Holiday At-Home Stepladder Workout

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Even though the holidays are here, you can still sleigh 😉 your workouts and reach all your transformation goals. When you add your normal daily life to your now seasonal Mrs. Claus duties, it can feel overwhelming to find time to workout. Add those tasty holiday temptations and occasional #treatyourself moments (hey, everything in moderation, right?!), it’s easy to feel yourself getting derailed. But you don’t have to wait until January to restart. If you can find a couple of minutes per day, you can sneak in this holiday workout.

Outfit Details:

Reebok Sole Fury Sneakers, Reebok Logo Leggings, Reebok Pure Move Sports Bra, Resistance Band (this is a great set too, and it’s under $10), Reebok LL Windbreaker (new version here), and Reebok Classic Sneakers

Burn off those holiday calories with this Stepladder workout. Bonus: If you’re anything like me, you’re probably in and out of hotels, airplanes, and cars during the holiday season. This workout = no equipment needed. You can do it anywhere! We’re starting the stepladder with a lower body burner, moving to upper body and core for a full body workout sure to get you fit in no time flat!

Holiday At-Home Stepladder Workout

Here’s how: Complete each exercise for the assigned number of reps. After you’ve run through each exercise, increase the assigned number of reps until you work your way up to 10 like this…

  • Start with 2 reps for each movement
  • Then increase it to 4 reps
  • Next, do 6 reps, etc., until you reach 10 reps for each exercise.

Push yourself and complete them as fast as you can!

Pop Squats

Step 1: Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides, with the band just above your knees.

Step 2: Jump your feet apart (toes forward) and land in a deep squat. Spring up as high as you can into the air, then land with your feet together, knees slightly bent. Repeat right away.

Bonus: Add a resistance band to get that extra burn. Not sure about resistance bands Click here to read about why you should add one to your workout routine.

Hand to Elbow Planks

Step 1: Start in a plank position with your elbows aligned directly underneath your shoulders, your legs fully extended, and your toes on the ground. Be sure to draw your belly button towards your spine throughout the movement.

Step 2: One arm at a time, push yourself into a push up position with your arms fully extended beneath you. Then lower yourself, one arm at a time, back down to the plank starting position.

Russian Twists

Step 1: Begin seated on the ground, balancing with your knees bent and your feet just a few inches to a foot off the ground.

Step 2: Rotate your torso as far as you can to one side, then over to the other side.

Bonus Move: Dive Bombers

Step 1: Begin in a plank position, ensuring tight and drawn in core.

Step 2: Pike body and lift hips into the air, dropping head down through shoulders.

Step 3: Bending your arms, slowly dive down toward the floor, swooping body down close to the ground, to upward dog position.

Step 4: Return to piked position and repeat.

While I love the holiday season and all the cheer, the gatherings, parties, and travel can make it feel chaotic (and maybe it is a little chaotic!). But with this workout, you’re sure to get your mind right, workout on, and be the best Mrs. Claus there ever was. Happy holidays!


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191 Responses

  1. I hope I?m not too late to enter… but I would love the opportunity. I just discovered your workout routines and am eager to get started. A year ago, my fianc? and I got the amazing news that we were pregnant! At 32 years old, 140 lbs and my last successful pregnancy being 10 years earlier, I was ecstatic to say the least. I prayed for this. Bring on the baby bump! Unfortunately, it did not go as planned.. a few weeks later my 10 year old daughter and I were in a bad car accident and one week later I had excruciating pains that led my fianc? to rush me to the ER. Within an hour a doctor was telling me I was about to have emergency surgery to remove my baby and a Fallopian tube. I woke up empty the next day. Stomach protruded and what get like all hope lost. It I had my fianc? right next to me, waiting on my every need, Hoping to help me feel better in any way. That?s just who he is. He is a personal trainer and fitness coach and helps people reach their goals and feel better about themselves and to live healthier lives everyday. He and my 10 year old daughter were my saving grace. However since my surgery, I have blown up to almost 190 lbs. I have lacked motivation in the gym. My endurance is lacking. My confidence is dwindling. I just need to get myself back. It is so hard sometimes to talk myself into going to the gym and then your home workout popped up on my timeline. Everything happens for a reason. I will start this program ASAP! I wanted to also enter into the giveaway because there?s something inspiring about having fresh workout gear. It may be silly or maybe it?s just the girly girl in me. But I would be honored to be considered. Thank you. Looking forward to this new workout plan!

