It seems like every holiday brings the expectation of high calorie, sugar-loaded treats…followed by temper tantrums and belly aches. Instead of filling our kids’ baskets with the makings of these sugar-induced cranky kids, Chris and I are changing it up a bit this Easter. We’re keeping the holiday on track with our family’s healthy living goals and NOT compromising any of the fun! How, you ask? With a super fun Easter egg scavenger hunt around our backyard, with exercises incorporated into each clue. Oh…and we made it mandatory that they “bunny hop” from one egg and clue to the next. And….it was adorable, I must say. It led the kiddos on a wild bunny chase around the yard, laughing and giggling the whole way through. View the video below to see how the Powell Pack is celebrating Easter, and how you can do it too ;).

Honestly, one of the most fun holidays we’ve spent together as a family, and not a single sugary treat was consumed. The best part was that none of the kids felt like they were missing out! Usually during the holidays, I am totally okay with indulgences (in moderation, of course), but if I can avoid filling my sweet kiddos’ tummies full of sugar, without limiting their fun, then I am one happy mama. This year’s scavenger hunt was such a hit—I think we’ve created a new Powell Pack Easter tradition.

How does your family celebrate Easter together? Tell me in the comments below!

Hope you all have a safe, happy holiday! Happy Easter!