Natural Medicine for Our Busy Lives

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We are often asked when our season ends and we will have a break. People are usually so surprised to learn that there actually are no breaks between seasons. Yup, we filmed our finale season 3 finale in Chicago one day, then the next day we were off to Denver, CO to begin casting for season 4!

And the 365 days that follow? No breaks. Even if production is down for the month (which might happen once this year when we are due to give birth to our new member of the Powell Pack), we are busy running bootcamp back in AZ with our show peeps, having daily conversation and communication with the peeps that aren?t in AZ with us, strategizing programs and needs of each person with local and hometown specialists to ensure they have the best care possible over the duration of their year?and that they have an understanding of what they are doing to carry their success far beyond their year.

?Oh yeah?we are parents, too ;). Three kids now and a fourth on it’s way soon, we are busily making sure they are thriving, happy, healthy, and doing well in school and extracurricular activities.

While this might seem tiring to most (and I?ll be honest, we hit that proverbial wall at times, too!), I do consider this wild ride as one of our biggest blessings of our lives.

How do we find time to build our relationship?both marriage and family? We make fun out of every opportunity! Case in point: We turned an EWL white water rafting shoot (3 hours from our Denver home) into an overnight excursion in the gorgeous mountains with the family (and with NO cell phone reception)!Matix son of Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell - Learn more at

While Chris rafted for the scene (alongside Derek, Matix and Marley?s dad, who is staying with us in CO for the weekend), the kids and I rode horses, played in the dirt, watched Cashy pick up bugs, took a hike along the river, watched the train, and played on a playset in the mountains. We enjoyed nature! Something we don?t get to do very often with our busy lives ?.

Cash and Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell - Learn more at

When the crew, Chris and Derek finished, we drove 45 minutes further into the woods and just chilled at a rented cabin.

Cash son of Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell - Learn more at

Matix and our friend?s little boy built a fort and had their first ever sleepover!

Kids Fort - Learn more at

Marley played mama to our friends little girl.

Cash snuggled up to Kamala.

Naptime - Learn more at

Mom, Dad and the adults got a moment to eat s?mores (yes, I did?Chris passed and had honey roasted almonds for dessert), talk about our kids, and laugh about so many crazy adventures we?ve had on this 3 ? year ride. ?

Waking up was nothing short of breathtaking. Our view of the green-covered mountains was something I didn?t want to leave?but we needed to. ?

After a quick breakfast and some last minute playing for the kids, we packed up and trekked it back home!

Cash and Heidi Powell Hiking - Learn more at

24 hours is all we needed to refresh and rejuvenate for the days/weeks/months ahead. There is nothing like time away from everyday life to build bonds and appreciate the lives we are blessed with. ?

The old saying is true, ?Lose yourself in nature, and find peace.?

Next up? 2013/2014 school year for M and M?starting NOW!

20 Responses

  1. Love that you have some down time but I dont know how you keep up with everything. I always feel like there’s not enough time in a day!

  2. Hey Heidi. You ard Chris are such an inspiration to all. Family, kids, jobs, and just plan “life” and still have time to help others with what the good Lord has given both of you, and that is knowledge and wisdom. I was apart of the live chat today, Sept. 3rd. It was good to learn that yes, diet and exercise is important, but keeping promises to ourselves, builds our integrity and self esteem. In the past when I was successful in losing weight, the feeling of being in control was a “high” in itself. I have struggled with my self esteem coming out of a broken home when I was a child, (my mom was an extreme alcoholic) into a marriage with a man who was also an alcoholic, control freak and very narcissistic. He tried to take my life over a year ago by shooting me in the back with an arrow. I survived, but after 38 years of marriage, I am now alone, almost 63 and having to learn to take care of myself. This feels very odd to me, not comfortable. But after hearing what you two had to say on the Live Chat today, I am taking baby steps. Keep my promises to myself and I know that I will learn to love myself and feel worthy again. Yes, I have weight to lose, about 50 pounds, but I know it will only come off and stay off when I can take care of me spiritually and emotionally. I am interested in getting Chris’s new book and looking into a gym tomorrow. Thanks for being who you are.

  3. I hope you can help. I’m using your Turbo system and am gaining weight. I’m 5’4″ *((I would like to see pics of what you eat))*. A fist size portion is just too much. I’m trying to get back to 125 for a race in October. I usually have half strength coffee, raisin toast, tiny glass of carrot juice for breakfast, clementine or fruit & coffee for a snack, Protein & salad for a late lunch and veggies for dinner around 6, and watermelon or peanut butter for 8pm snack. I figured if I get all food groups in by the end of the day, I am good. I do eat a chocolate candy bar & coffee everyday in the afternoon! I don’t drink soda and prefer distilled water. I want to lose more weight and don’t really want to run 40-50 miles every week. I’m kind of stuck. Actual pictures of what a person who weighs 120-125 should eat would be so helpful.

