appreciated. There are plenty of people you impact (and in ways beyond and unrelated to weight loss transformations), that you will never even know about, hear their stories, or be able to count, so go ahead and add as many numerals/zeros as you like, Chris Powell. Y’all have given, achieved, and impacted more already than most do in a lifetime, and I know your parents are proud. YOUR happiness is paramount!

    p.s. The video is OMG.

  16. There’s really no way to understand the depth of the impact you have on people. You are both so much more than motivational, you are truly blessed and the millions and millions of people like myself are blessed to have a glimpse into who you are. I have a passion for people in my soul, and I see that same selfless passion in the two of you. Thank you for your sacrifice, for your commitment, and for your drive. I appreciate you and what you have shown me in myself without ever even meeting me!!! You are amazing!

  17. Dear Chris and Heidi,
    You guys are amazing. I just wanted to say that you guys have definitely inspired me outside of weight loss. You guys have inspired me to be a better person and to strive to constantly make the world a better place. It is because of you guys and other people like you, that I wake up every morning and try to be the best person I can be. It is because of you guys that I attend medical school and struggle through all the long hours of studying knowing that with the sacrifice there will come the greatest gift of all at the end – the gift to touch peoples lives in magical ways. I have watched you two put everything out there to help others and I have watched you constantly bring love and light into the lives of so many. And, I have also watched you guys be the best thing of all….honest–honest with your clients, honest with each other and honest to the world. Everything worth having (career success, love, health, happiness) requires hard work, but the return is definitely worth the investment. Thank you for being who you are. Now, go ahead and cross off that million….both of you. You both deserve it.

  18. About 2 years ago I was watching EWL on my DVR one Saturday. They ended the episode with a memorial 5K after the final weigh in. I thought, “maybe i could do that.” So I dusted off my running shoes, and went out and ran 3.4 miles immediately following that episode, farther than I had ever run before. Not only did I run farther, but I actually didn’t hate it! Since then I haven’t looked back and on Dec 28th, I completed my first half marathon at 2:20:47!
    It is because of the infectious attitude that Chris shows us every time he is on the screen. You and Chris have allowed us into your lives and you have inspired me in ways words can’t describe. I’m down 35 pounds and have kept it off for a year. Thank you for being who you are.

  19. Chris, you and your wife are amazing. Thank you for what you do. Watching your show helped inspire me to lose 132lbs. Unfortunately I never took care of the why of why I over eat and I have begun to backslide. What I wouldn’t give to be able to be counseled by you and learn to cook. I am at a breaking point and want to give up. Please pray for me. Continue to do what you do. You are an amazing servant of life and God will reward you for loving others so well. Thank you. Thank you for being you.

    1. Hi Amy, Have you checked out this book: “Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life?” The nutritional and workout advice it contains has helped hundreds if not thousands of people already! And it has pics of exercises with Chris and Heidi and even before and after stories and pics of people who have transformed. Remember, with God, All Things Are Possible, and He wants you-His Temple- to be healthy, fit, and happy! Keep up the good work, Amy, and let your light shine to motivate and encourage others!

      _Your sista’ in Christ,


  20. I have watched every episode of extreme weight loss there has been. I have never wanted to loose weight because I just figured I couldnt. Chris has inspired me to start trying. I have downloaded the vemma bode app and ordered his book. I have just started and since jan 4th have lost 7 lbs.thats not much to most people but it is to me.I just started! I love the daily tips. Cant wait to get the book. I would have applied for the show but just couldnt handle the thought of being seen on tv with my weight now. Thank you Chris for helping me and so many others.

    1. Hi Marianne

      Chris and Heidi are awesome and i highly recommend
      t their Bode Transformation product line

      Best wishes


  21. Chris…your heart can not be measured in words but your actions on a daily basis speak volumes to the world! You continue to be such an inspiration to everyone with whom you have contact! You totally embody the true heart of an American…compassionate yet tough…an iron fist in a velvet glove! Thank you for always giving everything you’ve got!

  22. I think you are BOTH amazing!! I am sure it’s well over 1 million people that you have helped! I enjoy seeing the way you help people with being honest about everything. Keep doing what you’re both doing, because it works!!!

  23. Chris & Heidi!
    When I first watched EWL I became addicted immediately. I grew up in a fitness family but your show is about so much more than losing weight. It’s about impacting people’s lives and it’s so inspirational I tear up at every episode. Thank you for what you do to help people and inspire change for the better. I know you have touched my life! Thank you for your positive impact amidst so many negative messages that are out there.

  24. Chris, you definitely deserve to cross off that 1,000,000! You’ve inspired me so much. I’m forever grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a week in Denver with you and Heidi. I would never have expected that people like you and Heidi would be so kind-hearted and genuine. You both genuinely care about other people and put so much of your lives into helping others. Without you both believing in me, I NEVER would of had the courage to continue my transformation at home without the show. Heidi, I think you need your own tattoo because you have helped change so many lives as well! I just love you both and will always be so thankful I met you both. I’ve been changed for the better just by knowing you both!

  25. Chris,
    I wanted to thank you for demonstrating patience. I have worked with clients over the years and had gotten burned out by excuses. It had showed in my interactions with my clients. I watch you with your enthusiasm and patience and realized that I needed to “restart” my mind. I have regained my compassion and love of working and helping others. I have been a fan for many years and truly value your mentorship.

  26. When I started to watch the show on tv, I fallen in love with you, because you both are authentic, original, very true, brave, and I see people saying ?Chris is a such guy! Heidi is a great friend? And I wish to be your friend because too!
    I?m from Brazil and I?m trying to get everything that you both pass to us. In this moment, I?m trying to translate and understand the Carb Cycling to help me and to help other persons that do not can translate the site or the book, because many things that show on tv in Brazil is repeated and not is clear.
    Thank you Heidi! Thank you Chris! You are awesome!!!
    I would like to be some number for you!
    Kisses from S?o Paulo/Brazil!
    (Sorry my bad English)

  27. I think you overwhelmingly underestimate your effect on others. You may not have had the opportunity to personally meet with, workout with, and help 1,000,000 people, but you have effected far more. If you think about the number of seasons the show is going on~why so many? Because people love it. People love you. You are inspiring. You have crossed off 100,000. The average number of children per family is 2. That right there is 200,000, plus the number continues to multiple, 400,000, 800,000, 1,600,000, and so on because each child will have children, grandchildren, and so on. By teaching their parents healthy habits, you’ve taught them and their children. It’s a ripple effect. The last lady on the video said she was number seven hundred and fifty thousand (and something). If you multiply that by 2, that right there is 1,500,000. You have reached more than you realize!

    My son is now seven. He is an amazing athlete, ridiculously fit, he even has an 8 pack on his exaggeration, we counted! He has the ability to grow to be a very athletic, popular kid. He also has a huge heart for loving and caring about others (we pray that continues!!). He has been in love with your show for a few years now. It fascinates him to see these people completely change their lives. Not only do they change their looks, but they are changed. He is amazed every time and thought it was the coolest thing that this is your job. His mind may change, but he wants your job. If he grows up to do the same thing, because of the inspiration he saw you giving others, and he helps 100,000 and their families, your numbers just doubled! “He gets to help all these people realize their worth?” was his comment. Yes, he does. YES you do!

  28. Chris, you and Heidi are an inspiration… Everyone’s journey is personal, but you continue to change lives beyond your imagination. I was diagnosed with PCOS and diabetes… I began my journey July 7, 2014 and so far I have lost 73 pounds. (From Puerto Rico)

  29. There is no doubt that you have helped me Chris….I have gone from my heaviest of 303 to 235.6 as of this morning over the last few years. It has been a slow journey but with the help of your shows, book, DVD and Facebook you are a constant inspiration to me. Last Spring I was diagnosed with OA in my ankle and mid foot but I am still going. One of my customers where I work last summer told me that because of me riding my bike and the weight loss it has inspired him to get bikes for himself, wife and daughter and they ride as a family now. I never thought in my life that I would inspire someone into fitness but is an amazing feeling and keeps me going in those grey days. THANK YOU from my heart and soul for all you do – I may live in Canada but you are family to me!

  30. Chris and Heidi,
    You’re both an inspiration. Keep up the good work, but don’t lose yourselves. It is you being you that inspires.

  31. Heidi, You and Chris have changed my life. I do not miss your show and I follow both of you on just about every social media site known to man. I have been inspired by Chris’ heart. As an overweight young twenty-something, I have learned not only the tools to make me successful in my weight loss journey, but Chris has taught me what it looks like to believe in yourself. I think that was the greatest lesson of all… I didn’t love myself or believe in myself, so how could I ever be successful? I didn’t understand the value of believing in myself until I started watching Chris’ show. He has sincerely changed my life and will continue to go in doing so. So Chris, know that you are changing lives here in Texas and we support you 100%. Thanks to you and Heidi for sacrificing so much for others. It doesn’t go unnoticed–
    “there is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

  32. Because of Chris (and now you Heidi) My husband and I have decided to start eating healthier and start exercising again. This has been an ongoing challenge for us, because my husbands job has us moving a lot. But since the weight loss addition of extreme makeover we have been taking it more seriously. We know it is doable no matter what our living situation is.
    Thank-you both for being such kind and inspiring people. All the best to you and your family.

  33. GREAT GUY!
    Fabulous family!!!love Powell Pack!
    I am glad i come across your video since i do not have TV
    i am addicted to the positive daily dose of Extereme weight loss

    makes me more motivated and focus on my own journey of healthier life


  34. Chris and Heidi, you have such a huge impact on everyone what has watched EWL or read your books or read your blog. You two are a true inspiration when it comes to healthy living, raising children, marriage, and just being good human beings. The world needs more people like you!!!!

  35. I’ve been watching Chris sense way back in AZ, TV3. Chris said to do it I did it then. Chris and Heidi say to do it, I do it now. Thanks for guiding me and my family to heath.

  36. Heidi,
    I think what you have put together for Chris is just beautiful. Chris deserves this and more. I became obsessed with your show many years ago and follow it every summer. I do live a healthy and active lifestyle but I am just floored and amazed and how inspirational and just what beautiful people you are inside and out. Chris has definitely made an impact in my life and this year because of you guys I am going to complete my first marathon. I have learned to believe in myself because I know that there is someone special that would believe in me as well!!! Cross it off Chris!!!!

  37. Chris YOU are one in a millon and I am so blessed and honored to be one of your millions!! You and Heidi have a true gift and it is contagious. Transforming lives 1 at a time to 1 million!!!

    1. It is definitely a trickle down, pay it forward effect. The people that come in contact with you and Heidi are so inspired, so motivated and so happy that it trickles down to their family members and friends and I truly believe it’s more than a million! I wish your show was on every day of the year! Thank you Chris and Heidi for helping our family members which in turn helps all of us. We love you for that and need more positive people in this world just like you!!!! ??? xoxoxo

  38. Thank you so much guys!! You’ve both greatly inspired me during my weightloss journey. I watch your shows on YouTube (I’m not from the US). God bless you both. I still haven’t reached my desired weight…but I am getting there little by little ^_^

    Jenyta, from Mauritius (A small tropical Island located in the Indian Ocean…Oh yesss…you’ve even motivated people over here to make a change in their lives!!)
    Thank you so much!!

  39. DEFINITELY A MILLION AND COUNTING! Your compassion and motivation are so contagious!! My whole family watches you and it helps us remember why its so important to stay on track and eat healthy and exercise. It makes me want to work that much harder to instill good habits for my 9 yo daughter that took me until adulthood to achieve! Even more importantly, you show us so much heart, kindness and drive..THANK YOU AND HEIDI. YOU 2 ROCK!

  40. Hello Chris & Heidi,

    You have both inspired and helped me without even knowing it. Thanks to your amazing workout Total-Body Transformation from Women’s Health I’ve finally found a workout that I don’t dread and has helped me lose weight and continue to lose weight. Thank you and I hope your new cross off tattoo will be soon!

  41. Surely by now you’ve hit 1 million Chris? I don’t know what number I am but you have absolutely changed my life! As of about 3 years ago, I began watching your shows and reading each one of your books, and your voice continues to resonate in my ear today. Although we’ve never met in person (I hope one day we will…) you are a big part of my life and that will never change. My husband and 2 boys wish to also thank you (and Heidi) for changing me into not just a healthier but much happier version of what I was.

    My heaviest was 149.5kg (329.6lbs)
    I now weigh 109.4kg (241.1lbs) and I’m still losing every week. I’ve had lots of emotional setbacks eg 4 funerals in 6mths, but I’m moving every day, and all because you inspired me xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    You truly are amazing and a blessing!!!!!

  42. I do not know what number I am
    But I do know that two years ago
    I got up in the morning and I saw in the mirror, oil and lazy person
    And since I saw Chris
    I get up in the morning and I see in the mirror and hard-working athlete man
    One unbroken from nothing
    I have become a better person
    Chris always love you,
    And you together with your wife Heidi you just angels from heaven
    Love you always

  43. I think 1,000,000 is not enough, for you to cross off I mean.

    My friend recommended EWL to me as an entertaining programme and I loved it from the start. You seemed genuine, where many others do not. Little did I know that after watching about 6 episodes I started to feel like maybe I didn’t appreciate myself enough, maybe I needed to take some of the lessons from the show and realise that I deserved much more and I was holding myself back and not liking myself much for it.

    Since then a lot of things have changed, I made the changes but you were the catalyst. My changes have impacted other people as well. My new attitude has helped other people. So that is more than just me right there.

    I think you can trust that you superseded one million by a LOT. Be proud of what you have done and continue to do and go and get those numerals!

  44. Chris, watching you get people to do things they thought they weren’t capable of inspires me to keep fighting when things get tough. I absolutely LOVE your show & can’t wait for the new season. I know when I watch your show I will be reminded of how wonderful people are and what we are all capable of.

