My Faves: 5 Things I Cannot Live Without

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11/8/15: And the winner of this fabulous 5 Faves Gift Basket is…Cindy Bolt!!! Cindy, keep an eye on your inbox for an email from my team for all the info on how to claim your prize. And thank you to everyone who shared your 5 fave things with me?they were awesome and so fun to read about! πŸ™‚

Do you ever find yourself having a mini panic attack when you can?t find something you have attached to yourself 24/7? You start running around your house like a chicken with her head cut off shouting to anyone who will respond, ?Where are my ______, Where are my _______?!” etc. Once you have found it, suddenly the world is right again!!


These 5 items, I am not kidding you, make me LOSE MY MIND if they are out of sight! A certain little man in the video may be responsible for a couple of items that go missing from time to time, but he’s too cute to hold it against him. πŸ˜‰ Speaking of Cash, how sweet are his little one-liners that he drops to his mama in this vid after waking up from his nap! (Melt my heart) I die.


Anyway, here are my 5 Favorite Things?that I CANNOT live without:

  1. Batisse Dry Shampoo?- aka. life saver for mamas that don’t have time to wash their hair daily. $8 too…it’s a steal!
  2. Chic Buds (use the coupon code HEIDI20 and receive 20% off your order!) – cute, tangle-free, and affordable! I NEED my headphones!
  3. Vaseline Lip Therapy?- $5 for the trio…and seriously the best lip care. Vaseline…who would have thought?
  4. Orbit B Glide Dental Floss?- This self-proclaimed hygiene freak doesn’t miss a day of flossing.
  5. STARBUCKS (my morning hug) – For any of my loyal followers, you know this may very well be an addiction. LOL.

I am excited to announce that one lucky viewer will win My 5 Favorite Things! Cash not included, sorry. πŸ˜‰ Here?s how to enter:

  1. Make sure are following me on social media and like this video on YouTube (and my social media posts).
  2. Share this post on social media and tag me using the hashtag #HeidisFaveFive.
  3. Comment below the video?(either on my blog or on YouTube) on the 5 Favorite Things YOU can?t live without, because I want to know!

You have until midnight, Saturday, November 7th, to enter, and a winner will be randomly chosen and announced on this post on Sunday, November 8th. Good luck!



189 Responses

  1. 1. Burts Bees chapstick
    2. Dental floss
    3. Olbas oil
    4. Water with lemon
    5. Mascara

    Love your blog and Facebook posts!!!!

  2. 5 things I can’t live without:
    1. My family
    2. My burts bees chapstick
    3. Hand lotion. The cold weather is really killing me
    4. My pregnancy body pillow- sleep would not be the same without it
    5. Heidi’s blog and Heidi and Chris’ tips to stay healthy

  3. My 5 favorite things that I cannot live without are:
    1-Aquaphor for my lips
    2-Neem face wash
    3-Younique mascara
    4-biofreeze after a workout
    5-instant Pot for pressure cooking and slow cooking/meal prep

  4. 1, My classical guitar (I practice everyday and my music is my heart)
    2. My Bible
    3. My cell phone
    4. My Greek yogurt
    5. My Baylor Bears ?

  5. My top five fave things!? That’s gonna be hard to narrow down…

    Number 1) visine eye drops! I have really dry and sensitive eyes, and I absolutely need some drops with me at ALL times.

    Number 2) just like you, headphones! I love my music, and I’m not gonna be the person to play it out loud wherever I go so – earbuds!

    Number 3) water! Silly, I know, but I always have a bottle with me at all times to remind myself to stay hydrated! Out of sight, and it’s out of mind!

    Number 4) concealer, because hey, I’m a student who hardly gets enough sleep and under eye bags are NOT cool.

    Lucky number 5) my phone! I know, I know, but not only does my phone hold all my favourite music, it also holds all my favourite audio books which are perfect for the lower intensity workouts at the gym!

    Well there you have it, my top 5! That was hard to narrow down =)

  6. 5 things I absolutely can live without besides my wonderful husband and son are:
    1) living close to and being on the water. It is my passions!
    2) my active wear
    3) a lemon in my water
    4) hair tie
    5) my phone

  7. My favorite 5’s I can’t live without:

    1) My bible
    2) Green apple Chapstick
    3) Starbucks
    4) Makeup
    5) Cellphone

  8. Fun list! Loved the video with Cash too! So cute! Ok, so my 5 in no particular order:
    1) Dry shampoo is a big one for me too! I go through it way too much and always keep in my gym bag. That is a brand I haven’t tried though, so I’ll have to check it out.
    2) My essential oils, specifically can’t live without my PasTense, nothing makes my headaches go away like that does.
    3) My phone, sad but true, we are in that age.
    4) Coffee, I love starbucks too. I make it at home mostly, but my favorite treat is a Triple, Grande, 3 pump, no whip, white mocha πŸ™‚ (more coffee, less sugar)
    5) Mascara and Bronzer. Most often they are the only 2 pieces of make-up I use, but I use them every day.

  9. My five faves are:
    1- my hydrofkask water bottle
    2- my Chapstick
    3- coconut oil for my face and skin
    4- mascara
    5- itsa10 leave in conditioner

  10. 1. My family.. no need to say why
    2. My phone for communication and my camera!
    3. My glasses… to see
    4. I have to have my biolage shampoo and conditioner everyday. Since my hair is very thin.
    5. Face cream and a little make up.

  11. My five things to buy:

    1. cell phone

    2. running shoes

    3. yoga pants

    4. mascara

    5. water bottle because it is pink <3

  12. The 5 things I can’t live without are:

    1) My family and friends <3
    2) Photography
    3) Nivea Milk & Honey Lip balm
    4) Immune Boost Lozenges from
    5) Apples and cinnamon

  13. My 5 favorite things:
    1. My husband/kids
    2. My iPhone/iPad
    3. Lipscense lipstick and gloss
    4. Infuser water bottle
    5. inspiration/motivation from Chris and Heidi

  14. 5 things I cannot live without:

    1- Green Tea
    2- “Whirl” Mac Matte Lipstick
    3- YouVersion Bible App
    4- Yoga Pants
    5- Rustic Cuff Bracelets!

  15. – 1 : a bottle of water
    – 2 : coconut oil.
    – 3 : green tea
    – 4 : a pen and a piece of paper
    – 5 : my Straightener

  16. five things I can’t live without:
    1: Books- definitely my addiction!
    2. Hooded sweatshirts
    3. Chocolate: Especially Guitards milk chocolate chips
    4. Loreal Sublime self tanner
    5. Morning coffee that my husband brings to me each morning.

  17. 1) my iPhone
    2) mirabella foundation
    3) fruit punch Spark
    4) blender bottles
    5) crossfit classes

    Love following you & Chris. Awesome to see him on the cover on the Box magazine!

  18. My Fave Five:

    1) Family
    2) Redtail Crossfit
    3) Clean Canteen to stay hydrated
    4) Natural Ice chapstick
    5) My Chaco’s –they keep my plantar faciitis at bay

  19. My 5 fave things that I can’t live without:

    1) Coffee in the morning!

    2) My totally awesome husbamd giving me a hug and kiss before he leaves in the morning and then again when I come home later that day, getting another hug and kiss. #stronglovingmarriage.

    3) My 3 miniature schnauzers that love me unconditionally and jump all over me for kisses when I see them!

    4) My Fitbit- keeps me motivated every day and the challenges are super motivating because you never want to be last in a challenge!

    5) CANDY CRUSH- sorry, I am an addict. After a long day at work, cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc- this is when I know my day is over. Comfy clothes andmy candy crush on my comfy couch is the way I relax at the end of every day!

