7 Workout Moves You’re Doing Wrong + GIVEAWAY!

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2019 is in full swing, and so are those New Year’s Resolutions! It’s a fresh year, which means a brand new start and a new YOU! Time to tackle those goals and prioritize your dreams to make this your best year ever. If exercising and healthy living are at the top of your resolutions list, but you’re new to the workout game, this post is for YOU!

To help you on your road to “New Year, New You,” I’m sharing 7 workout moves that you are most likely doing wrong! And if you are not, chances are you’ve seen someone else jack them up in the gym! Now…YOU can play coach and help them correct their form to prevent injury. Behold…the 7 moves I’ve most commonly seen performed TOTALLY wrong! (and don’t worry…SHAKE + DIETBET GIVEAWAY at the bottom!)

7 Moves You Don’t Know You’re Doing Wrong


  • DO focus on proper stance! Feet should be shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out, and chest up high.
  • DO NOT allow body to become hunched over!! A hunched back is a spine injury waiting to happen!
  • DO keep weight on heels during the entire move! Weight shifting to your toes will destroy your knees..and work the quads! And we all know we want those glutes to benefit. 😉
  • DO NOT ALLOW KNEES TO CAVE INWARD! Knees should always track direct over toes.
  • DO make sure reps are complete with the crease of your hip dropping below the crease of your knee.
  • DO keep glutes engaged and core tight the entire time!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO keep most of your weight distributed to the front heel during the entirety of the movement. By allowing weight to shift to your front toe, you risk knee injury. Also, by allowing to shift to BACK FOOT too much, you risk balance and stability issues, as well as knee injury.
  • DO NOT allow less than a 90 degree angle in your front knee! Front knee should remain at a 90 degree angle, NOT LESS THAN THAT.?Allowing a smaller angle will force the weight onto you toe, which we’ve already learned will create knee issues.
  • DO NOT allow chest/back to hunch! Keep it nice and straight, chest high and shoulders back.
  • DO Anchor yourself to a chair or other stable object if needed! Focus on stabilization to avoid possible injuries.
  • DO allow range of motion to take you to where your back knee kisses the ground. If you feel knee pain, partial reps are okay!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maybe slightly narrower. Can also be done with a wider stance, if sumo style.
  • DO Keep your chest up the entire time, and keep your back straight.
  • DO NOT hunch over at any point during the movement! This is difficult for most people. If at anytime you feel your back rounding, STOP RANGE OF MOTION IN MOVEMENT and return to standing position to avoid injury.
  • DO keep weight in heels the entire time.
  • DO NOT allow knees to cave in. Knees should track directly over toes to avoid knee injury!
  • DO NOT relax your core during movement! Keep it nice and tight and engaged!
  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits!


  • DO NOT allow your back or butt to sag!
  • DO NOT pike your body too high!
  • DO create a straight body line.
  • DO Keep core engaged and butt squeezed the entire time!
  • DO keep your weight over your shoulders.
  • If you can’t hold the plank, pause and take a short break, allowing your core to recover before assuming the correct plank position again.

Bicep Curl

  • DO keep your body rigid and back straight, chest out during entire movement.
  • DO NOT allow your body line to shift, or spine to round OR arch in an effort to YANK  your weight up into top of curl! This is a back injury weighting to happen!
  • DO Keep your elbows glued to your sides (they shouldn’t move!) and slowly curl the weights up.
  • DO keep your shoulders down and back and isolating the bicep. DO NOT SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS.
  • DO use your muscles to bring the weight up, not momentum! Decrease the weight if you find yourself using momentum.

Push up

  • DO NOT allow your elbows drive out to the sides!
  • DO point your elbows back so that over time when you lower your body, your elbows continue that back motion as opposed to winging out to the sides.
  • DO keep your plank position rigid and with proper form.
  • DO NOT allow your butt sag, OR pike up too high.
  • DO NOT count a rep unless your chest and quads touch the ground! Feel free to scale to knees or hips, but DO FULL REPS!

Kettlebell Swing

  • DO NOT lift heavier weight than proper form permits! Especially on this one…as it’s way too easy to throw your back out with this move! Lighter is better!
  • DO make sure that all the motion and momentum is coming from your hip hinge.
  • DO NOT use your upper body to propel weight!
  • DO NOT allow back to hunch or round. Again, back injury waiting to happen!
  • DO keep your core activated and your glutes tight, helping propel that weight up and forward. This should remain the entire movement!

So there you have it—seven moves you may have been doing wrong that you’re now going to go and rock next time you hit the gym. Drop a comment and let me know which one helped you the most and if there are any other moves you want to see me explain in a future post.

And don’t worry…GIVEAWAY BELOW!! Keep scrolling…

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  1. Comment below telling me you’re favorite part about this blog OR your New Year’s Resolution!
  2. Head over to my Instagram or Facebook, like the Workout Moves Post, and drop a comment there too!

THREE winners will be chosen at midnight on Monday, and announced Tuesday morning, 1/8!!



