My 1040 Total Body Workout


Tomorrow is April 15th?Tax Day?the day we all love to hate, and one that looms over us as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. So if you?re like millions of other Americans and have waited until the last minute to crunch all those numbers, here?s a tax day twist on our 9-Minute Missions workout to get you all warmed up and ready to go!

Taxes already done? Then let?s celebrate…by working out! The best part? You can add this workout into your current exercise regimen and do it any day of the year – not just on Tax Day!

One caution: Since this a total body workout, make sure to rest at least one day before performing it again. 😉

This entire workout (excluding warm up and cool down) takes only 10 minutes. Just a heads up, this one might be hard to follow! I packed it FULL of fun moves in hopes of taking your mind off of your taxes for a bit :). Now don’t worry if you can’t perform one of the moves in the suggested time…just do your best for the entire period of time, and you’ll get the calorie burn we are looking for.

TIP TO STAYING ON TRACK – write the workout on a piece of paper with a marker. Set it in front of you to follow while you are working out :).

Now, find a stopwatch and let?s go!

Warm up: Do some all over body stretches, walk in place, and spend a few minutes just moving!

1040 EZ:

  • Bench Dips (10 seconds)
  • Marching/jogging in place and/or high knees (aim to get your knees to 90* )(40 seconds)
  • Knees to Elbows (10 seconds)
  • Marching/jogging in place and/or high knees (aim to get your knees to 90* )(40 seconds)
  • Air Squats (10 seconds)
  • Marching/jogging in place and/or high knees (aim to get your knees to 90* )(40 seconds)

Repeat twice = 5 minutes


1040 Long:

Repeat twice = 5 minutes

Cool down: It only takes a few minutes?go for a short walk, walk in place, do some stretching.

Now get back to your taxes!!!!

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot about protein after you work out but I drink mine in the morning and thats also when I workout so what should I be doing ?

  2. Hi, I am stay home mom of 2. I have an autistic child and a typical child. I am obese and I have been on the Jenny Craig program for 2 1/2 years. I have lost but I want to lose my weight naturally. I watch the show and I feel so inspired by you and Chris. It’s not easy for me sometimes I don’t sleep good because my son. I just need some guidance on a good healthy natural diet. I have lost a lot with Jenny Craig but I feel I am using it as a crunch and I want to do it myself. I walk 45 minutes a day and my husband wants to buy me a treadmill to help. He’s really my biggest support and rock. I have to lose for my kids. I have asthma and was borderline diabetic. Is there a diet you can point my way? I truly respect both you and Chris’s commitment to helping others. You guys are like two angels.

    1. Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” It’s a complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. Get a peek at the nutrition basics here: It will teach you everything you need to do to reach your goals! You can totally do this. 🙂

  3. Heidi, thanks for this. I can do it, and twice a day. I’m a busy wife and mom and I also take care of my 88 year old mother who has Dementia.
    I love seeing yours and Chris’s family photos of together time. Keep it up.

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