  2. I would like to gift this to Cindy Deharde, Heidi Gunther, or Susan Helmstetter Miller because we are all on this journey together – with Cindy being an inspiration and leading us on the way.

  3. I would gift this to my best friend – single income double businessed mom. She is my Shero, she raises her daughter with strength and doesn?t show any struggle when life isn?t always fair to her. She and I used to work out together before Abby arrived and I would gift this to her to show her that what she enjoys is just as important to honour as making sure her daughter is happy.

  4. I would gift my daughter Crystal Franck. She?s continually helping others and doesn?t always have time for herself. We?ve both given up sugar which is hard during the holidays. She has several food allergies and it?s hard to eat well between all the holidays but we?re trying.

  5. I think I will be selfish and keep these for me! I?ve earned it and haven?t had new workout clothes or shoes for a couple years and workout hard 6 days a week consistently! Damn it I deserve it?

  6. I would gift this to my sister who has been a rock star doing transform…she’s lost 40+ lbs and just won’t quit. ? I will keep hitting the app daily for my iron gym workouts. They make my life so much simpler. I only have so much brain capacity, so thanks for lightening the load. ???

  7. I would gift this to me. I?m in the middle of a knee injury and missing my gym time and full work routine as a mail carrier… this would be a great pick me up and motivation.

  8. Either the leggings for my mom for her walks and the windrbreaker for my mom or myself and the shoes for me for walking in

  9. I want to keep it for myself. I need something to motivate Me to lose weight. I keep failing, and failing and failing again. I?m so tired. Maybe I can share the workout with a friend.

  10. I want to keep it for myself. However, given I have lost over 110 pounds I’m sure one of my teen girls will swipe it from me since we are now the same size! ?

  11. Although they are super cute!! I would love to gift these to my daughter, she is in the early stages of Wedding planning. Stress relieving work out..

    1. I am going to make sure I get my workouts in to keep my integrity. Love the outfit Heidi!

    1. I plan on eating healthier. I will also use your exercises to get back into shape. I love doing the Tabata!

  12. Portion control and using my time off to meal prep and hit the gym. I have a fantastic 2020 ahead with some great goals set, this set would be amazing motivation.. much luv hun

  13. I would give it away! Not sure to who…sometimes i keep stuff in my car to give away until I know who I?m supposed to give it to ?????

  14. I?m staying healthy for me. Knowing exercise helps my mind, body and soul keeps me on track. I have my support at home and my fitness schedule made.

  15. I started the transform at home 3 days ago and feel so good! I plan on keeping up with it not only to day 28 but many more days after! Thank you for coming up with something that you can do at home that is free! Your encouraging words during the videos mean more then you know!

  16. I plan to start working out after i gave birth to my son on july? until now i ve been working on my abs with your Abs after pregnancy program?

  17. I love all of this! I would 100% gift this to myself and maybe look as good as you while doing the workout ??????

  18. I love this and I?d like to gift it to myself. In 2017, I lost a child and this year, after a lifetime and a career of fitness, I was able to get back into the swing of things and start working out again.

  19. I plan to stay in track with the TRANSFORM APP! And my gallon jug of water. And my super friends who remind me and push me. And my new pelaton bike I gifted to me!

