Mommy & Me Tabata Workout

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My days seem to be JAM packed from 6am to midnight (and sometimes later!) with carpooling, errand running, business meetings, activities with the kiddos, and maybe a few minutes alone with Chris…they are FULL days with not much breathing room! While getting to the gym can feel extremely difficult most days, here’s how you CAN get in your workout plus some extra QT with your cute littles: Mommy & Me TABATA. This workout is just 4 minutes in total (yes, you read that correctly!), is super easy to follow, and best of all?incorporates your kids!

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First of all, you might be wondering what in the world is Tabata? Tabata is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that takes only a few minutes! I’m not kidding?it’s short, to the point, and SO FUN! The pace, intensity, and number of reps make it a SUPER effective use of a tight time frame! You can easily do this at home and it will fit into even the busiest of schedules. 

Here?s what you do:

  • Since this is a Mommy & Me workout, snag one of your kiddos to join you!
  • Set a timer for 4 minutes or download a Tabata timer (like the one we have in The TRANSFORM App ?). Here?s what you?ll do:

Step 1: Choose one of the movements below and do it for 20 seconds.
Step 2: Rest for 10 seconds. Rest time is a great time to get in some extra snuggles and tickles! ?
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 for 8 rounds?there?s your 4 minutes!

If you have more time, try to squeeze in another Tabata during the day. Choose a different move (preferably one that works different muscle groups) and challenge yourself for another 4-MINUTE workout!

The Movements:

1. Squats: Depending on the age of your kiddo, hold her in the front for front squats or piggy back-style for back squats…or do a round of both!

2. Swing Ups: Don?t forget those high fives and kisses during this one!

3. Planks: If you can go longer than 20 seconds at a time, go for it! Just be sure and do those rest seconds in between. 

Planks are amazing exercises that strengthen your abs, core, and back muscles + your glutes and hamstrings. They also help improve your posture and balance, so be sure and include these in your workout routine regularly!

What other movements would you add to your Mommy & Me workout? Please let me know below?Ruby and I are waiting to see what you come up with! πŸ˜‰



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48 Responses

  1. Hi Heidi!! I (can wait) can?t wait til this twins pregnancy is done. I?ll have twice the baby (and a toddler) to join me for mommy and me workouts!! Time for that BOOTY BAND! ?? @cjhopes

  2. This is just what I have needed! I?m a mom to 3 very active boys (2, 5, 7) I have been finding myself in a really dark place. A place where I am extremely unkind to myself and my body image. But that has started to spread and turn into feeling like I will never have the time to take care of ME. And that might be the case… there never seem to be enough time, especially if I am waiting for my husband to get home to help watch kids so I can go to the gym. So this… this speaks to me on so many levels!! I CAN get in a good workout at home with my kids climbing all over me!! Thank you for your constant motivation. I can?t wait to take back control of my weight and my life!

    Ps- we have a Cash (spelled Kash) too!! ?

    Instagram: OConnor08

  3. I am so excited to try this with my little man. We use his carrier all the time for workouts together, but this is a perfect one for the 4 minutes I have between supper, bath, bedtime…etc. No excuse not to work out now!

    Instagram: emilyumbreit

  4. I can?t wait to try with my little one!! This is my fav post currently, hoping to win booty bands!

    Instagram: cv_smith

  5. This would be one of my favorite blog post! I love getting workouts in with my kids. I love working out with all 4 of my kids. Both of my daughters love to lift with me! Fitness is so much more fun as a family. Tabata is quick and efficient
    Instagram handle- ninataea

  6. I love a Tabata work out. What would be even better would be to have a set of the bands to use in the tabata work out.
    Instagram hillarycrump

  7. Love how you involve your kids in your workouts. I have four kids that I involve in my workouts too!

  8. I love the at home workouts! This is a great thing to add to my choices of workouts. My kids are going to love that I include them. Thanks for the great idea and always being an inspiration.

    I would love to win your bands. I am working to get my ?