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263 Responses

  1. This is my fav blog cause it?s relatable! I love how so down to earth you are and your topics are always intriguing. You always post about things that I don?t think about but that are really important! My New Years resolution is to have endless goals this year, cause no matter what you achieve there?s always room for improvement. So I?ll be setting new mini goals each time I accomplish one.

  2. My resolution is to be more positive and get healthy. It?s hard in my field of work sometimes to be positive but I?m going to try!

  3. Resolution is to not go into the hospital this year. Was 4x last year. Hopefully getting healthy will end cycle.

  4. I was 408 I now weight 334 in five months would love to get in on the bet on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay I know I can do this

  5. I love that you added some comedy in there and didn?t make anyone feel stupid for ?doing it wrong?. I just love your inspiration!

  6. In 2019 I’m building a stronger body and mind thru workouts, learning about foods that fuel me, and learning how to focus my mind on the right thoughts to create a healthier body an open heart and a happier life.

  7. My new years resolution is to keep strong on my weightloss journey! In November I lost 10lbs and 6% body fat. My goal is another 30 lbs by the end of the year.

  8. My resolution is to lose weight but to also be a happy calmer version of myself and to find a hobby that I love!

  9. My New Year goal is to lose my last 30lbs before I turn 30 June 8th if this year from becoming a mom (5years ago) and to. Get my husband on board start his weight loss journey as he is 400lbs and his health is in jeopardy! I’ve wanted to do this bet every year but can never afford it.

  10. My resolution for 2019 is to just fcus on being HEALTHY. Not a certain weight or size,I just want to finally be heathy.

  11. My favorite part of the blog is your great “busy mom” posts. So helpful and sooo relatable!! But I love it all 🙂

  12. Thank you for the tips on these moves… I never thought about focusing on the weight being in the heel when doing lunges. Not one person has ever told me that and I even was going to bootcamp for 6 months! Thanks again!!!

  13. My new years resolution is to love myself again! Started working out again. I struggle with push ups and your tips have helped!

  14. My New Years resolution is to get healthier than ever so when I go IVF later this year my body will be ready

  15. My New Years resolution is to learn to love me again. Mom of four, leaves little room for me time, I just got busy and forgot to put myself on the list. I?m literally starting over.

  16. Happy New Year Heidi! My goal this year is to understand and accept that it is okay to put myself first and that it’s okay to be a little more selfish when it comes to getting healthy. As a mom and grandma to 3 little girls, I always put my family first and in the back of my mind I think I will take more time to focus on myself but I never do. I’m always too tired by the time I get to me. I will be 55 years old next month and when I look in the mirror I hardly recognize myself. I look so tired and haggard. I’m at least 80 lbs overweight and I am now at the stage of constantly being in pain from the excess weight. Ten years ago I walked for fitness and I was in the best shape of my life. I’ve never had much self-confidence, but I finally got to a point in my life where I took pride in myself. Unfortunately a chronic foot injury left me sedentary, depressed and now very overweight. I know I am better than this, but I can’t seem to get my act together. I want to lose 10-15 pounds before my 55th birthday (which is why I joined DietBet) so I can start feeling better about myself again. I want to be a healthy grandma to those little girls and be able to play and have fun with them. I want 2019 to be a year of positive change. Thank you!

  17. My New Years resolution is to finally finish what I started… I signed up for my first sprint triathlon and will kick butt!!! Thanks to Heidi and Chris, the transform app, and everyone on this journey 🙂

  18. My resolution is to get healthy for myself, my kiddos, and my husband. My husband and I are both overweight, so my mission is get us into a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle, and take my life back! Right now my life is full of health issues, mostly aggravated by obesity. I?m ready for a new me!

  19. My resolution is to stay hydrated. These are great tips to remind us to stay injury free in the gym; thanks, Heidi!

  20. My new year?s resolution is to live a balanced life and not one of extremes. I love training so much that I?ll overstrain/get injured or sick and then not make progress, but will just maintain. I?m also working on my macros and trying to consume more protein.

  21. Love the layout. So easy to read and follow your advise. Also, my NYR is to get my life back I have lost over the last 2 years!

  22. I don’t really do resolutions, but this year my themes are self-care and healing. I’m focusing everything I do, read, eat, say, etc on being healing for myself and those around me .

  23. News Years Resolution – learning to live MY best life possible this year, doing it for ME. Make myself happy first. Learn to say no.

  24. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to better utilize the meal planning and nutrition portion of the app ( for some reason it terrifies and overwhelms me so I’m resistant) and actually plan/track my meals! I can do it!

  25. My New Years resolution is to take care of myself. I?ve been through a lot this year and I?m determined to have a better year this year. I dont need to lose a lot of weight (20lbs) so it should prob go to someone else. Just wanted to say love you guys and thank you for all you do to help people, even if it?s just encouragement or a smile:)

  26. I would love to lose my baby weight and start to have my clothes fit comfortably! You and Chris are amazing! I also love that you are always real on your blog!

  27. I would love to at least lose 20-30 pounds and tone up over all. I have lost 5.6 lbs so far and I?m not giving up!

  28. My New Years Resolution is to love myself. Follow my dreams and my heart. To finally take the one last step in fulfilling my life long dream job of becoming a police officer.
    Also to come back to AZ and conquer A mountain!!