    I?ll include my step classes at my gym and all my transform exercises and accelerators Because I believe in me!! 2019 has been a year of change and refunding my inner strength. 2020 is the year I put it all back in motion. Merry Christmas to all of you at Transform HQ. and to you Heidi andChris and your beautiful family! Ching Ching everyone!! And the jacket.. gift to Mary Jackson… she never quits and if she does… she gets back up and on it. She?s a wonderful fb friend!! And she?s growing those great guns!

    1. I plan on healing from my surgery and going for walks to help me loose all my extra weight.

    2. I would gift this to myself because I am on a journey to improve my health and well being.

  20. I would give it to myself, as i have been in and out of hospital alot this year and im so over it all at the moment!! I haven’t even started my xmas shopping as its hard to walk around the shops as im always in pain.

    Anyway take care

    ? kristie xx

  21. Hi I would actually keep it for my self! As a mom you know we put ourselves second, not this time, I would love this!

  22. I would love to gift every lady who?s been working their booty off in my gym! I?m a trainer at F45 ArtsDistrict in downtown LA and we have some killer women who come in and get after every single workout. I?m so proud of them all!

  23. I’d gift this to myself. I turned 40 this year and have been working out and eating healthy to make it my healthiest year

  24. I?m staying in track by continuing to eat mostly Whole Foods, watching calorie intake, and exercising daily!

  25. I?d love to gift this to me, but I want my daughter to enjoy the fun. So I would sacrifice myself for her Donna jo Smartt.

  26. I have a friend who is starting to workout. I would live to gift this to her. She would be so honored and it would inspire her to see her potential and keep moving forward.

  27. I would gift my amazing inspirational daughter, and\or myself! It?s hard not to feel like a selfish mom ????? Love it, they are beautiful!!!! I went back to the gym yesterday and I?m so proud of myself! Ready to get back at it and feel like myself again! ????

  28. I’d keep this giveaway as more of a motivation to myself and how I stay on track this season is treat myself every once and awhile but enjoy my lifestyle change by staying on track to make myself feel good working out to great music keeps me more motivated too and to learn to love myself

  29. I would Gift this to my daughter Lexi, as she has just recently started working out very early in the morning before school (530 am) which is basically an unthinkable time for most teenagers and … she has inspired other teenagers to go with her ?.

    1. 5:30 am that?s amazing .. so cool her friends are joint her . I just Got mine to go after school with me πŸ™‚

    2. 5:30 am that?s amazing .. so cool her friends are joining her . I just Got mine to go after school with me πŸ™‚

  30. Staying on track by being CONSISTENT! Even on a busy day, getting out or down (on my family room floor) and moving my body and using my muscles! Anything is better than nothing!

  31. I would gift this to my daughter Lexi! She has recently started getting up every morning before school and working out religiously (530 am) which is remarkable for a teenager AND she has recruited other teenagers to go with her!!! She is an amazing leader and so strong and dedicated! She would LOVE this!?

  32. I would love this for myself. I?ve lost 20 pounds and need some new workout clothes and have worn out my running shoes. The transform app has done so much for me. Thank you!

  33. I would love to gift this to my mama friend who is 6 months postpartum.
    I?m using the transform app to stay on track!

  34. I would really like to get this for myself! I just had my fourth baby 3 months ago and I am slowly starting to workout again post baby. I really want to start running and I just started an 8 week running program and think this would be a great addition!

  35. I?d love to win this workout and workout clothes for myself (because broke college student life ya know) but I?d also love for my besties to win it because we love to workout together and use exercise as a destressor for college and a great time to hang out and motivate each other!

  36. Love the workout! The piked bombs ? I would gift this to my sister! I just became a mom and she has 4 kids . I know a glimpse of what it?s like to get a workout in ! Real life superheroes ?

  37. I would gift this to my sister. She has had a rough year teaching and wants to just throw in the towel. I feel she could really get her frustration out in the workouts and I would love for her to make herself a priority.