  20. My 5 things I can’t live without are:

    1. Floss! I’m a crazy dental hygiene person too.
    2. A giant water bottle
    3. My tarte foundation
    4. secret clinical deordorant (it really is amazing!)
    5. Sol over the ear headphones (really keeps me focused when I’m working)

  21. Sooo my five things are that exciting and some are bad habits that I’m trying to break… So it would be great to try and replace my bad habits.

    1. Coke. I have drank it since I was a baby. I know it’s one of the worst things for me and one of the reasons I can’t seem to lose weight.
    2. My yoga pants. They are soooo soft and comfy.
    3. Bed head friz control. I live in the south and it makes my hair smell good and look good.
    4. My phone
    5. And I know it’s not a martial thing but I couldn’t get by with out my sister to motivate and help me in life. She’s the one who told me to fallow y’all and I’m loving it.

  22. Good Morning!
    The five things I cannot live without!!

    1)Oil of Olay.. This is must love the way my skin feels when I put it on.
    2) Kerise Dry Shampoo.. As I work out and cannot wash my hair everyday!
    3) lip balm..
    4) This is doesn’t seem like the norm but “Taylor Swift CD 1989 after a long day of teenagers and work. I put this in and it calming
    5) Leggings.. This is my fav

  23. I so love watching you & Chris! Amazing duo & your heart for people is powerful!

    My 5 things I can’t live without is:

    1: My cell phone-I use it for music, my calendar, my connections with all of my family, friends & clients.?

    2: Covergirl, clear lipstick(the top coat for the color stay!) ?

    3: Bath & Body hand lotion…I wash my hands a hundred times a day & cannot do without it!??

    4: Coffee!! Absolutely have to have it…usually with hazelnut or pumpkin creamer!????

    5: My workouts…that’s my stress relief & energizer!! Couldn’t live if I didn’t work out!! ????

  24. Maressa’s Top 5!!!:

    1. The gym, need my workouts!
    2. My music…iPod, earphones…mine are currently 6 years old and still going.
    3. Organo coffee, organic and caffeine free but still gives me a little pep.
    4. My .simple. face wipes.
    5. My family. πŸ™‚

  25. 1. Mascara (Mary Kay)
    2. The Northwest’s beauty (hills to coast)
    3. Coffee (Any)
    4. Music
    5. Sweat shirts on cold rainy days.

    Heidi and Chris, you two are huge motivators in my life. I appreciate you both! ?

  26. I absolutely love love love you and your beautiful family! Don’t stop being amazing!!! I also live in Scottsdale Arizona πŸ™‚

    My absolute #1 is….
    1. Burt’s Bees ultra conditioning lip balm with kokum butter (I used to swear by Aveeno’s Chapstick but of course it was discontinued and I thought my world was going to end…luckily I’m married to most amazing man and he found me a replacement!) I literally have one of these next to my bed, in the bathroom, in my diaper bag, and in the car at all times lol

    2. Goody spin pins!!! These are the best invention on the planet! I’m a total consumer so when I first saw the commercial for these years ago, “one pin is the equivalent of 20 Bobby pins” I had to try them and sure enough I have a two sets, one in my car for a back up quick “up do” and one set at home. They are super strong and make for a easy beautiful bun (or a fun messy bun, you can do either)

    3. Fiji water- my husband makes fun of me for being “high maintenance” when it comes to water…but I just love how it tastes, and it’s the only way I will drink enough water!!

    4. TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo. I’ve been using this dry shampoo for years! It’s one of my “splurge” items that I stock up at ULTA when it goes on sale (but that’s only because I’ve never found any other dry shampoo that works as good as this one!) so I will be checking out your recommendation for sure!!

    5. Jordana best lash extreme volumizing mascara!!! You can find it at Walgreens and it’s $4!!! A girlfriend of mine turned me onto it on our way to vegas for a bachelorette party about 5 years ago, she swore by it! And to prove it she bought me one to try when we stopped in to get her one…I’ve been hooked ever since! It’s seriously the best mascara and SO cheap compared to the others out there, I always buy two at a time because they fly off the shelves!!! You have to try it!

    Thanks for being awesome and doing fun blogs like this!!

  27. My FaveFive are:

    1- Eos lipstick
    2- Biotherm Aquasource deep serum
    3- Hand sanitizer gel
    4- Crest 3D White Toothpaste
    5- Bode blender bottle πŸ™‚

  28. Love this post!!! Mine would be:
    My Camelback water bottle with a gallon of water to keep refilling it

    STARBUCKS!!! Soy lattes and dark roast coffee to be exact

    My hubby and doggies



    You are beautiful, Heidi!!!

  29. My 5 favorite things that I can’t survive with are:
    1. Gum
    2. The Bible
    3. My glasses
    4. The paper mate mechanical pencils
    5. My planner

  30. My favorite things that I can’t live without are:

    1. Gum
    2. The bible
    3. My planner
    4. The paper mate mechanical pencils
    5. My glasses

  31. The fi’ve things I cannot live without:

    A daily relationship with Jesus,
    Baby wipes,
    My three granddaughters!


  32. The five things I can’t live without are
    1) My protein shakes….they really help my appetite and give me much needed energy.
    2) My kindle…I’m a voracious reader.
    3) My best friend / workout buddy / accountability partner
    4)My iPhone…mostly because of my huge music library and multiple fitness apps I love.
    5)My nieces & nephew’s. I would be lost without their smiles, love, & laughter

  33. My Fave Five things I cannot live without

    1. hugs from my kids and hubby
    2. Coconut oil
    3. Argan Oil for my frizzy hair
    4. my sneakers
    5. My water container..Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

  34. My Fave 5:

    1. Dry Shampoo! I cannot live without thisn super busy single mom and don’t have time to wash my hair daily. Heidi, don’t worry you’re not alone, I also go up to 4 days or so sometimes hahaha!
    2. Lancome Grandiose Mascara, I may not always have time to do my makeup but you bet I’m putting this on. The one things just gives me that extra feminine oomf!
    3. Ear buds, I use them while I work, when I walk my dog, during workouts, while I’m donating plasma, etc. Cannot leave the house without them!
    4. Jawbone UP2, it tracks my sleep, my steps, let’s me know when I’ve been idle too long and need to move around, and keeps me on track!
    5. Cell Phone. I know that’s lame but seriously, sometimes I work from my phone, I use Google maps constantly to avoid traffic, I play music for my workouts on my phone, heck I even get my workout from different apps like Nike+ Training Club, Couch to 5k, and Runkeeper.

    Well that’s my 5! Have a great weekend everyone!

  35. I cannot live without….

    1. My Family

    2. Glasses

    3. Marc Jacobs DOT perfume

    4. Degree Deodorant

    5. My FAVE Eddie Bauer flats!

  36. Can’t live without
    1. My Gronk hoodie
    2. My 30 oz double wall water cup
    3. Starbucks (though I keep trying to)
    4. My Adidas slide sandals
    5. My gap Capri yoga pants

  37. 1. WATER! I constantly drink water from one of my many water bottles all day long.
    2. OCEAN WATER from SONIC! Amazing. That is all.
    3. HAIR TIES. I have a lot of hair and with two year old twin boys, I always am pulling it up.
    4. PHONE. Goes without saying…
    5. BABY WIPES. I use them for literally everything.

  38. 1- burtsbees Chapstick
    2- prep+prime fix+ from MAC
    3-diet Coke
    4- peppermint gum
    5- girl friends. They keep me sane ?

