Protein Carrot Cake Bars

Protein Carrot Cake Bars  - Get the recipe at

Thanks to my amazing sister-in-law for finding and sharing this no sugar added, protein carrot cake recipe with me! Yes, you are understanding correctly – you CAN eat carrot cake on your diet…you’re welcome ;). Now get baking!

Protein Carrot Cake Bars
Makes 16 bars

What you’ll need:

Protein Carrot Cake Bars  - Get the recipe at cup oat flour
2 scoops vanilla whey protein
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp allspice
1/8 tsp nutmeg
4 egg whites
3/4 cup Stevia
8 oz baby food carrots
4 oz water

How to make them:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, whey protein, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, baking soda and salt.
3. In a separate bowl, mix egg whites, Stevia, baby food carrots and water.
4. Pour the egg/carrot mixture into the dry ingredients and mix together well.
5. Lightly grease a 9×9 baking dish with non-stick butter spray and add mixture, spreading evenly.
6. Bake 20-30 minutes until done. Enjoy!

What’s in them:

Each bar has 47 calories, .75g fat, 5g carbs and 5g of protein.



  1. ALE - October 29, 2015

    Hi, when I prepare cakes I use protein powder, I wonder…how long can a protein cake last for?? hope u can help me….thanks

    • Team Powell - October 29, 2015

      Hi Ale: That’s a great question, and I’m so sorry, but I don’t have the answer. 🙁

  2. kristin - September 7, 2015

    If anyone once to know this looks like a Jamie Eason recipe to me. Also a great role model and fitness model.

  3. Dawn - October 6, 2014

    How much fiber?

    • Team Powell - October 7, 2014

      Without the protein powder, it’s .88 g/bar. Since each protein powder can be different, you’ll have to figure the complete fiber count using the nutritional info for your particular protein powder.

  4. faith - September 28, 2014

    can u use equal or sweet n low cuz i can never find stevia anywhere

    • Jenifer - September 29, 2014

      Splenda works better for baking if you are using artificial sweetener. The others loose some sweetness.

  5. Joleen - September 28, 2014

    I made these today! A-MAZING!
    I used the Vanilla bode shake powder and only had brown rice flour. They tasted fantastic!

  6. danielle l. - September 27, 2014

    i thought this recipe looked awfully familiar, and I don’t want to step on any toes, but if credit should be given to someone it might also need to be Jamie Eason (Middleton) as I am pretty sure this is her recipe. the website address for it is

    • Team Powell - September 28, 2014

      Hi Danielle! This recipe was shared with Heidi, and she loved it so much, she wanted to share it with everyone. She didn’t have the original source, so that’s why the post says the recipe was shared with her. She would never want to take credit for something that’s not her own creation! Thank you 🙂

  7. Paula - September 27, 2014

    Can this count as a breakfast meal or snack? Or is it just for the extra calorie day?

  8. Kayla - June 12, 2014

    What’s the best way to make these gluten free?

    • Loialson - September 27, 2014

      Buy gluten free oats, blend them in a high speed blender (ala BlendTec pr Vitamix, or someother way to blend oats up into flour), make sure your protein of choice is GF, and then you should be good to go!

    • Sandy - September 27, 2014

      UUse gluten free flour.

  9. Lynda Hickey - April 1, 2014

    These deserts look Amazing!! I usually pass on the desert but these I may try !!!
    Anyone with a sweet tooth should be VERY happy!!!
    Thank you!!

  10. Pamela Carneal - March 19, 2014


    1 cup brown rice flour (almond or coconut would likely work well too)
    1/4 cup tapioca flour (arrowroot works too)
    2 scoops protein powder (I used a Chai protein powder, but I think any flavor would work. If using unflavored/unsweetened protein powder, I’d add cocoa powder & more sweetener (raw honey might be nice)
    3/4 teaspoon baking soda
    1/4 teaspoon sea salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
    1/2 teaspoon cloves
    1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg (or allspice wors too)
    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/8 cup whole chia seeds (you can use a mix of ground flax seeds & whole chia too)
    3/4 cup chai tea (or use cinnamon stick, any spice type tea would work)
    1/2 cup melted/softened coconut oil (MCT oil works too)
    1/4 cup birch Xylitol (or stevia)
    1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
    1/2 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

    Preheat oven 350 degrees

    Grease muffin or mini muffin tin with some coconut oil or line with paper cups.
    Mix rice flour, tapioca flour, protein powder, baking soda, salt, and spices.

