What an AMAZING, emotionally charged year it was with sweet Cassie!! This pretty lady overcame SO many personal obstacles and self-esteem issues during her transformation year, and it was such a privilege to watch her conquer them all! Her transformation – both physically and emotionally – was just remarkable, and I am so beyond proud!

After one of our most emotional episodes yet, we just had to share what’s new in Cassie’s life, and she was kind enough to update us on where she is now AND on her awesome EWL transformation in this amazing, amazing, video! Thanks so much for sharing, Cassie! Enjoy, everyone!!

I just had to include some behind the scenes pictures of our journey with Cassie, and I love looking back and seeing her gradual transformation from picture to picture! I think the progress she made is not only evident in the way she looks physically, but in her countenance as well. And I can see that light in her get brighter as the weeks progressed and as true happiness came back to her after she worked through the personal, private struggles she talks about in the video. I always say you can’t just work on the outside, you HAVE to work on the inside or the transformation won’t stick! You can clearly see from Cassie’s enthusiasm and determination that she has fully grasped this concept because she puts in a noticeable effort to work on herself daily from the inside out.

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  1. SK - August 6, 2014

    Which carb cycling group is it on facebook? I see a number of them. Anyone know the specific one?
    I bought the carb cycling book a few weeks ago but have been too busy to read it. This was a great episode – definitely need to make time to read the book.

  2. Anthea - August 6, 2014

    She looks so awesome. I’m actually on weight loss diet, it inspired me 😀

  3. Rosa Santillan - July 31, 2014

    Congratulation and welcome ti u r new beutiful helty life….

  4. carol - July 31, 2014

    This episode with Cassie meant the world to me. It touched me down deep in my heart. I have over 100 pounds to lose and have not been able to get my head on straight to focus on food choices. I am a compulsive overeater, binging and right now am limited as far as exercise. I had shoulder surgery and also have arthritis in my knees. I have been very depressed the last several months and it has continually gotten worse. I need this to change and I need to have positive people in my life to support me. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story and giving me an inspirational backboard to use as a starting place. I love this show and have spent many nights watching it through tears. Way to go!

    • Annemarie - August 1, 2014

      Carol hang in there. I too am struggling with my weight for years an suffer from depression an Anxiety. Know an want to loss weight but am having some difficulties. Cassie’s story really inspired me. My problem is I try too hard to do things perfectly an when I stumble I beat myself up an I feel like I failed. This story has finally made me see that this thought pattern is what’s holding me back…Soo know your not alone in your struggles. God bless an hang in there one day at a time…I’m going to try again! 🙂

  5. Star Aiello - July 31, 2014

    Cassie I loved when you said you want to enjoy your life live you life! I hope to shed 100 more pounds so far 160 pounds gone. Supporting people to regain their health and shed unwanted pounds is the best so we have a lot in common. Thanks for your inspiration!

  6. Laurie Tranten - July 31, 2014

    I agree with Tiffany – it would be an added benefit to have a place where we could ask questions and learn from each other while we are on this journey. Tiffany, I had a hard time cooking low carb so ordered this book “The Complete Low Carb Cookbook” by George Stella on Amazon. There are some wonderful recipes, very doable and in many cases are wheat free and no added sugar. Also, if you look online on the EatingWell website, there is a recipe called Southwest Quinoa Cakes that only has 2g. carbs and it totally tastes great – made them yesterday and tested on our grown sons…definite seal of approval!!

  7. Charen - July 31, 2014

    She’s one of the sweetest one’s yet, I’m so proud of you Cassie I’m so glad that your marriage a work out for you and i hope you can start your , family , how’s your son doing ,,, so happy for you

  8. Ginger Sorensen - July 31, 2014

    Just loved this episode so much. Grew up in Milwaukee (West Allis) and now live in Southern Utah. Was so much fun to see someone from my area on the show. I haven’t missed an episode yet. Was hoping you guys might start sharing people’s height as a part of the stats because, for example, 170lbs can look so much different on people depending on their height. I FIANLLY downloaded the audio of Chris’s book and excited to learn more about carb cycling. Wish they talked about it more on the show. I am currently 8 months Preggo and hit 205 this week. (5’7”) Have never seen the 200’s before, but know with the tools I am going to get from you guys it will be a fun journey to get back down to a healthy weight once our miracle baby is born. Sending you all well wishes as you move forward with this journey. Thank you for being an open book and showing the world all sides of who you are!!