  45. Bro, you have impacted and inspired so many in your life. Not just the clients you have had on your show but there are well over a million of people that you have impacted through yours show and those million have shared with a few million more. Not only have you inpsired people to lose weight and become a better person but you have inspired other fitness trainers around the world as well. It doesn’t stop there because you have inspired others that have nothing to do with fitness. You inspire me to help others. I have the same fire you do but I want to help as many people as I can live a better life. I want to show people there is more to life than just working a 9-5 job and living pay check to pay check. My goal one day is to help over a million people live a more fullfilled life. By teaching them financial education and the power of the mind. I have a love for financial education and believe there is such a lack in education which sets people of for failure from day one. I see the exact same thing with the health and fitness world. Something so easy is made so hard because people just dont understand it.

    It has been very interesting watching you and Heidi over the last few years becasue we have experience alot of the same things. My wife was pregnant with our first child the same time Hiedi was pregnant with Ruby. He just turned 1 on Dec 27. You guys balancing personal life while working together to grow your business and help even more poeple. So it neat to see your family going through the same experience we were at the same time. My wife is originally from Phoenix and we will be moving down there very soon. I just want to say you are a huge inspiration and we would love to get to know you guys and learn how you have been able to balance your personal lifes while trying to grow a buisness together and continue to stay married with out strangling each other. πŸ˜‰

    By the way I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here and say go head and cross off that 1,000,000 marker. We all know you are going to just replace that completed goal with even a bigger goal.

  46. Dear Chris,

    I struggle day to day, i lose 80 lbs gain back 90, and i want lose heart, but watching you always makes me try again, to eat better, to forgive myself, to try and not lose hope, to remember every day of health is worth the battle, I am eating right, and walking one mile a day, and as some one who has a crushed pelvis and broken spine i am proud of that. Thanks for all you do.

  47. I first saw Chris on the documentary 650lb Virgin, and later sought out his show Extreme Weight Loss. I now have his books and follow both of you guys on facebook and via blog.

    I’m not terribly overweight, but very unhealthy πŸ™ Both you and Heidi have inspired me to live a better, healthier life.

    I love the fact that you are always supportive and compassionate with your clients, I know that you will keep changing lives.

  48. Chris is an amazing motivator. I love watching how he impacts the lives of people. My only wish is that I could have him as a personal motivator for me. I don’t have anyone in my life that truly understands what I struggle with every day. I just pray that one will come so I can have the help and guidance to lose my 140 lbs. Keep on blessing others. It is contagious.

    1. Hi Catherine! All of us at Team Powell (Chris and Heidi included) can be your motivators! You can follow the same program Chris and Heidi use on TV — they’ve put this program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life,” so all of us can use it to reach our transformation goals. The book will teach you everything you need to know and do, and it works! Learn more here: You can do this!

  49. I know there are soooo many people that commented, but something said tell Chris and Heidi that you have effected someone way up in Alaska. I am thankful that I was searching for some to watch while working out on the treadmill. I found Extreme Weight Loss. I made a deal with myself to get my cardio in daily….I can’t just sit on the couch and watch, but I have to be on the treadmill to watch your show, even the repeats. You have taught me so much about being a “furnace” and to carb-cycle. I have read your books and I’m currently in my 2nd week of my Vemma-bode-weight-loss. I’m already seeing results. I’m so thankful that I didn’t go for the magic pill in a bottle. I feel so light and healthy. I’m eternally grateful. Please continue to change lives so more people can enjoy the amazing feeling that so many of us do! God bless you both!

  50. well Chris has definatly touched/changed my life. It’s always been hard for me to loose weight . I watched two seasons of your show and decided it’s time for a life change.. I got your book and also started your Bode app and within 8 weeks I lost 40 lbs while still working a grueling 50 hour work week. Then to the gym for a good workout. Had to take a year off due to a unforeseen accident and was in and out of doctor offices and physical therapy/rehab. I just started the app and 12 week challenge over and hoping to continue to loose Moore. Thanks for your and Heidi’s motivation. I have now unlocked the weightloss key and am right back on track now.

  51. Chris inspired me to look at others as individuals who have struggles, hopes, dreams, feelings, and a past. His message of love is really what I admire the most. He lives his own message and doesn’t just preach it. Chris helps people see past their pain or insecurities and helps build them up so that they can move on to better things. Chris showed me that many people are just like the rest of us and it makes me more considerate of others. I think his message of love is an awesome thing to see and hear. Many of the lives he helped are heartfelt and we can feel it even if it’s on tv. My tears weren’t for just tv drama!

  52. Chris and Heidi,

    I have watched extreme makeover since it started, and 3 1/2 years ago had knee replacements and started losing weight. I was 435, and even though I have fought through an infection in my right knee, leading to a revision, I am happy to say I am down to 245 and going! I have a personal trainer who watches your show also, and she has a big heart for helping heavy people succeed! I am truly blessed that I found you Chris at the first; you gave me hope and inspiration to reach out. I am now encouraging others at the gym. I am still on my journey, but I will get there! :0)

  53. Count me as one of the million lives you BOTH have changed. Had I never met and spent time with y’all in Denver I would have never made the steps necessary to get healthy and start living my life to its full potential. Can’t wait until our paths cross again so I can show you my gratitude through my progress. Love you guys!

  54. Absolutely Chris should be crossing off that major milestone, the ripple effect your show creates must now be immeasurable! I ‘shred’ on the treadmill watching runs and re-runs of your shows and YouTube videos for inspiration to keep me going, I read and re-read Chris’s book for inspiration and hold you guys up as the absolute role models for my life as I want to live it. And I am a Scottish girl living in New Zealand so if I am doing this, millions of others will be too! And I tell everyone who is looking for inspiration to look you guys up and watch your shows (I now work at a gym). You both have been beyond an inspiration to my partner and myself, it cannot be put into words, and we will be forever grateful for our change in attitude towards health and fitness through listening to your honest and sincere words of wisdom, and for creating the absolute best show in TV ever! Millions of us watch and try to follow in your footsteps from all over the world, your inspiration is everywhere. THANK YOU

  55. I’m still struggling on my weight loss / getting healthier journey, but I can honestly say that my favourite workouts are Chris’ videos. Chris, you are inspiring, empowering, comforting, humble, encouraging, and honest. And when I watch you on EWL and at the final reveal, it’s hard to believe that anybody, including the person that lost the weight, could possibly be happier than you are. You’ve helped and continue to help many of us. Thank you for being you. And I’m sure you have earned the right to cross off that ONE MILLION.

  56. I have to say that both of you have definitely had an impact on my life. I actually thought about trying to email one of you a month or so ago and just never did. In March last year I got up one day and something just clicked, it was time for a real change in my life. I done a lot of research and put together a plan and began within a couple days. As I was struggling through the beginning and several months into it I found the EWL episodes on YouTube. I gained a huge amount of motivation from them. As I started I weighed in at 360 as a 6’1″ 33 year old man, and that’s not my highest known weight of a little over 380. As I am typing this I am in the neighborhood of 222. One of the benefits has also been that I am off almost all of my medication, including HBP, and anxiety pills. If it were not for me finding those episodes I really don’t think I would have ever been able to stick to my plan. So a sincere thanks goes out to both of you. Now cross off those numbers. LOL

  57. Chris has inspired me many times. Add my number to your count. Inspiration not only to do better for myself but also for others. Thank you Powell Pack. ?

    1. I can say with confidence that he deserves to be honored. Im a personal trainer and weightloss coach in South Africa and his is the only program i use with my clients. they have reached and maintained their weightloss goals. i continue to refer my clients to both your blogs coz you’re such inspirational and energized but most of all REAL ppl. I salute u both. Go on… cross it off !!!

  58. A million is an underestimate…………<3!! You are a blessing to Heidi, Matix, Marley, Cash, Ruby and so many others. You inspire and you have changed lives for the better. We love you Chris.

  59. My husband, our 3 children and I watch your show Extreme Weight Loss. My husband and I r trying to lose weight but with our health it is hard. My husband has Degenerative Disc Disease and he had back surgery 1 year ago in December. On the other my health is no better, I have fibromyalgia and my situation I have to watch how much sodium I am taking in. So, my family and I eat ground turkey, wheat bread, wheat pasta and a lot of vegetables and fruit. I would if u could email me back and give me your opinion on what my husband and I could do to get healthier. Thank u God bless u and your family and love u all.

  60. You have changed me Chris. You are a light and inspiration and I have been able to pay it forward to others, as well. Thank you!!

  61. Chris,

    My husband, our 3 children and I want to tell u that we watch you on Extreme Weight Loss. I my husband and I would love to lose weight and be more healthier. It is hard to excercise with my husband having degenerative disc decease and me having fibromyalgia. Even, though we can’t exercise like we would like we still enjoy watching your show. We love ya.

  62. I am changed. Chris is a light and inspiration to me and I have been able to pass on what I have learned to others. Thank you Chris! Thanks to Heidi, too!

  63. I’m always bummed out when Extreme Weight Loss is off the air for awhile. Chris is more than words can describe. I cry at the end of every show. The show motivates so many people. My dream is to meet him and Heidi. Thank you so much for all you do and have done for so many. You are a true angel.

  64. I just bought your book, I have no words to describe what you represent….keep doing what you’re doing, there’s no doubt in my mind that you were born to impact millions of lives, I want to think you’ve crossed the 1M mark already. Cross it off!

  65. To start off, since I was a child when my father passed away I have struggled with being active, healthy and at a Healthy weight. I can’t say that I have been severely overweight, but as far as I am concerned that doesn’t mean that the inspiration, motivation, and influence that both Chris and Heidi Powell has made on me is any less. I have in the last year after having a baby and reaching 177 about 8 months ago have lost almost 30lbs. Watching EWL and following both if you on Facebook and Instagram I am reminded and motivated everyday that I am capable of reaching my weight, health and fitness goals. To say the least I believe that Chris has inspired many more than he feels he deserves credit for. I hope that with the help of all the other people who have been touched by both him and Heidi, they both realize the positive influence they have on the world and all of the people in it.

  66. I can attest to five lives impacted by Chris and his mission. My two daughts, son-in-law, 3 year old grandson and I have made slow but steady strides toward better health through watching Chris and reading his book. My grandson will grow in health now!

  67. Chris your are an awesome guy I started your diet and started loosing weight and then I got sick and fell off the wagon. I am back on that wagon and working to get to my goal weight and you have made it so easy. It is just so nice to know that I can come on your facebook page and ask questions and get positive feed back. Just keep up the good work you are helping so many because you don’t judge us, you understand us.

    Thank you

  68. Chris Powell has most definitely impacted my life in a positive way. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and I actually went to an open call here in Chicago last year. However, I can officially say that I do not qualify for the show anymore as I have lost approximately 50lbs and have kept it off. Chris (and you) are such incredible people and you most certainly make this world a better place by inspiring and helping others dream and achieve those dreams. Watching Extreme Makeover every week helps inspire me to keep chugging along, reminds me that I am worth it, and gives me that extra kick I need. Thank you both and keep it going!

  69. I just wanted to say that you have inspired me Chris Powell.
    March 29, 2013 I decided to stop being fat, depressed and unhealthy. I lost 65 pounds! I watched your show with Sarah Murphy and decided to run a Marathon! It has taken me months and almost 500 miles of training to do it! My first Marathon is on Sunday in Phoenix.
    To go from 189.9 pounds hardly able to walk a mile to 125 pounds and running for 26.2 miles is HUGE!
    Thanks for your show and contagious inspiring ways!
    I am so much happier!

  70. You can definitely count me as one in the million! I am 7 months into my transformation, and Chris has been a huge inspiration.

  71. Chris you are very inspiring. You changed my life and got me eating way healthier. We exercise regularly. You are an awesome person. Don’t ever get down on yourself. God loves you and your family. Ed

  72. My passion is training. I am almost done with earning my undergrad, and very excited to enter the field. I already wanted to be a trainer before I saw Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, but seeing Chris interact with the clients made me want to train even more. Seeing him work with them and all the raw emotion was amazing to see. The impact he made on each of their lives by helping them achieve incredible change was truly inspiring. I pray to be able to bring that same joy and pride to clients I work with in the future. Thank you, Chris! You’ve been a wonderful inspiration.

    Chris and Heidi
    behind every successful man is a great woman
    i have continuously watched all seasons on youtube of your courageous and genuine work and yet you stay calm and episode you said “stop making excuses and lose that fat”
    indeed it changed me .I am from Zimbabwe but i think your love and compassion crossed all boarders and keeps on spreading .God bless you Chris

  74. Chris and Heidi have impacted my life for the better! I, as so many other people, loved watching the show! The thing that actually made me start my journey was a diet bet you put on in May. Ever since then I have been on my journey to change! 60 pounds down and about 20 to go! Both of you are so motivating! I hope one day to run into you guys( I live in the SE valley) to thank you!

  75. Chris & Heidi
    I can’t begin to describe how the two of you as a team inspires me to be a better, healthier person, and most importantly, a healthier mom. I struggled for years with my weight. It created a distance in the relationship I was in and also affected every aspect of my life. I was ready to remove all mirrors in my house because I could not stand the reflection. I would sit on my couch and watch EWL and cry, wishing I could just have an ounce of motivation that seemed to radiate from the two of you. Eventually, I found that motivation from being so disgusted with myself and the realization that no one could lose the weight for me. As weird as it may sound, as I would run or do 500 sit ups in my living room floor, I would imagine you Chris hovering over my shoulder pushing me and giving me the motivation to push harder. I lost 90 lbs during that time in my life and even after another pregnancy have kept the weight off. I still have goals for myself, but I also love the me that I have become. I just want to thank you and Heidi for the wonderful team you make and the motivation and inspiration that helps me push towards my goals. I believe with my whole heart that you have greatly surpassed that goal of 1,000,000! You may not have personally met them, but I know you have inspired tons of other people just like you did for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  76. Oh it’s definitely over a million. EWL has millions of viewers who have been inspired by the show and Chris’ ability to show people that they have what it takes to break out of the shell they’ve been living in.

    I was wondering though how you quantify the number of people you’ve changed.

    Cross that number off buddy.

  77. I have been so inspired by Chris! I am not an obese or overly unhealthy person, but watching his shows, and the impact he has on people’s lives inspires me to be healthier for my family and myself. We love your work Chris!!

