BLOG TAKEOVER: Happy Birthday, Mom!


You’ve been HACKED! Heidi inspires millions of people across the world every single day, but the greatest impact she has is on her children! These 4 love and adore her so much and wanted to wish their mom a Happy, Happy (early) Birthday!

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  1. Just a question for you. I started your diet on Monday and am loving it, but I’m getting really bad cramps in my feet and legs at night since I started it. They have been getting progressively worse each night. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, eating bananas for the potassium and taking magnesium supplements. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Are you also working out/more active during the day? That could be part of it. And make sure you’re stretching throughout the day, and that might help too. It’s really hard to tell – if it continues, you might want talk to your healthcare team about it. So happy you’re liking carb cycling!

  2. Okay, I’m commenting…you sly little devils ??. Janey, Lisa, Taylor…I know all 3 of you were behind this, and i love you for it. I was already a little beatdown and weak after the massage Chris surprised me with…then terrified of what I would find when you told me my blog got hacked! So needless to say, tears started flowing when I opened this. Love you all…I am so lucky for such an incredible team and such perfect(ly imperfect) kiddos. Thank you guys…I don’t deserve you all!

  3. Happy birthday! You and your family are such amazing role models and I hope you have a wonderful celebration! I’m sure you’re a busy woman but if you ever get a chance I’d love some personal advice on health and help.


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