  39. The five things I can’t live without

    1. My Bible… He is my source of strength daily. More valuable than food or water.

    2. My phone… It’s my brain

    3. My running shoes… I can run to clear any amount of stress from my life

    4. My tweezers. I have a pair everywhere. Those darn hairs that creep drive me nuts!

    5. Coffee. I love how it warms me up and calms me down all at the same time.

  40. My fave five include

    1) coffee
    2) chapstick
    3) trident original mint gum
    4) jergens lotion
    4) bed head rock star dry shampoo

  41. Five things I can’t live without-
    1- coffee
    3-my calendar
    4-my phone
    5-earrings(I feel naked without them lol)

  42. My 5 favorite things:
    1. Coffee Mate Coconut Creamer- YUM!
    2. Aussie Scrunch Spray- Works great for quick wet hair.
    3. Gold Bond Ultimate- Makes my hands so soft.
    4. Back Pack- It is so much easier to carry my laptop, binders, folders and papers to work.
    5. Bobby Pins- A necessity for my crazy hair!

  43. Thanks for the great tips on your 5 favorite things. Cash is just the cutest!

    My 5 fave things I cannot live without:

    -Morning Coffee
    -Wintogreen Lifesavers – got to have good breath in meetings.
    -Yerba Mate Sparkling Grapefruit Ginger drink and teas.

  44. 1) water bottle
    2) curling wand
    3) makeup forever full coverage foundation
    4) lime-flavored sparkling water in a can. mmmmm.
    5) the aux cord for my phone so i can listed to spotify in the car

  45. My Five things I cannot live without…
    1) my hairbrush – I brush my hair at least 20 times a day
    2) my weight lifting gloves – must protect those hands!
    3) my phone – it has my life organized on it!
    4) my burts bees pink grapefruit facial wipes….such a timesaver on a morning!
    5) my heart rate monitor – pushes me to be better!
    Awesome blog Heidi – thanks for sharing!

  46. If we’re talking about just our favorite things (not people) …
    One. My cell phone. ONLY because I have to keep in contact with whomever has my sweet little girl for the day while I’m at work.
    Two. Chapstick! Especially on cold, windy winter days! Chapped lips really chap my day.
    Three. Coffee. Chai. Spark. SOMETHING that I can drink out of a cup that tells me I can survive the day (something except soda, yuck!)
    Four. Mascara. I can go without any other makeup if I have to, but mascara is a must!
    Five. Gum/mints/something to freshen my breath! I’m around patients all day long & the last thing I want to do is breathe yuckiness on them!

  47. My Fave Five…
    1. Definitely my P90X videos!
    2. Maybeline Define-a-brow because my eyebrows are non-existent! Haha:)
    3. Starbucks Caff? Verona coffee…yummy! πŸ™‚
    4. My 3 babies….Austin, Mason, & Abby ?
    5. Harness boots from Cabelas!!

  48. My 5 are:
    1. My running shoes…currently Adidas (aka my me time, therapy, and insanity buster)
    2. Aveda’s Be Curly…nothing brings out my natural curl better. This means mom can sleep a little longer on days I need it.
    3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…those little pillows of Heaven are just too amazing to live without
    4. Mascara…I am not a mascara snob…yet…anything will do but I NEED something
    5. Jeans…any things that fits and is flattering but momma needs her jeans

  49. My fav 5….
    My hydroflasks all day everyday

    DoTERRA essential oils for cleaning and healing


    Dark chocolate… Of course organic, gluten, dairy and soy free

    Lotion for body and aquaphor for lips!

  50. 1 my water bottle it is by far one of the best I have found so far it is by Contigo, 2 would have to be hair rubber elastics the ones that don’t stuck in your hair, 3 my Bible because it just helps me on so many ways, 4 my niece and nephews and i struggled to come up with my 5 but I guess I could do hand lotion or any kind really. I am still looking for a good kind of lotion!

  51. My fave five things I can not live without are:

    1. My Mary Kay facial products (cleanser and make up)
    2. My bottled water . . . I drink water ALL day long . . . it’s my drink of choice over coffee even (if you can believe that)
    3. Scentsy (my house smells FABULOUS all of the time) fruit and floral scents during Spring and Summer – and everything PUMPKIN during fall and winter . . . yep, I am one of those people
    4. Bath and Body shower gel and sprays (I am addicted . . . they smell SO good)
    5. My Kindle . . . I LOVE to read!

    PS – Cash is too cute for words!!

  52. My Five
    1- coffee any kind with caffeine
    2- earphones
    3- gym gloves
    4- phone
    5- wallet

    Ask my kids they will remember these 5 since I am guilty of waking the whole house if any are lost

  53. My fave five
    1- My husband and two sons
    2- Hydroflask – best water bottle ever
    3 – Lizard Lips lip balm
    4 – Coffee
    5- (sadly) My iPhone

    Adorable family by the way.

  54. 1. Netrogena facial wipes
    2. Revlon lip gloss
    3. Earrings- I will go back home to get them
    4. McDonald’s sweet tea
    5. Erin Condren Planner

  55. 1. My planner has my whole schedule and basically my life in to.
    2. A hair tie. Always need to be able to pull my hair out
    3. Chapstick
    4.peppermint oil
    5. Coffee!!!

  56. I love that I’m not the only one who doesn’t wash everyday! My “can’t live withouts” are:
    Secret Outlast in Powder – goes the distance and I sweat like a man.
    3D Fiber Lash Mascara – my lashes are thin and blonde. Love.
    Unsweetened coconut milk
    Rosewater Cream by KIND: the best all natural moisturizer

  57. 1. Kardashian lip gloss
    2. The cup work gave me its 32oz and has fruit infuser.
    3. Wristlet mines a coach but I had a off name brand before and it was good too.
    4. Hair clip or tie.
    5. Good sports bra I love moving comfort can’t live without them.

  58. My fav five things:

    1. Bible (His words carry me)
    2. Husband (my blessing on earth)
    3. Dog (rescue puppy that rescued us)
    4. New sneakers (sneaker addict)
    5.Ice Water (i’m a defined H20-holic)

  59. Things I can’t live without:

    1. Loose Leaf Tea – herbal especially!
    2. Fancy china to drink that tea in.
    3. My dog. I love her soooooo much
    4. My husband – don’t think I could leave him out….
    5. Running Shoes!

  60. Vanessa’s favorite five are:
    1. FAMILY
    2. Food (of any kind) πŸ˜‰
    3.”GOOD” ink pens
    4.My phone
    5.WATER (I love love love water)

  61. My fav five things:
    1. My phone!!! It has my schedule. Nuff said.
    2. My burt’s bees tinted lip gloss I have one in the house and the car. I use it for lip gloss. It is about the bit of make up I put on.
    3. Starbucks!! Nothing compares to that caffeine goodness! A night nurse must!
    4. My Up fitness tracker. I wear it all day and night to make sure that I get enough sleep which is crucial when working at night and to keep track of my exercise
    5. My jeans. It is fall in New England and the weather gets a little wonky this time of year and I don’t know how to dress, but most days it starts with a pair of jeans.

    That’s All!

  62. Oh my….the 5 things I could not live with out.

    1. My family….we are a pack….not just my hubby and son and step daughter but my mom and dad, my mom in law and my sister in law.
    They are my world
    2. Coffee….seriously don’t talk to me before I have had my coffee
    3. My pup…at 150 pounds he is my big baby. And he is awesome
    4. Popcorn. It is my all-time favorite snack
    5. My fireplace… many nights as a family are spent by the fire

  63. 1.
    Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Protectant Spf 15-I’m addicted
    Scunci- I have long hair but put it up every evening
    Aquaphor Healing Ointment Baby -use this stuff everyday on my hands
    Flip Flops
    Sunglasses- even if i just wear them as a hair accessory.

