Extreme Weight Loss: Johnjay and Rich Edition

These boys, I tell ya’. Put them together and you never know what you’re gonna’ get! They’re up to no good again…just going around making fun of themselves. 😉

This Extreme Weight Loss spoof is hilarious. Thanks for making us all laugh, boys!



  1. Dena Beckett - June 28, 2014

    Need this on a daily basis. .lol

  2. Tracee Gluhaich - June 25, 2014

    Too funny!!!! ” Does it hurt when I poop? Yes!” That’s why we needs carbs! Love that Chris can be funny!

  3. Debbie - June 21, 2014

    Oh I have the real thing. Come on …..ride your bike over to us. Over here in Peoria. I hafe the Dutchman here that for real thinks that way lol

  4. Angie K - June 20, 2014

    JJ&R are hilarious! My favorite radio show! Add you to the mix, and it’s EPIC! Love the vein GPS!

  5. Cami - June 20, 2014

    Hahahah Richard! “That’s 15 seconds right there…look it up!” Hahaha!

  6. arlene - June 20, 2014

    They are so funny! I listen to their radio show everyday! hahahhaha

  7. Melissa Smit - June 20, 2014

    My son, James, 6-years old, thought that the part about getting your “fit ON or your fit OFF” part was funny. When Chris said, ” what does that even MEAN?” Was when he busted out laughing!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Melissa and James

  8. shannon Hakes - June 20, 2014

    So funny. Rich works out in my OTF class sometimes… He kicks butt. Chris- We love you and Heidi!

  9. Loni - June 20, 2014

    This was SO funny!!!!! I’m sad it was over!!!! 🙁 lol

  10. Melodie H. - June 20, 2014

    That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Monica - June 20, 2014

    Oooh I just love this spoof!! Hilarious! Love the way Chris shows up outta nowhere then disappears.

  12. Kellie B. - June 20, 2014

    HAHAHAHA! Too funny! Thanks so sharing! 🙂 Love you guys!

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