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Caribbean Jerk Chicken

POSTED ON March 20, 2013

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Chris Powell's Choose More Lose More For Life - Caribbean Jerk Chicken - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/909

Caribbean Jerk Chicken from
Choose More, Lose More for Life
by Chris Powell

Try this family dinner favorite straight from Chris’ new book, Choose More, Lose More for Life, on shelves May 7th!

Caribbean Jerk Chicken

PROTEIN Chicken breasts 2 4 6 8
PREP Olive oil in spritzer bottle 1 spritz 2 spritzes 3 spritzes 4 spritzes
FLAVORING Soy sauce, low-sodium 2 tsp 4 tsp 2 Tbsp 2 1/2 Tbsp
Cider vinegar 1 tsp 2 tsp 1 Tbsp 4 tsp
Caribbean Jerk seasoning 1 Tbsp 2 Tbsp 3 Tbsp 4 Tbsp
Water 1 tsp 2 tsp 1 Tbsp 4 tsp
1. Put all ingredients into a gallon-size zip-top bag and seal. Gently massage bag to mix ingredients and fully coat meat with marinade. Let site for at least 30 minutes (or prepare the night before or morning of for even more flavor.)
2. Remove meat from bag and discard any remaining marinade. Grill over medium heat or broil, cooking on each side to desired doneness.
3. Serve immediately with your favorite side for a high- or low-carb day; or portion out and store in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to reheat and enjoy.
 Make this a high or low carb meal - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/909
Veggie Serve with a side salad or veggies of your choosing. Veggie Serve with a side salad or veggies of your choosing.
Fat Drizzle with salad dressing. Carb Serve with your favorite card side dish, such as brown rice
or black beans.
This is just one of many delicious recipes from Choose More, Lose More for Life. The book is loaded with high- and low-carb options! Chris knocked this one out of the park, I must say! :-) For more info on the book, click the links below.

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Choose More, Lose More for Life - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/909
Excerpted from the Hyperion book, Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life. Copyright © 2013 Chris Powell. All rights reserved.


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Gerry says:

Did this on my smoker – turned out awesome!

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