  64. My planner (still paper )
    Faux pearl studs (feel naked without em)
    Floss (me too heidi! Me too…)
    Ello glass water bottle
    Morning cupnof coffee (i like starbucks but homebrewed storebrand is my regular)

  65. I must have Coffee, my lip balm Bert’s Bee, my Coconut Oil I have very dry skin, my very soft socks & my fruit usually what’s in season. I don’t have small children and I’m a retired grandma but when they have a day off I love it!!!

  66. My five things I can’t live without are:
    1.) hair ties
    2.) my yoga class (helps my back issues)
    3.) my kitchenaid mixer
    4.) pedicures
    5.)bath & body works candles

  67. Hi Heidi & Cash…
    My fav Fives are:
    1. Nespresso coffee with frothy sugar free coffeemate
    2. Any of the 10 hair products
    3. Jose Maran Light moisturizering oil
    4. Social media (Retired now?)
    5. Yoga

  68. My five things I can’t live without:

    1. My phone
    2. Burt’s bees Chapstick
    3. Spearmint gum
    4. Tervis Tumbler double-walled cup
    5. Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel

  69. 1. I can not go out of house without makeup on.
    2. Love my Synthia 6 protein shake every morning. My version of a mochacinno.
    3. Love my Kuerig coffee maker, coffee with SF peppermint mocha. Although I would rather go to Starbucks every day.
    4. Love my Tervis water bottle. I drink 96 oz a day. I have a special made one with family pictures.
    5. Love my IPhone.
    I am always blessed with a kiss from husband every morning.
    These are the first 5 things I thought of.

  70. 5 things I can NOT live without!
    1. Aquafor healing balm for lips
    2. Cetaphil for face lotion
    3. Orgain organic chocolate meal replacement shake.
    4. Yoga
    5. Coffee (grande one pump mocha)

  71. The five things I can’t live without are:

    1. My family
    2. Tarte tinted BB cream
    3. Comfy shoes
    4. My dog
    5. Hot herbal teas

    It’s the little things that matter the most, really.

  72. My five things I can’t live without:

    1)Starbucks latte! Yes I to am a Starbucks addict.

    2)Victoria’s Secret lip gloss. But now after seeing your video and the Vaseline I might try that since its budget friendly.

    3)Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion in Coconut. It smells amazing and isn’t oily.

    4)Oral B Glide Complete with Scope floss picks. I have these in my purse, vehicle and even in my husbands truck and work truck. We are addicted to these.

    5)Lint roller. I’m always shedding hair and I can’t stand to have it on my clothes. There is one in each of our vehicles, around our home and even in my work desk.

  73. Dry shampoo is such a lifesaver!

    My Fab Five would have to be:
    1. My Kindle/book
    2. Starbucks
    3. Post-It notes
    4. My 1L Nalgene water bottle
    5. Memory foam flipflops (for tired feet!)

  74. 1) Chapstick or Vaseline lip balm
    2) Klean Kanteen water bottle
    3) Vaseline Total Moisture lotion
    4) iPod Mini
    5) Lululemon yoga pants πŸ™‚

  75. 1. Maybelline Baby Lips tinted Lip Balm
    2. insulated water tumbler
    3. St. Ive’s apricot scrub
    4. roxy flip flops
    5. Neutrogena body lotion

  76. 1. My phone
    2. My Reebok crossfit shoes
    3. Coconut oil
    4. My eyelash curler
    5. Sugar-free sweet Italian cream creamer for my morning coffee

  77. I CANNOT live without:
    1. Kisses first thing in the morning with my daughter
    2. My 32oz water bottle
    3. My morning choc-banana protein shake
    4. Flip flops
    5. A square of dark chocolate to end the day!

  78. 1. My Phone
    2. Lip Gloss
    3. Clothing
    4. My Car
    5. Money

    My list is pretty basic πŸ™‚ I can live without a lot, but the above surely helps!

  79. 1. Peanut Butter -> My lifeline!!!

    2. Lip balm -> I’m not picky, I tend to loose it like crazy so I stash it all over my house, car, gym bag….EVERYWHERE!

    3. My Keurig <3

    4. My Nikes lets keep it real. We would all be lost with out our smartphones!!!!

  80. Thanks Heidi for this chance to win a prize! My fave five are:

    1. Coffee
    2. Sentimental Jewelry (2 rings and Pandora bracelet)
    3. Chapstick (thinking about trying the Vaseline now tho!)
    4. Planner
    5. Mascara!!!!

  81. My 5 things I can’t live without

    1) mascara – I can not leave the house without it on.

    2) coffee or a good chi tea

    3) Hair tie

    4) Water bottle

    5) chap stick

    thanks so much for the chance

  82. Top 5 things I can NOT live without….

    1. Spotify! Music gets me through the day πŸ™‚
    2. My reusable Starbucks Venti Cup….I think I have too many to count
    3. My Younique 3D Fiber lashes-one of my favorites of the line <3
    4. A hair tie…actually multiple! My hair always breaks them and it is unusual for me to have my hair down
    5. ANYTHING bath and body! Lotion is used all.the.time. throughout my day and there is not a night that goes by that I am not burning at least 2 candles πŸ™‚

    Love this idea! thank you for sharing!

  83. My favorite things.
    1. Berts bees lip shimmer
    2. My dauhters drink cup( I don’t know why but I’m always worried she will want a drink and I won’t have it)
    3. Tim hortons ice cappuccino made with milk.
    4. Hair ties( I like my hair long but always want a tie just in case I want to put it up.
    5. Dr. John’s eucalyptus bath soak ( I think that’s #1.)

  84. My Fave Five

    1- my trainer Dani
    2- my blender
    3- coconut oil
    4- gym membership
    5- my hubby who supports me through all things (healthy eating, working out)

  85. 1. Coffee
    2. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate
    3. Ice cream
    4. My Avon Lip care, never have had chapped lips since I’ve been using it.
    5. phone

  86. I will have to try the dry shampoo, as well as some of your other items! It’s exciting trying new things! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing! My five fav things would have to be…
    1. Coffee, no specific brand. Although there is a little chic coffee house in Pella, IA that my sister, my daughter and I go after our martial arts class. They have the most amazing flavored coffees. They have a whole wall of different flavors, and I’ve yet to taste one that isn’t good.

    2. Eyeliner, it’s my go to. I usually don’t wear makeup (especially to where I work), but I always throw on some eyeliner and feel a lot better! πŸ™‚

    3. Dove mouse, it is perfect for my curly hair. It’s the happy medium for taming down the bee’s nest, but doesn’t make it stiff as a board. ?? It!

    4. My faux diamond earrings. I’m not sure what it is about wearing them, but it makes me feel a little glamorous even in workout attire!

    5. Last but not least my organic chia tea with a squirt of hazelnut creamer! Sounds like a crazy mix but it’s delish!

  87. My Fab 5 that I can’t live without:

    1. Goody Hairbands. With three kids and constantly on the go there are always point in my day that my hair goes up and done. I can’t start my day without one on my wrist.

    2. Starbucks. Coffee is both my go to and my little cup of peace in my chaotic days. The struggle is real.

    3. Charity Pot hand lotion by Lush. Constantly washing and sanitizing my hands this is the one lotion my hands truly absorb. It’s amazing!

    4. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss. I don’t wear lipstick or very much makeup, so this lip gloss gives me that girly edge on my down days.

    5. Dry Shampoo. I am constantly searching for a brand I love, but I cannot live without it. My hair has gotten so much healthier without having to wash it each day (plus a time saver, too).