  29. My New Years Resolution is to lower my percentage of body fat, and increase my muscle mass, and lower my A1C, as I am Type 1 Diabetic.

  30. My New Years resolution is to be more patient and shift my mind set. Also, to work on myself. Work towards losing weight and working out. I deserve a little me time each day and to know I?m worth it. Sometimes as a single mama, especially of 4 littles, it?s hard to remember myself when focusing on my kids.

  31. My new year’s resolution is to have more patience and be more present with my family!! With two young children that can be hard sometimes. The way you are so sweet with your little Ruby is so admirable! I love how real your posts are and that I can do so much at home without going to a gym. Thanks for keeping it real!!

  32. Hi Heidi! I love the practical, relatable tips! Your advice feels close and personal?also do-able for this teacher! I have joined a local ?pound plunge? and want to take home first place, along with the Powell DietBet! Super stoked to be a better model for my family and my 5th Grade students.

  33. Planning on filming my lunge. Those often have given me issues in me knees no matter what leg is doing what.

  34. New Years resolution includes being kinder. To myself (less negative self talk) to others (less commplements of outside beauty more of strength and personality….). Thank you so much for these tips. I constantly remind myself of many, but every reminder helps.

  35. What I love about your blog is you talk to each and every one of us as important people. You care about us. So many healthy people speak to us as if we are all lazy and sloppy. You make me feel worth it.

  36. My resolution this year is to end the year proud of my journey and the hard work I put in along the way!!

  37. New Year?s resolution is to be more present with my family…turn off the phone, work emails, social media browsing when I need to be present in moments. Hence doing this after bedtime routine with my little one ?

    1. I LOVE reading your posts because they are so real and show that you and your family are like everyone elses. Thank you and Chris for giving so much of yourselves to help others. I would have liked to join the diet bet, but at this time I cannot, because my husband has been unemployed for 2 1/2 months. 🙁

  38. Your blog makes me feel like we could be friends if we lived closer. You are so real and share your family life so freely. As a bonus, you teach us healthy options and valuable lessons. My resolution is to share what I learn.

  39. Loved leaning more about the kettle bell, that?s always been difficult. I must of been swinging too fast. Thank you!! ???

  40. My New Years resolution is to work our more and lose about 30 lbs! I?m doing your DietBet weight loss competition for the first time as well!!

  41. I love the advise.
    My New Years resolution is to start taking care of myself more, lower my BMI, get more toned. I have been a single Mom for 15 yrs-my youngest graduates this May. I have always focused on them but now its time to focus on me.

  42. One of my resolutions is a daily push up challenge with a grand total of a little of 19,000 for the year ?19

  43. My favorite part of this blog is 7 moves I didn?t know I was doing wrong. I still have yet to do a decent lunge ?

    My New Years Resolution is to love myself and to make myself a priority. Momma can?t be Momma if she?s neglected.

    please pick me! Lol I have done 3 of your bets, but this year I am financially broken to afford anything. Love you guys ??

  44. I love how down to earth you are in your posts and blog. This momma of 3 has made the resolution to finally obtain that 6 pack I’ve never had but always wanted so bad!

  45. I haven?t made a weight related NYE resolution in two years. However over the last few months, my stress level has peaked and I have gained 10lbs. My resolution is to lose those 10lbs through clean eating and lifting heavy weights. I?ve been working hard this week and hope it will propel me to success by Feb 1!!

  46. My New Years resolution is to excercise daily and follow my meal plan. I have joined your DietBet challenge and have all my Meals made up for the week and am ready to go!

    1. I ? The Way Your Talking With Your Hands So Cute?? &
      My Resolutiom Is To Keep Going No Matter What Obstacles I Encounter In The New Year My Goal Is To Be Able To ????A Marathon & To Be Able To ????A Spartan Race Also To Be Able To Do 25 Pull-ups In 1 Set I?m At 12

  47. I love your family posts, they always inspire me to be more active with my kids And not miss out on these times when they are young!

  48. Love reminders on proper form because we can all start to slip into bad habits and use the reminder! I?m determined to lose 50lbs this year and started the year off downloading your app!

  49. New Years resolution is to learn to love myself & stop being so hard on myself. Do more things that make ME happy & put myself first. Also a goal is to be able to do 5 -10 pull ups & build some muscle! Thank you for this opportunity

  50. My resolution is to get healthy so i can be around for my children and my 6 grand children. I want to watch them all grow up to be happy healthy human beings

  51. Be present = pause (my word for 2019)
    Do me, for me!! Love the Transform App and all the motivation and tips yout provide Heidi!

    1. I love the fact that you and Chris always let us know that our goals are attainable and that you have our best interests at heart?

  52. I love that you are real and down to earth. You dont pretend that everything is perfect all the time! You keep it real!!

  53. My New Year’s resolution is to be able to do a hanging pull up & a push up without using my knees.

  54. I love all the tips you give, but mostly I love how positive, uplifting and encouraging you are. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far with the app, got a little off track but am. Now back to it. I came from a very unhealthy place and even though some movies are hard and my body doesn’t always cooperate, I’ve always felt good about my efforts.

