Thanksgiving is only a few days away…which means lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls (my fave), turkey, pumpkin pie, and probably a handful of other pies too! These all-too-delicious foods are about to fill the plates and tummies of families everywhere, including my own.

Last year, I posted a workout showing you exactly what you’d have to do to burn off all of those excess calories from your T-Day chow down. This year, I’m sharing exactly what the 6 of us (Ruby and Cash included) will be doing to try to undo some of the holiday naughtiness.

We took a classic workout game (Deck of Cards) and added a fun Thanksgiving spin! Don’t be fooled by the cute exercise names, I can promise you’ll be feeling it by the end! Grab your kiddos, a deck of cards, and get started…


Deck of Cards: Thanksgiving Edition

Here’s how it works:

For each card suit, we have assigned the following moves:

Spades – Stuffing Swing Ups
Hearts – Gravy Glute Bridges (see Glute Bridge description and pic at bottom of this post)
Clubs – Buttered Roll Burpees
Diamonds – Pilgrim Push Ups


Shuffle the deck, and either place all of the cards in a festive bowl, or simply stack the deck in the middle of your family (or all workout participants).


Have the youngest choose the first card. Whatever suit is on the card is the exercise you ALL are going to do (see above), and whatever number is on the card is the amount of reps you will be doing of that move. For example: Cash draws a 5 of diamonds, then we all do 5 Pilgrim Push Ups. Once all reps are complete by ALL family members, allow the next youngest to draw a card. Once again, do the coordinating move for the suit drawn, and use the number on the card as the rep count. Repeat this over and over, switching turns to draw the card, until all 52 cards in the deck have been drawn.


NOTE: Face cards are worth 10 reps. Aces are 1 rep.

By the end of the deck, you and your crew will have completed 85 Stuffing Swing Ups, 85 Gravy Glute Bridges, 85 Buttered Roll Burpees, and 85 Pilgrim Push Ups…340 TOTAL reps!! That deserves an extra big piece of pie AND a nap, if you ask me! Here’s to having some fitness fun with your family this holiday, and enjoy making your feast a little more guilt-free!




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Glute Bridge: Sorry, I didn’t have a link for the one, but it’s super simple. Start laying on your back with your knees bent and feet planted firmly on the floor. With your weight in your heels, drive your hips up toward the sky, squeezing those glutes nice and tight at the top. Lower your hips to the ground. That is one rep.


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