While most of the country is in a cold spell, spring is not that far away! And nothing says spring like short sleeves and sleeveless tops :). Whether you’re looking to minimize the appearance of that “waving” skin of your underarm, or tone and build some beautifully sculpted shoulders, this 5-minute workout can help. Your shoulders, back, and arms will be in sexy, spring shape in no time at all!

Set the clock for 5 minutes, and do as many rounds as possible of:
10 Bench Dips
10 Commander Push ups
10 Mountain Climbers

Record the number of rounds completed to set the bar for the next time you do this workout! You can safely repeat this workout twice a week.

Bench Dips:
1. Hold a seated position, shifted a couple of inches off of a bench. Hands should be directly beneath shoulders with elbows extended and knees straight and locked.
2. Lower down, bending elbows to a 90-degree angle.
3. Press upward through palms until elbows are fully extended.


Commander Push Ups:
1. Begin lying facedown, hands underneath shoulders, with abs tight and body rigid.
2. Press upward, extending elbows while simultaneously driving right knee forward, touching it to your right elbow.
3. Lower body back to the ground, extending leg out and staying rigid from feet to shoulders.
4. Press upward again, extending elbows while simultaneously driving left knee forward, touching it to your left elbow.


Mountain Climbers:
1. Begin in a deep runner’s stance with both hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart.
2. Keeping abs tight, jump and switch feet as fast as you can.
3. Land gently with the opposite foot forward.
4. As soon as your feet touch down, jump quickly and switch feet again.
5. Land gently with the original foot forward.