    Insta: sarabest1982

  9. I?m expecting twins soon and have been sidelined with my workouts for months now. I?m so looking forward to being able to work out again soon and getting back to my routine. I know it will be difficult at first and I think this will be a great way to ease back into it while not feeling guilty about leaving my girls behind. Thank you so much for your inspiration.


  10. I love this post because it?s you! You, the fitness queeen but also showing us the real you. The busy you. The MOM you. You always show us that we are never to busy to be fit, work and mostly – be a real, nuturing, and positive role model to our children. As above – so below. I absolutely admire you for inspiring everyone and showing us that life and love can coincide together!!! You ROCK!!!! ( @maraleemomof3 on instagram)

  11. I love this! Whenever I do a workout at home my son always finds something to grab and copy me during my workout. It?s so awesome how you and Chris involve your kids and it?s just way of life. My husband and really look up to your family values and hope to achieve that kind of family and fitness ?game? as well!!


  12. As a mom of an almost one year old I have been incorporating quick workouts like Tabata to get my workouts in.

    Sometime we are on a Time
    Crunch and the workouts do not always go as planned. So shorter workouts have been a saviour over the past year ?

    Instagram name Kelly.pollard

  13. Love incorporating kiddos into workouts!! My girls always want to join in with me when I workout! Thanks for sharing! @audthebod

  14. This is one of my favorite blog posts and workouts! With my 1.5 year old son getting in a workout can be challenging at times but including him in it means fun play time to him and Mom gets a workout in!

    Look forward to seeing more of your posts! πŸ™‚

  15. I?m 6 1/2 months pregnant with my first and I?ve been doing HIIT for a few years before pregnancy (and during) I?m excited for my baby girl to arrive to workout with and to teach her the difference between healthy, fit, and happy and ?skinny?. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for this fun Mommy & Me workout! Can?t wait!! @WanderlustPatrick

  16. This is my favorite blog for so many sweet reasons! I workout with my two little ones all the time! My two year old will say ?exercise? and randomly do her version of pushups or squats! I love knowing that I?m teaching them health at such a young age!
    I?ve been inspired by you and your husband for so long and love to watch your family and your love story!

    I was working out in my garage just yesterday and my band popped in the middle of a kickback and left me with quite the nice mark… time for an upgrade I think? ? eisley.paxton.c Instagram

  17. This is awesome! My 3 year old climbs on me every time I start a workout! Thanks forthe ideas!

  18. Absolutely love any workout that involves the kiddos and shows them what work looks like! Cheers! IG @kaitcollignon

  19. I love a workout that can incorporate the kids! Kids need to learn the importance of being/staying healthy and they learn the most from their parents!! Booty bands will help amp up workouts!! @megandiekmann

  20. I am so appreciative of the family workout suggestions and especially how y?all are so very REAL on social media! That is why we all love y?all to infinity & beyond ? @breezyosborne

  21. I love tabata workouts. As a single working mom of two kids I really look for workout where I get the most bang for my buck. I also love to use them for the high cheerleaders I coach. Spotify has tons of get tabata songs because music makes the workouts a little bit better! IG @chanellejaz

  22. Love this because it’s damn near impossible to do anything in my household without my 3 & 4 year old boys hanging off my limbs! Might as well get a work out in with them!!! Instagram: meg_shoe ??

  23. I love this post! I have a very active 3 year old son so this is something I can do with him! He?s always going Burpees, pushups, and crunches???? IG: be_moore_fit

  24. Love these because I have two little girls and doing a home workout requires to take them to participate too! Thanks for the hints! Love it!

  25. I love this post. Something I can do when I can?t get to the gym and I have my little one. Thanks for the tips, Heidi!

    Insta: aglenn

  26. I love tpu and your famiky so much! I ahve drom the very beginning when chris was kust startw dout helping his friend. . And i love tbis tabata work out, specially since im starying up a new business and dont have as much time as id like working out, and love that i cna include my young daughter in that short time ?

