Feel the Burn: 5 Ways to Work Out at Home

Once upon a time, in what feels like a far, far away land, there lived a princess who LOVED lifting weights ?. She would visit this magical kingdom, called the gym, every single day and tone her shoulders and core and sculpt her booty. The best part? She would put on these enchanted headphones and it would drown out all the extra noise.

You guys, quarantine life may not exactly be a fairy tale, and you might be finding yourself (ahem, me!) daydreaming a little more than you typically do, but what if I told you there’s a way to still get that magical ME TIME (or at least little moments of it) even when you’re at home?! I’m talking about ways you can still work out at home?solo?and with that amazing little family of yours!

5 Ways to Work Out at Home

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All you need is a little determination, some moments of motivation, and a plan. Not sure what to do? Just follow along because I’m sharing five surefire ways you can still work out even when you’re safe at home.

1. Include the Family

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If you’ve got little ones literally attached to your hip, use them! Ha! I’m talking about finding ways to get the entire family active. Chasing kids around is one of the best ways to get your cardio in, get your heart rate up, and have some laughs all around. Get outside and play a game: basketball, kickball, dodgeball even…just move! Have a trampoline? Jump! It’s a bigger workout than you might think. Even enlisting the kiddos to help make an epic TikTok video can be considered a workout if you’re someone like me who has to practice the dance moves multiple times to get them right! If you’re wanting a more traditional workout, grab a deck of cards and complete it together as an entire family.

2. Work Out During Commercial Breaks

Use your commercial breaks wisely! I think we can all admit we’ve probably been watching a little more TV than we’re used to lately, and that’s okay! There’s definitely no shame in that game. But use that time wisely. Every time your show (or your children’s show) breaks for a commercial, use those 3ish minutes to work out! Couch dips, sit ups, push ups?any kind of bodyweight moves will do. Once the show is back on, you can get back to whatever you were doing. You’ll be amazed at how fast those commercial breaks and reps add up!

3. Get Creative with Your “Weights”

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If you don’t have gym equipment at home, don’t sweat it. Or, more accurately, DO sweat it by using what you have around the house. Full water jugs make great dumbbells and canned foods also work if you need something a little lighter. If you have stairs in your home, use them for cardio! Running up and down stairs is a great way to blast through calories and fat and get your heart rate up. You can even use stairs for modified push ups, tricep dips, and calf raises.

4. Go for a Walk + Get Outside

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Everyone needs a little alone time, especially if your house is full of multiple kids who all need your attention at the same time every second of the day. But hey, as parents, it comes with the territory, right? Work with your partner to set aside “me time” for both of you. That way you can each get some quiet time to yourself to meditate, journal, think, breathe, reset…you name it. Grab those enchanted headphones and go for a walk outdoors. The fresh air and sunshine will do you some good, both mentally and physically. Plus, walking is a great way to stay active when your options are limited.

5. Use At Home Fitness Apps

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Find a workout program you can do at home! In The TRANSFORM App, we now have dance workouts with Emily. They’re a great way to have fun and work up a sweat in a way that doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising. You can also tune in to our Facebook lives where we post daily live workouts from home, showing you all the ways you can still get a workout in even if you’re limited in equipment. I truly believe we have the best community around, and during times like this, being surrounded by an amazing community can make all the difference.

It may not be perfect, but there are still so many ways you can get in a great workout all from the comfort of your own home. What are some of the ways you’re staying fit while the gyms are closed? Drop a comment and let me know what’s working for you!


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