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Guys, I am SO blown away with all of the sweet comments regarding Rachel’s and my finale outfits on Tuesday! I appreciate all the love so much. For those of you who wanted more info on our looks, you can find Rachel’s dress here, my shoes here, and a dress similar to mine here (unfortunately, the original is no longer in stock!). Happy shopping!




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  1. Thanks to you both, I started my own journey four years ago by myself. I had no one to push me, encourage me, or just acknowledge what I was doing, which in someway I really don’t need confirmation, but I can see a change in me, my way of seeing myself, my attitude towards life and my interactions with just strangers, and the biggest change I’ve seen in the last maybe four months, I’ve manage to get my husband and my youngest son go walking, jogging and even running with me. I actually get out and walk five to six miles a day so they’ve gone for walking and jogging. But the most amazing thing is Heidi/Chris is that my daughter and her 3 young babies have also join me in my daily walks. Turns out for someone that started a journey alone have now gotten my family involve. Its amazing how watching your show and silently putting your inspiration lights on me has gotten amazing results, my weight loss journey is getting there I just need to learn how to eat healthier. I just want to thank you for being loving and understanding of others struggles you two are amazing…..

    1. Hi Lupe: This is amazing! You’ve not only done amazing things for yourself, but for your whole family too!

  2. I was watching your show last week and I felt like I was watching me. I have 40 lbs. to lose. I love watching your show, because you and Chris are truly angels helping people be successful. I wish someone could show me how to eat correctly, how to prepare my meals and learn how to exercise correctly. I have no self esteem and it amazes me that in the work environment I have self esteem, but in my personal life I have none. I know it stems form my childhood and the way I was treated. Our parents are suppose to protect you, but my father was very abusive, I turn to food, because in my mind that is what I can control, but the reality is I am ruining my life with food and not living the healthy lifestyle. I recently purchased a treadmill that was delivered Friday. I know you received thousands of emails like mine, but I really need your help. Even if you call me that would be great. I do not know were to turn? I hope I win your beverages. Please I need you help.

    1. Hi Debby: Thank you for posting, and congrats on your new treadmill! That’s a great tool to have as you begin your transformation journey. I’m so sorry, but Chris and Heidi aren’t taking on clients right now, so they’ve made all the tools they use on the show available for all of us to use to achieve our transformation goals. You can find everything you need to know and do in this post: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Choose a carb cycle, make that first promise, and you’re on your way! You can do this!

  3. Hey Heidi! I loved this episode, but I love them all. I had a question for you and Chris!! 🙂 I see you guys used Studio B for the people on EWL, and you and Chris have also used them too. I have always thought about the idea of getting my teeth fixed–but was wondering if you guys could maybe do a blog or video on what it was like. Or even Before and Afters? Both of your smiles look so beautiful, AND natural, I am just curious what the process is like to go through what you guys did. Thank you !!!

  4. Just wanted to say how amazing you and Chris are! I watch the show every week. I really want to try your shakes but wish they were not so pricey. My family lives on a tight budget. Anyways amazing show

    1. Brittney – Budgets don’t have to stop you from succeeding. Shakes are a nice, quick and convenient way to assist in a journey. Sometimes, when I find I can’t afford something, I make my own using ingredients I can buy at the store. It may not be as useful as the real thing, but don’t forget, Chris has helped poeple who were almost homeless and jobless. Can’t afford the gym? Use everyday household items to lift weights and tone.

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