  78. Every time I watch EWL, I am inspired to be a better person to myself, a better person to others and I am reminded that there are some wonderful amazing people in this world and Chris is one of them! Consider me part of his 1mil goal. πŸ˜‰

  79. The thing about Chris is that he is so real!!!! I enjoy EWL a lot! And it truly has inspired me. After 3 pregnancies, 2 babies, the stress and the weight gained, i am on my journey. I order Chris’ book and it is on the way here as we speak!!! Keep inspiring, Chris!

  80. Chris has been an inspiration to me through the Extreme Weightloss show. My son and I enjoy watching it each week that it is on. It has helped me to recognize the normal ups and downs in my own weight loss journey and that I don’t have to let temporary setbacks become permanent roadblocks to where I want to be.

  81. My son is 13 years old. He is adopted from Guatemala and has struggled with his weight for several years as it seems to be that he is genetically an endomorph. I have tried many times to help but he would only lose maybe 5lbs and put it back on within a month. He began watching all of the old seasons of Chris’ show on Netflix and he got very serious himself about wanting to drop the 30 lbs he needed to, as at his last yearly physical he was now borderline diabetic.. He began his journey Aug 28, 2014 and to date has lost 19 lbs. We only “maintained ” through the holidays but he is ready to go hard at it again to hit his goal and maintain it. His greatest desire once he loses weight is to get a 6 pack. Thank you Chris! I’m pretty sure my son has watched every episode in Netflix and he thinks you are amazing!!!!!

  82. I have been encouraged by both of you on the TV show! Taking the next steps I read Choose to Lose and started my transformation. I have lost 40 lbs so far and lowered my BP significantly! I have also started serving better meals to my daughter and teaching her the importance of healthy choices. Now my girlfriend is getting on board and is 2 weeks into her transformation after reading choose more lose more. So that is at least 3 people positively touched by Chris and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and your life with us. It has helped us for sure.

  83. I have watched Chris help so many people on Extreme Weight Loss. Each and every show is inspirational. Not only does he help acheive weight loss goals, but he focuses on the mind and spirit as well, and that is where the true battle is.
    I am still working to lose my 60 lbs. and watching the show gives me the push I need when I want to give up. I keep some shows on my DVR just for that purpose.
    It is easy to focus on the people in front of you, but it is difficult to know what impact you are having with something as big as his show! you don’t have the direct feedback! So Heidi this is a great idea and thank you both for what you do!! Chris you have helped more than you will ever know!!

  84. Chris and Heidi – you are both such a blessing and have been such an inspiration to me. Though I am not close to my goal, I know I can do more and am one step closer with each positive choice I make. Keep up the good work!

  85. Wow. This post brought so much joy to me today. Thank you Heidi for posting it! I have watched Chris and you change so many lives over all of the seasons for EWL. Every time I watch the show, I think to myself that I can change my life too. In December, I started my own journey to get healthier. Every time that I am on the treadmill and I think it is too much, I hear Chris’s voice telling me to not give up. I hear that voice telling me that I am bettering my life for all of my students and for my future family. After four years of smoking, I quit at the beginning of November of 2014. I think that was the catalyst of what I have began to see.

    Thank you for everything that you and your husband do for everyone every single day! You are truly changing lives for the better and I think that Chris does deserve to cross off that 1,000,000. He may not help all million in person, but he helps me in spirit and that counts!!

  86. Because of Chris I found someone to do a weigh in with me every 3 months. I weighed in yesterday for my first 3 month result and had shed 39.4 pounds. Thank you for inspiring me to get healthy. Today I decided to run on the treadmill instead of walk and surprised myself by running 3 miles. Im currently at 205 and hope to drop 30 more pounds by my 2nd three month weigh in.

  87. You are a true inspiration Chris. Everyone can be an ordinary person but it takes a person that is willing to give their lives for others to make an extraordinary person. You are Extraordinary!!!! You encourage people and allow them to feel beautiful!!!!! You are someone kids can look up too I am 19 years old and have looked up too you since I was 10. You are defiantly one in a million!!!! “Be all that you can be” You are defiantly all that you can be and so much more. Praying for you and your family!!!! Keep up the good work! Inspiration is a part of who you are!!!

  88. You both are an inspiration in so many ways. An early episode of EWL where Chris said: ‘Action conquers Fear’ hit me deeply and has become my Mantra through many difficult times. It is currently on my bathroom mirror as a reminder. Don’t lose sight of why you do this and don’t allow it to consume your lives either. Balance is so important!!!!

  89. Heidi, your video for Chris was beautiful! You have changed my life! Your clients have changed my life! And your dear Chris has changed my life. I love watching your show and in turn went and bought Chris’s latest book.
    The Incouragement your show provides is reinforced Ten fold in the book. I finally found the strength to walk into a gym and start my transformation. My incredible husband bought me a years worth of personal training. I was blessed with a young man who showed me so much compassion and encouragement. His knowledge and dedication to me has given me a new life. Now my husband of 39 years trains with me. So you see… You both have changed two more lives. Thank you from the bottom of this fifty eight year old heart… I am stronger then I have ever been, mentally, emotionally and physically. My change has created a change in my entire family and it all started with Chris! Thank you

  90. Hi Chris,

    I have have watched your show and have been touched by your genuine concern for each and every person. Not just the contestant you have chosen, but their family and friends. I have been motivated by your passion and knowledge about weight loss and healthy living, as well as your exuberance for life! As an introvert, there is very little chance I would ever volunteer to be on a show or even part of a group. For people like me, having you out there on the web and on tv is fantastic.
    Thank you for being out there, doing what you do!

  91. you have absolutely impacted my life. I strive to eat well and workout everyday. And am pretty successful at it. You have also inspired me to help other people meet their fitness goals. I have got several people on track that I work with. Thank you for being one of the the most inspirational people I’ve known.

  92. Heidi. I love that you have so much love and respect for Chris you both are what evey couple looks for in a partner in life. god bless you both what a great and inspirational life and example of how wonderful our lives can be. Thank you both .

  93. There are only two people on this planet I wish I could meet and one of those people is Chris Powell! I stumbled upon your show three years ago or so and every time I thought to myself, wow, this is an amazing person, this is a good guy, a genuine guy, someone doing it because he loves what he does and not for the money. The amount of people Chris is inspiring, changing and helping in this game we call life will never be able to acturately be numbered because his effects will not only be felt now but in generations to come. Chris you are a wonderful man with a beautiful family! Keep going! Keep doing what you do, and always stay grounded to your beliefs no matter what, you truly are an inspiration and an example of everything good!

  94. I want to personally thank you for the inspiration you give to me and my husband. After watching Extreme Weight Loss and reading your book, we are on a better and healthier track in life. There are so many weight loss books and shows out there that preach tough love, but I can tell you and Heidi both do what you do because you love it and you want to help people. Thank you so much! (and my doctor also gave me an A+ at my last physical- I had lost ten pounds over 6 months and my cholesterol was a-ok too, all because of a few little changes that were inspired by you!)

  95. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I weighed 521.5 lbs in 2004, lost 303.4 lbs in just under 3 1/2 yrs, then gained 255.6 lbs back. I love watching the show; Chris(and Heidi) are so encouraging, inspiring, supportive. I haven’t met y’all personally, but just seeing you work with others makes me try harder, makes me believe in myself. I’ve lost 56.6 lbs again. I have so far to go, but I know I’ll get there. THANK YOU for what you do for others.

  96. Since I descovered ewl… I have taken notes here and there… Chris and you Heidi as well have made an impact here on our home of 7 people … We are not were we need to be yet but you guys have given a start on where I need to be and where to go…. You have touched many many people in many many ways!!!!!

  97. I cannot write more bcuz I can hardly see thru my tears but you both are my ROCKSTARS!!!
    I cannot thank you enuf for all the inspiration you’ve given to me! Please continue your Extreme Weight Loss program on tv! I’m totally blessed beyond measure bcuz of you two!!! XOXO…

  98. I have enjoyed watching your husband, Chris, inspire so many on EWL. I even recall the one episode where no matter what, he would not give up on his client until it reached the point where she just didn’t want to continue. To me, that just solidified how “real” you both are actually. My absolute favorite and probably what inspired me the most was your interview with Georgeanna. When I believe it was Cash who wanted Chris’s password to play on his phone and you when you had juice in the lunch boxes that you normally don’t put in there. It was priceless but so inspiring that we really are perfectly imperfect. Those two words have helped me so much; you have no idea. Thank you for all that you do to help others and for setting an excellent example of family life.

  99. i was hooked the first time I watched an episode of ewl. Chris has such a genuine way about him that really gets through to people and I love watching him work with people rather than at them. I have learned a lot watching the show and reading the books on carb cycling. I’m far from my goals but I know they’re possible with the info I have and the motivation from watching others succeed!

  100. Thank you Chris and Heidi…. i lo e you BOTH because you inspire me every day..since when i wake up until i go to bed
    I Always follow you guys..and have you as my friends…my family…
    you inspire me
    from berlin, germany

  101. That was a beautiful video show cases a few of the lives you and Chris have touched. I began watching EWL in season 1 and found it to be so inspiring. What can be more inspiring than watching people change their lives and learn to love themselves. Even though I don’t struggle with obesity, I believe that everyone has their struggle; Their insecurities that need to be overcome and understood. And now, all this time later-I’m still watching EWL, and following you both through social media because you take the time to help people. You care about people. You admit to not having it all together. And through watching your selflessness, it has inspired me to try to motivate and inspire those around me in whatever ways I can.
    I would say if this video was made a couple of years ago-you have most definitely met your 1 million lives changed. How many people follow you through social media? Each and every person that follows you because you inspire and motivate them.

  102. Chris…. Believe it Darlin…. Believe it when I tell you that not only should you cross off a million people, but you can times that million by a million, and you still would not be able to reach the number of lives you have touched… you are a true inspiration to everyone… not only from all the ones on your shows that you have changed, but all of the ripple affects onto others from them, and to all the millions of viewers watching the shows… that you have never even laid eyes on… all your followers on the internet – example… Facebook, twitter, youtube , and so on….. and so forth… you have touched the hearts of everyone who has ever heard your name, or saw your face, or heard your voice, or has felt the love from your heart in person or through the TV world… as you are truly an amazing person.. So if I am one in a million… then count me in for sure… you inspire, encourage and Love… So please please please cross off all those numbers / Roman Numerals Chris… as you have reached your goal… and continue to soar your way into everyone’s hearts… as you are a True Blessing to us all!!!! Never forget that!!! We Love you Chris!!! Now let us inspire you!!! Cross off those Numbers!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  103. When I am struggling with my weight loss journey, I just have to think of Chris (and Heidi) and how positive and caring he is. When I hit my first goal weight, I posted it to his fb wall and HE ACTUALLY RESPONDED!!! I was not expecting that, it made my day. I will never forget his encouraging words and that he was celebrating with me.

  104. Chris and the entire Powell Pack have definitely changed my life. You embody what a strong, motivated, goal-oriented, healthy and active family should be. To not only be an amazing example for health and fitness, but to spread so much positivity and encouragement as well is a true, true gift. You help me know that as my husband and I grow our family we CAN eat healthy, exercise regardless of how “hectic” our schedules may be, and to motivate and push one another in our marriage while always maintaining a strong, united front. You are a wonderful and powerful examples for adults, children, parents, spouses- I could go on and on. I have no doubt when you reach your remarkable milestone it will only make you want to hit 2 million. And I have no doubt you will.

  105. You inspire the change people need in their lives when they need it. It’s the greatest gift anybody can ever receive!!

  106. Some shows are meant to make you laugh.. some shows are meant to be action packed or dramas or pure entertainment. Extreme weight loss is a show that truly does inspire. Without shaming, or games, or competition with anyone but themselves. I watch it every season. I bought chris’ s books and im on my journey..however slow it may be or however long it may take me.. this video touched me and made me cry because I feel like there is Hope. So thanks Chris and Heidi. For all that both of you do.

  107. You have inspired me, my husband, my son, my mother-in-law, and my father-in law. My husband is the least likely man to believe in the sincerity of anyone on television and he is truly believes that what we see from both of you is truly the people you are. My husband ran his first marathon last weekend, my son his second 10k, and my second marathon.
    Thank you Chris and Heidi

  108. Omg that you even doubt it. I’ve been blessed with good genes and my parents taught me good eating habits so ive never really had weight problems, but I love your show and everythingelse you do. Theres been plenty of times im struggling through a workout and then I get to thinking “if (insert name,) can do it at 300+ lbs whats my problem?” And that get me through the next set or the next mile. And through you ive inspired many of my friends to live healtier lives. I am a teacher and we joke that we have the healthiest/fittest office on campus because two of us compete and two of the ladies have lost 100+ pounds each and we help encourage each other and hold each other accountable. You two are amazing!!!!

  109. Chris, oh my! How could you possibly think that u haven’t already touched over a million lives?!!!!! I once weighed 402 pounds. Your show, YouTube videos, web comments have encouraged me to lose 157 pounds of that weight! During this time I have had stage 4 cancer and then secondary lymphedema in both legs caused from the cancer radiation treatments. Even through my lowest points, your show has kept me encouraged to continue with my weight loss. I do want to lose 88 more pounds to get to my goal weight of 157. My lymphedema is gradually getting better and I hope to have an operation soon that could possibly stop it in its tracks. But, through your commitment Chris, I am being totally encouraged at a level that keeps me getting up in the mornings and giving myself all I can. Maybe one day we will meet. I hope so. But please KNOW that you, Chris Powell, have 100% changed and continue to change my life for the better. Looking forward to the finish line in my weight loss.

    1. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I am 57 years old, going on 58 next month. I have 3 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren with another due next month. I am one happy lady. Thanks again!