    1. If you’re sticking to the approved food list, portion guide, and exercises on your Vemma app you will lose the weight. Increase the intensity of your workouts to burn more calories. Skip the candy bar (just more calories to burn). LOL You can do this. It takes time but it will come. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  4. Heidi, as I watch Extreme Weight loss I remember the one a few weeks ago with the girl you helped out who admitted she had an eating disorder. I am wondering if you help women with this too? I am 45 years old, I suffer from terrible anxiety, depression and body dysmorphic disorder. Have you or Chris helped someone who is not obese but who is malnutrition along with self body issues? ( I’m five feet eight and weigh 120, my muscle mass looks awful.) If not do you know a great place that could help me. I’ve tried many things, and getting no where. Please let me know your thoughts. I have three boys Tyler is 17, Joshua is 16 and Chad is 13…. They need me and I am nothing for them right now. Please let me know if you can help.. thank you!!! Gail
    Thank You, Gail G

    1. Hi Gail, We work on the other end of the spectrum but I’ve been on this end so I know what you’re saying. I would recommend reaching out for help in your local community. It is important to get the help you need right away. Check out Shades of Hope. Their number is 1800-588-HOPE. I wish you the very best! πŸ™‚

  5. I think that Chris Powell does so much good for so many people. I watch his show every week and I am so impressed with his ability to connect with those he works with. I am a therapist and I work with people the same way but he is absolutely amazing. I hope that he gets back in life all that he puts into it. Best of everything to you all.

  6. That sounds amazing! I thinks it’s so awesome that you can all go away together! That’s way it should be. I hope you guys had a wonderful time! You really and truly deserve it! Keep doing what your doing!!!! Your guys are the bomb!!!

  7. You all were so close to me. I would have lost it if I ran into you around town. Love the show and watch it for my weekly dose of inspiration. Next time you are areound the Rockies, you must try the Manitou Incline. Amazing workout mixed with an awesome view! Looking forward to tonight’s show!

  8. There is one thing here that really stands out to me, especially as a child of divorced parents. I think it is phenomenal that you, Chris and your ex can all have the relationship you seem to have for your kids and your families. Everything else you do for your kids is just icing on the cake. Having parents that provide a peaceful, loving environment for their kids is priceless.

  9. I don’t even take lunch and I haven’t had a vacation in over 12 years; that is inspiring and I love that you have friends and loved ones to do that with. Chris is awesome to allow the ex-husband along and you guys get along – that’s just the kind of person I expected him to be. Your article made me tear up with happiness at such overflowing love; it really comes through in your lives and your writing about your lives. Although it’s none of anyone else’s business, thank you for sharing such private moments that allow us all to see what it REALLY takes to live a good life… now, THAT’S mentoring at it’s very best!

  10. I didn’t realize you guys had a place in CO. I live an hour and forty five minutes from Denver. You guys have inspired me and my family so much! We have set a goal as a family to do the mud run in Colorado Springs next April 12th. If you guys are in the area we would love to have you join us for that. It is our first time doing something like that and already the kids are excited. I have 3 boys ages 9, 6, and 1 that will be joining us for it. Your family is more than welcome to be part of our team. Take care!

  11. Chris getting crazy with his honey almonds! Love the show – each episode is so inspiring!!! Keep doing what you are doing!

  12. WOW! Derek and Chris get along and are friends???? that is way too cool and what a wonderful example to the kids. way to go!!
    Is there a forum or 1-800 I can call if I have questions concerning the program? I know you and Chris can’t reply to all your emails and tweets (mind you I would love a retweet someday! Twitterr: tlpage1 from Canada). I’ll put my question here just in case as I’m reading Chose more book now. If we are to eat breakfast within 30mins of waking, then how long after do you do a workout? I saw where you guys did a crossfit at 5am so how does breakfast fit into that? and what should you eat before and after a strenious workout like a crossfit? how long before and after? I can’t imagine waking up to do a 5am workout but I’m thinking its something I’m going to have to psych myself into somehow. Thanx for all you & Chris do! Hugs.

    1. Yep, they are friends. Makes life so much easier when everyone simply tries to get along. πŸ™‚
      As for breakfast, we do eat something before we work out. Some days it’s a piece of fruit and other days it’s a shake After our workout the longest we wait to eat something is 3 hours from our morning meal. Good luck with your 5am workout! πŸ™‚

  13. You have such a wonderful spirit about you and your family. It comes through in everything you do. You truly are role models for all of us who are on our weight lose journey.
    Something to consider if you could please. I read a lot of the comments made by people and realize we all have some questions we would like answers to about the diet or workouts. Could you set up a forum where we can offer each other help and encouragement. I know you are too busy to answer all the questions but maybe we could help each other out.

  14. Heidi, I love reading about the Powell Pack, you guys are such an inspiration. In the last picture you have Cash in a backpack carrier, any chance you could tell me who makes the backpack? I would love to have one for my son.
    Thanks, Shanae

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