  88. Such an adorable video. Thanks for asking for our favs. Here are mine.
    1. The Bible
    2. Chapstick
    3. Daily walking
    4. Green tea
    5. Daily motivation quotes

  89. This is harder than I thought! My family is 100% what I can’t live without, but I will make this materialistic.

    5 “material” things I prefer to not live without:

    1: Morning coffee – I brew my own at home to save money and use Natural Bliss creamer

    2: Lotion – My favorite is Dark Kiss by Bath and Body works and I get lots of compliments on it

    3: Shower – My hair is very fine so I have to wash it every day. Maybe I could get away with it with some dry shampoo?

    4: My job – I have to work to support my family

    5: Q-tips – I can not stand dirty ears and I use q-tips to remove makeup, clean the lint our of my hair dryer, and lots of other things.

  90. 1. STARBUCKS !!- girrl YES please! Hug in a mug, love in a cup πŸ˜‰ lol

    2. iPHONE – my music, camera, calendar, alarm clock, communication device, etc. my all in one!

    3. FLIP-FLOPS !!- Always have a pair on hand, I always need my flips!

    4. HAIR TIES – I go crazy if I can’t find a hair tie.

    5. T-SHIRT – A cute, comfy, everyday
    t-shirt. It seems like at some point in the day I always find myself saying “ugh I just need to change into a
    t-shirt” preferably one I’m not embarrassed to run errands in lol

  91. 1. I can’t live without my husband and dogs for sure!!

    2. My fitbit zip.

    3. My cell phone! I can’t live without.

    4. Hair straightener is a must for me my hair is just super frizzy.

    5. Propel flavor packets. I always bring these where ever I go cause I try to drink as much water as possible and some times the location I’m at I can’t stand the water so adding my propel packets to it helps me out!!

  92. My 5 things I can’t live without:
    1. chai mix
    2. ring from my hubby when our daughter was born
    3. ring my daughter picked out and bought for me last year, for my birthday
    4. Bible
    5. pajama pants!

  93. Love your top 5!

    Mine are:

    1. Nutri-ninja–I love my kale/spinach/berry smoothies every morning!
    2. Clarisonic-mmmmmm smooth face!!!
    3. Nalgene narrow mouth water bottle-doesn’t waste plastic bottles!
    4. Unsweet iced tea-I’m too hyper for coffee–gives me the shakes, but this gives me just the light buzz I need!
    5. Buxom lip plumper/gloss-I just feel naked without it’s tingly goodness!

    Love you Heidi! have a great day!!!!

  94. 1- 3D Fiber plus mascara by Younique. I have dark lashes on one eye and blonde on the other. This mascara is pretty amazing and I never leave home without it.
    2- Minty gum. I hate smelling others breath and cringe when I feel like others can smell mine.
    3- Chapstick.
    4- Aveeno lotion. My skin gets so dry here in AZ.
    5- My 1.5 liter water bottle.

  95. The 5 things I can’t live without are:
    1. my iPod (like you I always have my earbuds in)
    2. my blenderbottle (I have 2, one for shakes and one for water since I haven’t fount a water bottle with the chug/snap top like the blender bottles do)
    3. my tablet- I love to read so I’m always using the kindle/kobo apps
    4. My DVR. I go to bed early so I have to record my shows that start late πŸ™‚
    5. My coffee.

  96. Oh gosh, your fave five might as well be my fave five. But I’ll give it a little twist:
    Dry shampoo, vaseline (I put it on my lips every morning and night!), coffee, a no-chip mani (bc a regular mani doesn’t stand against the weights at the gym), and Smashbox waterproof mascara πŸ™‚

  97. 1. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara
    2. Hair straightener
    3. Coconut shampoo
    4. Skechers shoes with memory foam
    5. Dark chocolate

  98. Things I can’t live without!

    1. EOS sweet mint Chapstick
    2. Iced Coffee
    3. Mascara
    4. Chocolate
    5. My Family!!!!

  99. 1 cell phone, 2 lip gloss-any kind just need the gloss, 3 my one Coke a day at lunch, 4 kindle-have to read, 5 comfy gym shoes. Thanks for all the good tips! I use dry shampoo too. Can’t live without that for sure!

  100. My five things I can’t live without:

    1. Coffee
    2. Skype (with kids who are in the military)
    3. Eyeliner/Mascara
    4. Tervis cup for water
    5. Phone (never know when kids may call)

  101. Lotion
    My two special rings
    coffee – i’m not to particular about what kind
    breakfast – just anything in my belly
    foundation – I never go anywhere without it.

  102. Had to laugh because two of your faves are mine too.
    1. Vaseline-I’ve been using it since junior high for lipgloss and to remove eye makeup. Can’t live with out it. Haven’t tried the flavored Vaseline though.
    2. Not your Mothers Dry Shampoo- Love this for my fine hair and it saves me a ton of time!
    3. Keurig with Starbucks French Roast K-cups- my morning kick start
    4. Obagi facial cleanser-gentle cleanser for sensitive skin
    5. Cetaphil moisturizer-I use the night moisturizer during the day. We live in Arizona where it’s dry. πŸ™‚

  103. This was so cute.
    Things I can’t live without
    1-my water bottle
    2-ear buds
    3-eye concealer for my raccoon eyes
    4-yoga pants

  104. The 5 things I can’t live without are:
    1. Music, when I am stressed, happy or sad music is my rock.
    2. Carmex lip balm, I am totally addicted to it, especially in the winter.
    3. Dove white beauty bar, a dermatologist told me to use it when my face was breaking out as a teenager and I have always used it since then to wash my face morning and night.
    4. Comfy yoga pants, they are the first thing I change into when I get home from being dressed up at work. (BTW I have never really done yoga, just love the pants) πŸ™‚
    5. Coffee in the morning, I am not picky about what kind as long as it is caffeinated! It just makes me feel like I can tackle the day and anything it throws at me!

  105. My 5 things I cannot live without are:
    1. My TRESemme mouse for my hair. I have very curly hair and live in Hawaii so it looks like a mop without it.
    2 Olay age defining face lotion with sun screen in it. Can’t live without this. Feeks so smooth on your face.
    3. My pillow. It Just mold with your neck and face, can’t sleep without it.
    4. Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm. Helps with dry lips and also gives it color. Love it!
    5 They are real mascara. My eye lashes are long but very blonde so this mascara makes then full and long. It is almost like they are fake. Try it you will love it.
    Thanks again for listen to my 5 favorite things have a great day.

  106. The 5 things I cannot live without are: 1- My morning coffee 2- homemade lip balm ( made with Shea butter and peppermint and lavender essential oils ) 3- my sunglasses 4- my Tervis Tumbler pink water cup with lid and 5-my daily moisturizer from Bare Minerals. Love your blogs!

  107. 1. Chapstick!
    2. DevaCurl AnGel, to keep my curls on lock
    3. Spotify/Pandora, to keep car rides fun and late night study sessions bearable
    4. Cozy Socks (Slipper socks, etc.) – because Minnesota/ SD winters are chilly.
    5. Netflix! To keep my sanity and enjoy nights in with friends/family

  108. I can’t live without my… 1) Melaleuca chap stick 2) lavender essential oil for bath time 3) Ziploc bags (all sizes) 4) head bands for holding those crazy baby hairs back 5) sweat pants especially on cold mornings πŸ˜‰

  109. 5 things I can’t live without!
    1) My morning Chia Tea
    2) Lavender diffusing at bed time.
    3) My UGG Slippers
    4) Dark Choc Squares after diner
    5) Snuggles at bedtime with my 7yr old.

