7 Workout Moves You’re Doing Wrong + GIVEAWAY!

2019 is in full swing, and so are those New Year’s Resolutions! It’s a fresh year, which means a brand new start and a new YOU! Time to tackle those goals and prioritize your dreams to make this your best year ever. If exercising and healthy living are at the top of your resolutions list, but you’re new to the workout game, this post is for YOU!

To help you on your road to “New Year, New You,” I’m sharing 7 workout moves that you are most likely doing wrong! And if you are not, chances are you’ve seen someone else jack them up in the gym! Now…YOU can play coach and help them correct their form to prevent injury. Behold…the 7 moves I’ve most commonly seen performed TOTALLY wrong! (and don’t worry…SHAKE + DIETBET GIVEAWAY at the bottom!)

7 Moves You Don’t Know You’re Doing Wrong


  • DO focus on proper stance! Feet should be shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out, and chest up high.
  • DO NOT allow body to become hunched over!! A hunched back is a spine injury waiting to happen!
  • DO keep weight on heels during the entire move! Weight shifting to your toes will destroy your knees..and work the quads! And we all know we want those glutes to benefit. 😉
  • DO NOT ALLOW KNEES TO CAVE INWARD! Knees should always track direct over toes.
  • DO make sure reps are complete with the crease of your hip dropping below the crease of your knee.
  • DO keep glutes engaged and core tight the entire time!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO keep most of your weight distributed to the front heel during the entirety of the movement. By allowing weight to shift to your front toe, you risk knee injury. Also, by allowing to shift to BACK FOOT too much, you risk balance and stability issues, as well as knee injury.
  • DO NOT allow less than a 90 degree angle in your front knee! Front knee should remain at a 90 degree angle, NOT LESS THAN THAT.?Allowing a smaller angle will force the weight onto you toe, which we’ve already learned will create knee issues.
  • DO NOT allow chest/back to hunch! Keep it nice and straight, chest high and shoulders back.
  • DO Anchor yourself to a chair or other stable object if needed! Focus on stabilization to avoid possible injuries.
  • DO allow range of motion to take you to where your back knee kisses the ground. If you feel knee pain, partial reps are okay!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maybe slightly narrower. Can also be done with a wider stance, if sumo style.
  • DO Keep your chest up the entire time, and keep your back straight.
  • DO NOT hunch over at any point during the movement! This is difficult for most people. If at anytime you feel your back rounding, STOP RANGE OF MOTION IN MOVEMENT and return to standing position to avoid injury.
  • DO keep weight in heels the entire time.
  • DO NOT allow knees to cave in. Knees should track directly over toes to avoid knee injury!
  • DO NOT relax your core during movement! Keep it nice and tight and engaged!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO NOT allow your back or butt to sag!
  • DO NOT pike your body too high!
  • DO create a straight body line.
  • DO Keep core engaged and butt squeezed the entire time!
  • DO keep your weight over your shoulders.
  • If you can’t hold the plank, pause and take a short break, allowing your core to recover before assuming the correct plank position again.

Bicep Curl

  • DO keep your body rigid and back straight, chest out during entire movement.
  • DO NOT allow your body line to shift, or spine to round OR arch in an effort to YANK  your weight up into top of curl! This is a back injury weighting to happen!
  • DO Keep your elbows glued to your sides (they shouldn’t move!) and slowly curl the weights up.
  • DO keep your shoulders down and back and isolating the bicep. DO NOT SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS.
  • DO use your muscles to bring the weight up, not momentum! Decrease the weight if you find yourself using momentum.

Push up

  • DO NOT allow your elbows drive out to the sides!
  • DO point your elbows back so that over time when you lower your body, your elbows continue that back motion as opposed to winging out to the sides.
  • DO keep your plank position rigid and with proper form.
  • DO NOT allow your butt sag, OR pike up too high.
  • DO NOT count a rep unless your chest and quads touch the ground! Feel free to scale to knees or hips, but DO FULL REPS!

Kettlebell Swing

  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits! Especially on this one…as it’s way too easy to throw your back out with this move! Lighter is better!
  • DO make sure that all the motion and momentum is coming from your hip hinge.
  • DO NOT use your upper body to propel weight!
  • DO NOT allow back to hunch or round. Again, back injury waiting to happen!
  • DO keep your core activated and your glutes tight, helping propel that weight up and forward. This should remain the entire movement!

So there you have it—seven moves you may have been doing wrong that you’re now going to go and rock next time you hit the gym. Drop a comment and let me know which one helped you the most and if there are any other moves you want to see me explain in a future post.

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263 Responses

  1. The amount of people who do moves wrong in the gym is scary! Especially deadlifts. Thanks for the great video!

  2. Hey Heidi, this was a very informative post. I know that I have trouble hunching my back sometimes or using momentum. My New Year’s resolution/goal is to become a certified personal trainer. I’ve already started and I’m so excited about it! ?

  3. Thanks Heidi for all the tips i always struggle with deadlifts and push ups and these video will help me to do them proper way these will be my new resolution to focus on proper posture

  4. My favorite part of your blog is that you keep it real! You posting real life stuff that all women worry or stress about are my fave moments.

  5. I am a fitness lover and going to the gym regularly from last 2 years. I totally agree to above 7 moves shown in videos are wrong. Thanks for sharing the right information.

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