  55. I love how real and down to earth you are. Also how helpful you are at helping all of us. I had no idea about keeping my elbows in when doing a proper push up, great to know. Thank you so much for all you do.

  56. For whatever reason I have never been able to do a proper push-up. Thank you for showing the proper form on all of the moves. It?ll be very helpful when I start the challenge! ?

  57. You guys are so inspiring and so fun to watch on social media!!… my goal is to tone up and hope to do it with using your app again

  58. My New Years resolution or realization as I?m going to call it, is that I want to be more present and connected to my children (two daughters and one baby on the way) but to my husband! After being together for 11 years (since I was 16) we?ve let the small kids and close age affect us. And I just want us to always feel that passion we felt for each other at 16. And that doesn?t happen if I?m plugged to my phone or tv all the time. 2019 is my year of memories.

    1. Lol! And what I love about this post is sometimes you want to help people if you see them doing a movement wrong, but you don?t because you don?t want them to be offended. So I?m greatful you guys have a platform to help with that! Sorry pregnancy/mom brain ??????. I know you feel me on that lol

  59. Heidi! My favorite part of the blog is your spirit. That somehow despite being in rockstar shape, you make everything seem approachable and doable. I don?t have a tradionial resolution but one of the things im working toward this year is not eating out. At all. Ever. (Day 6, so far so good!) im trying to make more purposeful decisions with my food choices and this challenges me to plan ahead.

  60. My New Years resolution is to LIVE again. Need to get back to being healthy and happy. Would love to see how to do a proper burpee even though I not a fan of them 🙂

  61. My New Years resolution is to lose 20lbs and get healthier. Start exercising along with it. I had to stints put in Heart November 13, 2018. And this is Dr?s orders. I am 52 and too young for these issues.

  62. My favorite part about your blog is how upbeat and inspiring you always are. I love how you don’t sugar coat everything and you tell it like it is – it’s awesome! Also, my resolution for this year is to lose these extra pounds I’ve been carrying around for waaaaaay too long. It’s time to focus!

  63. Not so much of a resolution, as a plan to stop making excuses, and stop being terrified of the gym. I’d love to try to lose my last 30-40lbs and see if there’s any chance in hell to tighten up the loose, saggy skin on my thighs so maybe I can feel a little better about myself. Just gotta get moving and justify the expense of the programs/gyms.

  64. My New Year’s resolution is a full commitment to not letting anyone including myself to sabotage my progress to health and my fitness journey.

  65. Thanks for the blog post, I feel like I understand certain moves better. My New Year?s Resolution is to be in the best shape by the time I?m 30 which is half way through the year, and complete my first marathon in November which goes along with my overall goal.

  66. I love that you focus on form and very basic but important functional movements. I am always inspired after reading!!

  67. I love your blog! You are so down to earth and real about everything! The fact that you do your own makeup is great!

  68. I love this topic because it makes me cringe when I see people using bad form and it?s unfortunate that people hurt themselves and then it sets them back in their goals.

  69. Resolution to make myself a priority in 2019. A healthier and happier me for myself, my kids, and hubby. To really focus on my nutrition and moving more.

  70. I like these tips because I?ve never had a legit personal trainer so I really don?t know what is right and what is wrong. These tips help a lot. Thanks!

  71. Resolution to be able to do a full push-up!!! This helped with my lunges!!! I have felt knee pain and like I?m doing them incorrectly forever!!!! So excited for you!!!

  72. My resolution is to do my best every day. I started with your app a year ago and have lost 90 lbs but more importantly I?m stronger and happier! I want to keep working every day to make myself and my family better and stronger.

  73. Thank you for this post, there were a couple of things I wasn’t doing quite right. My New Year’s resolution (biggest one anyway) is to be nice to me. I have spent so many years telling myself that I’m not good enough, I’m ugly, fat, etc. I was picked on in school, but I have been my biggest and harshest bully. It needs to end. I am giving myself a compliment every morning. If I catch myself thinking a negative thought, I tell myself two good things.
    Be nice to you!

  74. My New Years resolution(s) is to eat more vegetables and visit my friends and family more often. Thank you for the very helpful post. Love following you and Chris!

  75. My NY resolution is with my nutrition! I am working for consistency and a more healthy relationship with my food! Love all that your team does!

  76. My NY resolutions are to get outside more and be consistant with my workouts and nutrition! My favorite part of your blog is that you keep things educational, but fun!

  77. Love your blog! My New Years Resolution is to be kinder to myself and allow myself to be OK with mistakes 🙂

  78. My favorite part is how positive you are! You demonstrate with kindness and the attitude of ?you can do this?. I am so thankful to have seen this video. I am going to be starting at the gym again tomorrow. I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus, so my body fights me so much. I am glad to learn the proper way before I try any of these moves.

  79. I love it all. As far as resolutions… I am back to eating unprocessed foods, drinking water and keeping my calories between 1200 and 1500 per day. I have started doing yoga, walking and other types of workouts.