  110. My five things:

    1. Starbucks (me too!). Specifically the Skinny Peppermint Mocha. Or in the off season, the Skinny Mocha with 1 pump peppermint.
    2. My Nalgene. I carry it with my everywhere full of water!
    3. Oil absorbing sheets. Wish I didn’t need these but I do and they are great! Even store brands work well!
    4. Stevia packets. I put these on peanut butter for a sweet lunch “dessert”.
    5. Clorox wipes. I keep them in my purse to use at the gym, at hotels (first thing when I walk in the door!), and to wipe down my phone as needed.

  111. My 5 fav things I can not live without are as following:

    1. My camera!!!
    2. Hand cream
    3. Chocolate
    4. Lip balm
    5. Earbuds! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance Heidi, YOU ROCK! πŸ˜€

  112. I am a pretty simple person so I had to think hard about 5 things I can’t live without.
    1. Coffee… Good coffee. I don’t live too close to big chains, but we have an awesome mom and pop shop by us.

    2. LuLaRoe leggings and tunics. I jumped on the legging bandwagon. My husband said in 10 years I will look back and think “what was I thinking”. I said I will say “oh yeah they are so comfy”

    3. Amazon prime. Living in a small time Amazon prime is a life saver on many different levels.

    4. Mary Kay makeup primer… Shhh don’t tell Mary Kay but I buy all my
    Other makeup from Walmart, but this stuff is worth it. It keeps my eye makeup from getting in creases and looking blah.

    5. Kendra dry texture spray. I have fine hair and it really helps keep it from fly always but still have volume.

  113. It’s hard trying to narrow it down to 5!

    1. Wet Brush Pro. It’s seriously the best brush ever. I have long wavy hair and it detangles instantly. I use it both on wet and dry hair. I also use it on my little ones curly hair and it painlessly detangles!

    2. Yurbuds. The only headphones that seem to stay in when running for me. Don’t snag your cord though it will hurt like crazy.

    3. Pandora One. I get so sick of my own playlists so I like using Pandara to keep it interesting. Pandora One is the one you have to pay for to keep the ads away but SO worth it! Nothing worse than an ad coming up in the middle of a pumped up run!

    4. Living Proof Smoothing Cream. It works in dry Utah and Idaho. AND in humid Florida. AMAZING.

    5. Buxom lash mascara. BEST mascara ever! You can get the smaller tubes at Sephora for only $10 too. Looks like lash extensions! (I do lash extensions and everyone always says they want their lashes to look like mine, thinking I’m wearing extensions. Nope, just awesome mascara that’s bad for business ;)).

    Cannot wait to read your book that comes out next month!! I just got the other two and am excited to start carb cycling.

  114. Love your blog, Heidi! I can’t live without….
    1) Coffee…even better if it’s a yummy flavor.
    2) Mascara…MK I love lash or Lancome Hynose Drama
    3) Lip liner….a nice neutral I adore is Addiction by Rimmel, worn alone or under a sheer gloss. Stays put ALL day!
    4) Dry Shampoo…either Rock Your Hair or Bed Head
    5) My phone!!!!!!

  115. Five things I can’t live without:

    1. Scunci no slip grip hair ties (The only hair ties that keep my thick hair up)
    2.Coffee (Keurig to save money, but would do Starbucks daily if I could afford it!)
    3.Tall leather boots (in the fall/winter)
    4.Toms (I love shoes, can you tell?)
    5. Dry shampoo (I’m with you on the not washing my hair daily Heidi! I use the same brand, but it’s brown tinted!)

  116. Your fav 5 things are good ideas of things to carry in my bag. Already have the dental floss, starbucks card and lip balm. I’m going to have to look into the chic buds and shampoo. I love what you and Chris do to help others while keeping your family healthy. You are real. You live like average people and aren’t afraid to show it. Keep up the good work!

  117. My 5 things I CANNOT live without.

    1-Crystal Light packets… constantly on the go.

    2- Iso100 Fudge Brownie Protein. OH MY GOSH!!!! It’s AMAZING. Besides using it as a shake throughout the day, I mix it with 1/4c unsweetened almond milk and add my coffee to it and VOILA….I have a mocha fudge latte….sooooooooo good!!!!

    3. A nice tinted BB cream. I only get “done up” a couple of times a week so the rest of the week, it’s BB cream, mascara, and lip gloss.

    4. My blue re-usable water bottle. It’s shaped like a throw away BUT… it has two lids. It has the normal twist off cap but it can also be twisted off about 1/3 of the way down to add ice or anything else that would be difficult to add via the smaller drinking portion. This is my 3rd one…left one in a rental car once and had to go buy another one. Bought two just in case. My husband says I’m obsessed with it and I go nuts if I misplace it!!!! πŸ™‚

    5. My sports bra….lol. I finally found the PERFECT one for me! Again…bought a couple of them just in case I can never find them again. πŸ™‚

  118. Five things cannot live without are:
    My Pacifica lip tint and cc cream.
    My aveda thickening spray (I have fine hair and this works miracles)
    My aveda color conserve leave in
    My morning tea

  119. The five things I can’t live without:
    1. Definitely my family!
    2. My Hydro Flask water bottle, it helps me keep up on my water, wherever I am!
    3. Warm socks! It’s cold here these days…..brrrrrr!
    4. My calendar. With 5 kids and all of our schedules to keep on top of……definitely my calendar.
    5. Inspirational people in my life that help me to keep in my mind that no matter how hard it gets, the best thing to do, is keep going!

  120. I think my first comment glitched somehow bc I can’t see it. I shared your post on Twitter though. Thanks for doing the giveaway!
    My favorites are…
    1. Not your mothers dry shampoo -light but super absorbent
    2. Jergan’s BB cream-the best lotion for KP!
    3. Elf eye liner marker -easy to apply and $1!
    4. My bed head curling rod -best lasting curls!
    5. Ravpower portable charger -SO handy! Especially the multiple ports!

  121. 1. My homemade mocha coffee drinks that are all natural and super yummy! … but, with whipped cream of course.
    2. Spotify – I listen to music constantly, it’s like my own personal soundtrack to life.
    3. Life Factory glass water bottle – the glass never retains the smell or taste of food (or sweat) like bottles made out of other materials.
    4. Tapered curling iron.
    5. Body pillow.

  122. Ok my five faves are :

    1) Bible (can’t live without the Word)
    2) Starbucks (a daily venti skinny vanilla latte hot)
    3) My Doterra Essential oils
    4) Honest Company Makeup all of it
    5) Also my dry shampoo I don’t know what I would do without it πŸ™‚

  123. Too bad we don?t have Starbucks in Slovakia… I used to go all the time when I studied one year in the US. though πŸ™‚
    5 things I can?t live without:
    1. Coffee (in my fave KeepCup)
    2. Garnier Shine lip balm (I only have a few more left & have to find a new lip balm that will be as good as this one as it was discontinued) πŸ™
    3. Legings of different colors and patterns (I love wearing them at home, to the gym or yoga class or everywhere else with longer top or blouse)
    4. Bananas (I can eat them in my everyday breakfast oatmeal, quick snack in between classes, sometimes I also make no flour & no sugar banana bread or protein banana waffles… just love them),
    5. Mascara (I love it because it enhances my eyes.. along with lip balm mentioned above it?s my fave beauty product)

  124. My five favorite things are:
    1. My Blender Bottle. It’s the easiest way for me to track my water intake.
    2. Olay Total Effects face cream. It smells good and is not greasy.
    3. Jergens Ultra Healing lotion
    4. Quest protein bars. Love them!
    5. Any book. I like to read books and do so daily.

