How to Become a #BossBabe

This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at BlogFest 2018 (as part of the IDEA World Fitness Convention, where we were presented with the Jack LaLanne Lifetime Achievement Award!) and share space in a room full of hundreds of boss babes. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences to be surrounded by so many like-minded women who are doing what they can to make a difference in their lives and in their businesses. I mean it when I say it was an absolute honor to be asked to keynote speak at the event. The most delicious calorie-free icing on the cake!?

The audience was made up of people from all aspects of blogging: from avid and successful bloggers with huge followings, to passionate bloggers with smaller (but equally as passionate) audiences, to contemplative bloggers who are just looking for ways to spread their messages. But despite these differences, everyone there undoubtedly shared a similar goal: These women were dreamers and doers who are out to make a difference. Whether it be a brand new business or a blog with thousands of subscribers, each woman wanted the same thing?to improve the lives of those around them and EMPOWER others.

Did someone say “EMPOWER”? Why yes, I did. I knew it once the realization hit. These. Are. My. People. Their unique, but similar, missions resonated so strongly with me. I felt more compelled than ever to spill all my secrets in an effort to help them along their altruistic journeys. Needless to say, the entire experience was an incredible one…I mean, getting to put on my business hat and talk shop, while keeping on my mommy trainer and transformation specialist hats is a dream come true!

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Since then, I’ve received a few messages asking for help + guidance in building a brand, chasing dreams, and creating a successful business. While I am not technically a “branding expert” (ie, I didn’t go to school for that or anything), I will say I personally have thousands of hours in the field + a crap ton of experience to share with you all. In short, I guess you could say?I have found a few dos and a lot of don’ts along the way of becoming a #bossbabe. Are you ready for this? Well then scroll down already!

In my humble (and sometime incorrect) opinion, oftentimes starting a business and building a brand has MUCH less to do with the actual business and brand itself and more to do with finding yourself, your passion, and your motivation behind everything.?Ask yourself these questions:

Who are you?

Why are you setting out to do what you are doing?

What problem are you solving by doing so?

How will what you do improve the lives of those you touch?

The answers to these simple questions alone will tell you a lot, AND they’ll get your mind spinning. Understanding your?”why”?for your business and brand is EQUALLY as important as understanding your “why” in weight loss and transformation. Chris and I won’t even let a client begin the process until they’ve done a deep dive into that question. Knowing your “why” will help navigate you through even the toughest of situations when you’re faced with the inevitable speed bumps along the way. Focusing on the deepest level of this “why” will allow you to dig deep and persevere when times get tough, and you are naturally tempted to quit.

Speaking of quitting, let’s talk about this. What sets a successful person apart from an unsuccessful person is usually just their reaction to adversity.?One of them throws their hands in?the air and quits, the other doesn’t accept failure no matter what and finds a way because they have a will.?I’m sure you can guess which one is which?

I usually advise my Mom Boss Babes (ie., friends, which includes you) to hustle the same with your brand and/or business as you would for your kiddos. Us moms will do ANYTHING for our kids. Why? Because we want nothing more than for them to be happy and healthy no matter the cost to us! We have “mom hustle”…and we get shit done!?(excuse the Sh word!).?I realized long ago it was important that I carry my same hustle in the home?hello laundry, dishes, carpool, and endless hugs?into my business life too. Whether I?m planning a family trip or planning the next stages of The TRANSFORM App, you better believe my hustle is the same. I truly believe these non-negotiable rules of momhood that have been carried into business and transformation are part of what have allowed us to accomplish all we have.

Alright, this is just barely getting exciting for me! Now onto the REAL meat…How YOU can be a badass mom boss babe, yourself.

Now, no, no…I’m not saying I am a #BadAss #BossBabe or #MomBoss. But I AM saying I am certain my rules below can help you become one! 😉 Five simple tips/rules/laws?whatever you want to call them?to owning your hustle and breaking through the barriers you once thought held you back to become the baddest boss babe in town.

Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing one of my Mom Boss Babe tips with you right here on the blog. Some you may have already heard before in one way or another, but I can assure you you’ve never heard them from me…with my own kind of nutty, but effective “Heidi twist”. 😉 #getready

Side note: These aren’t just rules to follow in business. These are rules to follow in LIFE. Friends, they work. They will help you create success in any area you are wanting help in.

I’ll start with one today that isn’t technically a part of my 5 Laws, but it IS vital to finding the kind of success I feel like you want. Really, the kind of success I think we all want, but sometimes we don’t KNOW we want. This is the kind that has nothing to do with money, in fact, not a single string is attached to paper currency.

Know your value.

Again, not monetary value.

Girl, you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are capable of and worthy enough to accomplish any dream you want to. I know the road toward business ownership, brand creation, and financial freedom can be terrifying. SO scary. But when you dig down deep enough, the fear stems from the simple concept of “the unknown.”

What if no one likes my ideas?

What if I’m not enough?

What if this journey is too much for me to handle?

What if people think I’m crazy for even trying?

What if I rub?someone the wrong way?

What if I FAIL?

I get it. Breathe. Everything is going to be okay, because I PROMISE YOU RIGHT NOW that you have what it takes! I don’t care whether you graduated with honors or not, what college you went to, or if you even went to college! All I care about is you knowing that you have all the tools you needs to be a boss babe, and over the next 5 weeks, I will show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Before I go, I want you to remember one phrase, my friend:?ACTION CONQUERS FEAR.?The act of taking action almost always outperforms the smartest of people who are stuck in analysis paralysis.

Bonus: Over the next couple of weeks, let’s take these tips one step further. Each boss babe tip will include a challenge, a challenge to step outside of your comfort zone, digging deeper into your boss babe role! Are you with me?! Alright, Boss Babe…get some sleep. Or get your work done. Whatever time it is for you. Same time, same place, next week. More to talk about.



PS: Check out my YouTube Channel for all of my Boss Babe tips!

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  1. Heidi, this is exactly what I needed to hear. I am doing a major life change as an entrepreneur and did not know where to start. This helps tremendously. I sure will be coming back every week for those tips. Thanks for being real and helping other moms.?

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