What’s in My Gym Bag | 10 Gym Bag Essentials + GIVEAWAY

New year, new goals, new gym bag. Now THAT is a resolution this girl can get on board with! Whether you’re hitting up the weight rack or a local fitness class, the best way to walk in feeling confident is to make sure you’re prepared! How, you ask? With all the must-have gym bag essentials. 😉 But before I share mine, how about a little motivational tip for you??

RULE NUMERO UNO in my fitness world: ALWAYS pack your gym bag the night before!?Also, always pack it FULL! Not only are you more likely to actually?make it?to the gym if you pack the night before, you’re ALSO more likely to come back if you feel prepared while you are there. FACT! (Okay, maybe it’s only factual to me). Time to talk about these gym bag must-haves. THEN…it’s time to give some away! I’m feeling extra generous in 2019!?Giveaway?details at the bottom.

10 Gym Bag Essentials

You’ve asked, and I’m delivering the goods! Literally. Here are the goodies currently being packed (on repeat) in my gym bag!


1. Sweaty Betty Luxe Bag (similar here)

Finding a good gym bag means finding a bag that fits you?and?all your stuff. I love that this bag is such a classic?beauty meets function all in one gorgeous bag. It’s big enough to fit everything I need without giving that old school duffle feel, so it’s perfect for other uses outside the gym.

Need something to carry work stuff in? Check. Carrying around all your kids’ gear? Check, check. New mom wanting a stylish diaper bag? This bag can literally do it all. And my absolute favorite feature? The zip bottom?perfect for storing any gym shoes or after gym shoes you want to carry along!

2. Beats Headphones

I know some people prefer working out without music, but I am?not one of them! I need my music loud and motivating while I’m working on those transformation goals.

I love these Beats Headphones because not only are they cute (hello, gold and white!), but they’re wireless, which means I can really and truly “unplug” during my ME time. They’re super comfortable and noise cancelling (can I wear them around the house? #askingforafriend). Bonus: earbud version comes in under $70 for those who want something smaller or more budget-friendly.

3. Shaker Bottle

Two important lessons and one amazing bottle: 1) Always stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout, and 2) you’ll want to follow any good workout by repairing your muscles with some protein, like our new TRANSFORM Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes. The Blender Bottle is perfect for both options. 😉

4. Protein Bars

Like I just mentioned, your body needs protein following a workout to help repair those muscles and fuel your body! Some of my favorites are Quest Bars, G2G Bars, and FitJoy Bars!

When a protein bar is both healthy?and makes you feel like you’re eating dessert, it’s a win in my book.

5. Resistance Booty Band

Of course, I have to represent! Plus, there are just some moves that can best be done with the help of my littlest BFF?my TRANSFORM Resistance Band. Throw it in your bag, bust it out during your workday or when you have some spare time, and you have an instant workout that you can literally do anywhere.

6. Beauty Musts: Gum, Face?Wipes, Deodorant

Sometimes I just need a little refresher. Especially if I’m trying to sneak in a quick kiss from my forever gym partner, Chris. Need I say more? On that same note, as a busy wife, mom, and business owner, sometimes an immediate shower following a workout is impossible (I know you guys can relate). Until that nice hot shower, deodorant in my bag is a MUST, and so are makeup wipes.?I carry these bad boys around to help clean up any unwanted messes (think runny mascara. Goodbye, raccoon eyes!).

7. Dry Shampoo

Ok, technically, dry shampoo falls within beauty musts, but it’s such a necessity that it deserves its own shout out.?Guys, this is literally my favorite dry shampoo! It works wonders in keeping me looking glam and shower fresh even when leaving an intense workout. A couple sprays, some tousles, and I’m good to go.

8. Massage Roller Ball?and Schiek Weight Belt

You should always take a few minutes at the end of your workout to stretch and roll out. I love carrying this ball around with me because it’s perfect to help relieve pressure in even the tightest of muscles and helps speed up the recovery process so I can jump right back in the next time. I have been known to use this during meetings. A busy mom’s gotta do what a busy mom’s gotta do, right?

Plus, this Schiek lifting belt is a MUST for my workouts! It provides the best support for my back when lifting and is so comfortable to wear, ensuring I’m safe, especially with heavy lifts!

9. Hat

Even though I love my dry shampoo, sometimes mama just needs to throw on a baseball hat. I know you all feel me on this one.

10. Flip Flops

You know my gym bag is not complete if I don’t have my infamous flip flops. ? Perfect for letting my feet rest after putting in so much work! Check out some of my other favorite shoes for every occasion here?too.

And those, my friends, are my MUST-HAVE items that I cannot go to the gym without! I want to know what YOU keep in YOUR gym bag…but before I do…

It’s GIVEAWAY time!!!!

I couldn’t be more excited for this giveaway because who DOESN’T want to win some new gym bag swag???One lucky winner will win all of these gym bag faves of mine, valued at $387!

  • My Fave Flip Flops (in your size of course)?$26 value
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo?$6 value
  • Transform Booty Band?$21 value
  • Chris + Heidi Meal Replacement Shakes -both chocolate AND vanilla?$120 value
  • Blender Bottle?$20 value
  • Quest Bars – 3 month supply?$144 value
  • Schiek Weight Belt!?$50 value


1. Comment below telling me YOUR favorite gym bag essential, whether it’s on my list or not!
2. Head over to Facebook or Instagram, like the post, and drop the same comment there…and TAG A FRIEND!
**Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, January 20, 2019. Be sure and check your blog comment AND your DMs to see if you’re the lucky winner! If you’re chosen, and I don’t hear from you within 48 hours, I’ll have to choose another winner. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

Happy entering!!



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  1. Love this , i would just add one more thing . I love my chest strap for my watch to see my heart rate , calories , etc!

  2. The above are all great ideas. I would like to add a combination lock so I can stash my bag in a locker and not worry about it.

  3. Agree with all of the above. I also need chapstick and and water to drink while working out.
    That gym is awesome, btw!

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