  80. I love the fact that you have modified exercise videos on the app. I was intimidated by the workouts but once I learned about the modifications I was hooked

  81. Thanks for this video, it is a good reminder especially for those squats and lunges. Sometimes they just feel awkward. Love the outfit btw?. Ok the new year resolution: finding self respect and motivation for cranking out my workouts. Also helping my daughter move into adulthood without loosing myself in the process. Always happy to see your videos they are educational and motivational.?

  82. My favorite part about your blog? Transparency! Realness! Your recipes & tips ! Basically everything! My resolution is to kick butt with the transform app and get my body, mind and soul back ?? ??

  83. I really like how you guys break it down so easy and understandable. Makes some of these exercises seem less daunting. Thank you for keeping it simple! Exciting to be on the transformation journey with you all!

  84. First off, the picture of you at the top of this post looks just like Ruby! She is definitely a spitting image of her mama!

    I love the refresher you gave on pushups. I have done pushups the wrong way for so long! I just started working on improving my form and I have a long way to go. Thank you for the helpful tips Heidi!

  85. I love this refresher, especially kettlebell swings. My new years resolution is to work on becoming the best version of me and not to get impatient with the process. I trust the process.

  86. Love this! It helps me to keep in mind my form whenever doing any of those moves! I?m always trying to keep in mind the form of each workout move I?m doing. Thank you!

  87. My 2019 word is self-discipline so my resolution is working on incorporating discipline in different areas of my life rather than waiting on motivation to kick in.

  88. I love how detailed you are on this. It?s not just do this or don?t do that, it?s both. I cannot tell you how many times my trainer had told me these same things and I am now constantly saying them to myself. Tighten your core, no slouching is in my head during every workout. Thank you so much for another great piece!

  89. Great refresher on the do?s and don?ts. My resolutions this year are to take better care of myself, be diligent in taking my supplements, and not being so hard on myself. Happy New Year!!?

  90. Resolution getting healthier and stronger, so that my mental health will be healthier and my anxiety can be better managed.

  91. My resolution is to take care of myself. Meaning physically, emotionally and spiritually. I need to make time for myself!

  92. Love this post, I always see people have the wrong form, a good refresher. I don’t make resolutions, but I am going to continue working on my own physical and mental health to be happy with myself.

  93. My new year resolution is to learn acceptance. Accept myself for where I am now and love who I am. Accept my life and forget the past. Thank you for being so inspirational.

  94. Love this!! Just a good reminder to keep myself in check. Too easy to get caught up with weight or PRs and lose sight of proper form, which is key!!!

  95. I loved how you demonstrated the moves not just explained them! My goal is to lose weight and feel better about myself and with your Transform app I know I will get there. I?m ready to be in all family pictures again since I haven?t wanted to be in any in like 2 years because I didn?t like what I looked like! Thank you!

  96. My New Years resolution is to focus on my health and, be the best I can be! I have struggled my whole life with my weight constantly going up and down and right now I am currently sitting at my heaviest, but this weight does not define who I am I am strong and I know I can overcome this struggle. I watch your videos and follow you both on social media and would love to have this opportunity. <3

  97. My New Years resolution is to have a healthier 2019 as well as life. I?ve started with allergies this year and have suffered from joint issues for a while. About a week before knew Years I began eliminating sugar and have really been focused as of January 1. So far I?ve lost around 5 pounds in a two-three week time frame and want to continue.

  98. Love this little refresher. I sadly took a year off of working out more then walking after we move to WA from CA. Although I never had to think much about my form, I know being out this long I will have to watch closely until I get my strength back. Here we go!

  99. Oh my gosh, this has me totally thinking about how I can improve and maximize my time at the gym (and stay injury free)!! My New Year?s resolution is to prepare for my first Half Ironman (70.3 miles) in October this year!! Time to get to work!

  100. I love how much nog only you but also Chris keep working out so transparent and REAL. I love following your guys journey and just seeing the continual growth. I cannot wait to hit my goal I?ve set out and finally ready to work hard and reach it!

  101. Yep I was doing a push up wrong. Thanks Heidi for the video. My goal is drinking more water and decreasing my BMI. The one exercise I struggle with is burpees.

  102. I love these tips since I always feel like I?m doing some of these moves wrong, so I?ll definitely be revisiting this post during my workout today! Also, my goals (not resolutions) for this year are to be on social media less, read more, and do more for my community. I love your blog and how real you and Chris are! I?ve been a fan and following since the first season EWL!

  103. My New Year?s resolution is to figure out what foods work well with my body. I?m currently doing an elimination diet to get me there! Thanks for this video, your posts and advice are so helpful.

  104. Great info!!! All were great reminders but especially with the biceps curl and the kettle bell swings. Thank you.

  105. My New Years Resolution is to just be more consistent with my workouts and hitting my macros. I know i?ll Need to find a way to make sure i?m Also consistent when I travel and that will require a little more planning on my part but I need to be a priority or nothing will change.

  106. I love that you go back to the basics and help people understand the simple basics of things like a plank! Another 100 pounds is my goal!