  38. I don?t do much for myself so I would keep this for outfit for myself! My two little ones keep me busy so no time for going to the gym so at home workouts are my go to and I love your tips you give.

  39. I?m 6 weeks out from having my 4th baby and started back at the gym. Going to get through the holidays by moving as much as I can! Such a cute outfit! I?d selfishly keep it for myself, because new gym gear is the best motivation to work out!!

    1. My priorities in my life have been taking care of my 2 sets of twins for 22 years ??And just never would take take time to think of ? ME? I would ??LOVE ??the sneakers, leggings ., all the above for myself ???

  40. At 44 years old and a busy work life style, I want to start taking time for myself. It has taken me a minute to figure out it is ok to make time for me too without feeling guilty. I believe 2020 is going to be the best year yet and there is time for all things. Time to goal up and one is to have better eating habits. Because in life we got to have a few? ..and smell the roses as they say. There is so much out there to see and enjoy. Time to bring it!

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fun outfit. I have a 16 year old daughter who struggles to GAIN weight and has started to go to the gym. This outfit has her name all over it!

  41. I?d love to gift this to myself! I am still Christmas shopping for my loved ones but my Christmas gift to myself this year is self-care and dedication to my own health. I counsel my patients and medical students every day … and I practice what I preach ????????????????

  42. I?m kick starting the Transform 90 day challenge from now with a routine of working out everyday same time and eating habits that I will get used to. That way when they 90 day challenge start
    Already mentally prepared for it.

  43. Merry Christmas to….me ? I?ve always wanted a good pair of leggings, but the good ones are so darn expensive! That jacket is cute and to die for, and i have no words for those shoes lol!

  44. Hi Heidi!!
    I would like this give away for myself. 1) id love to look like you so maybe this outfit can help haha! 2) just had my second baby and I?m ready get my body back!! And nothing motivates you more than a new pair of kicks and yoga pants!! But to answer your question I plan on staying on track this holiday season by limiting my dessert in take! Also doing something everyday to move! Thanks for being so inspiring and REAL! Happy Holidays to you and your tribe! πŸ˜‰
    P.s. pick me! pick me! Haha!!

    1. I would like to gift the jacket to my daughter. I bought me one when you showed yours off. But the leggings i would gift to myself. I am 51 cough cough almost 52 i work out with my son 3 times a week. He is a personal trainer so do workout a few times a week. Also i watch my daughters kids while she works so i have to stay in shape for my grandkids. Between dance swimming and school activities i have to stay in shape. Merry Christmas to you all. I am really going to work hard on portions this holiday season…

  45. I have similar shoes ! This color combo is my favorite ! If I were to win I would gift to my wife, she has been so supportive and is looking to start her own transformation!

    Thank you for being a positive force in this world Heidi!

  46. I would love this outfit! But I think i weould have to share with my sisters! How fun would that be? Give each other some motivation!

  47. This would be an amazing gift to myself so When i go to my parents at the countryside, far from gyms, i still can take care of my health..:?????

  48. This year has been full of so many BIG moments that were often scary and I did not always know that it would work out. I showed myself a lot this year. I?m proud of the woman I am for my son. I am getting back to taking care of myself on the outside as I have in other areas. I would love this gift. I would also gift it to the tribe of incredible women I tagged on Instagram. They have been warriors in their own way. My soul is more beautiful knowing and loving them!

  49. Ahhh, I would love to win this giveaway for myself. I especially love great workout shoes. I spend all day taking care of my 4 beautiful children, so when I get the chance to exercise I take it! And what better way to workout than in style!!

    1. I would share this with my sisters! That way, even though I dont live near them we could all have something to wear to connect us and help us support our goals! I’m doing my best to ha e balance this holiday season. Giving myself grace and not having guilt over food choices or missed workouts, but also knowing that I CAN do without some treats and dont need to overindulge to participate.

  50. I?d like this gift for me! Long story short… the only thing I do for myself lately is I started going to the gym and have loved it for the first time!!?

