Take a Walk!

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Chris, Cash and I celebrating  Walk to Work Day! Yes, we're in an airport!! Yes, we are walking to work!  - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/1102
Chris, Cash and I celebrating Walk to Work Day! Yes, we’re in an airport! Yes, we are walking to work!

Today is National Walk to Work Day, and while it?s probably not feasible for?most of us to walk to work, we can still participate in the celebration. Walking is an awesome?form of exercise, and it can also be a lot of fun! Since the average person burns around 75?calories/mile walking at a 3 MPH pace, here?s some food for thought:

??If you walk 1 mile/day for a year, you?ll burn almost 8 pounds. Simply by walking.

??If you walk 3 miles/day, 4 days/week for a year, you?ll burn a little over 13 pounds.?Simply by walking.

??If walking is really your thing, and you walk 3 miles/day for a year, you?ll burn over 23?pounds. Simply by walking.

And to borrow a phrase from Dr. Suess, ?Oh, the places you?ll go,? simply by walking:

??Walk 2 miles a day for 13 days?you?ve walked the Boston Marathon.

??Walk 3 miles a day for 90 days?you?ve walked the Grand Canyon end to end.

??Walk 3 miles a day for 365 days?you?ve walked from New York City to Orlando,?Florida.

While we?re all aware of the physical benefits of walking (burns calories, increases ?good??cholesterol, decreases ?bad? cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, etc.), it also has some bonus?perks. Walking improves your mood and relieves stress, and it gives you the opportunity to?unplug from life for a while. So celebrate the day and grab a co-worker, a friend, a family?member, a pet, or yourself, and take a walk!

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  1. I wrote Chris a message on his face book messages ! And I guess I won’ t get an Answer right ? I haven’ t got a responce yet from him ! I’ m guessing he’s to busy ? My name is Natalie Rodriguez ! Thanks !

    1. Chris replies to all of his posts but sometimes it takes a bit of time as he can get potentially a thousand or more messages a day.

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