  107. Good morning Chris and Heidi
    Thank you for the time you take to make the videos and live chats to spend and teach us and always learning new ways and providing us with it I know it helps me I am always wanting to learn new and better ways to improve my health and body please keep it up and thanks again
    Toni Stone

  108. I love all the good advice you gave in this blog post, I always try to better my form cause I scared of injuries so this is very helpful for my my new year resolution I have 2, 1- be proud of myself fitness wise, I been trying to get to my goal weight for years but between health and excuses (that?s the truth) I have failed, 2- is read a book a month. Just wanted to add I?m really admire you and your family and I?m thankful for all
    You guys to for the community.

  109. Great advice! I am just getting back to the gym. Under bicep curl you wrote “…back injurt just “weighting” to happen.” Whether a purposeful pun or typo it made me giggle! Thankyou for alway being real and down to earth!

  110. Thank you for sharing this post! This year my resolution is to work on my bad eating habits! Each day gets a little better 🙂

  111. Thank Heidi for always sharing your knowledge. I am getting to hit the stage for the first time in February. I am so nervous and excited. You have inspired me to do so!!! Thank you.

  112. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more consistent with measuring out/weighing my food. I prep food healthy food but I notice at times I undereat or overeat because I don?t measure my portions. Another resolution is to have a game plan when I go into the gym. Most of the time, I show up and ?do whatever? based on which muscle group I?m going to work. I want to have my workouts, sets, and reps written down ahead of time to save time and hold me accountable to completing my workouts!
    Thanks Heidi!!

  113. For my resolution I?m focused on growth. I just want to get better physically, mentally and spiritually. I want to grow in my relationships as a person, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and hopefully mother. I want 2019 to be a year of joy and change and growth.

  114. I appreciated the reminders for planks and push ups for sure. I also always appreciate that you bring humour to everything!

    I do not make resolutions. I chose a word each year to keep me focused. My word for 2019 is Growth. I am committed to the wellness journey I started March 2018. I have strength and endurance goals as well as goals around my emotional/spiritual well being. Although I know they are so closely connected! Thank you for all you do Heidi and Chris.

  115. This video was great! I had no idea how bad my lunges were till this! ????? I?ll be using this info for sure in my work outs to come!

  116. I just Love following you on Instagram. You guys the best at inspiring healthy lifestyles to even a good marriage. I?m glad you shared some exercise tips cause I know I was doing some of the exercises wrong.

  117. I signed up for a half marathon!!!! My goal is to finish is less than 3 1/2 hours (hopefully less than 3!!!!) My resolution is to train and kick that suckers butt!!!!

  118. Hi Hedi thanks for the great tips! I have been going to the gym for a few years now and love your workout videos. I think this diet bet and supplements would definitely help keep me accountable. I am gonna be 40 this year and would love to continue my journey with you all!!

  119. I LOVE reading these tips now so can keep a good flow at the gym during each exercise. I?ve always had bad knees since college volleyball so know when to bend at the knee and not is very helpful for me. My goal is to complete each exercise rep for 90 days??

    Also my wedding dress arrives in April and alterations start soon after! Hoping to have toned arms by then?

  120. Hi Heidi, thank you for this post. It never hurts to make sure you or someone else is doing the exercise the correct form.
    I would love to enter your context and try out your meal replacement shakes. I love how passionate you both are especially the videos of Chris when he meets people out in public. I need to move to AZ to meet you all someday. ?

  121. I love your blog and Instagram page so much. You have encouraged me so much! This post was needed lol. I had no idea I was doing some of these things wrong. You continue to teach and inspire me. Thank you for all you do.

  122. I love that you teach proper form in the various moves. I just finished physical therapy again for the third time for right shoulder, elbow and neck pain. I sit all day for my job on a computer and sit in the evenings on the computer doing school work. Although I know proper posture and form are necessary to avoid injury, it is having a clear understanding of what is proper that makes the difference.

  123. Great tips, thanks a bunch! I am printing and posting it on my mirror. It?s easy to lose proper form throughout the day, not just when working out, so these tips are awesome!
    My 2019 resolution is to change my lifestyle, from mental to physical. The hardest thing for me has been to trust myself to say ?no? to things and people not good for me. So, I have chosen to start the year by saying ?no? to red meat and shellfish for Jan, and ?yes? to healthy fats, white meat and more veggies. I have already lost people when I created taller fences for myself and my mind and body already feels lighter 🙂
    Your videos and tips are a great inspiration! Thank you for your encouragement and positivity.

  124. Hi Heidi, I love you blog. I feel it is my little file cabinet to secrets on transformation, and looking for help when I am down. You honest and willingness to share has always inspired me to keep going in my journey.

  125. I never realized you could do a lunge wrong! Thank you for sharing these, they really clarify specific mechanics to look for!

  126. I?m trying to keep a consistent gym schedule this year for my resolution so integrating these corrections can only help!

  127. I love how relatable you are! Like I feel like we’re best friends even though we’ve never met!! Hahaha keep doing what you’re doing, you inspire me to be better everyday!

  128. I love having an extra dose of you on the blog! From makeup to workout tips and recipes your blog has it all and is the only blog I read ??

  129. The tips on kettlebell swings and lunges were my favorite. I?m an avid at-home lifter, but sometimes a refresher is totally called for. Thank you!