    Steep tea bag for 5 min in hot water. Put tea, chia seeds, coconut oil, xylitol, vinegar, and vanilla in a blender. Blend until mixed together 30 secs max (do not let it sit or chia will gel and this mixture will be very thick).

    Add blender ingredients to dry ingredients and mix well together. Don’t over mix. Pour into prepared muffin tins.

    Bake 25 min.

    Yields 6 muffins or 12 mini muffins.

    These are great with or without frosting!


    Scoop out the solids from 1 can of full fat coconut milk that’s been refrigerated ( apprx 1 cup or so?)
    Add a few drops chocolate Sweetleaf (vanilla or other flavor would work too)
    1 Tbl unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 Tbls arrowroot

    Whip with immersion blender and frost ‘cooled’ muffins. Decorate with cacao nibs or sugar free chocolate chips if desired. Refrigerate in covered container.

  11. Karine - March 19, 2014

    Hi!thancks to share all of this!!sorry for my english im à french canadien from Québec 🙂 i have à question…If i dont train hard as you can and take protein powder toi?

  12. Nikki - March 19, 2014

    Thanks Heidi – I can’t wait to try these!

  13. Carol - February 8, 2014

    My tweaked version in the oven right now.
    Used 10 oz of Sweet Potatoes instead of Carrots
    1/2 cup of Stevia instead of 3/4 cup cause it was to sweet last time and increased the oat flour 1-1/4 cup because of the extra baby food. YUMMY

  14. KAREN - November 19, 2013

    These are soooo good and simple to make. Satisfies the treat need in me!

  15. Hannelore - October 22, 2013

    Asking questions are truly pleasant thing if you are not understanding something fully,
    but this post presents good understanding yet.

  16. Nancy G. Slinde - October 2, 2013

    Any recipe ideas for post menopausal woman recovering from breast cancer surgery to help remove weight but easy to pack for meals(work 2different shifts during the month)?? Also have meat and potatoes husband….

  17. Laurie - August 9, 2013

    Thanks for the great recipes! How do you stop from eating the entire pan?!

  18. Eve devost bachand - August 9, 2013

    Encore une fois une merveilleuse recette! Ma fille et mon conjoint ont la dent sucré et cette recette est magique! Ils ne me demandent plus de gateau de l’épicerie! Yayyy Petit à petit nous allons y arriver! Merci Heidi!

  19. lola m malone - August 9, 2013

    great for after school thanks

  20. Carrie - August 8, 2013

    I have not had baby food as an adult..recipe sounds good, but feel scared to try baby food..

  21. Michelle Cordero - August 8, 2013

    I need to get some protein powder!

  22. Erin Upchurch - August 8, 2013

    Oh my gosh! These look delish!

  23. Michal Nejeschleba - August 8, 2013

    This looks really healthy and tasty! Yummmmmm

  24. SilviaSVK - August 8, 2013

    I will try to bake a cake from (Soya) protein tomorrow for my first time, I will post my result on fb later 😛 thnx for inspiration.

  25. Rochelle - August 8, 2013

    Love this! Going to use this recipe for the upcoming holidays this fall/winter 🙂

  26. E.S. Rios - August 8, 2013

    Has anyone made these? They look dry so I’m hesitant to try them. Some candid opinions would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Lauren LaFleur - August 8, 2013

    These sound so yummy, and I’m thinking they’ll be perfect when the weather cools off a little. (I’m thinking I may try them for breakfast. 🙂 )

  28. Kristi - August 8, 2013

    Sounds yummy! I pinned it on Pinterest. My 4 year old daughter has a new found love for carrot cake, so this recipe will be a healthy steer in the right direction!!

  29. Anna Stocker - August 8, 2013

    Carrot cake is my absolute favorite treat; I still have yet to find a good Gluten Free recipe… I may have to give this one a try!:)

  30. Carrie - August 7, 2013

    I was told you cannot heat whey protein or it breaks down and becomes useless. Can you confirm? All research I have done points to this as being factual.

  31. Marla Geary - July 30, 2013

    I love you so much Miss Heidi! I am making these tonight 🙂 Thank goodness for babies, I have tons of baby carrot food 🙂

  32. Monica Goodwin - July 16, 2013

    Sounds like a yummy recipe to try!