  51. I would so gift this to me for going back to college still being there for my 3 girls. I would also share this with my twin sisters who are also coming through for their babies.

    1. I would gift this to my favorite workout friend! She just had a baby and is set on losing those few leftover pounds! There is no one more deserving?

  52. This would be the spark I need to recommit myself after a 50 lb weight gain. Been on an emotional roller coaster for awhile. And 12/10 I have 28 years of sobriety. Would be an awesome gift to myself

    1. Omg I would loooove to gift this to MYSELF?? amazing post Heidi!! Love you and your family always and everything you represent ????

  53. Happy Holidays Heidi!! I absolutely love transform app!! Though I?ve always been active, I?m always looking forward user friendly & parent friendly app & workouts. I would be SO STOKED for the beautiful giveaway! I am approaching my 50th in March and have goals but my biggest is to be the Best Role model for our three kids! (20, 17 & 10.) thank you for helping others to be a better version of themselves. ?????

  54. Been really hard on myself lately and trying to find focus to find myself in happiness on this bodys journey back from having two kids back to back so id gift it to myself

  55. I would love to gift this to myself! I have been working hard at losing weight (70+ pounds so far) and would love some smaller clothes!

  56. Maybe this is selfish but I would gift it to myself. I just had twins in September. They were baby #4&5 and I am struggling to get back at it again. But working on portion control to help me through the holidays!

  57. I would prob gift this to myself as I workout at home and need to change things up in 2020 and this would help that transformation. P.S your body is amazing?

  58. I would gift this to my daughter who is a full time student and also works so she struggles with making it to the gym. She is also intimidated by the gym so if she had some cute outfit, now that the semester ended, she will find her motivation to take care of herself.

  59. I?ve been thinking about buying this windbreaker for myself for Christmas and so this would be perfect to win!! I love the whole package!!???

  60. I would gift it to my daughter, she just turned 18 and she would love it all as she is working on fitness goals this year.

  61. Gifting this one to myself?? Just had a baby about 5 months ago and wanting to lose my baby weight. Of course don?t have anything that fits rn work out clothes related PLUS my feet swelled and made me go a size bigger? so no shoes either. Tight budget from being newly weds and having a baby. So definitely needing/wanting this one??

    1. Gifting it to myself.
      I’ve noticed the last few months I havent been caring for myself very well. I find that I’m more motivated to work out when I have quality and cute workout clothes. It is time to retire my college workout wardrobe

    1. I?m gifting my prep coach. After 2 years going solo, she turned things around for me. I not only brought home multiple medals and a trophy, but more importantly a brand new approach to loving and caring for my body. It?ll be easy to stay in track during holidays with her!

  62. To stay on track this holiday season, I am going to make a conscious decision to only have a small taste of treats, as opposed to going overboard. I have found that a small taste can satisfy the sweet craving, and if I have already filled myself up on nutritious food, then I won’t actually be hungry and eat more than I need!

  63. I plan on trying to eat healthy for the most part. I?ll indulge on Christmas but then get back to working out after. Even if I don?t have time to do a long workout I?ll fit in a quick workout video on YouTube.

  64. I would prob gift this to myself (gotta treat ur self to ?) this momma is getting bigger with baby on the way! This holiday season I might be passing on the stuffing to stay on track seems how I?m already stuffed! And doing those yoga poses! Great prize Heidi!

    1. I would gift this to .myself because these last few months have been crazy little guy breaking his femur and my Daddy passing away a day later…and now the holidays with out either parent I really need something to pick me up…. I love Chris and Heidi program and will continue this journey..Thank you?

  65. I will be a little selfish this time and say I would definitely need the leggings and sports bra because mine don?t fit anymore. And the Reebok sneakers because I use my sneakers so much with the app, I need to get new shoes asap.
    Plus whoever doesn?t wanna look as amazing as you Heidi! ?
    Love you! ?