  130. Always find inspiration from you! I appreciate the deadlift tips. I struggle with lower body exercises of any due to multiple hip surgeries and limitations. Thanks! If you have any tips for lower body workouts for someone without a left gluteus medius, I want to know!!!!

  131. Love the videos here and in the transform app! I check them regularly during my workouts just to make sure my form is spot on!

  132. Somewhat new gym goer, used your app for three months last summer, hoping to be able to sign up again next week. Love you guys and had the opportunity to see you and Chris speak on a few occasions. Thank You for all you do ?

  133. Gotta be honest. I do lunges wrong!!! I didn?t know that at all. That is a great video!! I love that you do stuff like this to keep us in the know!! I joined the 90 day transform. First (attainable realistic goal, see I listened!) is to lose just 5lbs in 4 weeks. Year long goal that is hard to measure is do a real pull up.

  134. Thanks for the post and all the posts you do. I?m very motivated by you! I have a question, I am looking for a shake that I can trust (there are so many!!! What to choose?!) I trust you and Chris. Do you ship your new shake to Canada?

  135. This is such a a perfect reminder building the foundation of correct form is the most important thing. Heavier weights will come with consistency! Thank you!!

  136. My new year?s resolution(s) are to:

    *Focus on me and learn to be myself
    *I am enough
    *Not put pressure on myself as race day comes
    *Stop comparing myself and my body to others

  137. My favorite thing on the blog is when products are shared that Heidi uses/likes. Make-up, fitness apparel, treats, etc. My goal for the new year is to increase muscle mass. I recently had knee replacement surgery. Prior to the surgery I was very limited on the type of workouts I could do Lower body has gotten very weak. I want to increase my strength to improve mobility & be strong & active.

  138. My goal/resolution is to put myself first. Too often I worry about others being the priority but I need to take care of ME before I can best take care of others! Love the blog and instagram as well it is a great reminder that you can make time for fitness, fun and family to be your best self!!

  139. Life got busy then I put myself way back at the back of the line!! I usually have a goal every year to run at an event or a Spartan race and I haven’t done that for 2 years. I am ready and want to look healthy and feel amazing for my husband’s 20 year wedding anniversary when we celebrate it in Hawaii in May!

  140. This blog was a perfect reminder that if you?re not practicing the proper form you could end up hurting yourself. Also, my New Years resolution is to build muscule on my petite frame.

  141. I love all the little reminders in this. I?ve been practicing my push ups and i have to keep remembering to not have my elbows swing out. Thank you for always taking the time to help us on our journey!

  142. Thank you for sharing! Love following along with you and Chris! You both are very motivating! My goal this year is to focus on me and love myself more!

    1. I know how important doing each exercise is and I appreciate you and Chris so much. You really do make wanting to get healthy look fun and worth it.

  143. Love that this blog reminded me and others that if you can?t keep proper form then you probably need to lessen the weight you are using. Also that it?s good to reset in order to reestablish the proper form like when doing a plank! Thank you for all the wonderful tips yet again!

  144. I don’t really do resolutions, but I am trying my best to motivate not only myself but also my 3 boys to be more active and more conscious of what we are eating.

  145. Love that this blog reminds everyone of proper form. Improper form can cause injuries that no one wants!

  146. I just gave birth to my third son in 3 years a few days ago so my resolution is to get my best body ever this year!

  147. Love this! Thank you for the reminders of proper form! iWork with orthopedic patients all day who suffer from injuries from working out. Excited to share some knowledge!!!

  148. Deadlift , it stopped me for preparing me for a BIG bodybuilding competition. As I trained for a year , I was improperly trained ?WRONG ?from my 3 Trainer I had . I CRUSHED my discs L 3,4,5 ,I spent the Summer in the hospital . I went in as a bodybuilder, came out look n frail!! My competition was a week before my injury!
    Please , WATCH Heidi in ALL those 7 WRONG work outs , I also see in my Bootcamp class ,and Body Conditioning classes and in the weight room.
    THANK YOU ?Heidi for bringing this to everyone?s attention!!
    ??LOVE YOU ????

  149. Deadlifts are so hard for me to get perfect form thanks for the pointers. My short term goal 10 lbs by March 19th for my 25th anniversary

  150. I love this!!! I am an orthopedic provider and have patients All. The. Time. Have injuries doing these moves wrong!! I am saving this to show them in my clinic!!

  151. The information on the bicep curl in the lunges are the biggest for me it’s good to know I can stabilize myself when I try to do a lunge.

  152. New Years- tell other women positive comments when they come to mind instead of keeping them to myself

  153. Why is doing a push up with the elbows wide bad? I have alwYdone a push up this way and thought doing it with the elbows in was constant tricep focused push up?

  154. My news years resolution. To be kinder and more forgiving to myself! Especially when it comes to my self image. ??

  155. My favorite part of this blog is real, useful, simple and non- judgmental instructions and ideas! There is no shaming only encouragement! Keep up the good work Heidi:)

  156. Thank-you so much for the information. It?s always good to review. As sometimes I do get tired and sloppy with my form.

