Hotel Room Workout | My 5 Go-To Bodyweight Moves You Can Do Anywhere!

Working out does not have to be difficult! Whether in a hotel room or at home doing your daily routine, I have good news for you. You don?t need a barbell and dumbbell set-up in your garage, or even a membership to a local gym in order to get a good workout in! We have been programmed to believe that we need the ideal equipment or location in order to get in a solid workout, when really our bodies are designed magnificently to benefit from even simple moves with no additional equipment required.

Don?t overthink it or make a workout more complicated than it has to be. Our schedules and obligations often require creativity with workouts! Whether in a hotel room away from home or your living room at home, the key is to just start your workout and get it done. No matter where you are or what you?re doing, here are 5 moves you can do in ANYWHERE, USA!?Bonus: You can find these moves and tons of others on The TRANSFORM App. Bring the app with you anywhere and customize it to fit your personal goals and ability.


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Hotel Room Workout

This workout consists of 5 of the most basic and foundational moves you can do in any hotel room and/or living room…but don’t let the words “basic” or “foundational” fool you! Timing and rest is everything, and can help rev a workout UP or DOWN depending on your ability level.

For this particular workout, we’re going to do:?one (1) minute ON, followed by one (1) minute OFF…repeated twice (2x) for each move. During the ON minutes, simply do as many reps of that movement as you can in the 60 second period of time. Then rest for the OFF minute. Again, repeated for two total rounds of each movement, with 60 seconds rest between new moves.

Over time, work up to three (3) sets of each move for a TOTAL BODY BURNER! Now let?s get started!

Banded Chair Squats:?

This move takes the traditional squat to the next level by adding resistance at the knees. By pressing outward, you’ll engage the glutes and the hammies like never before! We keep the chair in to maintain stability and give a cue to proper depth of squat. Too difficult?with the band??Don’t worry, scroll down…we’ve got options.

Muscles worked: Glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Step 1: Start by standing in front of a chair, facing away from the chair, with resistance band just above or below your knees. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your toes pointed slightly outward, and your hips and knees should be fully extended.

Step 2: Keeping your weight on your heels, and using arms as a counter balance, slowly lower your hips onto the seat of the chair as if you?re being pulled backward by your belt, allowing your buns to slightly “kiss” the seat before standing. Make sure to press your knees outward against the band during the movement.

Step 3: Drive upward through your heels, fully extending your knees and hips to stand up to the starting position.

Modification 1: For less resistance, simply perform the squat?without the band.

Modification 2: To modify for safety, simply keep your arms down by your sides to catch yourself as you sit on the seat, then use hands to push off of the sofa to stand.?NOTE: Movement can be performed from a sofa, chair, or bench…as long as object is stable.

Chair Dips:?

Chair dips are the ultimate chest, shoulders, and triceps move…and create quite the burn, if you can’t tell from my face! Make sure you are using a chair, bench or stool that is SUPER stable to avoid injury. Also…mods below for those that need/want!

Muscles worked: Triceps, anterior deltoids, chest

Step 1: Begin holding a seated position shifted a couple of inches off a bench, hands directly underneath the shoulders, and elbows extended and knees straight and locked out.

Step 2: Lower your body downward, bending the elbows to a 90 degree angle.

Step 3: Press upward through your palms until the elbows are fully extended again.

Modification: Perform the movement the same as instructed above, but with knees bent at about a 90 degree angle and feet planted firmly on the ground.

Banded Glute Bridges:

We all know by now just how much I love my booty moves. 😉 What would a workout be without some variation of a hip thrust. These tried-and-true at home versions are just what our mommy pancake buns need!

Muscles worked: Glutes, hamstrings, core, erector spinae

Step 1: Lie on the ground and secure your band around your legs positioned just above the knees.?Keeping your knees bent and shoulders anchored to the floor, place feet up on the chair, bench or stable object, keeping knees shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward.

Step 2:?Keeping rib cage tucked under, press through your heels and use your glute muscles to raise your hips upward off the floor, while pressing your knees outward against the band until your hips come level with your knees. Pause briefly…squeeze that booty!! Then, slowly lower to the start before the next rep.

Tips: To make this move a little easier OR to better target the glute, use the floor instead of the bench/chair. Also, play around with your foot positioning to ensure you target the specific area of the glute you are hoping to target. Everyone’s body is totally different…some do better with toes slightly out, others better straight forward.

Modification: For an extra challenge, do Single Leg Glute Bridges! Omit the band and follow the instructions for the Banded Glute Bridges, but anchor one leg on the ground or chair instead of two.

Mountain Climbers:

This total body move can’t be beat when it comes to core, shoulders, chest, and spiking that heart rate! Easy enough for even a child, but it can be difficult for the most elite athletes depending on your intensity level.

Muscles worked: Deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abdominals, quads, hamstrings, hip abductors

Step 1: Start in a runner?s lunge, with your hands directly under your shoulders, your right leg stretched back, and your left knee tucked into your chest.

Step 2: Keeping your abs tight, jump and switch your legs in midair. As soon as your feet touch down, quickly do it again. That?s one rep.

Tip: You?ll feel this one the most in your core and shoulders! Pick up the pace, and you?ll notice a calorie-burning spike in your heart rate, too!

Modified Handstand Push Ups:

Don’t be intimated by these pics here! This move is easier than it looks…and if you disagree once you try, just scroll on down to the mod!

Muscles worked: Deltoids, chest, main back muscles (trapezius, lats)

Step 1: With your toes on top of the chair, pike your body perpendicular to the floor at the waist, with hands shoulder-width on the ground.

Step 2: Lower your body downward as far as you can with complete control, performing a “handstand push up”. Raise your body back up to the starting position.

Modification😕Perform the movement the same as instructed above, but with knees bent. Or for MORE of a modification, do these with your feet on the floor and booty piked up in the air.

Viola! A hotel room workout for the record books right there, ladies and gents! 😉 ?These five moves, timed as I prescribed above will get your muscles burning and heart rate up! Best part is that you can do them all right in the comfort (and privacy!) of your hotel room…or living room…or bedroom…or office!

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  1. I?ve been doing the at home body sculpting program and have enjoyed the banded hip thrusts, the reverse hyper and also enjoy banded squats!

  2. Squats and lunges. Not because I actually enjoy doing these moves but because I know they work! ? Love your blog Heidi and your app I?ve been using it for 2 months now and got my husband to join in. I?ve lost 11 and he?s lost 18 but more importantly we both FEEL amazing! (To Jeri-get on now while the app is half of for the year subscription! ?)

  3. Those booty movies were good! I really need to know your recommendation on a good band … do you sell them? I did not see them on your blog.

  4. Thank you so much for your inspiration and sharing ways to be active at home. I have a daughter with cerebral palsy that needs 24/7 care. She is able to make her needs known and has gestured that she needs me to be healthy and live to be a 100. If I am strong and healthy we will both do well. I turn 60 on September 2nd and am giving myself the transformation app for my birthday.

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