    1. I would love to win this gift for my daughter who wants to go to the gym in January. Would be the perfect xmas gift for her new resolution! ??

  66. Hi Heidi,

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your wonderful family! I have been a fan of yours and Chris?s for a very long time and have even watch your shows with my three young daughters. I am constantly maintaining my fit lifestyle and reminding My Girls? thatI have been a fan of yours and Chris?s for a very long time and have even watched your shows with my three young daughters. I am constantly maintaining my fit lifestyle and reminding my girls that it is not a diet rather a way of life!!! I am so motivated by all your posts and I feel that a little selfishness goes a long way when it comes to fitness goals. So yes, I would gift this to myself because I have three girls that would be hard to choose one. I would share what I have one with my daughters explaining to them how it came from one fit mother to another.

  67. Heidi!!!! Hi Merry Christmas!! πŸ™‚ I’d most likely gift it to my mom. She’s amazing and would love it!

  68. I have been doing intermittent fasting for the last 2 weeks trying everything to loose some lbs. I would like them for myself so I could be motivated to go to the gym and not be embarrassed that my outfit is outdated.

  69. I am meal planning and getting workouts in! I forgot to say I would give this to my bestie-she is a rock star!

  70. I?m going to stay true to me with my nutrition and my workouts. I?ve worked too damn hard to let one holiday take it away.
    I would totally gift this to Sharon Goulet, she would look pretty hot in this gear!!

    1. I would gift this to my two beautiful daughters. I?m sure they would each pick what they like best, and we would all get something.

    1. I would love to win this bundle! I plan to stick to my app daily throughout the holiday season. If I do decide to splurge I will make sure to at least get my workouts in & keep up water tracking.

  71. I am going to continue to track water and macros and get most of my workouts in.
    I”d likento gift this to my friend so she looks fly doing her cross fit workouts.

    1. Keep my kids around they keep me accountable most days. My daughter Jordan Knight would love ther outfit.

  72. I am going to continue to use my app to plan meals, track my meals, drink all the water, and get my workouts in.

    I would like to gift this to my sister.

    1. Gift for a wonderful kind friend, who puts everyone before her. She aways giveing and making people happy. She always put her self last.

  73. I would love to gift this to my daughter! She recently gave birth to her second child and is feeling motivated to get back into shape! This would be perfect for keeping her motivated!

  74. Would love this for myself but if I didn?t keep it and were to gift it I would give it to my friend Sarah!

  75. I plan to watch what I eat. I will still allow myself to have the things I want but in moderation. If I were to win this, I would surely gift it to my bestie who is my workout partner also. We love to keep each other accountable.

  76. My wife Amy would love this gift! She has been working hard transforming all year! She is killing it and really deserves this!!

    1. I would love to give this to my mother, shes having knee issues and other health problems, she had surgery to correct knee problems but its still not great but shes not very physically active, she works hard and is constantly doing things to bless others like growing seedlings for schools and kindys and putting together christmas boxes for disavantaged children, id love to bless her and also id love to get her up and moving so her health doesnt keep getting worse.

  77. I would gift this to my beautiful daughter Alexis (Lex)!! She is on a journey to be fit and stay fit. She l is such a beautiful soul!! I am also jumping in on this as I have just joined the transform app and am so excited!!

  78. I’d love to gift this set to my friend Megan. She enjoys the gym way more than I do and is an amazing person in general.

  79. My sister Ashely and her hubby Tyler offically adopted 3 kids last year. Imagine going from zero kids to three ages 5, 2 and 10 months. They’re doing such a good job, but she deserves something for herself as she devotes all her time to raising three littles.

  80. I plan to stay on track this season by scheduling my workouts ahead of time and with nutrition always planning the preparation ahead of busy days so I don?t slip up. ?

  81. I would gift it to my daughter Emerald Wangen.
    I plan on staying on track by wanting to be a fit Grandma in June!!!!

