One Million Lives

I think I am more excited about this post than I have been of any in quite awhile. To be honest (and maybe TMI), things have been a little rocky over here for the Powell Pack. We have let the busyness of life get in the way of so much?most importantly our relationship. And we both notice it. I came across this gem of a video from two years ago at the perfect time. It reminds me of all the amazingness my husband is. It reminds me of his vision, his passion, his love, his compassion, and his contagious attitude. It reminds me why I am so lucky to call him mine.

This video was a surprise from me to Chris at a party we threw in 2012. Little did Chris know, I had a tattoo artist there ready to help him cross off some of his Roman numerals. Watch the video to see what I am talking about?

To date, Chris has crossed off only through 100,000. While I personally feel he has made a much bigger impact than this, I must know in the comments below who feels Chris deserves to cross off the 1,000,000, signifying One Million Lives positively impacted. Chris refuses to cross of the million until he has proof?let?s prove it to him!

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  1. Still learning how to carb cycle, workout, and live a hecktic army family lifestyle. But I have definitely been inspired by Chris Powell to lose 150 lbs. and enjoy life with my soldier/husband and my children that much more.

  2. Chris and Heidi Powell you have both inspired me to live a healthy life style for not only my self but for my whole family!

  3. Both of you guys have inspired me to be a better person in so many ways. After losing my first baby, I was devestated and so hurt in so many ways, but I watched the show and read your blog, and aspired to be as strong as you guys, and to see the kind words you have said to others, it gave me strength to keep going and be the best I can be. You guys have truly inspired me 🙂

  4. You two inspire me on a daily basis. I strive everyday to be more like you guys in the fact of helping others change. You have truly helped me. I am one of those numbers.

  5. I don’t write on blog boards.. But I feel that this is an exception. I am not obese but skinny fat I guess. Your show has inspired me to take the most action I have this year in getting fit.. I always stop working out but 2013 was the first year where I always got back to the gym, even if it was a few days or weeks away from my last workout (ok even two months). Your show puts me into a good mood and it isn’t cheesy like these other makeover shows. So you have helped me by being the weekly reminder. Your show gives me endorphins and always motivates me to want to work out. Thank you for sharing your lives with us

    1. FYI I went from racquetball to weight machines to starting strength/free weight training. I got married last month and had to stop a few months ago, but I will begin again this week. Thank you!

  6. Heidi, that video was absolutely beautiful!! You BOTH are amazing, I started watching EWL about 2 years ago, I had just started my own weight loss journey. I’m down over 35 pounds and continuing to work on myself. I’ve tried it all, from crazy workout routines, to pills, and now I’m going to FINISH my journey using the tools you and Chris have given us through Choose More, Lose More for Life. I wish I could attach photos, you would see the tons of highlights and notes in my kindle as I read this book. You would see the meal plans that I work off of and have altered to fit the carb cycle program. You would see my very colorful planner marking my 9 minute meltdowns and shredders during the day. My MILLIONS of notes that I take during my workouts, my reflection on those same workouts and ideas on how to improve. I am currently enrolled to become certified as a trainer, AND a sports and diet nutritionist – All because of Chris and you. My ultimate goal would to become like you and Chris, meaning.. I’d LOVE to partner up with my hubby and help those who need it.. one pound at a time! Count me in towards is one million!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CHRIS!!!

  7. One million? How about more than that? Of course, it is impossible to have a personal relationship with each individual whom life you touched and changed….But look at it as a butterfly effect. Every person touched by you, who committed to being healthier and happier through weight loss, fitness, or just by being a better person every day….This is huge! You are known world wide. I live in France, and a lot of people her know you and love you guys….I became a fitness and zumba instructor years ago, and you were definitely part of my inspiration to do do. So, I think the most appropriate tattoo for you is not a number, but the infinity symbol. Thank you.

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