  33. rodney - July 16, 2013

    I will for sure try these out, extra protein in a carrot cake bar…awesome!! Thanks and keep the ideas coming!!

  34. Stefanie - July 11, 2013

    Hey Heidi — super excited to try this recipe but wanted to make sure and fit it into the right place — would this count as a protein at a meal?

  35. Chrissy Bruso - July 8, 2013

    I love this recipe! Thank you, Heidi!!! I also organic raisins in there, substituted baking powder for baking soda (didn’t have soda), used almond flour instead of oat flour (didn’t have oat), used truvia instead of straight stevia (only had packets of stevia, had pourable truvia – easier), and used Shaklee (soy) protein instead of whey protein. I puréed baby carrots in the blender, and voila! It was awesome; hubby loved it too. Since he’s a die hard carrot cake fan, we are trying to figure out a yummy, healthy topping for this that somehow mimics cream cheese :). Any ideas? Thank you again!!

  36. Amy Abbott - June 26, 2013

    Hi Heidi! This looks so good. . . have you tried it with fresh carrots? I was wondering if freshly grated carrots throw of the consistency or if I should cook & puree them first? Thank you for a GREAT website!!

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      Another reader pureed them and said it was great. 🙂

  37. Kathy Madison - June 25, 2013

    This cake was awesome and my husband loved it. I made a change and used fresh pureed carrots. Got to say if I make it again, I think I will opt for raw sugar for an additional 15 calories a bar than the after taste of the stevia. Other than that, awesome recipe. Made it for all my husbands client for a snack after training. Thanks for the recipe.

  38. Nicole - June 24, 2013

    This looks like a great recipe. I would love to try it. I recently bought Chris’ new book, and have started carb cycling. Can I have these on a high carb day as a snack? If so, what would you pair it with, or just have the bar itself? Or is this best left for a reward day?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      It’s best for a reward day but you could have them on high carb day as your morning snack. Enjoy!

  39. Nicole - June 21, 2013

    Are the carrots shredded?

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      They’re more than shredded, they’re baby food carrots. 🙂

  40. carole dardin - June 21, 2013

    can u use xylitol and if so the same amt as stevia? please reply i would like to try this recipe..when would we be able to eat this on chris carb cycle diet? thnx

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      The Zylitol package will let you know the measurement changes (if any) but typically it’s the same. You can enjoy this recipe on your reward days. 🙂

  41. Ida Brewer - June 21, 2013

    I love your family. So inspirational. I have tries so many differrnt ways to lose weight and none have really worked. Seems like my body likes being in the 190s. Grrr.. but through exercise and diet changes I have been able to get off meds and been off for almost a year now. While the scale hasnt changed I am replacing fat with muscle. I just finished reading Chris’ s book Choose to Lose and am ready to start on Monday.

    You both are so motivating. Thank u

  42. lisa - June 19, 2013

    wouldn’t state vary according to the brand of protein used?

  43. Danimal - June 19, 2013

    This recipe looks amazing! How long do they keep for once prepared?

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      They don’t keep for long… because everyone will eat them. 🙂 But you can freeze them if you’d like to make them last longer than a day or two.

  44. Felicia - June 19, 2013

    I was wondering if this would work with plain carrots?

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      Another reader mentioned that they pureed fresh carrots and it worked like a charm. 🙂

  45. Alicia - June 19, 2013

    I’m not a big fan of carrots in baking. Do you think that I could use zucchini instead?

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      Oh yummy idea! I believe you could! Let us know how they turn out. 🙂

  46. Danny - June 19, 2013

    Looks awesome ! Thanks for recipe ! I hope that more people will comment 😀 ! Thanks for your posts ! 😀

  47. Mandy - June 19, 2013

    Where do you get oat flour? Thanks!

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      Most supermarkets carry it these days. Check in the health food section.

  48. JC - June 19, 2013

    Can these be enjoyed on a HC day? if so, how?

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      They’re better for a reward day if you’re Carb Cycling but they’re great for the rest of the family on any day. 🙂

  49. Jennifer Mangum - June 19, 2013

    Did I read this right 75 G of Fat in the carrot cake protein bars? that equals to 20 weight watcher points for one bar

    • Admin1 - June 28, 2013

      .75 grams 🙂 as in 3/4 of a gram. 75 grams of fat would never make it in my recipe box. 🙂

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