  110. Thank you Chris for all you do. For educating, inspiring and motivating us to make better choices and accomplish our goals (not just weight wise). I don’t think you realize how many lives you have changed with everything you do. Heidi that goes for you too. I love the show and I’m learning so much reading your book. XOXO -Alex

  111. 1,000,000 lives touched? EASILY! Still a long way to go on my journey but Chris’ voice is constantly in my head when I feel helpless or like I am trying in vain. “Why not you?”; “Some people would say losing 250lbs in a year is nuts… is it?”; “Don’t listen to your body.. you are stronger than that!” All clips I’ve heard and replayed dozens of times to help build my motivation now come naturally when I am against that wall wanting to just sit down. He’s changed my mind… about the process… about myself and about how I should live my life. So just add me as the + behind that 1,000,000… then add my 2 yr old daughter and my infant son…. By touching me and helping me continue to change… you have changed their lives for the better as well. Much love Powell Pack!

  112. Chris and Heidi.. After having 2 kids I had trouble taking the weight off. Then in 2009 my husband had a major back surgery and it has partially disabled him for life. I work 4 consulting jobs and 1 full time job. This is all to help my family. As you can image I was having the hardest time taking time for myself. I started watching the Extreme Weightloss show and following both of you on facebook. You both have taught me that I a not any help to my family without taking care of myself too! In October of 2014 I started to put that mentality into affect. I set up retirement accounts for my husband and I and I started taking my life back by taking an hour or 2, depending on the day, to myself to work out and pay attention to myself. Since then I have been able to loose 35lbs with a goal to loose another 50 more by June 2015. Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me and for everything that you have encouraged me to do! You are both amazing people. With everything that I have been thru the last 8 years you have been a positive influence and helped me see the positive in everything no matter how bad it may sound. Thank you for Everything!

  113. Chris (and Heidi) You have impacted my life so much. you have inspired me to be better for my son. Without your encouragement and inspiration i would most likely be in a different place in my life. God has blessed with a gift to be able to have compassion for those that need it most and still have time for family. May God continue to bless you in everything that you do.

  114. I am a 42 yr old mom of 5 and like so many others I too have tried and failed so many times to get control of my obesity! I have done every diet, program, fad, and scary things to lose the weight but it wasn’t until last summer when my universe was falling apart that I found your show and Chris, you and Heidi both truly touched and inspired me and helped me to clearly understand what I was doing wrong continuing that viscous cycle! Thanks to you I had the epiphany that I needed to realize it took a total transformation of mind, body and spirit!! Not just eating less or moving more! I truly get it now that it takes the whole package and in my first 90 days I have lost 38 lbs and 30.5 inches. I am truly inspired by your kindness, dedication and can’t lie your hotness to continue my journey and complete what I’ve started! If I have a down moment, I find an episode of your show, or a few and always feel so moved and motivated! And yes I do exercises while watching πŸ˜‰ I am so confident now I have begun to pay it forward and inspire others and help them!! Cross off that million you have earned it and Heidi, you need your own million. I truly feel like I know you and that you both are family! You have forever changed my life and truly saved not only me, but my marriage and now even more who are learning through me! I do not say this lightly, I love you both!

  115. my name is Kevin 48 years old 525 lbs. i just recently contacted Anschutz wellness center to see what they have to offer for helping me with weightloss and behavioral changes. My mom saw your show and wanted me to look into it. I just lost my job before christmas. Had a lot to do with my weight. I would like to talk with you on ideas and i was curious about the exercise equip you use on show. I would like to purchase for myself

  116. Chris and Heidi, you have also impacted me as well. EWL has had so many people on there that I relate to. Your helping them, helps me. While I don’t have a lot to lose, I have more than enough. Without your show I would not be making progress. You have touched so many lives. Keep it up, and rememeber to take time aside just for the Powell Pack. Thank you!

  117. Although I am far from my fitness goal, I continue to seek Chris’ (and you, Heidi!!) wisdom when it comes to exercising, eating and balancing life. I look forward to past EWL shows to keep me motivated. I’ve read the books. I have the app. Chris- you have touched more lives and influenced more people for the better than I think you will ever know. You are an encourager, a believer, and a good person. Thank YOU for the good you bring to this world. I appreciate it!!

  118. Wow….. I hope you feel how much you are loved by the numerous posts. It is a rare gift to be able to touch so many lives, to be so REAL, to be so kind, to make total strangers feel not only comfortable, but valuable. You have a gift, Chris. Please continue to shine your light. Please continue to teach. Please continue to share. And PLEASE, include me in your count. Hugs.

  119. Chris please add me to your list. I am not over weight. You have made a huge impact on the way I look at myself. I watch your shows and have read your books… You have changed my life by teaching me how to love myself for who I am not for what’s on the outside and how to heal myself in order to love myself. I now workout and have great relationships and I owe a lot of that to you!!

  120. I am a single mom to four, 5’4″ and only 130lbs so I can’t say I was inspired to get in shape by Chris but I’ve watched his EWL shows religiously just for how uplifting they are. I’ve actually looked for a life coach in my own area (no luck) just so I could have someone inspire me the way I see Chris motivate and influence those on his show. I’m going through a really horrible divorce right now from an abusive man and it’s the toughest fight of my life. Continuing to eat right and stay active has helped and I guess I did learn that from watching Chris. If he ever decides to go into life coaching, please call me! Lol! Go call the tattoo guy because you not only need to cross off one million but add some new goals like two million!

  121. Chris, I don’t really have any weight to lose but I have watched your shows and followed Heidi’s blog and YOU have inspired me to just be better about my physical health and emotional health as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  122. Chris, I watch your show, follow you and Heidi on Facebook, read all you right to get all the inspiration I can soak in so I can feel I have a part of you with me with my weight loss journey. I wish I could have you personally pushing me but I take what I can get. Since December 1, 2014 to today January 14, 2015 I have gone from 280lbs to 240lbs. I have 2 kids (4yrs and 11mon). I’m 5’8 and though I do hold my weight well my weight got out of control with personal struggles along with post pardeum depression that I had suffered. I have completed my family with my last baby and am now Working on me. With out the motivation that you give on your shows and that you portray on Facebook it would be very difficult. You motivate people even when you don’t think you have. All of us that are watching your shows, you are teaching us as well. You deserve that 1,000,000 tattoo. Because you have definitely surpassed that goal. God bless you and Heidi. Lord only knows how blessed I would be if I get the privilege of shaking your hand and say thank you. So in case that never happens in my life, I would like to tell you here. Chris. THANK YOU!

  123. My wife Tricia and I love watching what you do. You do so much more than just help people lose weight. You have definitely impacted over a million lives for sure. God bless.

  124. Count me and my husband in.
    Since we started watching your show, we have done marathon races, signed up for bootcamp, and swimming for miles.
    You have showed us (but not only us, many many many people) how to commit, how to face the fear and weakness, and how to have fun in losing weights and in being healthy.

  125. Chris, you inspire me so much. This past summer, I stepped on a scale for the first time in a long time. I was not happy to see 275 pop. Although that may be less than so many, for me, that is beyond who I am inside. I sit here today, nearly 30 pounds less, and it’s all thanks to you, brother! You have inspired me to step out of what I have been used to for me WHOLE entire life, and I think it’s time to cross out that 1million mark. You deserve it.

  126. Chris has certainly impacted more than one million lives. The people he has help personally have gone on to inspire others. The ripple effect alone is unimaginable. Add to that the people he has motivated and taught through television, the internet, and social media… You will never know just how many lives have been changed by the work you do.

    You two are amazing people and I am thankful I can look to you for motivation and encouragement as I take my own weight loss journey. It’s been slow going the past few months, but I have decided 2015 is going to be MY year and I look forward to what I will learn from the Powells to help me grow into the best “me” I can be. Thank you, so much, for what you do.

  127. As someone mentioned above, I don’t think I have ever left a response on a public blog before, but somehow the video motivated me to do so. Chris and Heidi, you BOTH have inspired me to become a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. You have impacted my life personally and I use you both as examples of how I want to work professionally. I started watching your show a few years ago and in every episode you made a huge impact on someone’s life. Chris and Heidi, you are living examples of what it means to give back. You have made a difference in my life, and I’m sure many others. Thank you so much and continue doing what you’re doing!

  128. ih my goodness that video!! Love love love it! And as for that 1 million you have most defiantly reached it! I have been watching for years and had your words in my head for a long time but I just wasn’t ready.. Yo yo dieted your ever..wanting the quick fix… Just wasn’t ready. Well I bought your book 2 months ago and read it many times. And I am proud to say I am on week 2 of card cycling. Have made it to the gym and worked hard all but 2 days. And I am starting to believe I am worth it! (And for me that’s the big one) I still have a ton of head work to do but I believe I can and therefor I will.
    Thank you Chris and Heidi!!

  129. Such a beautiful tribute to the amazing work Chris has done! I have enjoyed watching and been been so motivated by him (initially) and now you – both on the show and online! While I haven’t had a huge amount of weight to lose, I definitely needed (and still need from time to time) that spark to encourage me to keep going and be a better me! I have always struggled with body image and self confidence. Slowly, but surely I am winning the battle to not only look better, but feel better about my physical appearance -> added bonus, I feel so much better and I KNOW I’m healthier! You two are definitely part of that! All the best! I look forward to more!

  130. You have definitely touched a million lives. I have been on a weight loss journey the past two years, still continuing, and it’s all because of the inspiration from the show and how accessible the workout and eating plans are. I have brought anyone who wants to know or will listen to know of you. For each person you help, there’s at least 3 more people they know that are indirectly motivated and inspired by you.

  131. Hi guys!

    I’m so glad I meet you (on my tv screen) haha! I see very often the EWL series to remember myself to stay healthy, to care about my body, because is my real home in this life.
    Actually, I’m on diet due to high cholesterol and triglycerides levels in my blood, but i need some advice for my workout routine to achieve my goal of 119 lbs. (Current weight: 134 lbs)

    Thanks for all the inspiration and keep the passion in changing people’s life.
    Greetings from Mexico City!

  132. #MillionLivesChangedByChrisPowell @RealChrisPowell @RealHeidiPowell You have changed my life, my husband’s life, and my son Jude’s life. <3 I am so blessed to know you <3

  133. I am a 33 year wife and old mama of three kids between nearly 6 years and 16 months. I have low thyroid that I have to take two medications for and is a little harder to balance than most low thyroid cases which is a big part of why I am now about 30 lbs heavier than I want to be. I’m also a black belt in sho-lin kempo (teach it too but have been off since my last pregnancy as my kids come first). I am a runner and I love strength workouts too. I had all of that before I found your show (and I’m super happy that Heidi is also now on-screen now). I didn’t have as many tools as I do after watching you and your show. I have learned a different way of thinking about things from you. I have learned to not be as self conscious of what I look like in public when I’m running and doing other workouts. I have found more ways of exercising from home. I have learned more about food. To be honest, I should feel guilty because I never exercise when I am watching your show BUT there aren’t any other shows that I do watch where I am not exercising in some way at least part of the time while I am watching. The Chris Powell comment that most strongly resonates with me is when you referred to body fat as a blanket of energy. I truly love that! I have a blanket of energy I can tap into any time I need it as long as I am getting the nutrients and water than I need and am will to get off my butt and move!

    Thanks for doing all that you do!


    PS, Chris and Heidi, always schedule time to take care of each other. Find some couple building exercises to add to your muscle building exercises. πŸ™‚

  134. Chris, I just want to say that I am sure that number is well over 1,000,000. You inspire so many people all over the world! I have watched every episode of EWL and I absolutely love how much you care for each and every person. You don’t judge and you never give up. I have been inspired by you and started your carb cycling a month ago. I have seeb positive results and I have you to thank for being an inspiration, for your books and website keeping me motivated. The work you do is absolutely and truly amazing! You have a beautiful family and are blessed! I hope you continue to do everything you are doing right now and just know I will always follow you!

  135. i hope y’all are keeping track on Facebook – I’ve seen at least 100 Pop up just on my wall along from people saying Chris has ch aged their lives! He changed mine! Helped Change my purpose And style as a potential trainer at the time – now I’m a trainer and love my life so much!

  136. Chris and Heidi, you both deserve the credit of changing more lives than either of you could count. I was crying just watching the video. You can tell he truely cares about every single person he helps. He isn’t just there as a trainer, but a friend, a partner, a truely wonderful person. You have both inspired me. There are many times I watch the show and before the end, I am in tears. You are both a blessing to so many!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  137. i just started watching the American editions of Obese: AYTSML (I live in England), and I have to say I am loving watching them! You help people not just physically but emotionally too and that often has a bigger impact. I’m a fit and active guy and I definitely take inspiration from you to help others at work, at the gym and when I volunteer. Cheers Graham

    P.s as a gay guy, you need to be shirtless more please haha

  138. Count me and my husband in. My husband lost 80 pounds in 2010 and is now a personal trainer helping others lose weight. He is amazing and thank you Chris for the inspiration.

  139. You can certainly cross it off. You and Heidi have been an inspiration to me and millions of others. I never realized that emotional weight was connected to my physical weight till I found your show, and all of your social media . I’ve worked really hard over the past two years to improve my life both mentally and physically. I have lots of rough days where I want to give up and wallow in my problems but you inspire me to keep going! Thanks for all you’ve done for the millions of people world-wide who credit you with many of our successes!

  140. Chris, I have purchased your books, I read your Facebook, watch your shows, and love you and your family. You and Heidi make such a positive impact of the lives of MILLIONS of people. Your spirit and energy are unparalleled. I feel as if I know you personally, but I am not that blessed. I am however blessed by your words of encouragement not just to those who stand in front of you, but to the millions of people who know you as I do. I watch biggest loser also, and I have even tried to make it on the show, but as much as I like the show, it has never left me feeling like I could do it on my own. You, however, make me feel like it is possible to do it at home and on my own. You impact lives every day and will never be able to have the full proof of just how many people you truly impact and help change their lives. We love you and we are so grateful for all the many things you do to help others become great.

  141. Chris – you should know you’re not only changing the lives of people who are overweight, you’re changing everyones! I’m not overweight by any standards, but your motivation and spirit on EWL has inspired me when I workout. It’s helped me push my boundaries, and where I was once a non-runner, I’m now training for a half-marathon! When I feel like stopping, I imagine you there next to me, encouraging me to keep going! You’ve changed way more than one million lives positively, because you’re positively one in a million! πŸ˜‰

  142. Chris and Heidi have both provided inspiration to me. I love the positivity and reality you emit every day. Not only have you changed millions of lives by walking people through transformations, but you lead by example and share your own personal struggles and victories. Thank you!!