  27. I ? this. I have been looking for more workouts that my daughter and I can do together. Thanks Heidi.

    Insta: Meshka86

  28. Love this!! Many days the only way I get my workout in is by including my kids. They love to be right there working out with me or cheering me on! @beach_mom_life

  29. I love these workouts! They are a great wirkout when you are short on time. I like to do them with my grand daughter sometimes. @angie_kirk813

  30. Hard to pick just one favorite blog post for the giveaway, but I dig this one. I am a stay at home mommy to two kids and a full-time student obtaining a bachelors in Sports and Health Sciences. My husband is in the military, so we don?t have family around to watch our kids… hard to trust people ya don?t know, so I am home with my kids all the time and can?t make it to the gym. I have acquired some exercise equipment, but who knew I gave birth to two of the best weights πŸ˜‰ lol! This is awesome and perfect for me and my kids!
    Instagram handle @kiannamk

  31. I love this!!! My son loves to workout with me. @jasmineagui
    By the way I saw you at Monday night raw a few weeks ago I was too scared to ask for a picture with you lol.

  32. This is such a great tip! Making it to the gym doesn?t always happen, which is fine because it isn?t necessary! However, babies can make it tricky getting anything done at home so incorporating them in a short, but great, workout is a great option!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!


  33. Love this post!! I teach fitness class for mommies now and would love to start one that incorporates our kiddos using these moves. And the transform booty band is epic!!

  34. Hi Heidi,

    I am one of Gina’s co-workers! Yes, our lunch periods have turned into a weight management support group, recipe swap, and venting session. I have battled my weight my whole life. At 300 pounds I underwent gastric bypass surgery. Although most see it as an “easy way out” it is simply a tool, and I still struggle. I have developed an actual fear of food and dream of a day that the thoughts, fear, and anxiety of food no longer control my daily life. I have undergone infertility treatments, a high risk pregnancy, a divorce, and a remarriage. With my remarriage, came a natural pregnancy (Yay!), which turned into another high risk pregnancy at 23 weeks with an uncommon liver condition. I was constantly prepped by doctor’s to expect the possibility of a stillborn baby, with a 100% guarantee of a premature baby. That’s all my family needed to hear- I was continually reminded to eat, eat, and eat some more to build my baby’s weight because I was guaranteed an early delivery. My husband, God Bless his soul, was constantly feeding me. Although it was healthy food (protein shakes, fresh juiced drinks, fruits, etc…) I was living a day to day life in constant face and reminder of my fear- FOOD.

    We are an extremely funny group of people, and being teachers, are definitely not afraid of hard work, being dedicated, and a challenge. But, we do recognize that we need help. It is amazing how food is a struggle for so many people. Everyone has their own story. If anything, I have learned from my weight loss (and gain and loss…) journey that it cannot be done completely alone. Success is found in the support of those that care. I love my coworkers, we are an entertaining bunch who would make great clients or “supporting actors” in your next season! Once your schedule allows, please think of a us and visit NJ and meet a close knit group of fabulous teachers who want to band together, and challenge ourselves to transform our lives!! Thanks for taking the time and reading about my life πŸ™‚

  35. Hi Heidi,

    My co workers and I have been talking about you and Chris on a daily basis. Three of us are new moms, and the other is our friend that struggles. We seem to be struggling with losing any weight nevermind just the baby weight. We have busy schedules, all teachers that do afterschool programs, and come home to kids with some husbands working at night. One of the girls say we are dreaming about u guys running down our halls in NJ to help this group that is in a funk! Prove her wrong! We need you guys!!!!

    1. Hi Gina: I know Chris and Heidi are so grateful for you support! You all can begin your transformation journeys with the tips and tools in this post: And their app – TRANSFORM with Chris and Heidi – is another awesome option! It offers you customized meal and workout programs that adjust as you progress towards your goals plus the all-important life lessons that are so crucial to life-long change. It’s kind of like having Chris and Heidi in the palm of your hand as you go through your journey. You can learn more about the app here: You all can do this! πŸ™‚

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