  157. I?m on week 12 of the transform app physique phase 2. Going to use some of these tips on those lower reps to make sure I mind my muscle. Thanks !

  158. my NY resolution is to be happy in my skin, and improve my body. but no matter what to love myself for not having the tonest shape( let it this year happen). Because if you are confident in your skin you are happy and people around you can actually see it too.

  159. I plan to workout as soon as my twins go down for their nap, rather than try to finish up chores, because it makes me run out of time to finish a workout.

  160. Thank you! I love how you always keep it real on here. I always struggle with my squat form and my deadlift form and my back has paid the price. So these tips will help remind me.

  161. Love the energy and tips! My goal this year is to continue meeting my fitness goals during my weight loss journey and lifelong transform in living my best life!

  162. I really enjoyed seeing the deadlift something I?m not too confident at always wondering if I?m doing it wrong but after watching you I can see I?m not just need more confidence in myself

  163. Favorite part is the video, sometimes I can read all day about how to properly do a move, but seeing it done makes it more real.

  164. New year means getting my strength back. I had a back injury in high school and life was too busy for me to give my 100%. Now I?m getting it back. I have always loved strength training and it?s the only kind of workout that seems to get me fit ( and help lose the weight). I know what I?m suppose to do but never had accountability to keep me going. I?ve found it and am starting this new journey.

  165. My fav pay on this video is the squat! I always do then wrong. So thanks for showing us how!! Also my new years resolution is easy….I make sure I don’t have one because then I can’t quit it however I am aiming to have a healthier mind and a healthier body and being selfish and working and concentrating on me.

  166. My favorite part about this blog is your positivity! It will help gym newbies feel more confident with these moves!

  167. Love the IG posts, been following you for like a long time and when I started to work out, posts from IG gave me energy.
    Anyways what I liked about this post, that those were the moves that my trainer worked daily with me to correct… the hardest was, the push-up of course… the plank yup, was at a contest at the gym and stayed in plank position for 7 min and after that day I tend to tell people why they are doing it all wrong
    New year resolution is to get my ass back to the gym… took me a while to be where I wanted and after a stressful time I realized that gym was a lifesaver and it did good to me, my body and mind… it sure is needed!

  168. I agree with ALL of those wrong moves! My favorite part (and my New Year resolution) is the plank!! I have trouble working myself up to more than 5! LOL! I have to remember if it’s not killing my abs, it is the wrong form ?. Thank you, Heidi!

  169. Love this post and love your whole blog! So nice to see health/fitness promoted in such a humble, fun-loving way! I am three months post partum having my baby by C-Section and you make me excited and inspired about getting back into fitness! I would LOVE your and Chris?s help along the way!

  170. Ahhh the pushups! I definitely flare my elbows out. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to form!!! My goal for 2019 is to build more muscle and increase my strength 🙂

  171. My goal is to truly work on my nutrition. I do pretty good with the workouts because it?s my stress reliever but I do also turn to sugar?

  172. This was helpful because irs often difficult to know if your doing weight / exercises properly with good form. Focusing on the targeted muscle groups had everything to do with proper form – Thanks

  173. I love being reminded of good form!! Push ups have always been hard for me to do but it?s bc I?ve. Been. Doing. Them. Wrong. So, THANK YOU!!

  174. Love this post! It will definitely make more mindful in my workouts to practice better form! Also my New Years resolution is to become the person that I know that I can and am meant to be!

  175. Hi Heidi thanks for showing how do a lunge . I fine it hard to do. With your tips it’s going to make it easier

  176. This post is my favorite part of your blog. Posts with useful information that I can use to become a little better! And I love that you’re down to earth!

  177. Love the Do NOTS as I?ve been having recent knee pain, I?m now attributing it to improper lunge form and I?m going to keep on keeping on until my quads touch the ground with every push up 🙂

  178. I was just thinking I needed something like this. Thanks for the information! My knees get in the way when I deadlift.

  179. I love the kettle bell instruction! Thanks so much for the tips, I?ve had a tendency to use upper body in the past!

    One other question I have… when I do any shoulder or back movements that require me to lift over my head, after a few rep I start to get major tightness in my neck muscles, to the point I?m scared going to injure something. I?m using lighter weights, just not sure if I?m doing something wrong of if I have weak neck muscles. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated.

  180. My New Years resolution is to finally reach my weight loss goal by April 1. More than that, to share with others, what I?ve learned and will continue to learn from the Transform Coaching Program!

  181. The amount of people who do moves wrong in the gym is scary! Especially deadlifts. Thanks for the great video!

  182. Hey Heidi, this was a very informative post. I know that I have trouble hunching my back sometimes or using momentum. My New Year’s resolution/goal is to become a certified personal trainer. I’ve already started and I’m so excited about it! ?

  183. Thanks Heidi for all the tips i always struggle with deadlifts and push ups and these video will help me to do them proper way these will be my new resolution to focus on proper posture

  184. My favorite part of your blog is that you keep it real! You posting real life stuff that all women worry or stress about are my fave moments.

  185. I am a fitness lover and going to the gym regularly from last 2 years. I totally agree to above 7 moves shown in videos are wrong. Thanks for sharing the right information.

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