  143. Chris,

    I’ve never communicated with you but you have touched my life in ways you’ll never know. You’ve inspired me, not just with your trade skill that you share so generously, but with your genuine and open heart. You have come into my home, shared yourself with me, taught me about myself, made me cry, made me laugh and made me want to change my future.

    Not only have I watched every episode and read your books, I’ve also participated in your dietbets and have spread your praise and encouragement to others. Thank so you much.

    I’ve no doubt that you have touched well more than 1,000,000 lives. You really should add the 10,000,000 mark as your goal. You’re probably already there.

  144. ONE MORE HERE! You gave me strength to give myself a new chance, Chris πŸ™‚ You helped me get my life back on track!

  145. When I began to read today’s post of Heidi on her blog I already knew that the video would make me cry instantly and that I absolutely have to leave a lovely comment for you lovely guys! The first time we saw the ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ on TV I was deeply impressed by this incredible man who knows exactly how to motivate people, to push them to achieve their goals, to make them smile. When Chris works with someone je truly gives everything he has to help people to get a better and healthier life, to achieve what they always dreamed about. It is so heart-warming to see someone’s passion in his eyes. When we see Chris in TV, hugging his candidates, we see that he really loves his work. Better said, it’s not a simple work like mine or my husband’s but it’s passion.
    I am from Germany and I live in France with my French husband. We make sport and try to live a healthier life every single day. But the way Chris and Heidi changed my life is that simple: be happy, love what you do, fight for your dreams and be always kind to the others. Your so incredibly nice both of you, you’re a couple of gold!! As one of the ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ candidate said “Is it really possible that someone is that nice?”. Yes, it is! YOU are! Both of you! And you’re fantastic just the way you are. There are so many people out there who love you and what you do! So do we. We would love to get to know you, to go to gym together and just get more and more inspired of your lifestyle and joy we see every day!
    So, please add 2 to your list!

  146. I am 13 years old and want to thank you for inspiring me so much and changing my life. About 2 years ago, after recently starting cross country and transforming myself, I watched my first episode of Extreme Weight Loss. I had seen the previews and just watched it out of curiosity, expecting another cheesy weight loss show. But my life was changed within minutes of watching. It was completely like anything I had ever seen – about so much more than just losing weight. I fell in love with fitness and transformation and healthy living, not just to maintain a healthy body, but to live a completely healthy lifestyle – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I continue to be inspired by your amazing compassion, selflessness, and drive to change the lives of others. It remains one of my childhood dreams to meet you someday, as you have been my childhood hero. Thank you for inspiring me and please keep doing what you are doing!

  147. Wow. That was a beautiful video, and I feel compelled to add myself to the one million (and beyond) because Chris (and yourself as well) have unknowingly taken part in changing my life. I have a lot of weight to lose, something like 300 pounds to lose and sometimes it is truly overwhelming and seems impossible. But that is the miracle of Extreme Weight Loss, I get to see people who are my size and even bigger lose as much weight as I have to. And the more people I see accomplished this, the more I feel like I can too. So far I have lost 57 pounds on my own. Chris continues to be some sort of voice in my head telling me when I’m making excuses or about to eat something less than healthy. The best thing about this voice is that it is so postive, so kind and so comforting. Unlike my own, i have a masters degree in negative self talk.
    Of course I’ve never met Chris before but he means a lot to me and I truly feel that I am on my way now to getting healthy for the first time in my adult life. I might not have gotten on that path without the show and you and Chris. How can you ever thank someone enough for that??! I start with sending this message your way and wish nothing but the best for your family πŸ™‚ #Powellpack

  148. You’ll have to add me as another person that Chris has helped. A year and a half ago, I was 370 pounds. I’m now 210. He’s helped me even without knowing and I think that’s one of the best examples of being an inspiration. Having so much impact on the world that you don’t even know every single person you help. Watching the show or social media, I’ve learned a lot from the Powell Pack and I’m extremely grateful. I know you said that he’d like proof so I included my blog I started about weight loss so I can, in turn, try to help others.

  149. you both have impacted many more than a million lives. By watching the show I have realized that I have to take control of my health and what’s making me gain. I wish I could leave everyone and join the show but it’s just not possible for me. So with baby steps I’m cutting out the bad food habits and making new ones but it’s only possible because your show has shown me and millions others that it’s possible. Thank u so much for everything you have done not just for me, but for the world!

  150. Brought me to tears. I have never met you Chris in person but from the TV screen you have changed my life. I ran my first half-marahon in December and when I was training to it, I always imagined you by my said saying ‘I promise, you can do it, don’t be scared’. On my wall I put the sign ‘Each time you say you can’t, I’ll do everything to prove you’re wrong’. And I have proved myself and I am still proving to myself that I am stronger than I ever imagined. Chris Powell, if you ever get to read this, know that you have changed my life and I am grateful for that. Love you and your Family. Ania.

  151. Although I personally haven’t struggled with my weight, you have definetly given me a desire to become stronger. You are constantly pushing yourself to achieve new goals and yet you are humble enough to ask for help. Chris, you and your family are amazing and you absolutely deserve to cross off that 1,000,000.

  152. You centanly have changed more than one millon lives and your impact has gone way beyond the US to places like Paraguay where I live πŸ™‚
    After I found the show EWL I watched all the seasons in few days, you really are someone special with a special heart.

  153. Chris (Heidi too) you both not only inspire but impact my life each and every day. When I was 14 I had to have gallbladder surgery little did I know a few months later I would be diagnosed with PCOS and had to be immediately put on medication, this medicine within around a years time made me gain 60 lbs. I also have problems eating I find myself forgetting, not wanting to or not wanting to make eating a main priority a lot of times I’ll only eat once a day, but with Chris’s book I am learning how to eat regularly. I live at home with my grandparents and mother, it’s hard at times since they don’t respect the way I eat or the change I need but no matter how many times I fall I refuse to fail. I plan to look into a job as a zumba instructor then later pursue a career in excercise science or in nutrition as a nutritionist or dietician. I won’t be starting my journey for a couple weeks due to being sick, but I will never quit. I am making 2015 my year thanks to Chris!

  154. Oh my how you both have impacted my life. I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. I have not only learned what it means to be fit physically but how to be fit mentally. What phenomenal examples you both are for the lives of everyday people. Chris has inspired our entire family and that is just 6 people, but the knowledge we have from him carries with us everywhere we go. Thank you both for following your passion and changing lives daily!

  155. Chris,
    No words can even compare to how many people’s lives you have actually changed. Everyone wants to make sure they have proof and numbers behind accomplishments… You as much as you want can’t do this, you have surpassed your goal of one million. Not just with the show but with how many people watch your show. I was 20 years old living half way across the country from my family. I had no one except an abusive boyfriend and food. I was so ashamed of myself I stopped leaving the house. It wasn’t until I started watching your show my life began to have meaning.
    You gave me the hope I needed through other people. I shaved my head and donated it to be made into a child’s wig and took the first steps in changing my life. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    I lost 110 pounds. I gained back 40 and now I understand why you always tell people they need to evolve mentally as their bodies change. I’m going to do this and have the self love I deserve.
    I’ve been watching your shows again. To kick myself in the but and go at it. I don’t look in the mirror and say how awful I am or how I hate certain things about myself. I tell myself how great I am and how I’m working on my imperfections.
    You deserve the one million to be crossed off.
    You’re also a goal guy, so what will your next goal be?
    Oh. Thanks for the courage to leave the relationship! You’ve never spoken one word to me directly but through other people. I’m just one person. You’ve encouraged all of these people.

  156. Chris go ahead and mark that 1,000,000.00 off because I am your 1,000,001.00. If it wasn’t for you I would not be doing this challenge. I didn’t do the bet thing but I’m in for myself. During the last part of the year I came to except myself for who I was and how I looked. I felt the need to except it so I could move forward and stay committed to losing weight. This is day 10 and already 6lbs lost. I’m proud of myself and the fact is I know you are too! So get that crossed off. You’ve Done It! Congratulations!

    1. Make that one million and one! You have inspired me far more than you’ll ever know. I have lost weight but more importantly, I have learned to love myself! Still have 20 pounds to go, but I’ll get there. NO LIMITS!

  157. I have been struggling with my weight since having my daughter three years ago, I became lazy and unmotivated. About 9 months ago I really got my butt in gear and started trying to do something about it. Chris (and you Heidi) have been a huge inspiration to me and I feel I came across the show at the right moment, I started watching last season and the compassion and genuine love that Chris shows these people is outstanding, it restored my faith that truly good, unselfish people still exist. He has definitely touched my life and shown me that a healthy active lifestyle is what I should be leading. I am currently down 30lbs and have about 20 more to go to my goal weight. I am physically stronger and happier. I have not had the pleasure to meet Chris (or you) but I can 100% say that you both have inspired me to live a better life for me and my family. I can not thank you and Chris enough for doing what you do and for helping these people who truly need you. You guys are amazing!

  158. I would have to say that you could add my husband to your toll of people’s lives you’ve changed. Before your show he never would have watched a weight loss show. He has struggled with his weight since we’ve been married. Never going over 100 pounds over weight but getting close. Two years ago he lost all the weight but after having too much fun with his new body and too many injuries he has gained most of the weight back. With it being a new year he kicked himself in the but and has started making some better choices. I just wanted to let you know that both of you have been key factors in his decision to live healthy and be healthy. He follows you guys on multiple social medias, he faithfully warches your show and looks forward to it every summer! He has read your books and even done your carb cycling plan. I know he would love to meet Chris one day. Even get a little workout in with him. You guys are so inspiring and really have changed lives. Thanks so much for all that you do! You guys have impacted our lives in so many ways.

  159. If I were to make a list of people who have inspired my life in any way, I have no doubt Chris would top that list! His passion is unmatched and kindness & love shine right out of his face!!!

  160. Heidi, what a truly beautiful video! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I just want to say… that it is statistically impossible for Chris to have not already impacted over 1 million lives. There have to be millions of people like me.. who might not have much to lose.. but who were far from healthy. I quickly became addicted to the show after the first episode I saw last year. It was like an anvil being dropped on my head. I had spent years toting around an extra 40lbs after four pregnancy’s and had pretty much brainwashed myself into believing that I just did not have time to work out. My diet was absolutely horrid as well. But seeing these people push past their issues and shred fat like it was nothing.. pushing themselves harder than they ever had before.. it made me realize that there were no excuses. Chris also made me realize that I was only holding myself back. This realization has impacted my ENTIRE life. I have since, read everything Chris has written.. learned how to eat healthy (Carb cycling for life!) and I’m well on my way to a body I have only ever dreamed about. But it isn’t just about how I look. It’s how I feel. Chris gave me back a belief in myself and the drive to push myself in every aspect of my life. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Chris! And thank you Heidi! Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman. <3

  161. Chris and Heidi,

    I love your show, and all that you do for people as you promote healthy living and respecting our bodies— it is truly inspirational. But what is MORE inspirational to me is watching/reading about your marriage. I cannot tell you how important it is to have role models for marriage and parenting, and with the crazy schedule ya’ll have it would be so easy to put each other or your kids on the back burner, and feel fully justified because your work is so inspiring. But you don’t. You are honest with people about your struggles, you show the humor in your relationship, and you MAKE time for your kids. THAT is what inspires me. There aren’t many celebrities who are this authentic about their daily lives or who value the right things, and I appreciate so much that you two do! So thank you! You can add me to the list of people you have really affected and inspired!

  162. Hello to you both!
    Chris I have been watching your show for years and watching how you reform people and give them their life back is so invigorating!
    Back in 2011 I went through a really hard break up and it was only then that I realized I didn’t even love my self enough to take care of me both physically and health wise. I had peaked at 240 the highest I had Ever weighed and I was not only fat I was now alone. I didn’t have the power to make the necessary changes to make me look and feel better. By watching your show every week it made me realize that I have to want to change my life style and I have to love me before I can love anyone else. I went to the doctor for my annual and my numbers were through the roof! It was that day in May 2012 that I said I too can do what everyone else is doing with Chris Powell!!!
    I went to a weight loss place got on a plan and starting exercising and the pounds started rolling off. But what really kept me going was the determination you had with each and everyone that you helped on your show. To this day I love you both for making me see that I can be a Better ME and I want to feel this good always…I lost a total of 72 lbs and went from a size 20-22 to a 12-14. I never thought I would be in size 12…I attend a gym regularly and have a personal trainer that I meet with at least three times a week and then I also go workout in my own.
    Thank you, Chris Powell for saving my life!!!! You and Heidi are awesome individuals and I think yAll have a beautiful family!!!!

  163. i have never met Chris before, but he did help me start my own weight loss journey of my own. I would watch Extreme Weight Loss, sometimes with jealousy because these people got to have such a devoted and amazing trainer push them to there goals. Finally I just decided to get off my but and do it myself, and so far I have lost 88 well earned pounds. Chris is an inspiration to not just me, but to a lot of people and I have a feeling I am not the only one he has gotten to start their own journey without direct impact. I still watch extreme weight loss every week it’s on, because it keeps me in check. Even if he isn’t standing right in front of me telling me to get my act together, I pretend he is. I just hope I can meet Chris someday and thank him for what he has done to change my life. He deserves it. πŸ™‚

  164. While I am not overweight, I struggle with overeating and making healthy choices. I struggle with insecurity and comparing myself to others, never happy with myself.

    Chris’ love for people shows in every episode, every facebook post, and every blog post. His encouraging words resonate with me and I have slowly started seeing myself as worthy and am learning that if I don’t care for myself, nobody is going to do that for me.

