EWL’s Jackie: A Journey Toward Self-Love and Forgiveness

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Throughout the last 5 seasons of EWL, I find myself often talking about?how our peeps impact?our lives much more than we feel like we could possibly impact theirs. This statement is most certainly true with Jackie. Quite possibly even more so with her than with most. We say it over and over again…Chris and I are human. We too struggle like any other individuals trying to make it through their own journey of life, and I’ve gotta’ say that much of what Jackie struggled with over her year surely hit home with us. Watching her progress through the months, battle her demons, let go of hard feelings, and grapple with true?and?authentic?forgiveness was incredibly powerful. Not only was it such an honor to be a part of, but it was humbling to see first-hand how Christlike a woman could truly be. ?Not only did Jackie forgive for the unthinkable, but she did so with such grace, and it was through this personal transformation that she was able to change?her life from the inside out.

Our time together left an everlasting imprint on both my and Chris’ hearts, and we are SO grateful for the year we got to spend with this remarkable woman.

Can’t get enough of Jackie?? Neither can we!?Check out the video below to find out what the hardest part of her?year was, what her favorite healthy snack is, and to get yet another amazing impression of Chris and me! Gotta’ love it!

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9 Responses

  1. to Heidi&chris powell hi my name is kim sansone and I want to thank you for being my inspiration I went from 130 lbs to 108 lbs so thanks for being my inspiration sincerlykimsansone

    1. Hi Kim: This is amazing – congratulations! And thank you so much for sharing your awesome transformation news with us! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love every single episode of EWL, but Jackie’s story has just haunted me in such an intense way and Heidi’s comments about her journey echoed my feelings that I just haven’t been able to put into words. Since watching her episode I have not been able to turn it off in my mind. I’m so hurt for Hunter and so angry for Jackie and honestly was frustrated that God could let a moment of Shauna’s weakness forever change the trajectory of this precious little boys life forever. I have a 3 year old and 13 month old and when I look at them I feel all that all over again. Jackie’s strength and courage and her tremendous grace esp after learning Hunter thought somehow it was his fault showed me characteristics I want to develop in myself. Compassion, strength, wisdom, love, forgiveness, patience. She is amazing. God bless that family and the Powells. This show brings awareness to a lot more than just weight loss and I am forever grateful.

  3. Heidi, Thank you for commenting on Jackie’s transformation! I watched her, and although ALL the EWL transformations touch me, Jackie’s TOUCHED me in a profound way, and I can’t stop thinking about her, and you and Chris, and your impact in her life. Jackie was courageous. You and Chris were supportive. Amy jumped on board with her own story of overcoming. Team effort! You and Chris both believed in her, and together, you all achieved amazing transformation for many people. The ripple effect for this transformation is huge–Jackie’s own family of origin of 6 kids, her own nuclear family of 4, the nanny’s family and children, and so many more people. Tell Chris to get ready to cross off another number on his tattoo. This transformation may not have been the most powerful, physically. But mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, this one tops the charts in terms of the ripples. Thank you for this ministry of love and healing. I’m so touched by Jackie’s journey of forgiveness, and your impact on her life. P.S. I am an adoptive mom of two amazing kids who were damaged by their moms’ in-utero drug abuse, and I know the anger that suddenly wells up and the feelings of rage at people damaging a beautiful child. It is powerful, like a hurricane. But it doesn’t have to destroy you, if you have people like you and Chris supporting you. xoxox

  4. I just can’t get enough of this show! Awesome job, Jackie! And Heidi, that pink and black dress: to die for! Always looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes! Jackie, you are an amazing woman! I’m so proud of you for facing those difficult challenges! What a woman!! You showed you kids what true forgiveness looks like and the entire world.
    Chris and Heidi keep doing what you do because it is definitely your gift. I am so inspired by you guys! I would so love to meet you guys.
    For His kingdom

  6. Hi Heidi I cry every time I see the show wishing it was me there you and ur husband are such great souls I would give anything to have your help and change my life forever I weight 340 pound I’m on disability for my back I’d give tht up to have my dream of being Healthy I watch my kids take after me in so many way and I don’t want them to be unhealthy like me I’ve been molested by family members and I be been married 20 years witch I’m working on my husband had an affair for almost 2 years my life sucks other than my children they keep me going and God helps me every day I’m so tired thank u so much if u read this and God bless you both for the things you guys do to change others life’s

  7. Awesome story would really like to meet and do the extreme weight loss with Heidi and Chris they seem really good and honest

  8. Thank you for helping Jackie. I could so relate to her story and am working in the same issues of finding forgiveness for those that hurt my daughter through abuse. It’s the hardest road and I too have hidden behind my fat so I don’t have to get close to people. I need to make and keep those promises to myself and move forward. Watching this show was so inspirational. I need to find the same courage that Jackie found. Thank you and have a blessed day!!

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