  125. Love the Vaseline trick, so going to copy you!

    1. ChapStick–cannot live without it in the cold Northwest
    2. My morning brew–Starbucks or the nearest coffee shop
    3. A hair tie–Even if I do my hair, I end the day with a bun on my head.
    4. My water bottle
    5. My lotion bar–for every time I wash my hands I HAVE to put some lotion on my hands.

    Thanks for making me think of the importance of the small things that get us through each day! πŸ™‚

  126. Heidi, love your favorite 5. Here are mine.

    1. Coffee: First cup of the day is perfect before work. Grab a cup at my fave local spot.
    2. Nivea Lotion: Shea Butter- Moisturizes my skin and makes it so soft for the rest of the day.
    3. My Ring: From my husband reminds me every day of the love we have for each other and the simple reminder of it makes me smile.
    4. Nyx Lip Butter: The perfect amount of color and shine for the lips. It’s my go-to lip favorite.
    5. Brown riding boots: compliment any outfit for fall. Can be dressy or casual.


  127. Thanks for the fun video!

    My five things are Mary Kay ultimate mascara in black, some sort of caffeine in either a coffee or chai tea, maxi skirt, my mason jar water glass and a little piece of chocolate.

  128. I love that your 5 things are affordable! πŸ™‚

    Mine are:

    1. Definitely dry shampoo!
    2. Planner
    3. Black yoga pants (comfortable)
    4. A book; I love to read!
    5. Mascara

  129. 1. My kids! All 3 ? 2. Lancome definicils mascara, muscle for my wimpy lashes! 3. True Lemon water with fresh lemon and EXTRA ice, my constant companion though the day. 4. Xyng! By xyngular herbal energy supplement with appetite control, seriously can’t live without it, I’m a slug otherwise. 5. Some small form of chocolate, gotta have it, someway, somehow!!

  130. I love ,love, love this idea for a blog post your awesome Heidi!!

    Here’s my five faves:

    1) Starbucks (venti skinny Vanilla latte) I also get one every morning πŸ™‚

    2) I also use and love my dry shampoo being a new mom after 10 years to baby # 8 I barely have time to go potty let alone shower and wash hair so thankful for this invention lol!!

    3) Doterra Essential Oils I love them all but fave is OnGuard πŸ™‚

    4) My Make-up from Honest Company absolutely love it.

    5) Saved the best for last my Bible I can’t live life without the Word of God πŸ™‚

  131. I love this!

    First: Bed Head hairspray! I have short hair and HATE when it falls all over my face when I’m teaching classes at the gym.

    Second: UnderArmour panties. They are the BEST for comfort and staying in place!

    Third: Gain detergent. There is nothing to me like the smell of a fresh towel laundered and dried with Gain. I add a little vinegar to it for my workout clothes to keep them smelling fresh πŸ™‚

    Fourth: Nars “orgasm” blush. I wear it daily. It literally goes with every skin tone and makes me feel amazing when applied.

    Fifth: Last but not least, since you did a drink, is my Spark. It’s my go to for morning and afternoon energy. I seriously don’t know how I survived before it!

    Thanks for letting us play along πŸ™‚

  132. My 5 fav :
    1.Coconut water to hydrate after lifting
    2. Frank Body scrub
    3. My homemade addictive tuna salad πŸ™‚
    4. Small Talk by Bed Head
    5.GrowMe shampoo

  133. 1. I cannot live without my Diet Lipton Green Tea. I gave up diet mt dew a few years ago and a caffeinated drink is just something I will never give up.

    2. Lip Gloss–Cover Girl Smoochies Be Sweet. I will completely freak if I don’t have that.

    3. My tennis shoes–Asics Gel Nimbus. I will not wear anything else. They are like clouds on my feet.

    4. White Rain spritz hair spray. Mamma don’t go no where with out her hair did! I have used it since high school and I am 43 now!

    5. Lotion. I am a moisturizing fanatic with super dry skin. Love Curel itch defense. Unscented and awesome.

  134. 1. Physicians Formula eyeliner. Seriously doesn’t travel to my creases.
    2. Molly’s Suds laundry detergent. The first time I bought it, I got it because of the name, but I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s all natural & the scent is natural peppermint oil!
    3. Jessica Simpson underwear. May be TMI, but I love them. Hint: stores like Marshall’s & Ross have them all the time.
    4. Caribou daybreak morning blend coffee. No explanation needed.
    5. My Disney Parks rapid refill cups. I know, I know how silly that sounds, but they are perfect for my coffee or any other drink all day long, every day.

  135. I would love to try your favorites! πŸ™‚

    Mine are…
    1. Not your mother’s dry shampoo- it’s so light but absorbs great!
    2. Jergan’s BB cream -the best and thickest lotion for amazing skin
    3. Elf eyeliner marker -SO easy to use and only $1!
    4. My bed head curling rod – Takes some time to learn but the curls are gorgeous and last forever
    5. My ravpower portable charger-SO handy! And it has multiple ports
    (Sharing your post on Twitter)

  136. I cannot like without:
    1. My headphones (love to listen to music all the time especially during workouts)
    2. Hand sanitizer (super mega germ freak sometimes)
    3.My iPad ( love being able to just put in my bag and be able to read or watch Friends after a long day)
    4.Hair tie ( I must always have a hair tie on my wrist)
    5. My ring ( my mom gave me a ring exactly like hers and I love wearing it everyday I get that warm feeling of knowing we’re connected especially after a long day or days when I wish I was back home from school)

  137. SherylsFaveFive…Eco lip balm…Scentsy (snowberry scent)…Wen hair products…Sour Patch Kids Berry…..B&B Theaters (Missouri 6) for the best in relaxation and movies!! #HeidisFaveFive

  138. 1. Starbucks coffee with steamed soy. My morning hug too!!
    2. A great stretching sesh. Even if it’s a rest day.
    3. Trader Joe’s ground flax with blueberries. Yummy addition to yogurt.
    4. Checking TimeHop each morning. I love seeing what happened each day.
    5. MyFitnessPal. Keeps me on track.

  139. As for my five favorite things, here they are:

    1) Coffee- it’s my IV in the morning to get me going

    2) Make-up. I have to be put together so I feel good about my self and look presentable

    3) Water bottle or, just water with lemon- keeps me hydrated

    4) My essential oil diffuser with Lavender oil at night which puts me to sleep in la-la land

    5) EOS lip balm- love the lil round container- but anxious to try YOUR FAV vasoline lip balm

  140. #HeidisFaveFive

    1. Dry shampoo – I’ve used multiple brands. Rockaholic smells the best but a little pricey. My fallback was Tressemme but will try Batisse.
    2. A water bottle to carry all day.
    3. Hand cream or lotion.
    4. Almonds as a “go to” snack!
    5. My Android Note 4 phone – it carries my contacts, schedule, etc.

  141. My 5 favorite things
    1. Chapstick
    2. Iced coffees
    3. My fitbit
    4. My pink headphones
    5. Wonder woman itty bitty stuffed toy

  142. Hey Heidi!!
    Cash is too cute in this video!! What a trooper πŸ™‚ (p.s your hair looks awesome! I love the big curls)
    So my five things are
    1. Toothpaste. I hate waking up or going to bed and not brushing my teeth. It’s the worst feeling! It’s the first thing I do in the mornings and after dinner every night.
    2. Dry shampoo. You are definitely not the only one who goes without washing your hair haha!! My hair is fine and blonde so dry shampoo works wonders. As a nurse it saves me so much time in the morning before my long shifts ?
    3. Morning coffee. We have a Starbucks right down the street that is also directly on the way to work in the morning. So guess who goes wayyyy to often? Me! I love just sitting on our patio in the mornings drinking my hot coffee. Those little moments are golden.
    4. My books. I am a total book worm! I have no idea how I would survive without books. I just read The Orphan Train. Excellent book if anyone is looking for a new one!!
    5. My Ninja Blender! Man those things are A-mazing. Seriously they blend up anything so quickly and those blades stay sharp! I love using the single cups to make a vanilla protein shake with a banana, cinnamon and almond milk. It taste so good! It’s like dessert :)!

