5 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’re a busy being a mom, focused on your career and job aspirations, studying for a degree, or traveling nonstop, everyone’s days are filled to the brim and getting into the gym isn’t always realistic. This post is for all of us who just don’t have the time to get an hour-long workout in multiple times a week. I spend more days on the road than at home and have used these tried and true workouts in the airport, in hotel rooms, in office conference rooms–you can literally do them anywhere. All you need is a little creativity and a plan to get these quick yet effective workouts done. Remember: A short workout is better than no workout, both for your body and your mind! Check out these workouts you can do anywhere. Comment below and let me know the creative places YOU workout!


5 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Bodyweight Moves for Beginners

Don’t know exactly what workout to do? Bodyweight moves are a great place to start. This ten minute full body circuit is a surefire way to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. If you get going and feel like you can go harder, then add another round or increase by five minute increments each time. For this bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, click here.


Tabata || 4 Minute Total Body Toning

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “Tabata”, it will soon become one of your favorite ways to workout! Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that lasts only four minutes. We all have four minutes a day to spare and devote to this, so I know I have zero excuses to not fit a Tabata workout in my day. I absolutely love how tabata allows you to do some major work in a really short amount of time. Click here to get started on your Tabata workout!


Hotel Room Workout

The hotel room workout is one of my favorites to do while traveling! The workout consists of one minute on, one minute off, for five moves. That’s it. It might sound easy, but trust me…you will definitely feel this workout! These moves can be tailored to fit your ability, and there are modifications to make it easier or more challenging. The only equipment you need is your beautiful self and a chair. For the ultimate hotel room workout, click here.


Beach Bum Bodyweight Workout

This is the perfect workout for targeting that booty! This Beach Bum Bodyweight Workout requires zero equipment: no bands, no dumbbells, no benches–all you need is your body. This one will get you sculpting your?glutes, quads, and hamstrings in no time. The best part? You can add more rounds and reps as you start to see improvement. For the Beam Bum Bodyweight Workout click here.


Resistance Band Moves

Resistance band moves are a quick workout that targets that peach bottom (wink wink!). Since I am usually on the go, I keep a resistance band?or two with me at all times in my gym bag. If I get an unexpected break or can multitask during a phone call, I break out the band and get moving. Using bands will make you feel the burn… and quickly! Click here?for an amazing resistance band workout.


Hopefully these workouts have inspired you to fit in even a short workout amidst your busy daily schedules. They have been lifesavers for my body and have kept me sane when I just can’t make it to the gym. I hope you love them just as much as I do! Please share your best tips for staying active while traveling or navigating through crazy daily schedules–I’d love to hear them!



PS: I cannot publish this post without sharing the best anywhere workout tip of them all: DOWNLOAD The Transform App?NOW! It has years’ worth of workouts you can do anywhere…at home, on vacation, at the gym, on the beach… you name it. Best part is that all of the workouts are easily scaleable to your level, from beginner to advanced!

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  1. Something kind about myself. I am loving my legs. I have been working out for 9 months now and my muscles look so awesome! Still have a way to go, but I am so proud!?

  2. I made a power promise about 9 months ago to go to the gym every single day. I didn’t make any other commitment other than that for the first month. I made it 157 days in a row without missing the gym. I had one small slip up when I accidentally fell asleep one night. This usually would have been my giving up point, but I looked at it as just a small bump and continued on. I love my workouts now and dont want to miss it!?

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