Who’s ready for another Commercial Break Burn during tonight’s episode of Extreme Weight Loss?! No better way to spend this Tuesday night…or really any night for that matter: Getting fitter yourself while watching someone transform her life on national television.

The how-to is easy: Turn on your TV to ABC at 9/8C (wink, wink); begin watching Mitzi’s heartwarming journey; and at every commercial break, get off of your buns and do as many rounds as possible of the following:

5 bench dips
10 air squats
15 swing ups

*NOTE: Feel free to use the sofa or a chair for support as pictured above. Also feel free to do your squats freestanding, without support!

When the commercial break is over and EWL is back on, stop and breathe. Repeat the circuit at each commercial break for a total body burn!! Check in with me after the show and let me know how you did! Now go earn those bragging rights ;).