  9. Kyla - July 31, 2014

    Loved this episode as usual. I must have been living under a rock and had no idea about the book. On my list to buy, because my husband and I are about to start your carb cycling program. Do you have a blog related to the program in relation to breastfeeding? My son is 5 weeks today and I want to start making changes, but not decrease my milk supply. Any help would be so appreciated!

  10. Tina Klebonas - July 31, 2014

    This episode was so beautiful and heartwarming… from Cassie’s weight loss journey to her being reunited with the son she gave up for adoption to her reconnecting with the husband whom she loved so much but was just as lost as she was. I truly wish her all the best! I absolutely love your show and I think you and Chris are such an inspiration to so many people. You truly save lives. I will NEVER stop watching!!!!

  11. Kathy Straley - July 31, 2014

    Love you guys. I be HAPPY to have both just for a month.

  12. Liz - July 31, 2014

    Glad we can follow up with person from your show. Glad she still gets her surgery. What’s Cassie’s website to follow her? Write more books on how to fight the mental side of eating please

  13. Natalie Rodriguez - July 31, 2014

    I. Have written chris before and no response ! I really need to talk or write to you again ! How would this work ? I. Am in need of Help ! I. Have. Challenges. You have not worked with !! Please. Get in touch with me ? Natalie Rodriguez (760) 995-7982 . Thank you very much !! Sincerely yours , Natalie 🙂 [email protected]

  14. Natalie Rodriguez - July 31, 2014

    I. Have written chris before and no response ! I really need to talk or write to you again ! How would this work ? I. Am in need of Help ! I. Have. Challenges. You have not worked with !! Please. Get in touch with me ? Natalie Rodriguez (760) 995-7982 . Thank you very much !! Sincerely yours , Natalie 🙂 nrodriguez370yahoo.com

  15. Natalie Rodriguez - July 31, 2014

    How do I F.B. you ? I. Am. Requesting. You. On. F. B. to be my friend ?? I. Have. Lots. To. Ask you ??? Please. Contact. Me ? F. B. Me !! 🙂 look. Forward. To. Talking soon !

  16. Lori Betty - July 31, 2014

    Love every week, can’t miss your show, you two are such an inspiration, I wish I had you for three months, I would be happy. 🙂 keep up the great work!

  17. Meg - July 31, 2014

    I am new to the show, I have only seen the last two episodes. By chance do you ever give away the week passes that the contestants give away at the end of the show? I would love to meet Chris but mostly you. I would love to follow you grocery shopping for your family and see how you help your kids make healthy choices.

  18. Jennifer Stuerebaut - July 30, 2014

    She is great. I wish we all had the two of you for a year. You guys are a true blessing for many people

  19. suebillings - July 30, 2014

    I love this show and I love what Cassie said about the mental. I live in Kitsap County and I met Jonathan who was on the show several seasons ago and he is stugguling but he is still working at it. In 2000 I did my first marathon at age 53 and I am still going. I have done one sprint triathalon and am training for my next one. I love all the tip I see and love the show.

  20. Susan C - July 30, 2014

    What a episode I laughed I cried n had a serious ah ha moment!!! I can relate to Cassie on so many levels!! I have just beaten cancer n I know that if I can beat that I can beat my weight problem’!!! Thank you Cassie for being such a inspiration to me n I know to many many others !! Best of luck to you Cassie
    God bless you Team Powell !!!

  21. Melinda - July 30, 2014

    Cassie is so amazing. She is a true inspiration!

  22. Beth - July 30, 2014

    Cassie you are so inspiring! I personally lost 70 lbs and was able to maintained until I hit menopause. I have gained 30lbs in the last 2 years and it makes me feel like such a failure. I’ve tried everything.. I have tried carb cycling and have the book but did not see results with that either. Any advice??? There must be an answer. I eat 1500 calories a day and work out 6 days a week. Cardio and strength training. I am still gaining. Arrrrg!!!

  23. Linda Black - July 30, 2014

    I don’t know what it has been about this season but I have literally been so moved to tears by every story….but Cassie oh my gosh. I have that baggage that I haven’t dealt with and I know in my heart that’s why I feel more comfortable….FAT. Your episode, Cassie really made me think. Can I do this at 57?

