EWL: Our Cheerleader, Rachel!

Although it may have looked like Chris and Rachel spent most of their interactions one-on-one, I was actually lucky enough to get lots of time behind the scenes with this amazing woman! As a former cheerleader myself who also suffered from an eating disorder, it was incredible to watch as Rachel took charge of her own life and battled her deep rooted body dysmorphia as well as an eating disorder she didn’t even realize she had. She had to quit a decades old food addiction to complete her transformation, and however hard it may have been for her, she didn’t quit and made the transformation of a lifetime. I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her and all she accomplished this year! Check out the video below to find out what the hardest part of her transformation was… and you might just catch a hilarious impression of Chris and me too!

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  1. I am a mother of 3 girls, Nicole she’s 19@ pretty much has all done 4 her. She usually has for example, my 2n. Daughter Alison to do all 4 her. She’s 15@ wonts to be a doctor. Then Jenny what could I say, she’s 11@ has ocd @ anxiety problems. Then my 52 yr old husband Charlie. @ me I’m 49. Him like me is over weight. I weigh 245-255. I love your show and wish I could have u help at least me. Right now I am on disability 4 back @neck problems. It’s so hard to get moving or motivated. Could u help me. Please!!!!!!! Thank you for your support of the show @ u.

    1. Hi Patricia: Thank you for your comment! You can begin your own transformation journey today with the same program Chris and Heidi use on the show, and you can learn about their carb cycling program here: https://heidipowell.net/9060. And be sure and follow all the links within the post too, and run this program by your healthcare team first in case they need to make any modifications. You can do this!

  2. Awesome job Rachel! unfortunetly my TV cut out so I didn’t get to see how you overcame your past….but as a Catholic…I kept being so sad at the shame you put on yourself. God never meant for his daughter to be like that. I wanted to scream…go to confession and then let it go. Forgive yourself…cause God has. I hope you were able to do that and I pray that you find someone who truly appreciates you as you are!

  3. This episode hit home for me!! I struggle big time with a food addiction and not feeling like I’m good enough because of past relationships. I have such a long journey ahead of me but watching this show truly inspires me!! Thank you Rachel for being an inspiration!

  4. Wonderful story and transformation. Very inspiring to see . Hope you continue your progress and to be an inspiration to others !! Definitely need more women like you.

  5. Amazing to watch the transformation- really hit home and has really stuck with me. Rachel said that she used tools to manage her food addiction- are these something you can share?

  6. Idk why but that brought tears to my eyes in a happy way!! God bless and i hope my journey is just as successful as yours was! Lots of love from the Big Easy!! Thank you for your story!!

  7. I really enjoyed watching Rachel’s transformation last night! I struggle with a lot of the same issues that she did. It was especially inspiring to see that she fell off the wagon quite a few times – but still found her way to her goal. That whole ‘Strive for progress, not perfection’ thing. Wishing her the best!!

    A quick question for me… I’ve been trying to do a self-transformation for over 18 months with practically 0 success. (As in I’ve lost a total of 4 lbs in 18 months trying a variety of different plans, trainers, and coaches.) I’m starting to read up on carb cycling to give it a try – Chris’s book should be here in a couple days. In the meantime I’m researching online. Several sites have said that carb cycling is geared towards those with less than 10% of their body weight to lose. Is that true? Or will it work for someone with approx 30% of their body weight to lose as well?

    1. Hi Janet: Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program can work no matter how many pounds you want to lose, and you can even follow the program for life once you reach your goals. Good luck!

  8. Awesome to witness your transformation. Your smile is infectious. I found my own Chris Powell and she kicks my ass every morning at 5am. Continued success in your life!!!!

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