    Add me to the list of people Chris’ work has helped!
    Kelly in KY

  165. Chris I understand why you want to wait to cross off the million because you probably want 1 million tangable humans…. We are here though we just don’t live in AZ πŸ˜‰ and although you have people on your show and people who perhaps buy your book and still don’t lose weight…those people were still given a moment of personal insight provided by some sort of glimmer of hope YOU provided. And that my friend constitutes changing lives too #crossoffthemillion #chrishaschangedamillionlives

  166. Chris and Heidi have both impacted my life which has in turn impacted the lives of those around me. I was 130lbs overweight and I was doing nothing about it, I started watching Chris’ show and I gained so much motivation listening to his advice, words of wisdom and seeing everything he does for others. I have lost 120lbs on my own at home and am now a mere 10 pounds away from my initial goal weight!! I may have never met Chris in person but his words ring clear in my mind while I am working out, I hope you both have a LONG and prosperous career helping those who need it most, you are both an inspiration and I wish you many years of health and happiness, cross those numbers off!!!

  167. I’ve tried numerous weight loss strategies lost & gained probably 200 lbs in total . I was/ am on the down swing of this weighng the heaviest I ever have at 285.3 wanting to give up. In watching your show each week & reading your book it has given me that drive to try for me. I’m only in week 1 but already feel stronger & that I can achieve my goal because if your influence. Thank you Chris don’t under estimate yourself. You influence & help more ppl than you give yourself credit for… THANK YOU.

  168. Thank You for all that you do, Chris & Heidi. You are Blessed! The love of Jesus shines right through you both. Keep on, my friends!

  169. I started my weight loss after watching your show! and what shall I say – it was the best decision EVER! I turned from a size 44 to a size 34 (europe size) and enjoy every moment of my life now! After giving birth to my 2 amazing babies, I gained a lot of weight, when I step on the scale today, I see 58 (amazing) kilos and am so thankful and happy about that! I started to workout again and eating clean! I feel SO good!
    Thank you for your inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. i have definitely been inspired by Chris. It started with watching Exteme Weigt Loss, and has expanded to following both Chris and Heidi on Facebook and Twitter.
    Chris (and Heidi) remind me that I candy this, I can get my eating habits back under control, I can regain a healthy body, I can be the person I want to be!
    In one episode this pastseason Chris talked about short hanging a workout…about stopping on the treadmill at 58 minutes instead of completing the full hour. The day I was watching that episode as I was on the elliptical I was so tempted to stop just a bit early, but instead I finished my workout. So many times since then I have thought about stopping just short and hear Chris’s words in my head and keep going. Thank you Chris!

  171. have truly impacted my life and my husband for the better. We are inspired every time we do the boot camp videos and choose to loose. We love you and all that you have done. Without you our lives would have continued down the dangerous path. We never had to meet you face to face to know that you are 100 percent a inspiration to us!! You deserve to cross off the millions man….Just do it!

  172. I was first introduced to Chris while working out at my local YMCA. I was on the elliptical and wanted to give up. I felt like the road was long and I would never reach my goal. After watching extreme weightloss at the Y I am hooked!! I look forward to watching and bing inspired by the next season! Although I have yet to meet my weightloss goal I have ran three half marathons and am signed up for three more this year. Nutrition is a constant struggle of mine. I have bought the most recent carb cycling book and can’t wait to read it! Yes, Chris has impacted my life! Xoxo Danie

  173. He can add me to the count! Chris’ message told me that my weight loss journey had to be an emotional one. He impacted me without ever meeting me.

  174. Chris is the reason why I found something to actually help me lose weight and keep it off after both my kids. I’m still on my journey and have a long way to go but I’m following the plan in his book to get me there. He is truly a god send and I feel he has changed my life by simply showing me what to do by helping everyone in his show and his books being out there and available. I thank him for that ?

  175. The work that you are both doing impacts so many lives. While you may never see it or have proof that over 1 million lives are changed, I would bet that you have changed at least that over the course of your work. Since following your blogs/FB pages and watching the shows and doing the workout videos, I’ve changed my attitude about getting healthy. Granted I have a long way to go, but I do hear Chris’ voice in head in my when I’m working out .. “we don’t quit, take a break and get back into it”. These words push me in my daily workouts. Last year I ran my first 5K and I think this year I will make it at 10K. I started out last year unable to do a swing up … now I’m doing at least 40 with twists for part of them. All because of Chris’ inspiration. The workouts have helped, I’m down a clothing size and feeling strong. I can run up my stairs without getting winded. I would probably be further along on my journey if I’d change more eating habits and stick to the carb-cycling, but I am not there yet mentally. I know how to do it, I know what to do, and I think about it daily I just need to do it. I will…baby steps. So, has Cris (and Heidi) made an impact in my life … absolutely. Thank you for all the work you do, it’s not easy putting yourself second, which it sounds like you do a lot (I’m guilty of that too I see the signs). Take time for yourself and give yourself credit. What you do matters. We are listening, you are changing lives everyday.

  176. Count me as one of the million. I have lost 50 pounds of the 80 I need to lose thanks to Chris. I love his book, the show and both your blogs. Thank you Heidi and Chris!

  177. You’ve inspired me!!!!!

    I’ve watched Extreme Weight Lost since it started and think that what the two of you do is amazing. Everyone has their problems, I can’t imagine living the busy life the two of you have and raising a family. Working an 8-5 job is crazy enough for me. In 2012 I decided I was tired of being fat since then I’ve lost about 60 lbs. and have about 80 more to loose. It’s a slow process but I’m just happy to be going in the right direction. I’ve been going to the Gym since the beginning of 2014 but started off 2015 working out with a personal trainer. She is awesome.

    For anyone out there like me who doesn’t think they are healthy enough to work out with a personal trainer….. You are. They will become your best friend and push you to do things you would never think you could do.

  178. You can count me as one of those million-plus lives that have been affected! For a long time I watched your show and was just so impressed by Chris’ genuine kindness and love towards people. He has something that no other celebrity trainer that I know of has – that heart of gold that is mentioned in the video πŸ™‚ After I gave birth to my son and realized that I needed to do something to make those extra remaining pounds (about 20 of them) go away, I wondered what to do. A friend of mine mentioned reading your book, and I figured if I was going to put my trust in any celebrity trainer out there to help me get fit and healthy again it would be Chris. I read the book and did the carb-cycling program and was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight – yay! Not only did I lose those extra pounds, I learned some important information about how to stay healthy and fuel my body the good things it needs to function the best it can. I am now in better shape than I was before having my son, and exercise is now an integrated part of my life – running in particular. I’ve signed up for my first half-marathon in June and I can’t wait to crush it!! Chris (and Heidi!), even though you don’t know me, thank you for playing a large part in helping me be a healthier and happier mama πŸ™‚

  179. 1 million seems low! Viewer that watch the t.v. show average 3.5 million! Everyone getting inspired in some way or learning something new or seeing that changes can be made to improve what they are already doing. Before I started watching the show I had already lost 75 lbs still every show helps me get re-inspired! My girlfriend that struggles more then I ever did with her weight it gets her going and seeing it makes her believe she can do it. if anything every viewer get a little inspired! So cross off 3,500,000!

  180. Count me in!! I love you guys… and can Chris pleeeeeeeeease grow his hair again? Love it longer on top like that!! πŸ™‚

  181. You have changed my life just by being who you are and an example. I have had 2 babies in the past 2 years and am at my heaviest. Just by watching your show and following you and Heidi on social media, you ignite a light in me to be a better me. Thank you.

  182. Chris & Heidi,

    Please count me in towards the 1,000,000 lives changed! Chris has inspired me in ways that go beyond fitness and working out. There aren’t many people to look up to in the world these days and the kindness and compassion he shows to other human beings is inspiring to me. He motivates me to be a better person, to help make a difference in other people’s lives, to help inspire others to be the best they can be. Chris is a true humanitarian and I admire him for his dedication to changing lives. If we could all possess even a little of the compassion he has this world would be a much more loving and kind place to live…

  183. Both of you have impacted my life and my husbands for sure. We both work out every morning and he even does the 9 minute missions from Chris’s book. Whenever I am pushing hard and don’t think I can go any harder, I can hear both of you cheering me on and I keep going. Thank you Chris and Heidi for inspiring us to be better and keep doing our best!

  184. I can honestly say that my journey toward weight loss and health has had multie starts and stops and I had become discouraged and given up. But watching this video has made me believe once again that it might be possible for me, too. I want to be one of Chris’ one million and I hope that someday soon I can check back here and finally report that I have joined your crew.

    I have hesitated on taking the first step but right now I am reaching out in faith. I hope the entire staircase will be there as I climb! Thanks for the inspiration!

  185. Wow, I think Chris could cross of more then 1,000,000. I love his show I love his compassion for people. He truly wants to save these individuals. He is amazing I follow both Chris and Heidi and love their dietbet challenges look how large they are compared to the other challenges out there! Keep up all the hard work! But also remember to take time for yourself and your family

  186. Chris and Heidi,

    Watching this brought tears to mine and my husbands eyes ! We haven’t had the pleasure to meet yall but we feel like we’re friends already with yall that’s how much your personalities come thru on EWL and social media! My husband was 385 at his heaviest and is now 200lbs and has been for 10 years. Chris has May not helped my husband with his weightloss but he helps him everyday to stay motivated and keep his weight off and promote healthy living and weight loss ! We are a fit couple and love working out together and it excites us to know when we add to our family we can still be the fit couple you and Chris are! So Chris you are helping more people then you truly know! I can’t be happier to add to this one million cross off !! Here is 2 living proof that you have helped my husband and myself !

    With love,

    Heather and Landon Yosko

    1. Weight loss doesn?t only provide an individual with a healthy life; it also provides an environment for others to enjoy being a part of. The happiness in the eyes of the guests you guys help and also the fans at the final weigh in demonstrates just how the happiness of one becomes contiguous to those around. Also, the 3 million viewers that are watching have such a heartfelt happy feeling inside watching. It?s like happiness is handed to us for free just by one act of kindness Chris and yourself provide. So each show, millions are touched. Also, marriage is way more important than anything else in life and no matter how imperfect ones marriage is, striving to work towards perfection is the important factor. You guys demonstrate that factor to all those like my wife and I who watch it together. We are very thankful to have a couple to admire that knows how to change life?s and also demonstrates how to be a good husband, wife, father, and mother at the same time. Thank you guys for all you do on TV and social media because you guys are spreading that joy way faster than you think!!

  187. I have only just started following Chris on social media but my husband and I love watching him on Extreme Weight Loss. I have never seen anyone so positive as Chris. I also just watched him on Kelly and Michael, all I can say is WOW!! When I saw two (Chris and Michael) very in shape people struggle through the workout, it made me realize you too are only human, if you could keep going than so could I!!

  188. He absolutely deserves to cross off 1M! He is an inspiration to watch and follow, as are you, Heidi.
    I do not have a significant amount of weight to lose, nor did I ever, but everyday I learn how to be more and more healthy and following you both has been a huge help! Being healthy has become the center of my life and now especially while raising my own child. I think of food as fuel and medicine now, not just something to satisfy my hunger pains. Thanks for all you both do xx now cross it off!!!!!

  189. Loving people where they are at and encouraging them to be more is a special gift that God has certainly blessed you with. Your example of being a great and loving father, mentor, coach, and husband for millions to see is something that America desperately needs. You are giving much hope to those who have never felt that before. Blessings as you continue touching so many!

  190. You have both impacted my husband and me (that’s 2!) by showing us that not only is a healthy lifestyle possible, it can be fun! We appreciate you!

  191. Chris and Heidi, you are my favorite people in the world whom I’ve never met! I am so inspired by EWL, the Powell Pack, your relationship, and your commitment to your passions and to your family/friends. You helped inspire me and my husband to follow our dream of opening a Krav Maga studio in Seattle! ( We have been open for nine months now and it has been an amazing journey. The best part is the community we’ve built – our awesome members and instructors. I am positive that Chris has impacted >1,000,000 lives. It would be my DREAM to meet either or both of you! Much love from Seattle!

  192. I remember first seeing Chris way back in the documentary with David Smith and it has been a joy to see how he has grown and impacted so many today. I’m a figure competitor and while I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, you still inspire me in the way you are dedicated to helping others, your zest for life, your message of self love and health and continuing to empower so many people. Please know that you have both inspired and changed the lives of so many, in more ways than you can imagine. Much love…

  193. You guys are amaking and since watching your show you guys have inspired me so much. I have recently become a certified fitness trainer I love your motivation to help others and I hope that I can one day be an inspiration to others just like you two. Keep doing the great things you are doing. I know you have helped more the a million people in so many ways. Keep up the great work.

  194. Heidi,
    You and Chris inspire so many people and I know you will read a million comments that express that but I have to chime in.
    My fianc?e and I look up to you guys in so many ways. We are both personal trainers and own a small studio in British Columbia Canada. I met my fianc?e because he started out at my very own personal trainer and changed my life.
    As I mentioned we look up to you two in so many ways. Mostly because of the way you treat the people you work with. Not like a paycheque but like the people they are. I joined my fianc?e in this career because his passion was contagious. The ability to help people reach their goals is awe inspiring and very humbling. And we strive to help people change their lives like you two do everyday.
    Beyond the business side of things I admire you so much in how you are with Chris and how you speak of your own troubles. It can be hard to be the partner of a man adored by so many and I can only imagine when you add the spotlight into the picture.
    I could go on and on about how you and Chris not only inspire us with what we do but also who we are but we would be here all day. I just wanted to say you can add some more people to that number because we really do look up to you. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.

  195. What an awesome tribute! Count me in the One Million! I’m sure it actually far exceeds that number because Chris and Heidi, you are both inspiring people every day!

  196. My transformation started 4 years ago. I lost 92 lbs of fat and have kept it off but most importantly, I am able to be the person on the outside that I feel I am on the inside. I am now a personal trainer and get to help others on their journey. Ewl and your examples have kept me going in my difficult times. I am a faithful supporter of both of you. I think your reach is far greater than you can imagine.