    Thanks Heidi for all you and Chris do. My husband and I don’t have kids yet but I definitely look up to you and Chris as parents. You guys definitely place your family over your business and that is so inspiring. You guys are like the Chickfila of the fitness world πŸ˜‰ haha keep it up!

  143. Love love love this video!! You are so cute and Cash!

    My 5 favorite things that I can’t live without ….

    1. Coffee my Keurig machine is the best way to start my day. Typically go for the Caribou Coffee Daybreak or Starbucks Vanilla!

    2. Mascara I can’t leave the house without this.

    3. My origins Ginger hand lotion. I have a bottle by my bed and a tube in my purse at all times!

    4. Same as you I am addicted to those little Vaseline lip lip pods. They are amazing stocking stuffers and so perfect to throw in your bag

    5. My First Aid Beauty moisturizer. I am addicted you can get a tube for $12.50 from their website as well as Sephora. Gentle for even the most sensitive skin and you can’t beat the price!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  144. Aww I love those! I could definitely use dry shampoo!
    My give favorite things I could NOT live without.
    1). Baby Girl Snuggles. When my 2 year old says, “Mama, cuddle?” Yes. It’s a ‘yes’ everytime!
    2). My go-to Born boots! Comfortable, cute, they’ll last a life time!
    3). Instadry Nail Polish! I’m an active mama and waiting for nail Polish to dry is like… Well, watching paint dry! Instadry looks flawless and I can get back to my business much faster (and look fab doing it)
    4). My “Marry Poppins” bag. It’s my black work purse. Looks polished and profesh, but can fit a tiny universe of emergency goodness in there!
    5). Essential Oils. I’m not a brand pusher, but OMG these have changed my life. Lavendar in the tub, peppermint on the feet, orange & clove in the diffuser and I feel life a super modern pioneer mom!
    Love you Heidi!
    Liked, shared & commented πŸ˜‰
    Wife, mama, stepmom, and self discoverer.

  145. This was great ok so my 5 things I can’t live without is as follows 1) Starbucks Hot venti skinny vanilla latte. 2) also my dry shampoo. 3) Doterra essential oils fav. OnGaurd. 4) my makeup from Honest company . 5) my Sunnies I can’t go anywhere without my favorite pair of sunglasses ??. Those are just a few of my favorite things !!!!

  146. I love this idea. I want to do it myself and share it, like a Secret Santa. (hey, there’s an idea)
    My fave five are:
    1. My bible, never start my day without it.
    2. DoTerra oils – I never knew I need them until I had them. Makes me feel great to use something natural to heal what ails me and my family.
    3. Bison meat – leanest red meat out there, and since my husband raises it, well, I am one blessed woman.
    4. Tarte make up – all natural and beautiful. Makes me feel better about wearing make up
    5. Social media – keeps me connected and up to date with Heidi, my friends and family, as well as the latest goings on.

  147. <3 Cash, too cute πŸ™‚
    My fave five would be my Oral B electric toothbrush, diet coke for caffeine (never liked coffee), my Garmin VivoFit to keep my honest about my activity levels, Glade wax melts – I turn on my wax warmer every morning, and lavender essential oils to diffuse overnight (from walmart or amazon because the MLM versions cost too much!!).

  148. Love you so much Heidi! You’re such an inspiration!! My five things I can’t live without are a teasing comb (for thin fine hair it’s a must!), good hairspray, mascara (I’m a Mary Kay girl), gum (don’t want to get caught with food breath), sanatizing wipes (with 3 kids and lots of touching we are always cleaning hands!). Hope I can be chosen! Thanks Heidi!!!!

  149. Okay I have 10 6. My kids they have there moments but evening in the tuff times the bring a smell to my face 7. Yoga because at the end of a bad day yoga helps with everything gym membership because I never uses to like it but now I am in love with it 9. Any color lipstick because it tills how I am feeling that day 10. a hotbath

  150. Interesting choices and I thought you were a natural jump out of bead beauty. My must have is my morning coffee.

  151. I love this idea for a blog post! (I might have to steal it for my own blog …)

    As for my five things, here they are:

    1. Coffeemate Natural Bliss creamer for my coffee: I almost prefer to make coffee at home because I can add one of these delicious flavors and wake up happy πŸ™‚

    2. Coconut oil: It’s super cheap and can be used for everything. I use it as a moisturizer (even for my face, which doesn’t generally do well with regular body lotion), and as a baby lotion and diaper cream for my son.

    3. Headphones: I have at least three pairs around so I’m never without.

    4. Eyeliner/mascara: Even if I don’t have time to do my makeup in the morning, a little eyeliner and mascara can go a long way in brightening a face.

    5. A reusable water bottle: I’m notorious for buying reusable water bottles/takeaway coffee mugs. But I have to have one with me at all times

    1. Kate – yes! How could I forget coconut oil! I use it in shakes, to cook with, for diaper rash cream (a different bottle of course!), pink eye, the inevitable hair buggies (thank you elementary school), owies, and so much more!!

  152. Thanks for always sharing your family moments and your tips for wellness! Family and friends are part of that journey! And is part of must have! #heidisfavefive

  153. 5 things I can’t live without! !
    1- my cup coffe starbucks Pike place roast @ home black coffe.
    2. My limon butter cuticle cream always in my purse . I use it as a lip balm too!
    3- my pocketbac..hand sanitazer!
    4- my pack of gum. Trident it has to be the spearmint flavor!!
    5- I can’t live with out my favorite glass of any red wine!! When making dinner!! My treat to say thanks to the ending of the day.

  154. My 5 Favorite Things I Can’t Live Without:
    1. Urban Decay Eyeliner
    2. Chickfila HalfSweet/Unsweet Tea
    3. Dry Shampoo (Batisse is the best I’ve found)
    4. Chapstick
    5. Ponytail holders : )

  155. Oh my gosh, Cash is so adorable! Such a sweetie.
    I also like Vaseline for my lips. I can’t be without a nail file either. I have one in my car, purse, kitchen, etc. my nails break often. Coffee/tea would be another favorite.
    Love your blog!

  156. phone 2. My body spray 3.make up you can’t go wrong with a good eyeliner 4. My coupons because with 3 kids you need to save every penny husband of 16 years I can’t live without him he is my rock

  157. The 5 things I can’t live without….
    1. Moisture Therapy Hand Lotion (especially during the winter time)
    2. Bubba Water Bottle…I’m pretty sure I take it everywhere with me
    3. Julep nail polish!! (I can’t stand not having my nails painted!!!!)
    4. Starbucks!
    5. Trident Gum – Spearmint

  158. Hi Heidi and Chris,

    Writing you all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You two are so inspiring and motivate me daily to keep going with fitness and nutrition. It is so nice to see a couple support eachother in their endeavors. I am an online fitness coach, registered nurse and mama of 2 and you motivate me to be a better me.

    Thank you for all you both do,

    Erin Murray

  159. My fave five things I cannot live without.

    My zak Star Wars water bottle I fill it all day long!

    My morning coffee iced coffee with coconut milk (usually Starbucks!)

    My cell phone

    My carmex

    And my biolage hair gel (curly hair needs help!)

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