I know that I’m very lucky to have a job that centers around health and fitness, but I also know that is not the norm! In fact, what is the norm for working individuals is being chained to a desk, cubicle, or office 8-10 hours a day. That is A LOT of sedentary time. So how are you supposed to get fit and lose weight when the majority of your waking hours are spent sitting?! It’s tough, for sure, but it is possible. With a little motivation, a few minutes carved out of your busy work day, and a couple of basic pieces of workout equipment, toning up and working out on the job is as easy as 1-2-3. Or should I say 4-5-6, because I’ve got SIX quick, easy tips for turning your desk bound job into a segue to fitness success!

Tip #1: Turn your desk into a stand up desk! Not only will you burn more calories, but you’ll also increase mobility, avoid shortening hip flexors and hammies, increase lymphatic stimulation, and improve posture! This “no-brainer” will also help keep your ideas fresh by increasing brain oxygenation. You can buy a desk attachment, or just use a box to bring your computer up to standing height.

Tip #2: Implement a mandatory 3-5 minutes of deliberate movement at the top of every hour. Get up from your desk to walk to the bathroom, the drinking fountain, or simply around the building. The change in scenery will invigorate you, and the few minutes of movement will easily add up to nearly 25-40 minutes of movement a day! Technically, this could count as your daily dose of cardio if you pick up the pace. 😉

Tip #3: Pace around while you are on your phone calls! Desk sitting while talking is unnecessary if you don’t need to be on your computer. Use your mobile device to retrieve data, if possible, while you bring your conference call outside. Keep in mind that you burn 1 calorie for every 20 steps, so if you allow your phone calls to help increase that step count, you’ll be well on your way to burning 500 cals a day if you can achieve the recommended 10K steps!

Tip #4: Vacuum!!! And I’m not talking about the floor. Seated vacuums are an incredible exercise to tighten your core and improve posture that can be done at your desk. Sit up straight, then simply inhale to inflate your lungs completely. Exhale all of the air out, and at the bottom of the exhale, draw your belly button in and upward toward your spine, then squeeze and hold that position for as long as you can. Aim for 20 second sets to begin, working up to 1 minute sets over time. Perform 10 vacuums in a row when you feel a lull in your day.

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Tip #5: Increase energy, brainpower, and overall wellness by breathing! Here’s a simple technique I use: Close your eyes and sit up straight. Take 20 deep and heavy breaths in and out while focusing on something that lifts your mood (oftentimes NOT work related!). When breathing, be sure to inhale AND exhale through both your mouth and nose to allow a full flow of oxygen. Twenty of these deep breaths will most definitely help refocus your brain and body!

Tip #6: Keep a set of dumbbells and a resistance band at your desk at all times. 

At least twice a day, pull those babies out for just 20 reps of one of the following (and some of these moves don’t even require weight!):

  • Seated lateral delt raises 
  • Seated front delt raises
  • Seated shoulder presses 
  • Chair tuck hold 
  • Chair tricep dips 
  • Seated bicep curls 
  • Chair squats 
  • Seated banded hip abductors 
  • Desk push ups 
  • Seated banded single leg extensions 
  • Seated dumbbell upright rows 
  • Seated calf raises 
  • Swivel chair ab rotations
  • Seated glute flexes 

(You can’t tell, but I’m totally squeezing my glutes! ;))

What are your favorite office fitness tips? Share them below and give one of these a try today whether your work is in an office, at home chasing kiddos around, or wherever!



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