    Heidi, Cassie and Chris you did such an amazing job telling the story. Cassie you had tremendous courage to face your secrets head on. I’m in awe of you. I wish you every blessing that comes along with what you’ve accomplished. Chris and Heidi you are the real deal. It is obvious to me that this is a labor of love for the both of you. God bless you both!

  24. Tammy H. - July 30, 2014

    I loved this episode with Cassie! What an inspiration.

    I have been reading about carb cycling for awhile but have not yet had the courage to start. After Tuesdays episode I decided I was going to discuss this with my doctor during an appointment I had today.

    What a mistake. My doctor told me that the ONLY way to lose weight without loosing muscle is to start a high protein only diet that she offers in her clinic and that any other diet I do will set me up for failure. She went as far as saying that if I out any fruits in my body it will prevent me from loosing weight and I need all protein (and not any protein but their 90% pure protein).

    I tried to explain carb cycling to her but it was evident she had no interest. I am now determined to prove her wrong!!! That I do not have to do her (very costly) diet but rather choose a program that I can not only use to loose weight but to also maintain and changed life style.

  25. Shelley - July 30, 2014

    Awesome episode with Cassie. I would like to follow her on facebook and keep up with her continued journey. I tried to find it on facebook but just takes me to the extreme weight loss page. Is there a link?

    Thanks and may God continue to bless Cassie, Ryan, and Nathan as well as you and Chris!

  26. Cheryl Nixon - July 30, 2014

    Cassie you are beautiful inside and out. You are an inspiration to me. I lost my son to an accident when he was 20. I was moved to tears when you were reunited with your Nathan.
    I have survived Stage 4Kidney Cancer by the grace of God and his healing hands, 3 years no evidence of disease. I am so blessed, now I am trying to eat healthy, I need to loose 50 lbs. I have a good start having lost 20 so far. You are amazing, keep up the good work. Curious how your skin surgery turned out. I love the Powell’s they are a blessing to those who are desperate to change their lives
    I have started a ministry geared toward helping others going through a health crisis. If you know anyone please let me know. God bless you … Cheryl Nixon

  27. Tiffany Cavegn - July 30, 2014

    I connected with Cassie more than any other episode – and I have watched every single episode!!! The whole adoption story is what got me. I’m carb cycling and have a question for Heidi or the Powell Team: Georgeanna’s blog says she did 4 days high carb, then 2 days low carb, then Sunday was weigh/funday – rather than one of the four carb cycles in the book. Did her high carb days coincide with the heavy cardio days to support the extra energy it takes to do 2 hours of cardio at boot camp, or the other way around, or was that just what worked for her?

    I have so many questions around carb cycling… it would be great to have a place where people could ask questions, not just say how much they love you (although I do too!). What I wouldn’t give to be a Powell Pack Coach in my local area, like you have in Phoenix!!!

    • Tammi - July 30, 2014

      There’s a carb cycling group on Facebook, and Cassie is a member.

  28. Nina - July 30, 2014

    Cassie you are so beautiful soooo happy for you I meet Heidi and Chris about a year ago in Wal-Mart. Two sweetest people ever !!!! You are very fortunate have them in your life .

  29. Faith Erickson - July 30, 2014

    I LOVE this video! Are there afters of the others after skin removal! I am obsessed with this show and the Powells! You guys are amazing!

  30. Robin - July 30, 2014

    Trying to find Cassie Facebook site. Can you please give me a link.

  31. Kris - July 30, 2014

    Hi Heidi & Chris- Are the people chosen for the transformation going through the process at the same time? Would love to see more of Rocco’s food preparation and taking someone through one day of the alternating carb program. Thanks!

    • Team Powell - July 31, 2014

      Yes, they all go through the process at the same time. 🙂

  32. Jessica Ouimet - July 30, 2014

    What a fabulous fun awesome lady Cassie is! Such an inspiration. I truly enjoyed her journey through Extreme Weightloss and am now following her on FB. 🙂

  33. kari - July 30, 2014

    What was the book Cassie had said in her interview that you guys wrote on carb cycling

    • Team Powell - July 31, 2014

      The name of the book is “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” It’s awesome! 🙂

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