  197. Thank you to both of you! For years I have tried to lose weight and its been a struggle I started at 230 and now weight 194, I feel lost sometimes and I was feeling at my lowest a couple weeks ago when I thought nothing else was possible, that I had tried everything! I came across your facebook page and Heidi’s and have seen the amount of people you have inspired and motivated. I bought your book and I now have a new perspective on life and how to go about my weight loss journey. I guess What I needed was hope and guidance and although Chris you don’t think you have reached your goal, there are so many people that you have inspired and motivated to reclaim their lives- me included! So thankful for you:)

  198. Just finished reading Choose More,Loose More. Even though i went the WLS route I still want to live a healthy lifestyle. I have started carb cycling today. I have 25 lbs to go to goal and I know that with working Chris’ workouts and sticking with carb cycling I will be able to get there. Thank you Chris for all of the insight you provide in your book and through every transformation you do.

  199. Hi! Im a 25 year old girl from Sweden that have been watching the show the past year and everytime it gets me. I’ve been in a bad place for the most of my teenage years and a year ago I was still in a really bad place. I drank alot, I was smoking and I did smoke alot of weed. My days were all about smoking, drinking and hanging out at my couch. I hated myself and I hated life so much that I lost myself completely. I used to do sports when I was a kid and i loved it and when I think back at it I think my depressions came at the same time that I stopped training and started to party with my friends instead. I made my family scared for me, they were disappointed and they did everything they could to make me stop but I just ran away from home or swore at them. Something I regret more then anything… Then my grandfather died and he was my bestfriend growing up, it broke my heart and my life got worse. But one day I woke up and decided I needed to change my life or it would all be over and since then I’ve made so much progress in only one year. At the same time I found the show and when I saw Chris with that big smile, believing in people that had given up, pushing them towards a bigger goal, helping them to find themselves again and find the motivation they needed to change their lives, it made me realize that I need to start to work from the inside and out, I still watch every show I can get hold off here in Sweden. Today a little more then a year later i run every morning, I workout every day, I do yoga, I eat healthy food, I’ve stopped smoking and drinking and most importantly I’ve been working with myself. Im happy again, I can see a future ahead of me, Im spending alot of time with my family, Im going to start studying again and hoping to work in health and training when im done with school. And today I signed myself up for two track events this year. And I just have to say that Chris Powell was the biggest inspiration for me all this time, I love you guys you are amazing people.
    Your show is the best and I wish you all the luck!

  200. Chris and heidi-

    I am currently a deputy sheriff out on disability as a part of ptsd. I have a wife and four kids. I didnt turn to alcohol or drugs. I turned to food. Getting to over 370lbs on a 5’11 inch frame. I gave up on life. I hired a nutritionalist who has helped before i knew about you guys. Ptsd kicked my butt and i quit the nutritionalist and went back to food as i hadnt dealt with the real issues. Now i am seeing a therapist and have read your two newest books. Been doing the turbo carb cycling. Im down to about 327lbs. I have a ways to go and i know its not easy but your motivational comments on facebook and your books definatly make it much easier. I want to thank you for being what i needed when i was at rock bottom. Dont get me wrong i have had my ups and downs but the changes i have made make it easier to get back into the swing of things. Thank you for doing what you do and having a passion to change the culture one person at a time.

    John meeker

  201. Chris has inspired me to not give up on my journey to lose weight and I’m 70 lbs into that journey with about 40 or so left to go for my goal. I’m work in progress but the impact that his caring and commitment to help others be healthy through EWL, etc is such an inspiration. Continue to be dedicated to the cause! Heidi, you are so inspiring as well! Powell pack power!

  202. Here in Quebec, we see your tv show in french translation. Even if I don’t know you personaly, let me tell you that you change my life. You inspire me (Both Chris and Heidi).

    You are inspiration. Thank to promote health and fitness !!!

  203. What a beautiful video! You have BOTH impacted my life and my husbands life in such a positive way. My health journey actually brought me to a career as a Health Educator where I now also get to inspire others towards lasting change and I love to recommend your book. As a Health professional it is one of the ONLY books I feel comfortable and confident recommending because I know it gives quality information and all the necessary components! My husband and I got to witness an Extreme Makeover reveal and meet Chris. We were blown away! It ignited a spark that changed our lives, ultimately leading to career changes for both of us. Thank you for who you are and the commitment you have made to changing lives. Both of you.

  204. Chris and Heidi,

    You both have inspired my wife and I to get healthy and live a more active life. Because of this change in our mind set our children’s lives will be healthier then ours was, so that’s 4 more people right there!

    Thank you for all that you do!
    The Dassatti’s

  205. Ive never met Chris, (or heidi) he doesnt even know i exist. However i do, and i am a better person because of him. I have followed him and have taken him on my journey of weight loss and becoming the person i want to be. I read and follow online and take the advice that he gives to others and take it as if he was talking to me. I look up to the you, the Powells, very highly because even when life is hard you still put a smile on and keep pushing and keep going. Thats extremely commendible! I have lost 126 lbs, went from no being able to walk up the stairs to running marathons. Being depressed and stuck in horrible a relationship because that’s what i thought i deserved because no one else would love me, to finding an amazing man that loves and respects me who i get to marry on April. All of this happened because i was able to follow and look up to my hero Chris Powell ! ! You will never know the impact of the greatness you are. You have touched more lives then you ever will be able to count. People you don’t even know have had there lives touched because of you. I hope that one day i will be able to thank you in person, and can cross that off my bucket list. However if that never happends, i hope you understand the ripple effect that you have caused and know you have most definitely changed more then one million lives. You have changed mine!

  206. I’m number 5,000,000 at least! I couldn’t forget Chris even if I wanted to (which I don’t). I swear at him (lovingly) each and every morning when I roll out of bed and do squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, bicep curls, chest presses etc… I moan and groan and huff and curse him (endearingly) 5 mornings a week…like clockwork. And when I’m done, I thank him. He’s the angel that sits on my right AND left shoulders, he never lets that little devil (I hate that guy) win when it comes to what I should and DO eat. He walks beside me (not in front or behind me) every afternoon when I get on my treadmill a shred the heck out of this fat that has consumed my body. he holds me up when it hurts and encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone. He’s my trainer and he’s with me always because that is what good, no, AMAZING trainers do! Thank you Chris, as my journey continues, I know you will be with me every step of the way!

  207. Thank you Chris and Heidi! Even though we’ve never met, I feel that my life has been impacted and changed by both of you. Since I started watching EWL in May (I know, I’m behind the times! Thank goodness for Hulu) I am down 25 pounds with only 8 more to go until my wedding. You have inspired me to make healthier and happier choices. Heidi, my goal as I look forward to hopefully becoming a mother is to be more like you. Healthy, happy, honest and hardworking. Thank you both!

  208. Chris and Heidi you two have been a huge inspiration to my husband and myself. We have been watching EWL from the beginning. I read other comments of people saying they have never met you guys but feel like they have known you their whole life’s – it is so true. You both are so generous, down to earth and very forthcoming. Thank you both for everyone you have helped and will continue to help!

  209. I want you to know you inspired me through your show and then book to get control of my health again. I was in an accident in an ambulance while caring for a patient. This resulted in the patient and my partner being fine but I had an endless migraine for 5 1/2 years. Then a doctor on an off chance thought maybe I am having small seizures in my head resulting in migraines. Before this I was on so many meds that I was barely able to work and had gained 50 lbs. Now because of you giving me direction on what to do I have lost the weight and gained muscle. I feel better than before and now LOVE the gym and working out. So much so that I recently had a bone removed from my foot and within 2 days was at the gym on crutches doing what I could. Thank you and your wife sooo much! You are both amazing!!

  210. add 2 more over here! My husband and I read your book Choose More Lose More this Nov after my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure. We are following the book, and to date he has lost almost 30 lbs and I have lost 20, and that was through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (and…I am over 40)! Best of all we have put “being active with our kids” as a priority and believe me, it is not easy in negative temps, but our kids are so happy we are finally participating with them. If not for this particular book or Chris’s advice on EWL, I would not have tried ice skating obese,…but I thought…it is way more fun than a treadmill! Yes it hurts my feet, but eventually it won’t and boy do I get a work out, and best of all, my kids love it!!! We both have a way to go weight-wise, but who cares? It is coming off while we are already living! Next month, we are going skiing – eeeek!!! Thank you!

  211. i want you to know even though I’ve never met you but you have commented on things I’ve sent you. Chris what you don’t realize is that people who bought the book and began there journey and watched the show and heard your words of encouragement have started there journey. I have started my journey but still fall. But I want you to know you have touched millions of people’s lives just by tv and social media alone. Keep doing Gods work. Keep showing love that so many need in this world keep helping others be extrodinary. You have touched my heart and I don’t know you personally.

  212. I have been on my journey thanks to Chris for well over a year now! I have made exercise a regular part of my everyday life and had never accomplished that before! Carb cycling is something that is working for me and I know I can do long term. I’m still on my journey, but I feel like I can actually accomplish my goal this time! Chris really has taught me to change the way I think and to believe that I can do it! I believe he will hit his goal & go beyond! Thank you Chris! πŸ™‚

  213. Count me in…..last year, after following your show, I decided to let you transform my life (thru Bode and social media, of course!!! :-)) I’ve lost 40+ lbs but what means more is what my life has gained, self-respect, self-love, motivation, a desire to live life fully again. Sure, I love my celebs, this isn’t about that, this is about YOU, not some tv personality, caring enough to want us to love ourselves again. Thank you, you are truly a messenger of God, in the joy for life you have brought back to so many people.

  214. Chris and Heidi – I follow you both on facebook and I have been a regular watcher of EWL for years. I love you both so much, and you have inspired way more than a million people. I hope I can meet you both someday. That would be a dream come true. Much love from southeast, MI.

  215. Marriage is not always easy but working at it is it’s own reward….:) Sometimes you just need to remember the important parts of why you fall in love with who you do:) Thanks for the motivation from both of you:)

  216. You both are so inspiring. Chris because of you I have started getting back into my routine and workouts. You and Heidi have always been so amazing to watch and follow. I have always been so into fitness and nutrition and then I lost my passion and drive when my mom got sick with cancer and I started caring for her. In addition to a 2yr old and 14yr old and an amazing hubby. I became certified to teach insanity (my love), but never taught. My mother passed in November and I put on ten pounds in addition to the baby weight I never lost years before. I was at my lowest and a type 1 diabetic with horrible blood sugar control. I started reading your book and although only 3 weeks into turbo cycle, I am down pounds, but more importantly I’m back to getting up earlier than my kids to get my missions in, I’m back to the gym and although I miss my mom terribly, I feel like I’m living again. I know had I not started your book I would still be dragging myself out of bed, not working out and feeling sorry for myself. It was the kick in the butt I needed! I am finding my way back to a better me, so thank you. Oh and I’m an Arizona native! : )

  217. I am in awe of and very grateful for Chris Powell. I originally learned who he was through Extreme Weight Loss which led me to find both of you online. His attitude is infectious. His constant encouragement and leadership by example are so inspiring. I don’t need to lose 100 pounds; I don’t even need to lose 20. But, I am still grateful for his insight, his example, and his reminder that anything is possible for you to obtain better health and be the best possible version of yourself. Chris Powell rocks…..and you are very blessed to be his co-pilot for the Pack!

  218. You guys are both so inspirational to me!! I love your show so much and I look up to you both. Because of you I’ve been inspired to become a personal trainer and help others. You’ve also helped me overcome so perfectionist isissues and other struffles I’very had. I can’t thank you both enough!!

  219. Love you Heidi – love who you are as a person, a wife and a mom. You’re an amazing example of Lane ingenuity, resourcefulness, discipline, vulnerability and strength.

    Yes, Chris has touched my life, before I ever knew you two were together. It’s clear that he cares about people. He’s grounded in his vision and continues with strength and passion. I don’t think he’s even scratched the surface of the impact he will have in his lifetime.

    At the same time, I know that a lot of his awesomeness is strengthened and amplified by you! Together you are better than either of you could be alone. Love you both and your adorable family. Hugs!

  220. Hi Heidi ands Chris!

    You have greatly impacted my life in so many ways. My little sister died 7 years ago , this month, in a head on collision. 4 months later, exactly to the day , my mom was in a car accident. She rearended a dump truck in the pitch black of the early morning hours. I then spent the next 6 months by her side helping her health. I got so caught up in my emotions I forgot to take care of myself. I gained nearly 200lbs. I attempted unsuccessfully to lose weight, trying every fad diet. Sometimes I would seriously consider making myself throw up. Other times I ate so much that I would throw up. It became a vicious cycle. I became so engrossed with my weight that I even took up smoking in an effort to lose pounds. Thankfully I came to my senses and have been cigarette free for 8 years. I saw Extreme Weight Loss: Makeover Edition in its Seciond week and I was immediately hooked. I still wasn’t ready to face the music. I watched for the next 4 seasons and the more I heard you tell the people on your show that before they could lose the physical weight, they had to lose the emotional weight. I started to talk about what my emotions were and who or what was effecting me. I blamed myself for the accidents and for my dad being absent in my life. There has been a lot of wrong thinking on my part and a lot of self medicating through food. I finally admitted, out loud, that I have a food addiction. I declared it everywhere I possibly could. I am still dealing with my emotional trauma, but I am better for it. I am steadily losing weight in a healthy way and my ultimate goal is to be a personal trainer. I thank you so much.

  221. Chris and Heidi…you two have encouraged me and my husband to put out fitness and health above comfort. While I’m still working on it (love being female!), my husband has met his weight goal and now is adding to the strength side. Everytime I’m at the gym or running outside, I picture Chris telling me I’m stronger than what I think and I can push through the pain to get where I want to be, back to the weight I was when I got married. Thank you both so much for the encouragements and showing that you, too, are real people like everyone else…i know i appreciate it

  222. Chris has impacted my life. I lost 95 lbs and gained half of it back. I have struggled more this time around trying to lose the weight and keep it off. I am getting closer everyday but watching his show and reading your blogs helps me to learn to love myself now, not just when I achieve my weight loss. Watching extreme weight loss is something I look forward too because his approach is more about changing your mindset and believing in yourself. I think he has effected more people than he will ever know (and you Heidi)!

  223. Heidi and Chris, you are both truly doing God’s work. I follow you both on Facebook and am inspired daily by you both. You encourage me to push in and strive to be the healthiest I can be. Chris, you deserve to cross off that million!