  82. I would love this for myself! Im starting my weight loss journey and need some extra motivation, I’ve been following you and chris for years, hoping that something would spark in me to loose these EXTRA pounds.

  83. I would gift this to one of my best friends Alex. She has recently joined me in my weightloss journey and in 4 weeks has already lost over a stone! ??

  84. I would def gift this to my daughter. She is away and just graduated college. Moved to a new state and is alone so she works out to keep herself busy after work.

  85. I would love this gifted to myself! Having 4 kids and being a stay at home mom, I am still wearing the same work out clothes from 2012. I have thirty more pounds to lose, and I would love to lose them in style!


  86. I would gift it to myself! I?m six weeks post op from a major chest surgery and it would be a reward to myself for persevering and trying to get back into working out.

    1. I would love to gift this to my sister Caroline. So that she will continue her good training habits and inspire me to do better.

  87. I would love to win this for my sister in law who loves a good work out of 5k. She?s such a special person with a heart of gold and she?s been though so much the past couple of years. This would make her feel like a million bucks and it?s the gift that keep on giving every time you put it on and get a work out in. She?s more deserving that any words could ever explain. Love your giving heart! ??

  88. I would LOVE this gifted to me! With four kids and being a stay at home mom, I am wearing the same work out clothes (and shoes) from 2012. It would be amazing to have new gear! I have 30 more pounds to lose, and would love to lose it in style!


  89. I would gift it to myself. I am always worried about everyone else and never put myself first! I am staying in track this holiday season by working out as often as possible and fighting the urges. Which is easier when you are broke and can?t afford to participate in all the holiday events.

  90. Thanks for the workout, Heidi! I?m counting and tracking my macros, and working with Coach Val! I?m staying on track through hard work and dedication!

    1. I would share the prize package with one of my nurses, Kasey. Kasey has been so supportive of my transformation, and I would enjoy rewarding her with the goodies ?

  91. I want to gift this to myself because this year I?m learning to put NE first and this year is going to my healthiest year ever!!!!

  92. I am entering to get this one for myself! I have began working out recently and realized I desperately need a new pair of sneakers and a sports bra…and who doesn?t love leggings πŸ˜‰

  93. I know this proberley sounds selfish but I would gift it to myself with my weight loss and our financial struggles I could use a new pair of sneakers and clothes but my daughter would love it to she is trying so hard to get it together and start her journey ?

  94. I plan on listening to my body and enjoying the holiday season. I will focus on joyful movement and not worry about what I ate or how many workouts I got in. For me, its about listening to my body’s signals and not listening to diet culture. The holidays are about enjoying time with family and friends.

  95. After gaining 70 lbs during my pregnancy, delivering my daughter early, and having two emergency surgeries I thought I would never be able to get back into shape. Now I have slowly started working out again with the transform daily workouts and really eating healthier. I don?t only want to be healthy for me and my family, but for my patients as well. How can I coach someone to be healthy if I?m not myself?! πŸ™‚

  96. I?d like to nominate my wife Crystal! She?s a hard working momma of 2! She?s a full time labor and delivery nurse and also teaches at a local college. She?s one busy momma with a crazy busy schedule.

    1. I would love to gift this to my oldest sister Wendy Lee. she has a heart of gold and would give her last dime to help someone in need. In fact she has in the past. I am a witness as the person that was in need was me. she took part of her mortgage money and sent it to me when I was in a bind! She and I have been trying to lose weight together even though she lives in Maine and I live in Ohio! I miss her dearly but we talk 2 times a day morning and night! she is my rock! She is my person I can go to with anything! right now she is going through some rough times (emotionally within her family) and although I am not physically there, I want her to know that I love her with all my heart and that God gifted me a wonderful person when I was born as her younger sister!

  97. I would like to give this gift to myself. After this baby comes I want to really get in control of my weight and a new workout outfit is always some fun beginning motivation

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