The Dreaded (and Loved) Burpee

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Can you believe 2013 is already almost halfway done? What happened to 2012??? I?m not sure if it was all of the travel, or just the everyday crazy-busyness of raising three kids and trying to squeeze it all in, but these years seem to fly by all too fast! While there are parts of 2012 that I?ll happily leave in the past (like our family?s weeklong flu attack), there are quite a few things I happily brought along to 2013 ? one of them I?ll share with you today ?.

Jan 1, 2012: There was not a workout move I dreaded more than the doggone burpee. There was very little Chris could say or do to get me to happily burpee-run my way around the block like he seemed to LOVE to do on an every-few-day basis. The push-up, the hop to squat, the frog jump and clap above the head?it made me queasy to think about. Then to repeat the move 15-20 times before running and doing it all over again??? Seemed like torture, so I would avoid at all costs while Chris only got fitter, and better at that bugger of a move.

June 24, 2012: Enter CrossFit Open. No, I did not compete (someday I would love to be that fit!), but I decided to be a good teammate to Chris, and do the exact workouts he was required to do each day of the competition. I had committed to this BEFORE seeing what day one?s workout was: 7 minutes of burpees. You better believe I tried all I could to get out of that workout, but Chris – nor my conscience (and maybe my ego) – could let this workout go. I figured I?d buck up and do more burpees in 7 minutes than I ever imagined I would do in my life.

The 7 minutes was long, and the burpees? Hard as heck. But as I plowed through the workout loaded with the one move I thought I hated so much, I found a groove ? a nice pace to my burpees that made them feel easier than they had ever felt before. I couldn?t believe it when I realized I didn?t hate burpees so much after all?in fact, I kind of liked them! I just needed to do enough of them to feel comfortable with the movement pattern. Even more importantly? I needed to realize that burpee workouts should NOT be a race for me ? just a SLOW, CONSISTENT chipper workout!

This 7 minute torture session was exactly what I needed. You see, before, I felt so weak each and every time I tried burpees, so instead of pushing through and making myself stronger, I would just run away. But when I forced myself to face my fear, I realized my potential to be as strong and as good at burpees as I wanted to be! This was my own personal growth experience with ?practice makes perfect?. And out of this, I found the move that brought my fitness to new levels in 2012, and the move that I have continued incorporating into my workouts in 2013 (and to infinity and beyond!).

Burpees are such an incredible total body burner: breaking down the chest, shoulders, triceps, core, glutes, and hamstring muscles. But this isn?t even the best part! Burpees not only strengthen these muscle groups, but they also give you an unbeatable cardio-respiratory workout. Hands down, the burpee is my move of the last 12 months!

Looking for a great way to boost your exercise routine? Take the 7 minute burpee challenge today! Set the clock for 7 minutes, and burpee your way to a happier, healthier YOU! Got get ?em 😉

How To Burpee:

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at


Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell teaches the proper way to do a burpee - Learn more at

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  1. Ugh!!! I do go between loving and hating Burpees. I often wonder what crazy person came up with it. However, after several Boot Camp classes and a few hinder Burpees later I know that even when I am short of time doing Burpees is one of the quickest yet most effective exercises and therefore I lie them. They make me feel strong and accomplished and REALLY tired! Thanks for the post! Always helpful and inspirational.

  2. I love this post!! Ever since i started my lifestyle change journey in May 2012 I never thought in a million years i would do a burpee. January of this year i started seeing a personal trainer. Week after week my body becomes stronger as she constantly challenges me. Last week she said to me “the next exercise in this circut will be a burpee”. UHHHHH WHAT!?!?!? NO…NO…NO.
    But ofcourse not wanting to let her or myself down, i did it! It is actually a pretty fun exercise!!
    I started in may 2012 at 344lbs. I am now 248Lbs. I am extremely proud of where im at, and know that im not done.
    Complete and total Lifestyle change!!

    By the way… Thank you Heidi and Chris. Even though ive never met you, i follow all your social media, blogs, interviews and Ext. Makeover WLE. When i decide to change my lifestyle abs become a better, healthier, happier ME. You both were total inspirations!
    Chris became my conscience. Everytime i wanted to skip the gym, eat poorly or give up in the middle of a work out i heard him saying “keep going, you’ve got this! You deserve this dont give up” ect.
    Thank you for all you do!

  3. Hi Heidi! Thank you for blogging about burpees! A few years ago I did cross fit for a couple months and I learned about burpees from a workout I had to do. I hated them at first! I think I was doing them completely wrong! I am so very glad and thankful for you showing and explaining how to correctly do a burpee in your blog post! I am going to start a promise, and challenge, with myself to work up to 7 minutes of burpees! I watched your youtube video where you did the 7 minute burpee challenge! You rocked it! I want to rock it too! I’ll get there 😉 I just have to believe it!

  4. I love this post because burpees are the most awesome, exhausting, full-body workout. They exhaust me and are a challenge, but I am always up for the challenge.

  5. I am nearly 300 lbs and I cannot do the burpee properly. Is there an alternative or easier version until I can do the “real” burpee? Thanks!

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