  224. Carb Cycling and Chris’ book have completely changed my husband’s and my life! We would completely credit our success to both Heidi and Chris’s blogs, Facebook posts, tips, diet bets, encouragement and the show! You can add us to the # of lives you’ve changed, you just didn’t know it! You guys are doing great work! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  225. Chris (and you) has inspired and made a huge impact on my life. I am obese and working on getting a healthy weight and most of all a healthy lifestyle. The shows, the books, the tweets and Instagram posts are soooo important in my daily struggle. I know it’s possible to lift yourself up an re-claim your life. I have seen it done. You guys are so inspiring, loveable and compassionate in your work to help people be theyre very best self. You don’t just help an inspire the people you meet but and not only your fellow Americans. I am a Swedish girl who’s life has been impacted by you. A while back Chris responded to one of my Tweets and it made my day (and many to come). That response ment so much to me and now has center stage on my fridge. I look at it every day and get the feeling that I can do this. It’s just one step at a time. THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing to dedicate yourselves and make the sacrifices that you do to help so many people. I love you for it! Lots and lots of hugs and love from Emma in Sweden

  226. One inspired person all the way from Slovakia… Thank you for what you are doin for all of us (even without knowin it)… THANK U!!!!

  227. Chris and Heidi, you are both so inspirational and motivating. Your posts, stories and videos really keep me going and give me the much needed to motivation to get the sneaks on and head to the gym! You seem like such lovely, genuine and happy people and I aspire to feel that happiness in my life as well! I admire how dedicated you both are. Chris get that 1 million mark crossed off, you have definitely enriched more lives that you could possibly know. Lots of love. Laura, from Scotland <3

  228. I’m not sure what number I am, but after reading Choose To Lose in October 2012 I lost 50 pounds going from 185 to 135- amazing! My whole town was inspired! I can’t tell you enough how important you are in our lives, even though we have never met. I had lost a baby at 20 weeks in 2009 and twins in 2010 and I was carrying so much emotional weight. I was heavy, having heart issues, and just not feeling well. After reading Chris’ words, so positive, and so real…I finally felt strong enough to do what I had to do and the weight just came off. My heart is doing great now, and we had a new baby girl in August!! Thank you for being exactly who you are. Thank you for exuding love and light to people who can only see darkness. You are so loved. God bless you.

  229. 1 million? Oh Powells you have helped a universe. Anyone that has ever seen or read anything about you has been effected by you. No matter for 1 lb or 1000. The shows have inspired me so much. When I posted on your facebook and you responded I was in shock. I didn’t think I deserved such awesomeness as a simple comment from such a great person. 160 down and still a few more to go. 1 pound at a time. Thank you for helping me

  230. What an amazing individual! From the very first time I watched EWL several years ago, I knew his heartfelt messages would spread far and wide. And clearly they have. Thanks for all that you do, so selflessly, Chris!! This world is better because of your actions.

  231. I would say, yes, cross off one million! Through your show and your books, Facebook, instagram, and so much more, I have definitely been inspired. I felt my first twinge of inspiration during Jacqui’s episode. I have lost almost 100 pounds overall. You deserve this!

  232. Dang Chris you need to cross that million through because whether you believe it or not, there’s more than a million lives touched by what you and your amazing wife / team do.

    I just typed Chris Powell into YouTube and found that your Extreme Weight Loss season episode with Rachel has almost 3 million views.

    Millions of us are looking to you, for your help and inspiration and you’re way beyond a million people globally now.

    Thank you x

  233. THANKYOU!!!
    You both have changed and impacted my life so much! I’ve always struggled with compulsive over eatting and carried extra weight, feeling so alone so often when no one else in your family has the same issues, although my family and friends have always supported me, it was your show and your words that showed me I’m not alone, I am strong enough and I am worth the effort. I have lost 50lbs with paleo/clean eating and Crossfit. Your daily IG posts (both of you)help keep me on track and smiling. I changed my major in school from nursing to health coach currently attending the institute for integrative nutrition) after working for 10 yrs as a medical assistant and now a CNA on the Cardiac unit of a large hospital. it breaks my heart to see so many of my patients with CHF, kidney failure, and diabetes, if someone could have helped them earlier on maybe they wouldnt be in the hospital suffering. I want to help people like me and try to change people’s lives before they get so sick and so defeated. I will change lives with you. I don’t know what number I am, but I have a feeling it’s over 1 million that you have touched and helped, if you can have such a profound effect on me, a person you have never met…. I can only imagine how much you touch those you actually get to meet!!! Amazing, that is what you are. Thank you thank you thank you . Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you guys! I live in Utah, and maybe one day I can do a Crossfit workout with Chris, Heidi, the Hacksaw and Bruce pitcher:) a girl can dream right!

    1. Hi Tammy: Since Chris can’t help each person individually, he and Heidi have made all the tools they use on the show available for all of us to use, so give them a try with your daughter! You can find their complete carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life,” and it works! Their book will teach you and her everything she needs to know to achieve her own transformation. Learn about the basics here: Your daughter can do this!

  234. Chris and Heidi have inspired us not only to live healthier lives but even more so to help people, inspire, give, encourage and love them. A wonderful positive impact for my family of 4!

  235. Go make an appointment to cross of 1,000,000!!. Because you are a true inspiration, even for people who don’t have to lose weight

  236. What a sweet video, Heidi! You both have definitely impacted my, and my husband’s, life! We look up and admire you both so much! We strive to make healthy choices everyday and to make each other better – a lot like you and Chris. Mark off that 1 MILLION! You definitely deserve it, Chris!! (P.S. We can’t wait till Extreme Weight Loss is back on TV! We miss watching it and seeing lives changed for the better!)

  237. Chris and Heidi, you both inspire me everyday. Chris, I started watching you years ago when you helped David. I was lucky enough to meet you and our picture from that day is framed in my living room. I survived an abusive relationship and am now getting married to an amazing man! I am on a weightless journey myself now, to get back to the old me from before….and you will definitly be my inspiration and direction! (Especially since its freezing outside and i need some extra motivation!!) Sweating for the wedding πŸ™‚ You rock, keep it up! Can’t wait until the show is back on!

  238. One more over here in cold Canada! And my daughter sure will benefit from it too!

    Inspirational family! Not just Chris! You too Heidi πŸ™‚

  239. Well, you can certainly count me in that number. I had been overweight my entire life, and I finally decided to lose weight at the beginning of 2013. Finding the show really put an extra fire under me to work out even when I didn’t feel like it, push harder when I didn’t think I could, and eat to fuel my body. You both are such positive forces in the world. I’ve now lost 86 pounds and am at a healthy weight for the first time in my life, but following you both on facebook continues to motivate me to work toward being a fitter, stronger, faster version of myself. My parents have also gotten hooked on the show, and I share your posts with them occasionally. My mom even asked me the other day when the new season starts. =o) Thanks to both of you for the amazing work you do.

  240. Chris and Heidi, I started my journey 3 years ago. I have had lots of struggles but thanks to you guys it has helped me to push on. I have finally found a trainer that pushes me the way you would. She has also helped with the mental struggles you talk about. I am now down 80 pounds and have 25 to go. I don’t plan on ever going back. Thanks for keeping me going because when I need help I watch one of your shows I have recorded. Thanks for being so amazing. One day I hope to meet you!!

  241. 50 lbs lost and counting thanks to Chris and Heidi and some good old fashioned work. I plan to share what I’ve learned with anyone who will listen. The ripple effect you both are causing through your actions leads me to believe you’ve already positively impacted way more than 1 million people.

  242. Hey guys;
    You can add mine and my husbands names to the growing numbers! Losing weight is a battle royal physically but more importantly mentally. I absolutely hate cardio lol and struggle big time with it and when I feel like giving up I hear both your voices in my head pushing me and for that I thank you. To date (beginning in October 2014) my husband and I have lost a combined weight of 88 lbs πŸ™‚ thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring and being an inspiration!

    Kimberlee (Newfoundland, Canada)

  243. I’ve Been watching the show since the very beginning and he has always inspired me! Just bought his book in July and am already down 33 lbs!

  244. Chris,
    Your show and social media pages are a constant motivation to get up and get moving! Your posts on Instagram of your wod are inspiring.
    What a beautiful video! You and your husband are so loved! I wish you both many years of love and happiness!

  245. 5 years ago, I lost 45 pounds and kept it off. I watch Chris’s show because the transformations inspire me to keep making positive health lifestyle changes in my life. I love Chris for his compassion and his kindness for his clients. I cry every episode. Chris is a beautiful human being inside and out.

  246. Still learning how to carb cycle, workout, and live a hecktic army family lifestyle. But I have definitely been inspired by Chris Powell to lose 150 lbs. and enjoy life with my soldier/husband and my children that much more.

  247. Chris and Heidi Powell you have both inspired me to live a healthy life style for not only my self but for my whole family!

  248. Both of you guys have inspired me to be a better person in so many ways. After losing my first baby, I was devestated and so hurt in so many ways, but I watched the show and read your blog, and aspired to be as strong as you guys, and to see the kind words you have said to others, it gave me strength to keep going and be the best I can be. You guys have truly inspired me πŸ™‚

  249. You two inspire me on a daily basis. I strive everyday to be more like you guys in the fact of helping others change. You have truly helped me. I am one of those numbers.

  250. I don’t write on blog boards.. But I feel that this is an exception. I am not obese but skinny fat I guess. Your show has inspired me to take the most action I have this year in getting fit.. I always stop working out but 2013 was the first year where I always got back to the gym, even if it was a few days or weeks away from my last workout (ok even two months). Your show puts me into a good mood and it isn’t cheesy like these other makeover shows. So you have helped me by being the weekly reminder. Your show gives me endorphins and always motivates me to want to work out. Thank you for sharing your lives with us

    1. FYI I went from racquetball to weight machines to starting strength/free weight training. I got married last month and had to stop a few months ago, but I will begin again this week. Thank you!

  251. Heidi, that video was absolutely beautiful!! You BOTH are amazing, I started watching EWL about 2 years ago, I had just started my own weight loss journey. I’m down over 35 pounds and continuing to work on myself. I’ve tried it all, from crazy workout routines, to pills, and now I’m going to FINISH my journey using the tools you and Chris have given us through Choose More, Lose More for Life. I wish I could attach photos, you would see the tons of highlights and notes in my kindle as I read this book. You would see the meal plans that I work off of and have altered to fit the carb cycle program. You would see my very colorful planner marking my 9 minute meltdowns and shredders during the day. My MILLIONS of notes that I take during my workouts, my reflection on those same workouts and ideas on how to improve. I am currently enrolled to become certified as a trainer, AND a sports and diet nutritionist – All because of Chris and you. My ultimate goal would to become like you and Chris, meaning.. I’d LOVE to partner up with my hubby and help those who need it.. one pound at a time! Count me in towards is one million!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CHRIS!!!

  252. One million? How about more than that? Of course, it is impossible to have a personal relationship with each individual whom life you touched and changed….But look at it as a butterfly effect. Every person touched by you, who committed to being healthier and happier through weight loss, fitness, or just by being a better person every day….This is huge! You are known world wide. I live in France, and a lot of people her know you and love you guys….I became a fitness and zumba instructor years ago, and you were definitely part of my inspiration to do do. So, I think the most appropriate tattoo for you is not a number, but the infinity symbol. Thank you.

  253. First off, I just have to say how amazing you both are! The two of you have inspired me more than words can describe. I have struggled with my weight forever. I bought Chris’ book and started the turbo cycle in July after many crash diets. I started at 155 in July and hit 135 (the smallest I have been in my adult life) in December. For the first time in my life I didn’t gain weight during the holidays. My only regret is not starting sooner. After my son was born in June 2011, I was 241 lbs. I am now pregnant with our third child and I’m finally not afraid of food anymore. Whether it be through social media, your blog, or your amazing tv show, you have impacted so many of us! Thank you so very much! You two (and your gorgeous family) are beyond amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

  254. My husband and I watch the show and every season we are inspired to keep trying. Whether baby steps or grand leaps, each one has been because of the impact from the show. You can definitely count two more off! Chris and Heidi, Thank you for our constant inspiration and motivation! (I have completed 3 half marathons and working toward my first full!)

  255. Chris and Heidi, you made a difference in my life! I am currently on my weight loss journey. I am down 100 lbs and working on the last 80. I was inspired by your EWL program. Thank you for everything you do for us!

  256. You guys are way above and beyond 1 million! Between the tv show showing that everyone can do it eventhough you will face struggles along the way to the facebook pages having achievable daily goals like water intake to help keep someone on track! And diet bet helping create a community feel so no one feels alone in the struggle! Chris more than deserves to cross off 1 million!

  257. Chris… in the last two years I have gone from 296 pounds with no hope, to being a wellness coach and cardiac fitness instructor and kicking a 39 year pepsi addiction because you cared enough about a 600 pound man to teach him to do what he COULD do and the rest will come. I remember seeing you help that man stand up and sit down from the couch years ago because that is about all he could manage. That image lived in the back of my head until I was ready to change my life. It was my inspiration on the days my head got in my way. I can’t do everything yet but I CAN do SOMETHING. Thank you for your gift to the world and mark off that 1 Million… but add 10 million and maybe 100 million because you aren’t done yet!

  258. Even though I’ve never met u I feel u n Heidi have been there on the short time I’ve started the journey. You are both amazing people who dedicate their lives n time to others.I love u both very much n hope to one day meet u to thank you on person

  259. My husband and I live near Vancouver Canada and we watch the show faithfully. The things that both you and Chris do for other people is inspiring. It offers us hope and the inspiration to make changes in our own lives. I so appreciate your honesty and commitment to your family and to the world. Please count our family of 5 among those blessed by what you both are doing!

  260. Chris (and Heidi) have impacted my life and inspired me to get healthy again! I’ve lost weight before but regained it all plus. When I found the show and pages Chris and Heidi have inspired me everyday to try harder, do more and lose weight! You both have such a loving and kind way about you and huge hearts!!

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