Of all the questions I get asked, there is one that is asked FAR more often than the others: “Do you ever eat “cheat” foods yourself?” Ladies and gents…I proudly admit that yes, I do. Every single day, in fact. BUT (and that is a huge “but”) it is NEVER off-plan. I have custom created my own meal plan that works for me to include my “morning hug.” It helps me stay on track, fight cravings, and eat healthy every other second of the day…just by allowing myself this one little daily reward. Watch the vid to find out what my daily cheat is, and how exactly I work it into my diet in a way that keeps me moving toward my goals…not away from them.

Depriving ourselves of anything, whether it’s that delicious rocky road ice cream calling our name in the freezer, or that perfectly-glazed donut in the donut shop window, will only lead to us wanting it more!!! Oftentimes, this leads to us obsessing over those dang foods. And we should NEVER give food that power over us!

My key to success? Indulgence…in moderation. By creating a plan that allows me the freedom to occasionally enjoy the foods I love has proven to work miracles for me. This has helped my relationship with food turn from one where it controlled me, to one where now I control it. While this may not be the key for everybody, it sure has worked for me, and I invite you to give it a shot if you are one of the MANY attempting (and most likely failing at) the “deprivation game.”

Sounds frightening, I get it. Think of it this way (Chris’ and my favorite way to put it): Try living the 90/10 rule. Ninety percent of the time eat perfectly, and I mean perfectly (NOT to be confused with imperfectly). Then the other 10% of the time, eat imperfectly :). It balances out and makes the perfectly imperfect lifestyle (NOT diet) for people like ME!!!

Do you have a “cheat” or “reward” plan that works for you? I’d love to hear about it, so let me know in the comments below!